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NEXT TIME!!! (if this gets 10m likes) : we fill the school toilets with cornflour and flush them and put fireworks in the lockers and fill the cooking room with bath bombs and leave the taps on and fill the netballs with squirty cream and slime and put glitter in the printers experiment prank COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL: if any science teachers want to use this video in lessons for educational purposes you must ask for person first or you could be fined up to £19.30 my email is greatist5sientist5eva@officialbusiness.co.uk JOKES feel free to project this onto the great pyramid. Comment what other experiments i should do e.g 7up vs fanta peppermint mentos explosion Graph of our findings: I_/'- Conclusion: the drinks react to the mentos because they are chemicaly and have atoms. they reacted at roughly the same rate. to improve this investigation we would measure the height and duration of the explosion as well as the volume of remaining liquid for accurate results. the different flavours may affect the outcome as pink colouring could be a catalyst for this reaction but further research is needed. WARNING DONT TRY THIS AT HOME IT IS HIGHLY DANGEROUS AND CAN DROWN FLIES!!! I AM A TRAINED SCIENTIST WITH 20 DEGREES INCLUDING CHEMISTRY OF COLD AND CARBONATED ONLY LIQUID ATOMS (COCACOLA) SO I KNOW WHAT IM DOING!! enjoy ♡
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flipflops and socks (4 месяца назад)
Woah whose that beautiful shister on the left at 0:10 whose leg continuously plagues the video... yeah ur damn right it’s mine

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