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Extensive testing of FAITH Drops has been carried out for several years in Africa which has provided the most amazing results. Patients with various diseases from Malaria, AIDS, Cancer, TB, Hepatitis A, B and C, to name but a few, have been successfully treated whilst supplementing their allopathic medicines with FAITH Drops. In most cases, patients recovered completely, the time factor depending on the various diseases varied between 3 hours to four weeks. Other patients with less life threatening illnesses have all shown remarkable recovery whilst supplementing with FAITH Drops. FAITH Drops aids the immune system to overcome various ailments that are caused by germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and poisons, by targeting any pathogens that have an acidic pH level that are harmful to the body. The human body has very few mechanisms that can differentiate between oxygen and chlorine dioxide, and since red blood cells cannot tell the difference, when FAITH Drops enters the stomach, absorption mechanisms in the stomach walls allow the red blood cells to absorb the chlorine dioxide and carry it to various areas of the body where oxygen ions are normally taken. When the Chlorine Dioxide ion comes into contact with a harmful pathogen, it instantly accepts 8 electrons and an extremely fast chemical reaction takes place in the form of a small explosion at microscopic levels. On impact with a pathogen it would in a milli-second produces Hypochlorous Acid which upon contact destroys the potentially dangerous cells in the human body. Hypochlorous Acid is the weapon that the white blood cell uses to kill parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses, tumor cells, natural killer cells and waste. The extracts in FAITH™ Drops ensure that the SCD residue is turned into harmless Chloride (table salt) and subsequently expelled from the cells and tissues through urine and stools. FAITH kills pathogens by oxidation, AND as a result of the 12 herbal extracts renders the residue harmless and aids in the complete removal of al toxins and chemicals in the body. To understand why the FAITH Drops supplement works one must understand some of the chemistry of Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide and of blood.
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