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OverwatchShips (4 месяца назад)
Can I have the number
beach side (1 год назад)
Thats not a guy lol She is sooo lying Im a gymnast lol Sorry your breaking up...every time you ask her about her panties
suzycreamcheesez (2 месяца назад)
you're not your Fix it!!
beach side (1 год назад)
Somebody is like choking in the backround hehehe
beach side (1 год назад)
OMG the counting is killing me lol....pumping iron hahaha
KhmerD0g (1 год назад)
LOL boner pills
MATTHEW HOUSTON (1 год назад)
You and ownage pranks my favorite you tubers make sure u do a video with him
Scammer SlammerTV (1 год назад)
Thanks Id love to do a collab with ownage lol
KL VR (1 год назад)
How many do I have to pop to raise the Titanic? Hysterical!
Sheldon Hall (1 год назад)
LMAO! Love it when you and Joe do the body builder routine!
Taniuska Lopez (1 год назад)
Hey scammer slammer! I was wondering if you could be more offensive next time you call these scammers, just like you were in your earlier videos! You know what I mean! I'very rewatched those videos a ton because the way you abuse them is so funny! Please be more abusive toward them! They deserve it! :)
DeAnn Zoll (1 год назад)
So funny that first female scammer had to pass You to another female scammer. She couldn't handle You... And it was great how you kept on asking what color panties? Slammer Have A Happy Day..
Little Peace (1 год назад)
Tickled pink 😄
Mike (1 год назад)
My hairy legged leg lickin beaver squezzin FUZZY NUTS needs me all the boner pills ya all got.
Kpt Kerosive (1 год назад)
hahaha. I love the boner pill people. Good stuff :)
JIMJAMSC (1 год назад)
I remember when Spanish Fly was the shit.....
BlindSite209 (1 год назад)
lol i wonder how they would react if you talked to them and played some porn in the background
Esprit Fleck (1 год назад)
"She's new at this scam"?? Did I hear that righT lmao
Luke's Scambait Channel (1 год назад)
Time for some boner pills
join the conversation (1 год назад)
They will probably end up telling YOU to get a popsickle stick and duct-tape! FUNNY STUFF!
mrs Pat (1 год назад)
Omgoodness this was funny "I'm a sure don't wear panties" Slammer you just too funny lol 🤗
Timothy McCoy (1 год назад)
Lol boner pills
wenja 92 (1 год назад)
Gotta have them boner pills sir. Them roids will ruin you Slammer. The first one was a trainee. Hey wait a minute what's wrong with being old. You're breaking up.
Neil Lildar (1 год назад)
These scammers are from the Philippines
Al Sa (8 месяцев назад)
They are from India!
Neil Lildar (1 год назад)
What color panties are you wearing sir lmao
Cat Cradle (1 год назад)
Gerbert D Aurillac (1 год назад)
Hey man, great video! If I may request something: Could you sometimes ask them a question and when they start answering just scream some tourettes type of *STFU YOU MOTHERLICKING SON OF A.. (back to calm voice) I'm sorry, I overreact sometimes.* And just do it every now and then, just scream some random stuff like: *ICE CREAM IN MY FUCKING BUTTHOLE.. I'm sorry, go ahead please I overreacted.* 😂😂😂
Gerbert D Aurillac (1 год назад)
Scammer SlammerTV Thanks fam! Cant wait! ♡
Scammer SlammerTV (1 год назад)
LMFAO Yes i will thats funny
ufopulse (1 год назад)
How many for me to raise the titanic LOL
houssehold334 (1 год назад)
TheJericho1123 (1 год назад)
lift them weights, get swoll bro!!!
anoldgeezer (1 год назад)
Scammer SlammerTV (1 год назад)
You both commented at the same time lol
Joe Scambait (1 год назад)
Gerbert D Aurillac (1 год назад)
1, 2, 3, 4.. 😂
Scammer SlammerTV (1 год назад)
I did the body builder ron um lol ull like this one

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