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Vitamin E – Why It Is Needed By The Performance Horse
Do Horses Need Vitamin E? Why, What and How Much Vitamin E is a non-toxic, fat soluble vitamin which has an important role in many physiological functions such as reproduction, immune response and nerve and muscle function. It also has overlapping yet independent roles with selenium, an essential trace mineral. Together they act to maintain normal muscle function, aid in the prevention of muscular disease and perform as antioxidants to protect body tissues, particularly cell membranes, enzymes and other intracellular substances, from oxidation-induced damage. 1 - What is Vitamin E? 2 - Sources of Vitamin E 3 - Functions of Vitamin E 4 - Interactions With Other Nutrients 5 - Deficiency 6 - Why Does a Horse Need Vitamin E? 7 - The Special Need for Vitamin E in Breeding Horses 8 - How Much Vitamin E is Needed by a Horse Research and Sources: https://www.trm-ireland.com Music: Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds
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Top 10 Dog Antioxidants [2018 Best Sellers]: Amazing Turmeric for Dogs Curcumin Pet Antioxidant,
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Ask the Vet - Lyme disease in horses
This video is taken from the May 2016 episode (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHMKlUnRVUs) of SmartPak's Ask the Vet video series featuring SmartPaker Sarah and Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak's Medical Director and Staff Veterinarian. To see more from our Ask the Vet video series, you can check them out on the SmartPak blog (lhttp://pak.horse/2bt0jyw), SmartPak's Horse Health Library (http://pak.horse/HHLvideos), or on our Ask the Vet playlist (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfYc1fRT-Znh7r1veIfAzMUHd-AsA85sY).   Want to know when the next Ask the Vet videos get posted? SUBSCRIBE to our channel! Want your question answered so you can win a SmartPak gift card? Ask your horse health question in the comments, on any of our social media channels, on our blog, or email them to CustomerCare@SmartPak.com and be sure to use #askthevetvideo.   Happy learning and #haveagreatride.
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Thunder Equine/Horse Shivers Case Update #4
Still no major improvements to speak of on the holistic front in regards to Thunder (Clydesdale). Recently became very lethargic and presents with a depressed attitude. Unwilling to graze most of the time. Still showing major "sticking" of the back legs especially when moving forward after standing still for awhile. Up to this point Thunder has now been on the following with no improvement: *Effective Pet Wellness Bartonella Kit and Nerve Regen *SmartPak Vitamin C and Vitamin E-Super Dose *Magnesium Malate BID by Performance Equine Nutrition *Garlic BID *Effective Pet Wellness Japanese Knotweed & Protecka Capsules *Nosodes for Bartonella and Lyme along with Strychninum homeopathic crystals. *Double P & Cervical Herbal Treatment from Copperfield Equine Therapy * AC One- Anahydrosis Supplement *Homeopathic Salt Combo Crystals
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Pet Bounce Multi Vitamin - Natural Joint Pain Relief For Pets.avi
http://mhlnk.com/7217AA53 Click the link to order your Pet Bounce Multi Vitamin joint pain relief and claim your special online offer package now. Pet Bounce is a complete multivitamin formulated especially for your cat and dog. Whether they're big or small, canine or feline, they will benefit from this advanced formula created specifically to support their health and well-being. In addition to its substantial amount of nutrients, Pet Bounce is also fortified with Resveratrol, a powerful anti-oxidant chosen for its ability to improve the health of your pet and increase their vitality. All this is contained in a chewable wafer in a flavor your pet will love. Don't let your pet go another day without getting the essential vitamins and nutrients they need to maintain their health and well-being. When you add Pet Bounce Multivitamin to their diet right now, you'll be adding a supplement fortified with the ingredients they need plus Resveratrol for that added boost. All this makes Pet Bounce one of the most complete vitamin supplements for pets on the market today.
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Ask the Vet - Lyme disease in horses, fly sheets, how much can a horse carry, and more! - May 2016
You asked, we answered! In this episode of our monthly series, Ask the Vet, Dr. Lydia Gray and SmartPaker Sarah answer your questions about how much weight can a horse carry, Lyme disease in horses, the difference between hay stretcher, extender, and forage replacer, and fly and pest protection for horses. Have some of your own questions? Ask away! If your question gets selected to be in one of our Ask the Vet videos, you win a SmartPak Gift Card! How awesome is that!? All you have to do is submit your question on this video before May 5, 2016, using #askthevetvideo. If your question was answered in this video, reach out to us at CustomerCare@SmartPak.com and let us know! We'll get your gift card out to you as soon as we can! You can also ask your questions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or our blog, where you can read all of Dr. Lydia Gray's Ask the Vet articles (http://pak.horse/1TxdXlf)! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE so that you know when the next episode comes out - your question may be featured! Questions answered in this episode: 1. How do I know how much weight a horse can carry (how much the rider can weigh before it gets "bad" for the horse)? I know it depends on age, experience and muscles on the horse, but can you count it out? 2. My horse was diagnosed with Lyme disease this past winter (we live in CT). Her most prominent symptom was behavioral change. She went from a laid back easy horse to being very difficult to handle. What are some of the other signs/symptoms of Lyme disease in horses? What are the treatment options? Can it cause any long term complications? 3. Could you explain the difference between hay stretcher and extender and forage replacer? Is it companies using different names or is there an actual difference? 4. I'm considering getting a fly sheet for my horse, but living in Alabama it stays pretty hot and humid year round with the exception of three or four months. Is there any point where it may be too hot/too humid for a fly sheet while out in the pasture? Would I be better off without a fly sheet? 5. I was wondering if you had any tips on a horse that is very sensitive to bug bites in the summer and ends up with hives and rubbing her mane/tail out?
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Flex+Max joins Absorbine Veterinary Liniment and Gel in a complete muscle and joint care program. Flex+Max has guaranteed levels of Glucosamine, Chondroiten and MSM. It is flavored with Fenugreek for tested 100% palatability. It can be used before, during and after competition and requires no load in dosing. Comes in pellet form.
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gus EMND 1.mov
Gus is an 8 year old Paint with the clinical signs of EMND. Note his weight loss despite a great appetite, muscle contractions, "tucked under" stance and raised tail head. He's just starting Vitamin E treatment.
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Veterinaria Omeopatica - EMND Sindrome Neuro Muscolare del Cavallo
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How to Clean Your Panama Jack Greased Leather Boots
Tutorial on how to clean your Panama Jack greased leather Boots. Maintain your boots in the best condition by following these simple steps. Care and cleaning of your Panama Jacks http://bit.ly/2mSU4J3 Buy a care kit http://bit.ly/2lBcXiF
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Duke PSSM 2 suspect video 1
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