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Maha Medical Bill: Bill Against Referral Cuts, Doctor's Oppose Government's Move I The Last Word

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gail dj (11 месяцев назад)
But many are aware of this mal practice of getting a commission . Sanju Verma has the habit of talking like this . To stop this practice , the doctor can give a letter what test are to be done but let the patient choice who they want to go to , not the one the doctor approves you to go to. Let them pay a fine and suspension for violation. We assume this but to prove it is difficult . Not in all cases there is a proof. But all other organisations on the whole , just a few are honest take money under the table for work to move , it is going of for years . Corruption is there . Do you think BJP is crystal clear and transparent in what they do. Then they should live in a glass house.

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