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Kangen Water - Japan Medical Device - Treating Diabetes and Skin Disorders (Part 2)

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http://www.KangenNorthAmerica.us No Matter What Your Current Health or Age is by ending Acid Overload and Bad Body Chemistry.. Just as ACID Rains Kills Forrest, Acid Overload Ruins Your Health. We Must Detoxify Cells of Acid Overload by Boosting Alkaline Level to be healthy and young again. In 1931 Dr. OTTO WARBURG received a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for discovering that IONIZED Alkaline water can be used to cure many diseases, from simple colds to cancer. Once the bodies Ph level dropped to 7ph below, the bad bacteria and viruses started to multiply, if the bodies Ph was 7.5ph to above, the bacteria would be reduced or eliminated. http://panacea-bocaf.org/water.htm It took more than five years to be verified and accepted by the Top Caliber Medical Scientists of the whole world. This finding of Dr. OTTO's was finally awarded the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE in 1931. Doctors Today Confirm this. This process happens because Kangen Water is a Negative Water, which contains active Hydrogen which acts is an Anti-Oxidant. Also Alkaline Body helps with Energy Level, Reverse Sickness and Help with Rejuvenation. Active Germ cells under microscope but once strong acid water introduced to sample all germs destroyed. There is a Drastic Difference when looked at under a high powered microscope. In Japan Kangen Water is Popular in Hotels, Day Care Centers, Restaurants, Country Clubs and even Hospitals. In Restaurants Kangen Water is used for Sterilization and even Cleaning. They use the Kangen (Alkaline Water) to make the best soup and other dishes. In Hotels Acid Water is Used for Sterilization and Even Cleaning without use of detergents. Many Hospital in Japan use the strong acid water to sterilize surgical equipment, disinfecting operating room and even use for washing hands instead of typical soap and water or Purel routine. The Reason why this water can be used this way is because the pH Value of the Water is 2.4 or less which can kill all germs and viruses. In Japan the Kangen Water is also used for Farming and on Golf Courses. Additionally, farmers use the Strong Acid Water instead of Pesticides and Get Just as Good Results. The Kangen Water is put on the fruits and makes them grow larger and taste better On Golf Course in Japan the Acidic Water is used to kill the insects on fairway and helps keep turn beautiful green color. Overall, after watching these Videos, it's Clear that Anyone Would Realize the Amazing Value of Kangen Water to your Health and Environment. For Additional Information, a FREE 30 Day Supply of Kangen Water and a Free eBook, please call (561) 613-3872 or Visit our Website http://www.kangennorthamerica.com
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