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Average Heart Rate Whats Normal When Cycling & At Rest

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The fitter you are the less your heart has to work, my resting heart rate is 48bpm. Before i took up cycling it was around 70-80bpm, but i was a lot heavier then than i am now. The less fat you have the less your heart has to work, the more fat the harder it works, it's that simple. Get fit and lose weight on your bike, it's one of the best way to get rid of excess fat burn calories and stay fit. The fitter you are as a cyclist the more power you can push out for longer, so if you want to get stronger and faster start burning that fat.
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Primary (1 год назад)
good stuff
Maximus Attackus (2 года назад)
Your HR to Power seems very similar to mine, looks normal
Luís Alves (2 года назад)
What's the phone HR app you use?
Luís Alves (1 год назад)
Great app.Been using it, and it is top notch.Thanks
ValveRiider (2 года назад)
it's called Cardiio with two eyes
jlebrech (2 года назад)
do you recon previously fat people have more blood vessels?
jlebrech (2 года назад)
+ValveRiider would they have a more developed vascular network than never-fats. resulting in more blood getting to the muscle?
ValveRiider (2 года назад)
don't understand?
jlebrech (2 года назад)
+ValveRiider would being fat then skinny again provide an advantage in a way?
ValveRiider (2 года назад)
yeah thats right, for every 10 kilograms of extra body fat, there are some 29 kilometres of extra blood vessels through which blood must be pumped. So thats about 3 kilometers of vessels every kilogram of fat.  That's a big load on the heart.
jlebrech (2 года назад)
heart rate is like the temperature on a laptop, if the fan doesn't cool it down you can go full speed up to a certain point where it blasts the fan on full speed. some people have the "fan" on all the time

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