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The First Days After a C-section | Doula Diaries Episode 3
A doula's work doesn't end after the baby is born. In Maria's case, it's just beginning. Watch Maria help her client through the very first days after her c-section on Episode 3 of Doula Diaries. Watch the entire series here: https://bit.ly/2ROspbG Download the Bustle App for more stories like these everyday: http://apple.co/1ML4jui Our Site: https://www.romper.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Romperdotcom Twitter: https://twitter.com/romper Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/romperdotcom Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/romperdotcom
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The Unusual Brain of Dr. Eric Kandel #538
Today’s guest is an Austrian-American who emigrated from Vienna to Brooklyn in 1939 at the age of 9, Dr. Eric Kandel will celebrate nearly nine decades of curiosity, study and incredible scientific discovery at his upcoming 89th birthday on November 7 (about the time this podcast will air). Dr. Kandel is a renowned neuroscientist with a psychiatric background who is considered one of the pioneers of modern brain science. His work continues to shape our understanding of how learning and memory work and to break down age-old barriers between the sciences and the arts. Dr. Kandel has been described by a colleague as: "one of the truly great intellects, ... one of the greatest scientists and greatest neuroscientists of the last 100 years.” “…[He has] this wonderful far-reaching mind that is not afraid ... to ask questions, to be integrative, to take a bold leap of imagination.” Today, Dr. Kandel tells us about his research on the biological foundations of memory and his newest book, “The Disordered Mind: What Unusual Brains Tell us About Ourselves.” If you like this video, subscribe to Bulletproof on YouTube today, where you'll find full-length episodes of Bulletproof Radio to watch and listen to, interviews with thought leaders in mindfulness, health, nutrition, science, and biohacking. Also, one simple hack - Bulletproof Coffee - try making it at home - here's the recipe! https://blog.bulletproof.com/bulletproof-coffee-recipe/ Bulletproof Radio is one of the top ranked Podcasts on iTunes! You can subscribe by clicking here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/b... Connect with us on social media for quick updates and the newest biohacks: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bulletproof Twitter - @bpnutrition Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/bppins Instagram - www.instagram.com/bulletproof // instagram.com/dave.asprey
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Yelawolf - American You
Pre-order the album Love Story now On iTunes: http://smarturl.it/YelaLoveStory Google Play: http://smarturl.it/YelaLoveStoryGP Amazon MP3: http://smarturl.it/YelaLoveStoryAmz Sign up for updates: http://smarturl.it/Yelawolf.News Best of Yelawolf: https://goo.gl/vy7NZQ Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/ynkVDL
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Taking Stock: The Health Hazards of Farming
Farmers in this country face significant health and occupational hazards. People who live and work on farms experience poorer health outcomes than their urban counterparts - they have higher death and morbidity rates; they are over-represented in accident and injury statistics; and they suffer above average rates of premature mortality through heart disease, diabetes, cancer and suicide. Statisics reveal: Double the rate of transport accident deaths More than double the Australian male suicide rate for those 65 yrs+ 40% higher rate of death from cardiovascular disease 60% higher death rate due to melanoma and other malignant skin cancers More than double the risk of death from prostate cancer 40% higher rate of deaths from cancer of colon and rectum Farm children are also at higher risk of accident and injury and all farming families are exposed to farm-specific risks such as pesticides and a range of zoonotic diseases. It has also become clear that many people in farming communities suffer unrecognized mental health conditions, especially depression and anxiety states. All of these problems are associated with significant loss of productivity. Fatalities from farm accidents and injuries cost the Australian economy $651 million 2001--2004; the cost of non-fatal injury and illness on Australian farms has been estimated to be up to $1.29 billion annually. This program explores the various factors contributing to poorer physical and emotional health outcomes in agricultural communities. It seeks to raise the awareness of the health and medical community about farm accidents, injuries and illnesses, and the general health risks faced by farmers and their families. It promotes a pro-active stance, emphasizing the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach. It will assist health professionals to ask the right questions in diagnosis and detection. In addition it will enable the rural health professional to more effectively identify environmental and lifestyle risks. It will support the development of effective health promotion, health literacy and prevention programs in farming communities. It showcases the work of organisations such as the Sustainable Farm Families Project to increase awareness of the health status of farming communities. Comprehensive Education Resource Taking Stock: The Health Hazards of Farming is an educational resource for health professionals to use in their own self-directed professional development or to incorporate into other education and training. It is a package of resource material combining audio visual material and structured learning activities. It can be accessed by distance using the DVD and Learning Guide or online, depending on your preference or circumstances. Distance Learning -- DVD & Learning Guide The DVD includes two hours of audio visual material, including the 60 minute program Taking Stock: The Health Hazards of Farming and interviews with agricultural workers. It also contains a comprehensive Learning Guide complete with resource links, self-assessment questionnaires and reflective learning activities. Combined it offers over six hours of structured learning and qualifies for CPD points. Online Taking Stock: The Health Hazards of Farming is now available as an online Active Learning Module and is suitable for GPs and all primary health care professionals wishing to enhance their skills and knowledge. After viewing the 60 minute program you can work through the active learning module online and qualify for CPD points. The module contains additional audio visual material with interviews and case scenarios and the four hours of structured learning can be completed in sections. Produced by the Rural Health Education Foundation http://www.rhef.com.au/
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Cruise Ship Early Booking Passes Good or Bad? Cruise Ship and Travel Trivia!
Cruise Ship Early Booking Passes Good or Bad? Cruise Ship and Travel Trivia! There are 30 cities in the USA where you can take a non stop flight to London. Can you name them all? What were the names of the last 3 ships to hold the title of fastest ocean liner across the Atlantic Ocean? Is offering an early boarding pass a good thing from the cruise lines or an extra cash grab? Help support my channel! Hey do you want a Sports Medallion? Send me a $10 superchat or by Pay Pal and pick one of these. Send me an email and tell which medallion you want and include your mailing address and I'll send it out to you! Thanks for your support of my channel! brucefrommert@hotmail.com https://www.paypal.me/TravellingwithBruce Here are the teams available NFL Arizona Cardinals Cleveland Browns Kansas City Chiefs Carolina Panthers Minnesota Vikings San Francisco 49ers Houston Texans Jacksonville Jaguars Seattle Seahawks New York Jets Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cincinnati Bengals New Orleans Saints Buffalo Bills Chicago Bears Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Ravens Philadelphia Eagles Tennessee Titans Detroit Lions St Louis Rams NHL Vancouver Canucks Montreal Canadiens Ottawa Senators Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings Edmonton Oilers Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Los Angeles Kings San Jose Sharks Florida Panthers Tampa Bay Lightning Chicago Blackhawks Washington Capitals Minnesota Wild Phoenix Coyotes New Jersey Devils Anaheim Ducks Colorado Avalanche Columbus Blue Jackets St Louis Blues New York Rangers Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins New York Islanders Nashville Predators Dallas Stars Carolina Hurricanes NBA Los Angeles Clippers Philadelphia 76ers Detroit Pistons Indiana Pacers MLB St Louis Cardinals Baltimore Orioles Houston Astros Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim New York Yankees Boston Red Sox Plus I have Star Trek logos and The Beatles Logos! UCLA Bruins USC and other college teams please inquire by email
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30th Anniversary Scientific Symposium: “Advancing Science, Improving Lives: A Window to the Future”
This scientific symposium concluded the commemoration of NINR's 30th Anniversary. It featured distinguished scientific speakers and include panel discussions on the science of sleep and precision health. The event brought together scientists, healthcare professionals, and members of the public to examine the advancements in nursing science that build the foundation for clinical practice and enhance the health of the nation. Speakers Included: Patricia A. Grady, PhD, RN, Director, NINR; Afaf I. Meleis, PhD, DrPS(hon), FAAN, Professor of Nursing and Sociology, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing; David F. Dinges, PhD, Director of the Unit for Experimental Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine; Nancy Redeker, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN, Beatrice Renfield Term Professor of Nursing, Yale University School of Nursing; Terri Weaver, PhD, RN, FAAN, Dean, The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing; Yvette Conley, PhD, Vice Chair for Research, Health Promotion & Development, University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing; Bernice L. Coleman, RN, PhD, Assistant Professor in Biomedical Sciences and Translational Medicine and Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles; Jessica M. Gill, PhD, RN, Tenure-Track Investigator and Lasker Clinical Research Scholar, NINR Division of Intramural Research.
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Brian Kirk, Harry Banschick, Jerry Walker
Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with guitarist and vocalist Brian Kirk of Brian Kirk and the Jirks to discuss rocking the Jersey Shore and beyond. Dr. Harry Banschick Director of the Pediatric Department at Holy Name Medical Center talks with Steve about vaccinations for children and the impact of not vaccinating. Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with basketball legend Jerry Walker about his mission to help the residents of Jersey City. 4/9/15 #1709
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Million Hearts: A Focus on Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease
Conversation Session: Promoting Million Hearts Goals through the Community Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations: A Focus on Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease (Recorded Aug. 28, 2014) Moderator: John Clymer, National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Presenter: Phil Huang, MD, MPH, Medical Director for Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department The National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (National Forum), a multi-stakeholder group of organizations, is collaborating with national groups to promote detection, treatment and control of hypertension. The National Forum teamed up with the American Heart Association (AHA) to inform groups on recommended strategies that can improve the ability of public health professional and clinical practitioners to address hypertension, high blood cholesterol and tobacco use in their community. The National Forum has organized a conversational session between a member of the U.S. Community Preventive Services Task Force, which releases recommendations through the Community Guide, and a public health expert that has implemented these recommendations at the state and local level. This conversation focuses on the following Community Guide Recommendations: - Team Based Care – Recommended for its effectiveness in reducing high blood pressure in individuals and improving blood pressure control in a larger proportion of patients. - Reducing Patient Out-of-Pocket Costs for medications to control high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol – recommended for its effectiveness in improving medication adherence and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. - Clinical Decision Support Systems for CVD prevention – recommended for its effectiveness in improving screening by healthcare providers for CVD risk factors and improving practices for CVD-related preventive care, clinical test and treatments. - Reducing Out-of-Pocket Costs for Evidence based Tobacco Cessation Treatments – Recommended for its effectiveness in increasing the number of tobacco users who quit, thereby reducing their risk for CVD and other tobacco-related diseases and conditions.
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Seton Hall University Libraries Speaker’s Series: “Critical Issues in Information and Education”
Guest speakers John N. Berry III (Editor-at-Large for Library Journal), and Seton Hall University professor Dr. Christopher Tienken discuss the topic of information and misinformation. Recorded March 29, 2017 @ Seton Hall University Libraries.
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American Heart Association Essex County Walk
Join Steve Adubato as he goes on-location for the 2014 Essex County Heart Walk on the campus of ADP, where he talks with members of the community about coming together in support of the American Heart Association and the fight against heart disease. 2/20/15 #1669
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AIOU Islamabad BA/BS ENGLISH Code: 1423
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2018 Public Health Ethics Forum, Part 2
The 2018 Public Health Ethics Forum focused on minority elders and healthy aging. The National Center for Bioethics in Research and Health Care at Tuskegee University and the Office of Minority Health and Health Equity at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) host this annual event. This year's forum explores the changing demographics and health status of minority elders as well as the biological, social, and cultural factors that impact healthy aging. View Part 1 of this Forum at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPmchbvPZ3c Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: http://www.cdc.gov/SocialMedia/Tools/CommentPolicy.html This video can also be viewed at https://www.cdc.gov/healthequity/forums/phe/2018/videos/2-PHEF-2018_LowRes.mp4
20160413 Health 1
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SECSRT 054 Three Can Goods For Season Tickets
Week 3 in college football has passed and the Roundtable crew talks about things that are becoming clear. Can Alabama be beat, Florida has been making changes, and there are at least 2 coaches needing to look for jobs next year. Listen in as Shane Bailey, Drew Young and Blair Smyly discuss this and more on this weeks SECSRT.
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Arkansas Week January 27, 2017
(Taxes) Levies, exemptions, a smiling governor. (Education) Far fewer smiles in K-12 and higher. (Abortion) A familiar issue and other hot buttons... (20 Percent) ...and Arkansas in world trade, will it be trumped?
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Toronto and East York Community Council - May 2, 2018 - Part 2 of 2
Toronto and East York Community Council, meeting 32, May 2, 2018 - Part 2 of 2 Agenda and background materials: http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/decisionBodyProfile.do?function=doPrepare&meetingId=12954 Part 1 of 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJgOoXvccCo#t=6m26s Meeting Navigation: 0:09:37 - Meeting resume 4:17:17 - Meeting resume
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Public Works and Infrastructure Committee - October 18, 2017 - Part 2 of 2
Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, meeting 24, October 18, 2017 - Part 2 of 2 Agenda and background materials: http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/decisionBodyProfile.do?function=doPrepare&meetingId=11899 Part 1 of 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIaT9AgXx_0#t=13m47s Meeting Navigation: 0:10:26 - Meeting resume
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YYCCC 2010-11-08 Calgary City Council - November 8, 2010
Calgary's City Council sessions are recorded by the city for live broadcast (on SHAW channel 94, and a Windows Media stream), but NOT as a historical archive. This recording of Council's November 8th session was captured and uploaded to YouTube to illustrate how Nenshi's "Better Idea #8" (a more transparent City Council) can be achieved economically and efficiently. For details on my own work-flow, and my suggestions for the City of Calgary, please visit: http://gordonmcdowell.com/20101108-yyc-city-council/ Care about the environment, economy, or just love technology? Check out my documentary about the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor! http://ThoriumRemix.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9M__yYbsZ4
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Toronto and East York Community Council - September 6, 2017 - Part 1 of 2
Toronto and East York Community Council, meeting 26, September 6, 2017 - Part 1 of 2 Agenda and background materials: http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/decisionBodyProfile.do?function=doPrepare&meetingId=11921 Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmzDTsQi3dI#t=13m06s Meeting Navigation: 0:11:18 - Call to order 0:46:32 - Meeting resume
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