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Diabetes and Hypertension Medication - Part 2

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Why treat hypertension? Studies have shown that hypertension may shorten life by 20-30 years. Experts say that half of all heart attacks and two-thirds of strokes occur in people who have high blood pressure. Appropriate treatment can result in fewer and milder effects. When high blood pressure leads to hardening and blockage of arteries in the heart, heart attacks or severe pain can result. With hardening of the arteries, the heart may not be able to continue to pump adequately, and the lungs and other body tissues may become congested. When the body retains fluids, a person may feel out of breath and tired after engaging in the mild activity. When the arteries leading to the brain are clogged stroke, or brain damage can occur. High blood pressure can lead to hardening of the arteries in the legs and poor blood circulation. When poor circulation is combined with diabetes, infection and sores on the feet and legs can be more difficult to treat and heal. If You Do Have High Blood Pressure If you have high blood pressure, it will be important to control it along with your diabetes to safeguard your vital organs, especially your kidneys, heart, brain, and eyes. It is important for nondiabetics to treat hypertension, too, but it's even more important for diabetics because of the combined menace the diseases present. Your health care team will explain the significance of weight loss, if you are a little heavy, salt and cholesterol limitation in your diet, and exercise for cardiovascular fitness in fighting high blood pressure along with diabetes. If you smoke, you will be advised to stop. If these methods do not bring your high blood pressure under control, you will be advised to follow a program of drug therapy under your physician's careful supervision.
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