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I discuss Gabapentin's effects on my system, and should you consider this for a pain med
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Lois MacLean (4 месяца назад)
this drug has me jerking like a marionette for a year...it is dangerous
Elsie Perez (1 год назад)
Today is my first day to start Gabapentin 100mg anyone know how fast it takes affect?
zack powell (1 год назад)
dude thank you hope your well and live s good life man
Michael V (1 год назад)
Did you build a tolerance for it?
Michael V (1 год назад)
Gary (1 год назад)
No, bu after making this video, it's a few years old, this came out dealing with this drug. https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2009/10/study-pinpoints-key-mechanism-in-brain-development-raising-questions-about-use-of-antiseizure-drug.html The bottom line is that folks should probably stay away from this and Lyrica. Especially for their off brand uses.
BLACK05GO1 (2 года назад)
Horrible advice. Yes, Gabapentin makes you very tired and groggy feeling while your body gets used to it (can take weeks to build up your dose and for your body to get used to the medication). Eventually you will level off and the side effects get significantly less. To get off of Gabapentin you need to do a slow taper and you'll be fine. It is NOT like a narcotic or anything close. Gabapentin can provide significant pain relief for some people. But this is not an immediate pain relief like a narcotic pain pill. Gabapentin works over a long period of time to gradually reduce nerve pain. It can be a very helpful drug for some people. And please - DO NOT compare it to a narcotic for pain relief or withdrawal. They are not even close to the same. I have stopped taking Gabapentin (1800 mg a day) many times (tapering system) with no withdrawal symptoms at all.
Oρμlεɳ૮ε Pɦσεɳเא (2 года назад)
Gabapentin is AWFUL! I felt like death every morning when taking this medication. I accidentally ran out and went through withdrawal but now I feel so much better. All medications are vile. Medical Cannabis is the best it should be easier to get!
Geoff Jacobs (1 год назад)
Nailed it!!
Oρμlεɳ૮ε Pɦσεɳเא (1 год назад)
+Rob Roberts I medicate with cannabis it's the BEST
Rob Roberts (1 год назад)
Opulence Phoenix I've been prescribed so many pills, I stopped using them all and went to Cannabis, it definitely works, but hard to keep paying for when you can't work. Anyways, my point is, it's funny how there's all these videos of taking prescribed pills and people still look down on cannabis, what's the difference? being a pill junkie or smoking a little grass once in awhile, seems more natural to use what the earth has given to us. And with all the different ways of taking now, edibles and so on, why risk it? who knows what these pills will eventually do to your body. sorry for the rant, peace out!
Truly Mad (2 года назад)
I am 47 yrs. old, i have had diabetes for 24 years and i am on gabapentin for neuropathy (nerve damage) due to the diabetes. I am supposed to take 3 pills a day totalling 1200 mg, but i can only get in 2 pills a day due to sleeping, it makes me very sleepy, i find it difficult to focus especially when driving, i feel dizzy constantly, ive lost my sense of depth perception, i hallucinate and hear things that arent there and i stumble around as if ive drank a six pack of beer. My pains are: it feels like my feet are in an oven from the inside out, they burn and its unbearable, my lower legs feel swollen and tight and they feel like a zillion fire ants are stinging them, my hands are tingly and numb, my shoulders are numb and tingly also. The worst of the pain is in my feet. Besides the neurontin i put sarna lotion, topracin, alcohol, hand sanitizer, ice packs, frozen pillows, ice water, and burn gel on my feet to keep them cooled off. I experience all this guys symptoms and a multitude of others. Whats bad is that the gabapentin isnt working as well as id like it to. But, theres nothing more i can do, my doctor wont do me one better on this medication thing. Why? I dont know. As far as the lyrica: one of its side effects is death and the other effects are more than i want to experience. Gabapentin(neurontin) has drawn me up and it has hardened my leg muscles to rock like feel to the touch. My doctor took me off of it for a year then put me back on it again. Thats when i started putting alcohol and hand sanitizer on my feet. I dont know whats next for my feet,...amputation due to gangrene. I have very poor blood flow to my feet and they are constantly in servere pain from the burning. 7/5/16
David Martinez (1 год назад)
Truly Mad sorry to hear beother. Try cbd, look in to it.
clyrogrumper (2 года назад)
100% Agree. Gabapentin is much better than opiates!
ReviewCam (2 года назад)
1,800 mg is a hell of a dose. I only take a total of 900 mgs
BLACK05GO1 (2 года назад)
Not really. It just takes time to build up to that dose. Some people actually need more than 1800 mg to get relief. Everyone is different. You just need to start at a low dose and slowly over time increase the dose. DO NOT try to start out with a dose that high or you'll be in bed sleeping all day. Again, you need to slowly build up to the dose over a period of time (usually weeks). For some people the medication is a gift from God because it works so well (from nerve pain to preventing Migraine headaches). But for some others, it provides little to no pain relief.
Cool Dude (3 года назад)
I deeply feel for this man my father goes through the same thing everyday. Best of luck man.
David 1 (3 года назад)
what is the pain that you are dealing with?
nativemaster roblox (3 года назад)
my niece just stole my lyrica & now a video surfaced of her snorting she says that's what it is in the video is her snorting lyrica , but I'm on gabapentin too n my mind skips around too I can't remember things on the spot but if I think about I can just not rite away
Robert Cuminale (3 года назад)
I have neuropathy in both legs and feet due to stenosis. I take 60 Mg of Oxycontin daily. Five years ago they added gabapentin to the regimen to stop the vibrations running down one leg. I started with 300Mg a day and withing 6 months I was taking 3600 Mg.My chart initially when I started at the pain clinic describes me as a pleasant talkative and friendly person. By the time I stopped it I was being described as depressed and confused.  In Dec. 2009 I tried to commit suicide using my Oxycontin. My sister called while I was out of it and called the police who took me to the emergency room. I was then committed to the Psych ward for 10 days. I continued to get my meds while in the hospital.I was feeling a lot better with the stress removed so they released me. The nutso Shrink tried to convince me that I was Bi-polar. I disagreed and said I would get a second opinion which angered him. Incredibly he wanted to prescribe Gabapentin. He'd never seen my chart which would have shown I was already taking 3600 Mg daily. When I got hime my wife and I went on line to check up on the side effects of the two drugs I was taking. What we read about Gabapentin was astounding! I stopped it immediately. No problems. Within weeks I was feeling like myself again.  What angers me is that no one told me what they were seeing what I couldn't see, the depression. Now I just take my pain med and nothing else. I deal with the other issues as best I can and I'm doing well. I retired two years ago. I work in the yard, house and do projects. I am tired of doctors prescribing medicines they know little about. There was another incident involving opioids and no testosterone. Opioids and Opiates destroy testosterone production, sometimes forever. Two doctors knew I was on Oxycontin and neither made the connection and sent me for an MRI under general anesthesia to see if I had a tumor on my pituitary. (negative) I now receive testosterone replacement and things are normal.
stillbreathing37 (4 года назад)
I had an emg and found that my right leg, which has been experiencing a sciatica type symptom,didn't respond to electrical stimulation. I am having problems keeping a job due to supervisors recognizing my pain as me having back problems.And next thing I know,I'm being let go. I hid it for a couple years quite well, but found later it wasn't working as well as it use to. As they were noticing within a few days of starting. I have only been on it for 3 days now, but it helps. It doesn't remove all pain, but I am able to function longer without it debilitating me substantially in the few hours it use to. As for loss of memory type symptoms., I can't speak for it on that basis being I was already having that problem prior to taking the meds.Of which I attribute to old age creeping up on me. So far, it is far less symptomatic for me than any other pain reliever I have taken before. I guess everyone reacts differently to certain meds.
stillbreathing37 (4 года назад)
3 weeks in and it still hasn't done to me what it has to this gentleman. Worse case scenario is some sleepiness. As said before, it doesn't take away all the pain.But it sure lessens it to the point I can function better. I've yet to up my dosage, but feel it is most likely going to be the case being I tend to need to take more for it to benefit me to the same degree as when I started it. Altogether I don't seem to notice much side effects really. Question I have is, How long is it really going to continue working as it slowly is taking more and more to have the same effect and pain management benefits. Doesn't seem to be anything that works anymore. Without taking to extreme levels. Aint seeing an end here anytime soon. It definitely isn't a cure all.
life in the back garden (4 года назад)
Is it oppiate or codiene based or what please help me i cant find anything out.Forgot to ask my doctor.One of them things when u leave a room and then think omg i should of asked this and that
Robert Cuminale (2 года назад)
Lyrica is pregabalin which is a rehashed form of Gabapetin.( Neurontin) Both carry the the same warning On depression and suicidal ideation.
Tony Tyler (2 года назад)
Lyrica and Gabapentin/nerontin are two different drugs!!!!
life in the back garden (3 года назад)
Yes thank you my doctors surgery sent me a letter a few weeks ago saying the name was being changed to lyrica.This has something to do with the paternt and cant be called  pregabalin anymore.
Robert Cuminale (3 года назад)
+stuart Fox Pregabelin is the lab name for Lyrica. It's an improved form of Gabapentin.
AbolishTheIRS (3 года назад)
+stuart Fox Isn't that Gabapentin with Valium (sorry, I don't know generic name) in it? That's what I think my primary physician told me many moons ago.
life in the back garden (4 года назад)
Today for the 1st time i got scripted gabapentin.Side affects please,weight
Romana Peterson (4 года назад)
My doctor put me on Gabapentin for nerve pain...I am diabetic and have arthritis in both feet and had 3 surgeries on one of my ankles.  I think it is funny because I had those same symptoms before I started taking it...lol...now I think that it made me smarter because my mind doesn't race, I can sleep, my anxiety is gone and I can remember more things...hmmmm...very strange...also the pain in my ankle and legs is gone for the most part.  As far as the weight gain...OMG...I hope it stops going up!!!!!
Jai (4 года назад)
wow bro, very good video.  I get the feeling of being out of body.  I take 2 doses of 600mg a day and sometimes i feel absolutely no pain and other days i feel like im on cloud 47! The medication is alot better than narcotics hands down.  I have oxycodone's and prefer the gaba becuase it last longer and actually I feel no pain at all, oxy only last 4 hours and people abuse the sht out of them.  Thanks again buddy
QueensLadyDay (4 года назад)
Thank you. Everything you said is sooo true!
Levan Gabruashvili (4 года назад)
you have to drink tebantin 300 mg  10 capsules with baklofen and you will fly in the  sky  ))))
mark gates (4 года назад)
do you think you experience derealisation/depersonalisation along with the pain? it sounds similar when you say you are listening outside your body, I suffered this very badly with benzodiazepine withdrawl, bit better now but when it hits it becomes very hard to have any conversation?
Ireland's Og (5 лет назад)
has this stuff ever intensified anyones restless leg it did it 2 me
Lois MacLean (4 месяца назад)
C Money (5 лет назад)
I was using this stuff. It blacked out parts of my day. I forgot I sanded a hatchet for 2 hours. Hand inflammation,no wonder my hands hurt. God I thought I had severe dehydration. This stuff is awesome.
J Ray (5 лет назад)
Since the dr lowered my dosage 300 mg of Gabapentin at night time I am no longer getting nauseated.
J Ray (5 лет назад)
I have felt nauseated with being on Gabapentin and am tempted to get off of it.
billy joek (5 лет назад)
yeah if u take about 3000mg
skitz ophrenik (6 лет назад)
should i take this if i have a habit to abuse or become addicted to basically everything.my doctor says this is completely safe but from everything i have read so far says the total opposite . thanks for making this vid man it has definitely got me thinking
Devin Wheeler (6 лет назад)
You have no idea
SteveO A (6 лет назад)
Does it make you high?
SteveO A (6 лет назад)
Does it make you high?
KMLEBRUN (6 лет назад)
Does it make you gain weight
Crimson Ghost (6 лет назад)
I take 800mg 4 times a day of this stuff. I went from 100 to 800 in 3 years. In my opinion gabapentin is worse than opiates. If i miss a dose i start throwing up. if i miss an opiod it is no big deal.
WC Wickedclown RC inc (6 лет назад)
same here both hands numb and 1 leg
Hostile (6 лет назад)
seems like medical marijuana might be something you should look into... unless you want your quality of life to keep going down the drain.
Daleyandrews (6 лет назад)
Still on the Gabapentin, doctor has told me to remain on it until Jan 2013 then it will be 6 months. My symptoms in my legs have more or less gone, but i'll soon find out if it comes back when I am whined off them.. I'll keep you posted
gemininosferatu (6 лет назад)
It's embarrassing to talk about, but I think it's important enough to let others know that they're not alone, and it's not all in your head like I thought at first. Still, on the whole, I'd say it's better than the agony in my shoulder, the inability to move my arm or head due to spasms, and not being able to feel most of my left hand - kinda makes typing hard and doing any sort of job darn near impossible, if you can't feel your fingers. It's amazing what we'll trade for a little less pain.
gemininosferatu (6 лет назад)
(... continued) it also seems to play havoc with my concentration, and I've noticed the same "can't remember the word I'm thinking of" thing, too - but that seems the only memory issue I'm having. However, the most aggravating side effect I've had is the occasional inability to orgasm, no matter how hard we try - I think it frustrates my fiancee as much as it does me, she feels bad 'cuz she gets hers & I don't. (According to the drugs(dot)com comments page, it's not rare: ~2% of us have it)...
Gary Lee (2 дня назад)
Yes, I can relate to that. Haaa Can be good at times but annoying many times also. Amphetamines are way worse. Intimacy can go on for a long time. Marvellous for the reciever. 😁😁😁
gemininosferatu (6 лет назад)
I've been on gabapentin since Jan. '09 - after increasing my dose twice, I'm taking 2400mg a day. A ruptured disc in my neck is pinching the main arm nerve, causing constant muscle spasms, and ~75-80% numbness in my left hand - yay, pain AND numbness. With phys. therapy + this dosage the spasms have all but stopped and the numbness is down to ~5-10%. Side effects: deep depression (1st few mos.; mostly gone now), lethargy, libido fluctuations, (continued...)
Daleyandrews (6 лет назад)
I was put on Gabapentin for nerve damage after a sudden bout of spinal inflammation no one knows what caused it, doctors were baffled. When it settled down it left sensations in my lower legs like I had bags of sand tied to them. I was put on 900mg a day and I feel great, a little tired now and a gain, but I am back in the gym doing 5k which I couldn't do before taking Gabapentin. It's not perfect my feet a still a little prickly but hardly noticeable. So in my experience Gabapentin Rocks!
Andrew Websdale (6 лет назад)
Interesting & informative - thanks
mkmason2002 (6 лет назад)
Have you ever tried 3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day? Try it for a month. It helps with these type of symptoms. Don't know if it will help but people do swear by it to improve memory, etc.. Blessings! It helped me.
safistafaded (6 лет назад)
I had the same effects smoking Marijuana, when I smoke Marijuana It slows my thought process and I cant seem to keep up in a conversation.That Is why I stopped smoking that wonderful drug. Don't get Me wrong I love how it makes Me feel, but It destroys My cognitional state of mind.
Donald Anderson (6 лет назад)
Thanks for sharing this! My side effects appear to be the same as yours but not as extreme. My doctor wants me on a higher dose but I refuse because I tried it and the side effects are more than I can tolerate. I get frustrated at my lack of mental clarity but then soon forget what I was frustrated over. I've had some really close calls when behind the wheel but find that chain smoking keeps me alert enough to manage it. Thanks for saying here what I could not say for myself.
jonsee jonsee (6 лет назад)
Thanks for the video...very informative.

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