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320 CROSBY CT, SARASOTA FL 34237 - Real Estate - For Sale -

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320 CROSBY CT, SARASOTA FL 34237 Real Estate For Sale Just listed and shows beautifully ! Light and bright inside and in immaculate condition, this home has a smart floor plan and features a living room, 3 nice sized bedrooms, 2 full baths, a dinette area AND a large bonus roomflex space which could be used as a media room, denoffice or game room.The home features gleaming new granite counters, crown molding, detailed custom wood trim around the door casings and high baseboards really pull the look together. Large inside utility room leads out to the carport and the yard is very spacious and fully fenced. There are no deed restrictions here if you need to bring your work truck or boat ! Moments to downtown Sarasota, great shopping and dining options and the beach. This home is a must see and shows true pride of ownership. Christine Huxtable & Associates RE/MAX ALLIANCE GROUP (941) 504-2236 christinehuxtable@remax.net For more information on this property go here: http://www.christinehuxtable.com/detail/1FAD35FA-0AE5-4092-8834-82FCDE169302 Or feel free to contact me here: http://www.christinehuxtable.com.
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