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PPI Pensions week in one minute (May 6 - 12)

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- The executive director of the US Central States Fund urged for congressional action to save the fund from possibly facing insolvency in 2025 http://pensionpolicyinternational.com/us-central-states-pension-fund-could-be-insolvent-by-2025/ - A recent survey revealed that New Zealanders oppose any change in their retirement systems, despite acceptance of rising costs http://pensionpolicyinternational.com/new-zealand-strong-opposition-to-changing-retirement-system/ - The African Development Bank will hold a forum to attract infrastructure investment from global pension funds and other commercial financers http://pensionpolicyinternational.com/afdb-seeks-to-plug-africa-170-billion-infrastructure-needs/ - UK’s The Pensions Regulator published their tougher corporate plan for the next 4 years to ensure standards in the sector http://pensionpolicyinternational.com/uk-tpr-launches-their-corporate-plan-for-regulating-pensions/ - Metlife will provide pension benefits to 41,000 FedEx retirees through an annuity. The deal includes $6 bn in pension obligations http://pensionpolicyinternational.com/us-metlife-to-provide-pension-benefits-to-41000-fedex-retirees-through-annuity/
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