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29323 Puckett | Mediterranean One Story House Plan by Advanced House Plans

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Mediterranean-style details harmonize with a tasteful blend of textures on this 1,928 sq. ft., 1-story house plan. The front door is sheltered from the elements by a deep front porch. Upon entering the home, guests are treated to long views toward the great room's fireplace and spacious rear covered porch beyond. A wide arched opening connects the great room with the kitchen and breakfast area, which accesses the rear covered porch to expand entertaining options. Just off the kitchen, a utility area includes a laundry with soaking sink, and an adjoining mudroom complete with coat closet, bench and lockers. The mudroom intercepts clutter and messes that might otherwise be tracked in from the 2-car garage. Sleeping quarters all reside on one side of the home, with the master suite positioned for privacy at the rear. The suite's bath includes his and her vanities, walk-in shower, compartmented toilet and a walk-in closet. Bedrooms 2 and 3 also have walk-in closets and share a Jack-n-Jill bath. Check out more at http://www.advancedhouseplans.com/products/puckett
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