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Treating Metastatic Ovarian Cancer to Abdomen and Lungs, Dean Silver, M.D., M.D.H.

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Silver Institute for Life Extension Medicine 7420 E Pinnacle Peak Rd. Suite #126 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 (480) 860-2030 http://deansilvermd.com Becky Zortman, R.N. Metastatic Ovarian cancer to abdomen and lungs Dr. Silver preformed a circulating cancer stem cell blood test to exactly determine which chemotherapy I should use and what natural substances worked on my cancer to kill it. He found out that I had many infections with poor mitochondria function and many free radicals . Dr. Silver started treating me with ozone and many other intravenous therapy. I gained my strength and energy back. Before the treatment I couldn't walk from the car to dr. Silver's office.The ozone has been a God's gift. The ozone has strengthened my whole body. It took about two weeks until I felt I was feeling better. My emotions were drained before seeing Dr. Silver and now I feel that I am able to fight my cancer. He also found I had a low thyroid and adrenal gland function and he repaired them. I can now walk 30 minutes a day . I can do my trampoline 10 minutes a day. I was around sick people at a funeral and I didn't get any sickness at all. I believe it was my ozone and vitamin C , vitamins, minerals and PolyMva intravenously. It was all powerful. I now know that my body is finally getting the nutrients it has so long badly needed. I want to thank Dr. Silver and the staff for treating me with such kindness and helping me. I am well today and I will get just better and better.
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