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Couple Build 384 Sq. Ft. Tiny Country Cottage | Perfect Small House Design

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We built our tiny home in 10 months and moved in it on the 5th of June. We still have cosmetics to finish but more money and time can resolve that once the ship comes in! Every inch was thought out for maximum storage and usage. We love it and it feels perfect to us! -Tiny Home enthusiasts, Brenda and Marvin Images © Brenda and Marvin Read more at http://tinyhousetalk.com/couple-build-384-sq-ft-tiny-country-cottage/#fPM7heAyLM5OkmDs.99 =========================== #GoTinyHouseHunting is a channel sharing #homes under 500 sq ft and #tinyhouse. In the past few years, tiny homes have surged in popularity. They're economical, environmentally friendly, and encourage people to live minimally. Look around and have a look at some of the beautiful homes and spaces people have created. Enjoy!
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Amy v (1 год назад)
The loft?

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