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Capital Cities - Safe And Sound (Official Video)

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"Safe and Sound" available on Capital Cities' debut album 'In A Tidal Wave of Mystery,' download on iTunes http://smarturl.it/IATWOM Check us out on the Campus Consciousness Tour and on tour with Katy Perry this summer Capitalcitiesmusic.com/tour Capital Cities take you through the history of dance in their official music video for "Safe and Sound" Follow Capital Cities: http://capitalcitiesmusic.com http://twitter.com/capitalcities http://facebook.com/capitalcities http://instagram.com/capitalcities http://youtube.com/capitalcitiesmusic Music video by Capital Cities performing Safe And Sound. (C) 2013 Lazy Hooks, LLC Under Exclusive LicenseTo Capitol Records, LLC
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Текстовые комментарии (80956)
SilverCatt (1 час назад)
I miss dancing. Nowadays it's just Fornite dancing...
Trickx Yt (5 часов назад)
Holy fuck I love this song brings back and makes me feel amazing and makes me feel happy anyone in 2019?
still_Kimberly still_Kimberly (5 часов назад)
@ugh.kimberlyy Instagram
Hunter Hazlerig (5 часов назад)
November 2018?
Payam Larijani (6 часов назад)
0:10 to start..
Alex Sander (9 часов назад)
0:43 cheio de sal
Jonathan Carlos (9 часов назад)
Jason Schultz (12 часов назад)
Safe & Sound
Coochie Obtained (13 часов назад)
Anyone still listening in The beginning of time?
antonio fernandez (14 часов назад)
Buen ritmo
Luis Arevalo (14 часов назад)
Noviembre 2018
Donzaza (15 часов назад)
Mc gorila>>
BYRON ZHINDON (15 часов назад)
der Geile (16 часов назад)
November 1997?
Lucas Santos (16 часов назад)
P4N4C4 *-* (16 часов назад)
Chei de sal
taynara Surnogli (17 часов назад)
Chei de sal 😂😆
Калдырбек Бабулехов (18 часов назад)
Олды здесь?
Jonathan Lopes (18 часов назад)
JACKLI 26 (18 часов назад)
october 2018
Polly Ana (18 часов назад)
The Destroyer (19 часов назад)
To this day, I still think that beard dude likes like Paul from Big Brother
Aniela Rachuta (19 часов назад)
Dezember 2019
Mr.Klean (20 часов назад)
2013 was lit.
Edwin Liew (21 час назад)
Remember listening this on radio in the car... Bring back my 2018 :(
Guillermo Santos (21 час назад)
Con este tema mucical la juventud extranjera se puede acostumbrar a este país Argentina!😘
drmr in drk (21 час назад)
I love how this song takes me back to times I haven't witnessed, and just makes me nostalgic for good old times when people were simpler
TheNamesHannes (22 часа назад)
*When the green screen was found*
W0LFZHAZGAMING (1 день назад)
Mama 02 HC (1 день назад)
November 2018
mikaylyn lee (1 день назад)
Am I the only one who still listens to this?
Jacqueline Brown (1 день назад)
My little girls😭 I miss and love them so much. I always tried to keep them safe.... 😭
Vxnom Snxke (1 день назад)
2:28 "Legs.EXE Has unexpectedly stopped working."
felipe (1 день назад)
#Alexa #Ayala (1 день назад)
pros perous (1 день назад)
Chenle And Sanha's Trash (1 день назад)
When songs is still good... 2018 anyone?
W A T C H (1 день назад)
thiago santos (1 день назад)
I love u
Alessandro Silva (1 день назад)
Cheio de saaaaaaal depois da parodia so consigo ouvir isso
Eduardo Henrique (1 день назад)
Cheio de sal
The Fearless (1 день назад)
I love this song.
thecamaleonmty (1 день назад)
Anyone in 2099
Robert Idk (1 день назад)
This was a song to just chill and vibe it’s just facts 🔥❤️
lleoramos1 (1 день назад)
Chei de Sal
Jeremy Young (1 день назад)
is this just a presentation for a high school history class ?
B U R A X A Fx ! (1 день назад)
Chei de sal
xDabuia (1 день назад)
Bruno 45 (1 день назад)
Anyone from 2069? I miss 2054.
ARCtrooperblueleader (1 день назад)
2013 people where you at? xD
Geralt Kun (1 день назад)
Esta musica es para la playa en mi opinion
Kal Strang (1 день назад)
i remember listening to this song 2 years ago or maybe 1 and a half, memories. (and btw theres a version where there in front of a white wall and theres like carboard stuff i wonder where that video is)
mariah :3 (1 день назад)
O mano isso q é vida acrecente Capital Cites e Daft Punk Vc vai saber o q é música de vdd (Minha opiniao) Esses funks n tão com nada Desculpa quem gosta mas eu n gosto de funk
THARUN VEVO (1 день назад)
I hear this after some 5 years.....
Charity McGuire (1 день назад)
love this song
TheLegend LastOfThem (1 день назад)
Still my favorite music vid
JoseV6789 (1 день назад)
Güilhërmë Sylvä CR7 (1 день назад)
Game Room-ANDROID (1 день назад)
I am listening the Radio in the car.... NOSTALGIA
Kermit Boi (1 день назад)
M0E in 2013
Katie Ramos (2 дня назад)
Mix capital cites safe and sound Katie Ramos
Ruldoph Hess (2 дня назад)
1:11 patrick from the spongebkb movie flashbacks
Paula Gonzalez (2 дня назад)
I love it💞
estegosaurio XD (2 дня назад)
April, 2021? (please answer my question in the future, i want to see my comment posted years ago)
Hunter Hazlerig (5 часов назад)
Nostalgia just hit me in the face
Neli Martinez (7 часов назад)
deceos son ordenes aludos..
angel escobar (9 часов назад)
You got it.
Levbo Lhio (17 часов назад)
XD of course
Vicente Ruiz (1 день назад)
+Leander Ances .
Daniela castillo (2 дня назад)
Y cuando pensaste que todos los comentarios estaban en ingles....BOOOOM TU SALVADORA :3
FluffyP YT (2 дня назад)
Djnc Durr Burger 115 (2 дня назад)
I used to listen to this when I was 7
Mariana Bruno (2 дня назад)
Letícia Linda (2 дня назад)
Jennifer Torres (2 дня назад)
You could be my love
Jose Rojas (2 дня назад)
Lo Maximo Like si te gusto
Nicholas R. Ramsaroop (2 дня назад)
Alexis Rebolledo (2 дня назад)
December 2453
Adson Júnio (2 дня назад)
BOLADO RETRO GAMES (2 дня назад)
Chei de sal
SuomiLaava (2 дня назад)
How 2 Good Doc
mary gomez (2 дня назад)
stefan acosta gomez (2 дня назад)
November 2018😍???
João Pedro (2 дня назад)
Year men
Gog Gas (2 дня назад)
Káťa Skalníková (2 дня назад)
I first heard this song on my cousin's fire brigade 😂 And I totally loved it😍❤️It gives me so much memories 😭😍❤️
Pablo Orellana (2 дня назад)
Абиш Ахметов (2 дня назад)
Super 👌
FREE FIRE OFICE (2 дня назад)
donde esta 2018???
Theo Polzer (2 дня назад)
Guckt das auch ein Deutscher?
Luan Henrique (2 дня назад)
Chei de sal
Bethel Girma (2 дня назад)
This song shows the different styles of dancing there is it's cool right like if you agree 😎🖒👌
Raperrock Yan49 (2 дня назад)
Chei de sal!
Lukas Morais (2 дня назад)
Ryan Player 1ツ (2 дня назад)
MC gorila?
Miah Taylor (3 дня назад)
I would dance exactly like these people when I was younger I would try my hardestttt
Californian Princess (3 дня назад)
I miss 2013 so much, so much good songs in 2014, 2013, 2012 wow I'm shocked. I just miss this song no songs were this good. I wish I could just go back to 2013 and listen to this . Ariana Grande's "No tears let To cry". video has more views Than this, its good but this is way better. Brings back memories ❤️
Orgulho O arrogante (3 дня назад)
Roni Ader (3 дня назад)
Norma Lemus Lemus (3 дня назад)
11-13-2018 😍😍
Mew3806 (3 дня назад)
Vanessa Carrero (3 дня назад)
Noviembre 2018 ???
FrankCruz 571 (3 дня назад)
I love this song
Jesse Pushor (3 дня назад)
Man 2013 and 2014 best years of my life sucks time had to go by so fast and everything is just so different now
San Bruno (1 день назад)
What’s different?
Nicholas R. Ramsaroop (1 день назад)
I feel you bro
Moriah T (3 дня назад)
My favorite song
dream looker (3 дня назад)
Hej Vänner ! En låt som känns bra ! bara å lyssna å sen vill man lyssna en gång till .... Gott...
Betsianys Lebrón (3 дня назад)
Qué nostalgia. 7u7 I like this

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