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12 Best and Worst Birth Control Options
12 Best and Worst Birth Control Options. Best and Worst Birth Control Options. 1 You've Got Options — and They Won't Cause Weight Gain When it comes to birth control, women have more options than ever. But more choices mean there’s a lot more to consider. So how can you choose which pregnancy prevention method is right for you? 2 Birth Control Pills Do More Than Prevent Pregnancy There are a slew of birth control pills for women to choose from, including ones that use only progestin or a combination of estrogen and progestin. 3 Condoms Keep You Safe in More Ways Than One There’s a reason that condoms are a birth control mainstay: They’re the only option that not only prevents pregnancy, but diseases and infections, too. If there is any risk your sexual partner could pass on an STD (sexually transmitted disease), condoms are a must. 4 Diaphragms and Other Barrier Methods Are Hormone-Free These are barrier methods of birth control. The diaphragm is a flexible cup that you place in your vagina to block sperm from entering your uterus. It's most effective when used with spermicide. 5 The Patch and the Ring Free You From Pills The patch and the ring are both hormonal methods of contraception containing estrogen and progestin, like the pill, but neither of these require a daily routine. 6 Hormone Shots Protect You for Three Months at a Time A shot of progestin in the arm offers women pregnancy prevention for three months at a time. It blocks ovulation, and also makes it more difficult for sperm to travel because of an increase in cervical mucus. 7 IUDs Are the Most Effective Birth Control Device An IUD, or intrauterine device, is a T-shaped device that’s inserted into the uterus by your doctor. You’ll need to choose between one that contains copper or the synthetic hormone progestin. 8 Hormone Implants Protect You for Three Years A piece of plastic about the size of a matchstick, this long-term form of contraception contains progestin. It is inserted by your doctor just under the skin of the upper arm and prevents pregnancy for three years. 9 Fertility Awareness May Work for Committed Couples Know your cycle well? All you may need to do is use a barrier method, such as a condom, during the days that you’re fertile. Preventing pregnancy through fertility awareness can be done by tracking your cycle on a calendar, monitoring your cervical mucus, and taking your body temperature. 10 Abstinence, Alas, Is the Only Foolproof Method Ever considered ceasing sexual activity altogether? Practicing abstinence is one birth control option that can’t fail. Some people practice periodic abstinence, Newmann says. Abstinence Cons: Refraining from sex is certainly not feasible for everyone — nor is it easy. “We’re all human beings and we all have a sex drive. 11 Vasectomies Are Permanent and Nearly 100 Percent Effective Tired of holding all the pregnancy-prevention responsibilities as a woman? If you’re done having children, you might consider sending your husband to the doctor. Vasectomy is a simple procedure: Through a tiny incision, a doctor closes the tubes that carry a man’s sperm, preventing them from leaving his body. 12 Tubal Ligation Is Permanent, Too There are permanent birth control options for women, too. Tubal ligation is also known as female sterilization, or having your “tubes tied.” It involves closing the fallopian tubes to prevent a woman’s eggs from being fertilized and pregnancy from developing.
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Male Birth Control
CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.
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Are Condoms Really More Effective Than Pulling Out? STUDY
A recent study shows that the withdrawal method is almost as effective as using a condom to prevent pregnancy, but not STDs. This method isn’t promoted by condom companies, but during a study only four percent of couples get pregnant using the pullout method. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian (The Point), Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?!), and Wes Clark Jr. hosts of The Young Turks discuss. Does this change your mind about condoms? Is it better to be safe than sorry? Let us know in the comments below. Read more here: http://www.closeronline.co.uk/2015/09/study-claims-pulling-out-nearly-as-effective-as-condoms-in-preventing-pregnancy “According to research, it has been claimed that the ‘pull out’ method is second best to condoms in effectiveness against pregnancy In sex education, most of us are told that the withdrawal method is NOT a safe way to protect yourself against pregnancy and STIs. Though the latter is no doubt true- withdrawal won’t stop you from catching something nasty- new research claims that the ‘pulling out’ method is second to condoms as the most effective method of contraception.” *** Get The Young Turks​ Mobile App Today! Download the iOS version here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-young-turks/id412793195?ls=1&mt=8 Download the Android version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tyt
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Economy is best form of birth control
US birth rates have been falling ever since the recession started, and studies show that this year they've fallen even more! In 2007, there were over 4.3 million babies born, the most ever. It's supposed to go up every year. But now it's down to 4 million. This year, young women from their teens to early 20s have the lowest birth rate ever! Modern women have certain goals and dreams they want to experience before having kids, so they're having kids later in life. But these days, they just want to keep their jobs and be able to pay for gas! And if you have any fear of losing your job, you wouldn't try to get pregnant at a time you could lose your health insurance! The number of vasectomies has also gone up in the last few years! Why keep paying for condoms or pills if you know you don't want more kids? You may think low birth rate is good, for population control. But down the line, it could actually be harmful. In the near future we will see more and more of the "4-2-1 problem". You have four grandparents, two parents and one child, and in countries where people are expected to take care of their old folks, it's a lot of responsibility! But either way, if old folks don't have retirement money or savings, the responsibility goes to the government and taxpayers. Careful, or you could end up like Taiwan, where they're trying to bribe people into making babies! ---------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­ Daily videos brought to you by THE Taiwanese Animators behind the infamous Tiger Woods animation. We got the funniest animations on the web to help you stay in-the-know on all the trending stories, so sit back, relax, and watch a few. Visit our channel for your daily dose of Taiwanese Animations: https://www.youtube.com/user/NMATV Wish all your news was animated? Subscribe now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=NMATV Can't get enough of Taiwanese animations? Connect with us here: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/NMAtv Twitter @nmatv http://www.twitter.com/nmatv Tumblr http://nmatv.tumblr.com Google+ http://gplus.to/NMAtv Web http://www.nma.tv
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The Male Birth Control Pill - The J&L Show!
Insurance buyers remorse, Puns and the Male Birth Control
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Medical Mondays: Starting the dialogue about birth control
Stephani Stancil, APRN, FNP-BC, Teen Clinic at Children's Mercy Hospital discusses how to talk about birth control between parents and children or health care providers and patients.
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