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Strategic Planning for Faith-based Schools
This tutorial explains how faith-based schools can do Strategic Planning which is truly STRATEGIC, BROADLY OWNED and IMPLEMENTATION ORIENTED. Such planning is critical to the survival and growth of faith-based schools. Given the dependence of the school on its support community, their planning method requires some special characteristics. Take the next few minutes to find out what those are.
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Sacred Heart Schools' Strategic Plan
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Salt River Schools 5-Year Strategic Plan
Imagine a school system committed to not only providing world-class cradle-to-career education, but dedicated to Community-infused instruction that’s immersed in the O’odham and Piipaash cultures. After months of hard work and collaboration among many students, parents, staff and Salt River Community members, this dream is becoming a reality at Salt River Schools through our new, 5-year Strategic Plan. Though our schools have always been student-focused, the new Strategic Plan is our pathway to becoming a mission-driven system that’s forward-thinking, Community-minded and culturally-inspired. We believe the mission, as well as the vision, values, goals and improvement initiatives, will be truly transformative and help ensure every student achieves their highest potential using the most advanced technologies to connect learning to Community, culture and the future. The 5-year Strategic Plan is available at SaltRiverSchools.org. Download your copy today and help us honor our ancestors, our families and tomorrow’s leaders. ----- 1:44 [Student in pink] Sap ce:gig? (What is your name?) [Student in yellow] Ani an ap ce:gig Riley. (My name is Riley.) ----- 1:51 [Student] This represents the meaning of life and, like, all the stuff you have to go through. And the robot’s me. ----- 2:12 [Students, in O’odham] "Hejel eñ ag (I tell myself)" Mant oi l kupio geñ cektodagǐ c ibdak (I will open my mind and heart) ant’ hek hekaj o amc hek (so that I can understand) sa ho’I gedad (to be kind), has elided (to have respect), s’cekaidag’kat (to listen and behave). Mant oi l kukpio geñ vupio ck nank (I will open up my eyes and ears) mant sap o neidat, sap o ka:d (I will see and hear clearly), dam o ves haicu mai (so I will learn ALL things). ----- 2:39 [Student, talking about the “Hejel eñ ag” pledge she just recited] It’s important to me because it tells me that I open my mind and heart and to be respectful and kind to each other and all things. ----- 2:58 [Student 1] We will do this together. [Student 2] We will do this together. [Student 3] We will do this together. [Group of students] We will do this together. ----- Special thanks to Dalton Walker (narration), the Ironman Foundation (video clips) and www.bensound.com (theme music).
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RSD Strategic Plan 2018 2019
TRANSCRIPT RSD is moving ahead to create long term strategic plan. During the Spring of 2018, the Board of Directors approved to retain the services University of Rochester Warner School of Education to lead and complete a Strategic Planning Process. The plan will include revising RSD’s Mission and Vision statements as well as develop clear and concise goals for RSD to follow in the next 3-5 years. RSD and University of Rochester will make this strategic planning process transparent and inclusive. The plan development includes gathering information and data from different stakeholders and analysis of RSD’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. During this process, there will be meetings, focus group sessions, surveys and interviews with school community members such as: Board of Directors, Administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, community partners, and public school districts. A timeline of the planning process will be posted and we will have a Web page dedicated to this process for everyone to follow. As a leader of RSD, I am asking everyone to be participate of this process because this will help us navigate where RSD will go in the next 3 to 5 years and how we can achieve our new mission and vision to support student achievement, student life and 21st century learning here at the Rochester School for the Deaf. I am inviting you to attend our “Vision Summit” on Saturday September 22nd from 8 in the morning to 12 Noon at the RSD Auditorium. This summit is an opportunity for the greater school community to come together to create a new mission and the vision for our school’s future. I hope to see you there on September 22nd at 8:00 am! See flyer: https://goo.gl/f2ruhe RSD is committed to update and inform everyone on the strategic planning process and will continue to engage the school community in this exciting endeavor. Thank you!
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Strategic Plan: Objective #4 Communication and Community Engagement
Middletown City School District has a robust story to tell. This focus area highlights our plan to celebrate the great things happening in our schools through a commitment to engage with our internal and external stakeholders. Our efforts will include leveraging social media, gathering feedback from stakeholders, expanding business partnerships, and aligning all communication efforts to the goals and objectives found in the strategic plan.
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School Insider-Strategic Planning
The Tacoma Public Schools strategic plan has been in place for almost five years. What are the outcomes? Watch a brief discussion with Deputy Superintendent Josh Garcia about what's working and what's in store for students, parents and the community.
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What is Strategic Planning, Really?
Before starting any strategic planning process, it is essential to make sure your staff or team members have the same expectations of what the outcomes will be. This video explains the different possible outcomes that can arise from strategic planning. It can range from simply having an articulated plan, to a full-blown organizational transformation. Choose the result that is right for your organization. More information is available at http://OnStrategyHQ.com. Want more practical tips and insights on strategic planning? Subscribe to our channel here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc5cYNhQ8oYNdjmXBy7Z-ug Download a FREE Complete Guide to Strategic Planning - http://onstrategyhq.com/complete-strategy-guide/ Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/OnStrategyHQ/?fref=ts Connect with us on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/onstrategy Connect with Erica Olsen on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericajolsen
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Burke's Strategic Plan: An Introduction
Burke's Head of School Michele Williams presents an introduction to the school's Strategic Plan: Our Community. Our Campus. Our Commitment.
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Fidler's "Strategic Planning for School Improvement"
Paul Hardt, Governance Consultant for the WASB, talks about some of the basic ideas in the introduction to Brian Fidler's "Strategic Planning for School Improvement."
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Community Strategic Plan
We're created a 10-year-plan to reflect your wishes for Warringah.
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Hillsboro School District Strategic Plan 2016-2021
Hillsboro School District Communications Director Beth Graser discusses the draft strategic plan and solicits feedback.
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Strategic Plan
The Sioux Falls School District is committed to continuous improvement - so much so that we've developed a specific plan to do just that over the next five years and beyond. Find out how your schools are working toward better graduation rates, attendance rates, reading scores and behavioral education... and how we'll be calling on the community to help.
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Community Based Strategic Planning
"Community Based Strategic Planning" will offer a framework for strategic planning that is inextricably rooted in the community served, whether that's a political subdivision, a college or university campus, a school district, or a corporation. Participants will gain hands on experience with tools they can use to create an effective, useful plan that uses library strengths to address authentic, rather than assumed, community needs and desires. The workshop will cover four vital steps in successful strategic planning: • Assessment. What does the library do well now? What services need more investment? Which services can be retired? • Community understanding. How do we develop a deep understanding of the way our community lives now? What are the best projections for the community’s future? • Bedrock beliefs. What are the library’s guiding principles? How do we negotiate principles, outcomes, and techniques to focus on what’s truly important? • Implementation. How do we apply library skills and expertise to the needs and desires in the community? How do we move from planning to reality? The goal of the workshop is to provide a simple framework that can be scaled and adapted for a variety of libraries, in communities large or small. And there's no law that says we can’t have some fun along the way!
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ELEVATE: Our community-driven journey to a new strategic plan
www.adams12.org/ELEVATE Adams 12 Five Star Schools Thornton, Colorado
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Vernon School District Strategic Plan Whiteboard Video
This whiteboard video was used by the Vernon School Board to raise awareness and invite participation in their strategic planning process.
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College Community Strategic Plan Update, August 2016
Superintendent, John Speer, articulates CCSD's long term commitments and goals. Mr. Speer reviews the Four Focus Areas to accomplish the district's commitment to create a personalized learning system for all students.
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Introduction to Kewaunee School District Strategic Plan - Part 1
In January 2011, the Kewaunee School District created their new Strategic Plan. Twenty-three members of the community came together over a four day period to develop the plan that will lead the school district and its students for years to come. This is the first part of a four part introduction to the the Strategic Planning Process.
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Our School District's 5-Year Strategic Plan - A School Board Talk
Andy Goldstein speaks to the School Board of Palm Beach County, FL about the School District's 5-Year Strategic Plan, from the perspective of a teacher, and from the perspective of what's best for our children and our students. March 2, 2016. Transcript: Good afternoon. My name is Andy Goldstein. I’m a teacher at Omni Middle School and the proud parent of a seven-year-old daughter who attends second grade at one of our public elementary schools. Our District’s five-year-strategic plan is an opportunity to embark upon a new beginning. And beginnings are very special. Beginnings are an opportunity to hope and to dream, and to dream big. And then make the commitment to make them happen. I want to talk about our District’s strategic plan from the perspective of being a teacher, and from the perspective of what’s best for our children and our students. The strategic plan identifies a Vision and Mission, stating, “What do we aspire to achieve? The school District of Palm Beach envisions a dynamic collaborative multicultural community where education and lifelong learning are valued and supported, and all learners reach their highest potential and succeed in the global economy.” As I teacher, when I read that, I think, “We teachers are also learners and lifelong learners and we model the learning process for our students, and we’re part of the global economy. And yet for those of us who have committed to staying in the classroom, our District has punished us—making sure it has kept us at or near a beginning teacher salary, even those of us in mid-career at 14 or 15 years. We teachers are not succeeding in the global economy. One way the Strategic Plan says we achieve our aspirations is through a strategic theme of talent development--recruiting, developing and maintaining highly effective talent to implement a world class education. But how is this possible when our District actively works at keeping our teacher salaries as low as possible? For those who have made the commitment to stay in the classroom and work with our children, our District has made sure that we and our families have been punished monetarily. As one teacher said, “If you want a world class education for our students, you need to pay a world class salary for our teachers.” The Strategic Plan calls for differing compensation systems, pathways of higher pay, career ladders, for so-called “lead teachers” that will teach other teachers. But our District needs to have an effective salary structure that rewards the teacher who stays in the classroom teaching. Not make them jump through a plethora of additional hoops for additional pay. Our District needs to value the teacher teaching in the classroom. And finally, what’s best for our children? Our strategic plan’s aspiration calls for where all learners reach their highest potential and succeed in the global economy. Our global economy shows us that everything is interconnected. And it’s not possible for our children to reach this aspiration without addressing the elephant in the room—that of child poverty. Our country has the highest child poverty rate of any major industrialized county in the world. More than one out of every five children live in poverty. Education and poverty are inextricably interwoven. Martin Luther King said that to improve the outcomes, of education, abolish poverty. Superintendent Dr. Avossa has said that to improve the learning outcomes for all of our children, not just some, we need to involve all of our stakeholders and all of our community. I ask that our District dream big with this Strategic plan and work with all stakeholders, locally and nationally, toward the abolishment of all child poverty in Palm Beach County so that all of our children can learn. Thank you.
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The School District of Lee County Strategic Plan Video
The School District of Lee County is a diverse community, rich in talent and strengths, all working together to enrich the lives of Lee County students. Our shared mission is to ensure that each and every student achieves his or her highest personal potential. This strategic plan is our road map to becoming a world-class school district for our students. Created with input from you, parents and other citizens, it is truly our plan, and it will take each and every one us to reach the four important goals we’ve set. The District’s 3-year Strategic Plan is available at www.LeeSchools.net. Download a copy today.
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5 Year Strategic Plan
http://www.fresnostate.edu/strategicplan Fresno State will implement bold, focused strategies designed to maximize success for our diverse student body. In collaboration with our community partners, we will provide a transformative educational experience that prepares students to serve and to lead in the Central Valley, the state, and beyond while improving the overall graduation rate.
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Stanford Medicine Integrated Strategic Plan
Leaders of the Stanford Medicine community discuss the importance of the Integrated Strategic Plan and relevant updates on the planning and implementation process. Learn more at med.stanford.edu/isp.
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School Strategic Plan - T. Croft
This strategic plan deals with raising the floor and ceiling of reading literacy at the Pigotts Primary School.
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Strategic Planning: A Model for Higher Education
Presents a strategic planning model for higher education institutions. This model is scalable to any size institution.
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Strategic Plan in Robbinsdale Area Schools
After a year of collaboration among employees, students, parents, and community members, the School Board of Robbinsdale Area Schools approved this new strategic plan in March of 2014. We call this plan the “Unified District Vision: High Intellectual Performance Through Equity” because it represents our collective goal for the students in our community. This plan explicitly makes student achievement our number one priority. Robbinsdale Area Schools is committed to ensuring every student graduates career and college ready and we believe each student has limitless possibilities.
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Strategic Plan Under Revision by Montgomery County Public Schools
Montgomery County Public Schools is in the process of revising the strategic plan for the next decade. Recently community stakeholders met and MCPS TV has the story.
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Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021
Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021. Our plan for a healthy community is here.
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Strategic Plan: A Creative Community for a Changing
Our world is more than ever in motion. We are constantly faced with new challenges. The strategic plan allows us to maximize the potential of these opportunities. By doing so we can respond better to the needs that arise in the fields of education, research and scientific services.
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District 31's Strategic Plan Process
This podcast was developed to inform the District 31 community about our Strategic Plan process - December 2009.
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A Small School Reached Out To Their Community To Create A Long Term Strategic Plan
Lometa is a one school small town in central Texas. Lometa ISD invited the AIE team to come together with their community to make a plan. A long range strategic plan to help their town achieve the student success they desire. Four visits later, they now have a plan for the next five years.
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Mission, Vision and Strategy
This video will provide you with the understanding of how to develop a Mission, Vision and and aligned strategy. There are other tools presented that will help in the development of the overall plan
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Strategic Plan 5
This video outlines the school's strategic plan and has been made using Video Scribe.
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San Francisco Day School: Strategic Plan 2010
All members of the SFDS community are invited to attend one of Community Listening Forums which will be held in February/ March 2010. Join us to discuss the educational issues and priorities that will confront our children. For more information head to enews.sfds.net.
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Introduction to Kewaunee School District Strategic Plan - Part 4
In January 2011, the Kewaunee School District created their new Strategic Plan. Twenty-three members of the community came together over a four day period to develop the plan that will lead the school district and its students for years to come. This is the fourth of a four part introduction to the the Strategic Planning Process.
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Olin Business students advise local high school on strategic plan
Kirkwood High School was looking for help on market research, branding, and strategic planning and found it in a team of students from Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. Through Olin's Center for Experiential Learning Taylor Community Consulting Project, students provided valuable research and options to the high school administrators.
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Durham College Strategic Plan: Our Community
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Seattle Video Production - Nuveloctiy - Seattle Public Schools Strategic Plan 2013
http://www.nuvelocity.com - Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day - For the more than 50,000 students in Seattle's public schools, no two journeys are alike. College. Career. Life. Whereever they're headed, our students need support, challenges and opportunities to succeed. Nuvelocity is a full-service Seattle video production company specializing in video brand storytelling, photography and audio services. Through creativity, imagination & technology, we produce visual works of art for companies & organizations around the world. Our creative process begins with your end goals, whether it's generating more business, SEO, educating an audience or raising money for a good cause. From there, we align our full suite of services and creative professionals. Nuvelocity's video production services include: web videos, promotional videos, product videos, fundraiser videos, nonprofit videos, testimonial videos, LIVE streaming, corporate video, TV commercials and training videos. If you've got a product to launch, an image to build, a vision to share or a story to tell contact us. 206-399-2147 - info@nuvelocity.com
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District 49's Strategic Plan: 5 Big Rocks
Peter Hilts, chief education officer of Falcon School District 49, discusses the district¹s strategic plan, which is organized around a metaphor called the Big Rocks. The district's five Big Rocks represent the key strategic initiatives District 49 will emphasize over the next three to five years. The fundamental bedrock is re-establishing District 49 as a trustworthy recipient of taxpayer investment. District 49 will engage with its community. District 49 will strive to be the best district to learn, work and lead. District 49 will create a robust portfolio of distinct and exceptional schools. District 49 will ensure educational experiences are individualized, capable of launching every student toward success. Read more about the district's Big Rocks, its strategic initiatives, here: http://d49.org/modules/cms/pages.phtml?pageid=302014
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What is the Stanford Medicine Integrated Strategic Plan?
Members of the Stanford Medicine community explain what the Integrated Strategic Plan is, why it’s important, how the process can ultimately benefit all areas of Stanford Medicine, and how you can participate. Learn more at med.stanford.edu/isp.
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Strategic Planning in Practice | Anne Johnson | TEDxWilmingtonUniversity
Anne discusses strategic planning in practice Anne started in business right after graduation working her way from fork lift driver to owner and coo of a multinational distribution corporation. While running her brick and mortar company, Anne branched out and started an entrepreneurial web venture, Turning a profit in record time. Feeling unsatisfied with her contribution to her home community Anne sold her ownership positions and began teaching both graduate and undergraduate business at Wilmington university. She also turned to volunteerism sitting on the board of first state community loan fund and Delaware's first women's business center. Today in addition to her non profit efforts Anne is an active fundraiser. She was nominated as woman of the year by the leukemia and lymphoma society of Delaware and raised over $80,000 in 10 weeks. Anne spends her downtime with her husband of 19 years Ric, and their two children Catherine and Matthew. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Launch of UKZN's Strategic Plan 2017-2021
University of KwaZulu-Natal http://www.ukzn.ac.za/ UKZN Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ukzn1 UKZN Twitter https://twitter.com/UKZN UKZN Online Newsletter http://www.ukzn.ac.za/media-publications-reports/UKZNonline _________________________________________________________________ Strategic Plan (2017-2021) launch To All Staff and Students It is my pleasure to announce that the University of KwaZulu-Natal strategic plan for 2017-2021 has been successfully formulated and completed. The plan is now ready for presentation and will be launched across all our campuses from 6 November 2017. The launch programme will be conducted through various platforms and activities to ensure that the message reaches as wide an audience as possible. These platforms and activities include ensuring that an online version is available and convening a town and gown event for business partners and key alumni. A video clip highlighting key messages from the strategic plan document has been produced and will also be made available to the University community. It is important that every member of the University is aware of the plan as it represents inputs received, during the consultative process, from the entire UKZN community. The five-year plan outlines the institutional culture, goals and enablers that will help the University realise its full potential. The plan is a detailed blueprint for what we need to do in the next five years as we continue our pursuit to inspire greatness in all our stakeholders. We must, therefore, familiarise ourselves with the contents of this very important document. The strategic goals set out in the plan, aim to enrich the learning experience for students, to cultivate a commitment to lifelong learning, and to empower students so that they flourish as innovators and entrepreneurs. Our aspirations are that by 2021 UKZN will be known for its service excellence and will be regarded as the South African University of choice for the most talented students and scholars. However, these goals will only be realised if all of us as members of the UKZN community, put our shoulder to the wheel. The success of the plan will not only mean a better and more efficient University of KwaZulu-Natal but will also contribute towards our efforts of making our country an even better place. More information will, in due course, be made available on our communication platforms. Please watch this space. I thank you. Dr Albert van Jaarsveld Vice-Chancellor and Principal _________________________________________________________________ Uhlelosu (2017-2021) luzokwethulwa kuLwezi Basebenzi naBafundi Kuyintokozo ukumemezela ukuthi uhlelosu lweNyuvesi YaKwaZulu-Natali lweminyaka kusukela kowezi- 2017-2021 seluhlanganiswe lwaze lwaphothulwa ngempumelelo. Lolu hlelo selulungele ukwethulwa kuwona wonke amakhempasi ethu kusukela zi-6 kuLwezi 2017. Uhlelo lokwethula luzokwenziwa kusetshenziswa izinsiza ezihlukene futhi kuzoba nokunye okuzokwenziwa ukuze kuqinisekiswe ukuthi umyalezo ufinyelela kubantu abaningi. Lezi zinsiza nokuzokwenziwa kuhlanganisa ukuqinisekisa ukuthi kunohlelosu olutholakala kumakhompiyutha nomcimbi wosomabhizinisi kanye nababengabafundi besikhungo abakhethekile. Umbukiso wevidiyo obalula izinto ezibalulekile kulolu hlelosu isiqoshiwe futhi izotholakala emphakathini waseNyuvesi Kubalulekile ukuthi wonke amalungu eNyuvesi azi ngalolu hlelo ngoba lumele imibono etholakale ngesikhathi kunokuxhumana nomphakathi waseNyuvesi wonke. Lolu hlelo lweminyaka emihlanu lubalula isiko lwesikhungo, izimpokophelo nokuzosilekelela ukufinyelela kwesikuhlosile okuzokwenza iNyuvesi isebenze ezingeni layo elifanele. Uhlelosu luyisithombe esigcwele esiyimininingwane yokufanele kwenziwe eminyakeni emihlanu ezayo njengoba sizobe siqhubeka nokugqugquzela ubunyoninco kubo bonke ababambe iqhaza esikhungweni. Ngakho-ke kume sizinike ithuba lokuqondisisa ngokuqukethwe yilo mbhalo obaluleke kangaka. Izinhlosomasu ezikulolu hlelo zihlose ukunothisa ezokufunda kwabafundi, ukugqugquzela ukuzibophezela kwezokufunda okunganamkhawulon okuhlomisa abafundi ukuze baqhakaze njengamaciko nosomabhizinisi. Sibheke ukuthi ngonyaka wezi-2021 i-UKZN yaziwe ngokudlulela kwayo ekufezeni izidingo futhi ithathwe njengeNyuvesi eyintandokazi kubafundi abaningi abanekhono kanye nezifundiswa. Kodwa konke lokhu ngeke kufezeke uma sonke njengamalungu omphakathi we-UKZN singafaki isandla sisebenzisane. Impumelelo yohlelosu ichaza iNyuvesi YaKwazulu-Natali engcono futhi esebenza ngendlela efanele futhi kuzoba nomthelela emizamweni yethu yokwenza izwe lethu libe yindawo engcono Eminye imininingwane izosatshalaliswa ngokuqhubeka kwesikhathi ezizindeni zethu zokuxhumana. Hlala uqaphile. Ngiyabonga. Dr Albert van Jaarsveld Vice-Chancellor and Principal
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Introduction to Kewaunee School District Strategic Plan - Part 2
In January 2011, the Kewaunee School District created their new Strategic Plan. Twenty-three members of the community came together over a four day period to develop the plan that will lead the school district and its students for years to come. This is the second part of a four part introduction to the the Strategic Planning Process.
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2014-2018 JCI Strategic Planning
JCI has specifically tailored strategies to achieve our goals for 2030. The 5 goals are: Impact, Motivate, Invest, Collaborate, and Connect. Impact: JCI will enable communities to achieve a sustainable impact. Motivate: JCI will create an environment in which people are motivated toward positive change. Invest: JCI will create a financial plan that invests in long-term goals. Collaborate: JCI will bring together like-minded partners in order to expand mutual impact. Connect: JCI will connect people, their communities and the global society. Download the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan to see how you can impact your community here: http://www.jci.cc/docs/2014-2018%20JCI%20Strategic%20Plan_EN-92713.pdf
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Santee School District Strategic Planning Retreat
Mr. Santee Rob McNelis and Big Bad John Minto talk with the Santee School District about the recent Strategic Planning event. For three days, volunteers from within the Santee school district as well as many from different sectors of the community came together to better try to define the districts strategic plan through the year 2017. Nothing was really off the table. We discussed topics from "Does the districts mission statement still ring true today as much as it did when it was written" to "What is the classroom of the future going to look like"? there was a lot of lively discussion about these and many other topics that will be fully digested by the School Board to make policy and fine tune policy that is already in place in order to ensure that the Santee School District continues to lead in achieving academic excellence. To talk a bit more about some of the ways this retreat helped are Board President, Dan Bartholomew and Board Member, Dianne El-Hajj.
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Dean's Video Newsletter - Indigenous Strategic Plan
In this edition of the Dean's Video Newsletter, Dr. Michael J. Strong addresses plans across the University and School to respond to the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. With education and health care as major themes in the report, Dr. Strong explains the important role of medical schools in addressing issues impacting Indigenous health.
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BCSD Strategic Planning Meeting
At the strategic planning meeting April 3, 2017 the steering committee composed of educators, parents and community stakeholders worked in groups to evaluate and update the strategic plan as we near the third anniversary of its approval by the Board of Education.
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Tallahassee Community College Strategic Plan
Tallahassee Community College has launched its 2013-2018 strategic plan. The mission is to provide a learning environment that prepares students for success in a global economy by offering higher education pathways, workforce opportunities and civic engagement experiences.
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Keough's Corner - Easton Public School's Strategic Plan
Dr. Keough talks about the Easton Public School's new strategic plan and the process through which it was developed over the Summer of 2015 with Chris Getchell, principal at Parkview Elementary and Wes Paul, principal at Oliver Ames High School. For more information visit http://www.easton.k12.ma.us/
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How Master Planning for K-12 Schools Creates Value
We take you behind the scenes of LPA's master planning process with one of LPA's longest clients, Dr. David Verdugo and Michael Bishop of Paramount Unified School District. LPA's integrated K-12 schools design team worked closely with district staff, the Paramount community and McCarthy Builders to transform the outdated Paramount High School campus into a functional, supportive 21st century learning environment. School facilities play a big role in the educational development of students. Planning an entire school district and campus around programming, budget and site constraints is no easy task. LPA Principal Jim Kisel explains the four pillars of LPA's K-12 facility master planning: engagement, assessment, capability and the mission. Together with the school district, the school's students, parents and community are engaged to survey their priorities for the legacy of the renovation. The site is assessed for strengths and opportunities for improvement. Strategies and partnerships are built to identify budgetary constraints and to seek opportunities for reducing operational costs. Lastly, the core of each decision is rooted in the collective mission and vision for the school and for the students. (K-12 Master Planning) (K-12 School Facility Master Planning) (Paramount High School) (Paramount Unified School District) (Green Schools Los Angeles) (Green Schools Los Angeles County) (Green Schools California) (California Green Schools) (Jim Kisel) (Dr. David Verdugo) (Michael P. Bishop) (former Paramount Unified School District Superintendent Dr. David Verdugo) (sustainability) (sustainable school design) (sustainable design) (k-12 Schools) (K-12 School Facilities) (K-12 School Facilities Master Planning) (Master Planning) (Master Planning for Schools) (Sustainable Master Planning) (Sustainable Architecture) (Sustainable School Architects) (K-12 School Architects) (K-12 School Designers) (Community Engagement) (Trends in K-12 Schools) (Design Trends K-12 Schools) (CHPS certification) (CHPS) (CHPS certified schools) (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) (High Performance K-12 Schools) (High Performance Schools) (Green Schools Southern California) (Green Schools Initiative) (Campus Greenovation) (K-12 Schools Design Trends) (21st Century Learning) (21st Century Learning Environments)
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