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Disability Benefits for Lung Disease
http://www.disabilitydenials.com/lung-cancer-disability.html In this video Marc Whitehead, a Board Certified Attorney, explains disability benefits for lung disease. People living with a disability based on Lung Cancer face serious health challenges. The #1 cause of cancer deaths is Lung Cancer. Causes of Lung Diseases and Disorders include: - Smoking; the leading cause - Second Hand Smoke - Asbestos Exposure - Exposure to Toxic chemicals and carcinogens - Genetics - Air Pollution's - Radiation Exposure Social Security Disability Benefits for Lung Disease The Social Security Disability Listings of Impairments Classifies Lung Cancer under the category of malignant neoplastic disease. The definition of disability under the social security system differs from other disability programs and insurance policies. Social Security pays for total disability- it does not pay benefits for partial or short term disability. SSD benefits are based on the fact that you can not longer work. Under SS rules, you are disabled if you can't do the work you did before the cancer occurred and is determined that your can't adapt to other work because of your condition. To receive benefits, Lung Cancer disability must be expected to last for at least 12 months. The SSA recognizes Lung Cancer is one of it's disabilities that qualifies as Compassionate Allowance Programs. Most people with Lung diseases assume that their application will be approved and are shocked when SS Systems denies their claim. A denial of a Lung Cancer claim is often due to the lack of medical evidence, and insufficient claim, errors on the part of the SSA, or even a lack of knowledge of the person reviewing the file. Veterans Disability Benefits for Lung Disease: The VA uses a disability rating schedule to aid them in determining now much function is lost and what the rating percentage should be for service connected disability. With Lung Cancer evaluations, Laboratory test results will often play a role in measuring a Veterans lack of function. Military Veterans diagnosed with Lung Cancer may be eligible for medical disability payments if the illness is service related. Veterans who served in the Asian Theater during the Vietnam War and later developed Lung Cancer should be eligible for VA benefits. Exposure to Agent Orange has been related to the development of Lung and other cancers. According to Government policy all veterans who have served in Vietnam and adjacent waters are presumed to be exposed to Agent Orange. Also for Veterans who took part in radiation risk activities, while on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training Lung Cancer is presumed to be Service Connected. In many cases Veterans need experienced attorneys familiar with the complications of the VA disability system and with a record of excellence in serving US Veterans for many years. Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits for Lung Disease: Lung Cancer is a valid justification to apply for disability benefits policy. Unfortunately, many insurance companies are experts in denying claims. Lung Cancer Disability claims can be complicated and are governed by various Laws and regulations in both State and Federal. Insurance Companies resort to numerous reasons to avoid paying claims. Reasons like claiming your application is defective, questioning the severity of your symptoms or even your credibility. Just as devastating as denials are delays of claims. Insurance providers will repetitively ignore or request additional information, demand that you see their doctor, or unreasonably delay the review of your claim. For more on how to prove your Diabetes qualifies you for disability benefits please feel free to download one or all of our three free eBooks: The Social Security Puzzle Disability Policies: How to Unravel the Mystery Veterans Disability Claims: Strategies for a Winning Campaign Visit www.disabilitydenials.com for a free downloadable copy Or contact our office to discuss your particular disability issues at: 5300 Memorial Dr. Ste 725 Houston, Texas 77007 1-800-562-9830
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How Does The VA Rate Respiratory Illnesses?
If you're a veteran who worked in close proximity to open air burn pits in Iraq, Afghanistan or other countries in the Southwest Asia theater of operations, you may have returned home with symptoms of respiratory illness, or been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis or a rare illnesses known as constrictive bronchiolitis. Many veterans of the Vietnam War who were exposed to Agent Orange developed different types of respiratory cancers. If you suffer from one of these respiratory conditions or one of many other similar illnesses you may be eligible for disability benefits from the VA. However, obtaining VA benefits for respiratory illnesses isn’t always easy, and there are only a few respiratory medical conditions that have been given a presumptive service connection. Presumptive service connection means that the VA has ruled that an impairment is automatically considered to be service-connected, no matter when the condition first appeared. Veterans who have tuberculosis or a few other specific diseases may be eligible for a presumptive service connection, as well as personnel exposed to excessive radiation during their service who developed lung cancer or cancer of the pharynx. Additionally, vets who were exposed to Agent Orange and other herbicides that have resulted in cancer of the trachea, lung, bronchus, or larynx are eligible for benefits. For most other respiratory illnesses, veterans must prove a service connection—that is that an event took place during your time in the military which caused the injury or illness you suffer from now. This is why it’s important to have an experienced disability lawyer to help you. Because the VA looks at each claim individually, working with a disability lawyer can improve your chances of getting your claim approved. The VA ratings for the respiratory system are based on three main things: how well the lungs take in air, how well the lungs absorb oxygen into the blood and how the lungs exhale leftover gasses. To make determinations in these three areas, the VA requires an individual to go through pulmonary function tests—PFTs—to show if the lungs are functioning properly and how the body is affected. Because the lungs provide oxygen into the blood stream, if you have a severe lung condition, it can affect the heart, so various heart tests are included as part of the PFTs. If you're a veteran suffering from a respiratory illness you believe is service related, particularly if you worked near open burn pits during your tour of duty, call us Cuddigan Law for a free evaluation of your case. At Cuddigan Law you have a team of professionals in your corner who will fight for your rights.
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Smoking and Lung Cancer (Anderson Associates, 1965)
This film's full title is "Smoking and Lung Cancer, an authentic case filmed at the Royal Edward Chest Hospital, Montreal: the diagnostic tests, assessment, preparation for removal of a lung from a patient with a long history of cigarette smoking." It follows a lung cancer patient, who is also a heavy smoker, through x-ray, diagnosis, bronchoscopy, surgical preparation, surgery, and post-operation. It also gives information on the relationship of smoking to lung cancer. Learn more about this film and search its transcript at NLM Digital Collections: http://resource.nlm.nih.gov/8600204A. Learn more about the National Library of Medicine's historical audiovisuals program at: https://www.nlm.nih.gov/hmd/collections/films
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Information on Lung Cancer - Irish Cancer Society
A short information video on the signs and symptoms, and treatments available for lung cancer. For more information on any aspects of lung cancer, please call a cancer information service nurse in confidence on 1800 200 700 or visit www.cancer.ie
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Renal Services at Texas Children's Hospital
Interdisciplinary Teams Innovating Care in Pediatric Nephrology. The Renal Service at Texas Children’s Hospital is one of largest programs in the world, and provides diagnostic, therapeutic and long-term care for infants, children and adolescents with all forms of congenital and acquired kidney diseases. Care is provided with an integrated, comprehensive, patient and family centered focus by a team of physicians, advance practice providers, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, social workers, child-life specialists, psychologists, and quality of life leaders. Through its unique and comprehensive Quality of Life program that encompasses multiple different aspects, from school liaisons to dedicated music therapists, every effort is made to reduce the burden of kidney diseases of our youngest population.
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The Lung Cancer Connection / The Air We Breathe
Chris Draft, Former NFL Linebacker, Founder and President of Chris Draft Family Foundation Jill Feldman, Lung Cancer Survivor John Howington, Chairman of Thoracic Surgery; Co-Director of the Thoracic Oncology Program, Saint Thomas Health With Joie Chen, AtlanticLIVE For more on this event, please visit: https://www.theatlantic.com/live/events/the-air-we-breathe/2017/
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Free to Breathe Support Line
Do you or a loved one need support? Call the Free to Breathe Support Line, a completely free resource available to patients with lung cancer and their caregivers. We offer education, connection to resources and opportunities for engagement. Patients and caregivers may call as often as they wish, and the service is offered completely free of charge! The Free to Breathe Support Line: 1-844-835-4325 toll free
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A Patient’s Voice: Empathy is a Form of Treatment
Mt. Auburn Hospital Grand Rounds Nila Wester A patient with Stage 4 Lung Cancer
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National Cancer Centre of Singapore
Comprehensive, Patient-Centred Care in Singapore. The National Cancer Centre Singapore is the largest and comprehensive cancer centre in Singapore, and sees close to 65% of public sector cancer patients. Investing heavily in training, technology, safety and patient care, staff at NCCS get exposure to the very best in oncology. Using a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach too treatment, clincians discuss complex patient cases at tumour board meetings to decide on the best options for each case. At the same time, strong research teams comprising of scientists and clinicians working together are constantly working on new research to bring hope to patients. Researchers at NCCS were the first Asian team to win the prestigious American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Team Science Award, recognising the continued dedication and commitment of NCCS to research on cancers that are prominent in Asia but less studied in the West. NCCS has also built up a team working in cutting edge immunotherapy, with researchers involved in a number of clinical trials including ASCOLT (exploring the role of aspirin in an adjuvant setting for colorectal cancer) and the Victory Consortium, looking at cancer influencing viruses. At the same time, NCCS are focused on building an excellent Supportive and Palliative Care division, and are a regional training centre in this area. Initiatives by the team include a pilot project to expand NCCS’ breast survivorship clinic to make it more holistic and integrated, ramping up supportive care research, and training a pilot group of General Practitioners on the management of cancer survivors. In the near future NCCS will also move into a brand new building, featuring state of the art technology, including a comprehensive Proton Therapy Centre as well as easy connections betwen bench and beside with adjacent wards and labs. This new building will be more patient-centric, focused on the comfort, convenience and needs of the patients in order to serve them better.
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Leslie Zimmerman, MD, Lung Cancer Part 1: Epidemiology and Risk Factors
Dr. Zimmerman discusses risk factors for contracting lung cancer. Also, the rates of lung cancer, as presented in men and women, both within the USA and around the world. Finally, she touched upon the carcinogens found within cigarettes. More on Dr. Zimmerman: http://profiles.ucsf.edu/leslie.zimmerman UC San Francisco advances health through education, research, patient care and public service. With seven major sites in the San Francisco Bay Area and Fresno, the UCSF School of Medicine is dedicated to improving human health by accelerating scientific discovery and transforming medical education. The school’s new Bridges curriculum is pioneering a new approach to medical education to prepare physicians for practice in the 21st century. Through mentorship and collaborative learning, students are trained to care for patients, conduct research and contribute vital knowledge to improve our health system. Visit our channel home page: https://www.youtube.com/c/UCSFSchoolofMedicine Subscribe to this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCprcipiXNXTzJYJfN02rHsA?sub_confirmation=1
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Sarcoidosis and VA Disability Benefits
Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that affects multiple organs in the body, but mostly the lungs. Some people who suffer from sarcoidosis don't have any symptoms and the condition improves over time without problems. Others may have serious symptoms, are unable to work, or need medication. In rare cases, some patients may need an organ transplant. If you're a veteran or on active duty and suffering symptoms of sarcoidosis, you may be eligible for disability benefits from the VA. It is common for people who've been diagnosed with lung sarcoidosis not to have symptoms and this disease usually does not cause a sudden illness. However, others may experience symptoms, including wheezing, a dry cough, and shortness of breath. Many people with sarcoidosis think they have the flu or a respiratory infection before they're diagnosed.The disease is often discovered when a chest X-ray is done for another reason and it is found to be abnormal. \n\n There are typically two phases of lung sarcoidosis- the active phase and the non-active phase. In the active phase small areas of inflammation of your tissues--called granulomas--begin to form and cluster in your lungs. During the active phase, symptoms may appear, and it's possible for scar tissue to form on the organs that are affected by these granulomas. During the non-active phase, inflammation decreases, and the granulomas stop growing. They will often stay the same size or decrease in size. It's possible, however, that symptoms can still develop during this phase and the scarring may remain. To determine if you have lung sarcoidosis, your doctor may perform a variety of tests, including a chest x-ray, blood tests, or an MRI scan- among others. If you're a veteran with sarcoidosis of the lungs, you may be eligible for VA disability by proving a presumptive service connection. This means the VA presumes your disability was caused by your military service. Sarcoidosis is listed under chronic diseases that might be established during or aggravated by military service. If your symptoms seriously impact your ability to perform your job or live a normal life, contact us at Cuddigan Law for a free evaluation of your situation.
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How Can You Prove a Diagnosis of Cancer Qualifies You for Disability Benefits?
http://www.disabilitydenials.com/cancer-disability.html In this video Marc Whitehead, a Board Certified Disability Attorney, explains how you can qualify for disability benefits with a diagnosis of cancer. Social Security Disability Cancer Claims: The Social Security Administration views Cancer as a long term disability, when it's expected to last 12 months or longer or has been found to be inoperable and terminal. When cancer responds to treatment a patient may be considered able to go back to work within 12 months. The Social Security Listings of Impairments, also referred to as The Blue Book, lists their medical requirements for cancer under listing 13.0. All Cancers are further divided into 27 different sections, each with a specific and technical description of the SSA's threshold of disability for that particular type of cancer. Cancer also results in serious secondary conditions, such as: - Fatigue - Depression Many cancers are listed on the SSA list of Compassionate Allowances conditions. This allowance allows claims to be fast tracked for benefits for claimants whose medical conditions are so sever that it is evident that their illness meets the disability standard. How can Social Security deny claims for Cancer Disability? Although Cancer is recognized as a sever impairment, we've seen many initial claims for cancer benefits denied. If the cancer is discovered at an early stage the SSA may inaccurately decide that treatment will lead to remission, side effects of treatment may not have been considered. Many first claims are incomplete, without sufficient objective evidence for the SSA to justify an award of benefits. A critical part of Cancer disability claims is to show the SSA that you are in fact unable to work at your past job or at any other job according to their vocational guidelines. Don't give up on your claim. For the best chance of winning benefits under the Social Security Disability Program keep appealing and get an experienced attorney on your side. Veterans Disability Cancer Claims: Under the Veterans Disability system the VA decision maker will look to the VA rating schedule to asses the level of your service connected disability. Cancer disability is rated according to the loss of function it has caused and the effect on your ability to work. Veterans may have been exposed to substances such as Agent Orange and Radiation that are known to cause cancer. Many of these Veterans were exposed to these agents several decades ago and are now at an age where cancer may develop. If a Vietnam veteran suffers from a list of impairments the VA will presume that the Cancer disability was caused by exposure to Agent Orange. In addition, Veterans exposed to Radiation from atomic weapons, fall-out and nuclear reactors have presumptive conditions. There are 21 different types of Cancers related to exposure to radiation. Long Term Disability Insurance Cancer Claims: Long Term Disability Insurance is offered by employers as benefits packages to employees or sold by insurance companies to individuals. Although insurance providers say they'll pay Long Term Disability Benefits if you are unable to work, many will deny valid claims, minimize payments, or find ways to delay payments hoping you will give up and abandon your claim. Reasons in support of Long Term Disability Cancers claims include: - Cancer Treatment - Side-Effects from Medication - Invasive Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments All of which can leave the patient seriously fatigued and sick. As well as the effect of their cognitive function such as memory, focus and inability to absorb and analyze information. Insurance Companies will challenge this saying that the patient is exaggerating or not giving their maximum effort. If your insurer has denied your Cancer disability claim don't give up. A court of law may view the insurance companies denial much differently when all of the facts are raised and properly presented. An experienced disability insurance lawyer representing your claim can make a huge difference when fighting against a large insurance company. For more on how to prove your diagnosis of Cancer qualifies you for disability benefits please feel free to download one or all of our three free eBooks: The Social Security Puzzle Disability Policies: How to Unravel the Mystery Veterans Disability Claims: Strategies for a Winning Campaign Visit www.disabilitydenials.com for a free downloadable copy Or contact our office to discuss your particular disability issues at: 5300 Memorial Dr. Ste 725 Houston, Texas 77007 1-800-562-9830
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[Webinar] World Cancer Day 2017
This is a recording of the webinar in lead up to 2017 World Cancer Day. Panel of experts included: * ANNE JONES OAM, senior tobacco control expert with the International Union Against TB and Lung Disease (The Union); former CEO of ASH Australia; and Medal of the order of Australia (OAM) awardee * Dr NAVNEET SINGH, Lung cancer expert; Associate Professor, Pulmonary Medicine Department, PGIMER; Secretary of Indian Society for Study of Lung Cancer; Publications Comm. member of IASLC * NITA MULLICK, cancer survivor and senior educationist Moderators: * ASHOK RAMSARUP, award-winning senior journalist from Durban, South Africa and former Senior Producer at SABC * SHOBHA SHUKLA, CNS Managing Editor Thanks CNS Webinars Team Email: webinar@citizen-news.org | W: www.citizen-news.org
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A mate with cancer is still a mate (30 seconds)
Our new TV advert is a reminder that a mate with cancer is still a mate. Follow the link to get support or to make a donation: https://www.macmillan.org.uk/ With the right support, many people with cancer can carry on being parents, grandparents, mates, colleagues, lovers. Because life with cancer is still life and we’ll help you live it. We are Macmillan Cancer Support. Macmillan Cancer Support, reg. charity England & Wales 261017, Scotland SC039907, Isle of Man 604 Subscribe: http://bit.ly/UsAbto Twitter: https://twitter.com/macmillancancer Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/macmillancancer
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Veterans Disability Claim- How can Veterans Win a Claim despite the Tobacco Use Restrictions?
In this video Marc Whitehead, an Accredited Veterans Disability Attorney, discusses ways a veteran is able to win a disability claim despite the tobacco use restriction. Although the VA provides for the use of a direct Service Connection in VA claims for a wide variety of disabilities, there is one exception. Veterans may not make a claim for service connection caused by tobacco use during their period of service. Under no circumstances can tobacco consumption, by any method, be used in the Nexus of evidence needed for a VA claim. This rule also applies to survivors seeking benefits after a veteran has passed away due to tobacco related illness. This restriction though, is not quite as strict as it sounds. Although the VA cannot grant a service connection disability that depends on tobacco use to prove linkage. It is possible for claimants to receive benefits from tobacco related illnesses through other strategies. If the disability you are seeking Veterans benefits for, could possibly be eligible for a service presumption that doesn't require providing a Nexus of evidence. Such as the Service Connection by Legal Presumption. You may still be able to make a successful case. Meaning, it is possible to make a successful case without the need to provide a physicians opinion. Example: If you are able to use the Service Connection by Legal Presumption for a diagnosis of lung cancer due to agent orange exposure. A Physicians opinion will not be required to submit. This is possible even if your doctor is convinced your long cancer was caused by smoking. There is also a loophole regarding Secondary service connection for conditions caused by tobacco use. In the rear cases where a Veteran took up smoking to clam the symptoms of a Service Connected ailment, such as PTSD or other anxiety disorders. Then developed a condition caused by tobacco use, the Veteran may be eligible for benefits. The case may be ruled in the Veterans favor so long as they are able to prove the following: 1- The condition that caused the tobacco use was Service Connected 2- The use of tobacco was a major cause of the Secondary Disability 3- The Secondary Disability wouldn't have manifested if it had not been for the use of tobacco products It is strongly recommended that you hire a qualified Veterans Disability attorney before beginning a case. The rules and restrictions that effect VA claims are difficult to understand. So it is always a good strategy to have an experienced attorney on your side. This topic is discussed more in our free eBook: Veterans Disability Claims: Strategies for a Winning Campaign Visit www.disabilitydenials.com for your free downloadable copy If you have any questions or would like to discuss your particular veterans disability issues contact our office at: 5300 Memorial Dr. Ste. 725 Houston, Texas 77007 1-800-562-9830
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Update on Lung Cancer: A Patient’s Story
NYU Langone lung cancer patient Bethanne Denker shares her personal story with the audience. Learn more about NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center: http://nyulangone.org/locations/perlmutter-cancer-center
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What Are The Health Effects Of Smoking
http://quit-smoking.proofsolutions4u.com - What Are The Health Effects Of Smoking? Most people are fully aware that smoking can lead to lung cancer, but in fact the health effects risks of smoking are much further reaching. Cancer of the lungs is only one of the risks run by smokers. Smoking is a high risk factor for several kinds of cancer including mouth, larynx, pharynx, esophagus, kidney, pancreas, bladder, cervix and stomach as well as some types of leukemia. As well as cancer, smoking can cause other lung diseases as in pneumonia, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. These diseases which come under the term of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD can cause chronic illness and disabilities and can also be fatal. Long-term smokers carry the highest risk of COPDs. Apart from the health effects of smoking, what about the money you spend? Look at the price you spend a day on cigarettes and multiply that by 365. Wow! How much do you spend in a year! Multiply it by 10, and think what you could have done with all that money instead of burning it over 10 years! All this cost, along with the health risks in smoking must surely give you reason to quit. Please Quit Smoking Today on behalf of your friends and loved ones. Go Official Website: http://quit-smoking.proofsolutions4u.com
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Diana's Story
When Diana was diagnosed with lung cancer, Mosaic Life Care worked with Mayo Clinic to get her the best results. Today, Diana is cancer-free. Mosaic Life Care Cancer Care is committed to delivering clinical excellence, state-of-the-art technology and compassionate care to our patients, as well as education and resources to both patients and their loved ones. We provide the most advanced-cancer treatment services including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgical services. Mosaic Life Care's personalized approach to cancer treatment is provided by a team of expert caregivers with diverse clinical backgrounds, ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality cancer care available. Mosaic Life Care treats a comprehensive list of cancers. Learn more about the types of cancers we treat and the treatments available at Mosaic Life Care. https://www.mymosaiclifecare.org/Main/Service/cancer-care/cancer-care-at-mosaic-life-care/cancer-care/cancers-we-treat/ Some specific cancers we treat, but are not limited to include: Colorectal Cancer - https://www.mymosaiclifecare.org/General/Forms/colorectal-cancer/ Prostate Cancer - https://www.mymosaiclifecare.org/Main/Service/cancer-care/cancer-care-at-mosaic-life-care/cancer-care/cancers-we-treat/dont-become-a-statistic/ Lung Cancer - https://www.mymosaiclifecare.org/Main/Service/cancer-care/cancer-care-at-mosaic-life-care/cancer-care/cancers-we-treat/lung-cancer-care/ Skin Cancer - https://www.mymosaiclifecare.org/Main/Service/cancer-care/cancer-care-at-mosaic-life-care/cancer-care/cancers-we-treat/early-detection-saves-lives/ Every day Mosaic Life Care Cancer Care is increasing the number of cancer survivors in our community through a unique, personalized approach to each patient’s treatment plan. Our expert staff of doctors, nurses and caregivers is dedicated to working together to provide the best outcomes for each patient based on their individual needs. We also belong to the Mayo Clinic Care Network which gives our doctors access to specialists at Mayo Clinic when you need it most. Learn more about our caregivers, our approach to cancer care and our membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network. https://www.mymosaiclifecare.org/Main/Service/cancer-care/cancer-care-at-mosaic-life-care/cancer-care/our-approach/ Video transcript: When I was diagnosed with lung cancer, Mosaic Life Care gave me my very own team of caregivers, and that included specialists from Mayo Clinic as well. I always try to teach my students about the power of teamwork. I believe teamwork works. With Mayo Clinic and Mosaic Life Care working together, they were able to collaborate and come up with the best treatment plan for me, the best surgical options and the very best care that I could possibly have. Diana came to us with complaints of significant right chest pain. And her workup showed that she had a very large, right-sided lung mass. So she was felt to be at least a stage three of four lung cancer, and pathology did confirm this. Initially at the time, we didn’t feel that surgery was the option to start with. We wanted to try to shrink the tumor. And then as she responded so well, we knew that it was going to be a big, big operation, and one that was probably best done someplace that does that magnitude of operation as a routine basis. So the Mayo Clinic took wonderful care of her. I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the whole wide world to have that team of professionals caring for me. Thank you just isn’t enough. I thank you with every fiber of my being for providing me with the very best care anyone could ever hope for.
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Stop Smoking to Lower Your Cancer Risk-The Medical Center's 90 Seconds to Better Health
Up to 90% of lung cancers are caused by smoking. And according to Dr. Muhammad Ahmed from The Medical Center, lung cancer is affecting people in the prime of their lives—some patients are in their 30's. When you quit smoking, you lower your risk of cancer, decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke, and increase lung function. If you want to stop smoking, The Medical Center Health & Wellness Center offers a Cooper Clayton Smoking Cessation Class. The next introductory session is on September 16, 2013 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Get more information and register online at TheMedicalCenter.org.
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Lung Cancer Fight Back Relay for Life PSA
2013 Relay for Life Fight Back PSA Video created by GS Troop 40315 for their Silver Award
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Hundreds To Join Lung Force Walk To Raise Awareness, Funds For Battle Against Lung Cancer
Join CBS2/KCAL9 Chief Meteorologist Josh Rubenstein when he emcees the Lung Force Walk on Sunday November 8, on the south lawn at Exposition Park!
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Colon Cancer Statistics
In this video, Hans Rosling shows that cancer in the large intestine, i.e. colon, gets more common when countries get richer. The data is compiled by IARC ( International Agency for research on Cancer) in Lyon, France. It reveals that colon cancer is equally common in men and women, that eat similar diets, in high-income countries. Prevention through promotion of health diet have not yet had any big effect but advanced screening programs and improved treatment have decreased the death rate among colon cancer patients in high-income countries. It is paradoxical that high-income leads to a diet that cause this cancer while at the same time only high-income can support a health service that can cure it. Effective prevention could avoid a lot of suffering and save money for health services. http://is.gd/CJKJ - New cases of colon cancer per 100 000 men (with size showing size of population) Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/Dxsu/
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Mesothelioma Cancer Lawyer Talks About the Asbestos-Mesothelioma Connection
http://www.hsinjurylaw.com/library/a-general-review-of-asbestos-claims-affecting-railroad-workers.cfm. Asbestos was used as insulating material on railroad equipment including diesel locomotives, brakes, and within buildings often occupied by railroad workers. The types of cancers associated with asbestos are the full range of cancers from lung cancer to colon cancer and many other type of cancer.
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The Elements of Service Connection: The MOST important parts of your VA Claim
0:13 What is service connection? What are the elements of service connection? ELEMENT 1: A CURRENT, DIAGNOSED DISABILITY 1:22 What does VA consider a disability? 4:28 Situations where the disability does not have to be current or diagnosed ELEMENT 2: IN-SERVICE EVENT, INJURY, OR ILLNESS 6:05 Examples of an in-service event, injury, or illness 7:17 Does the in-service event, injury, or illness have to have occurred during active duty? On base? In a combat situation? 8:31 Evidence to show that the event, injury, or illness occurred - Service records - Lay statements and buddy statements 10:17 Are there situations where veterans do NOT have to prove the event, injury, illness happened? - Presumptions - Personal assault or Military Sexual Trauma (MST) 11:53 VA’s duty to assist in finding evidence of the incident - VA’s duty to assist in the Rapid Appeals Modernization Program (RAMP) and Appeals Reform ELEMENT 3: MEDICAL NEXUS 13:20 What does “nexus” mean in the context of a VA claim? 14:39 Where to get evidence of a medical nexus - Do Compensation and Pension Examinations (C&P Exams) establish a medical nexus? 15:44 How to get a second opinion if you get a negative C&P Exam? 17:44 Can veterans submit scientific articles as nexus evidence? 18:45 Is every medical opinion given equal weight? What makes a medical opinion stronger? 20:38 “At least as likely as not” or the 50/50 standard 22:48 Common mistakes VA makes 25:08 Audience Question: Can you submit opinions from a toxicologist? 26:20 Situations where veterans do not need evidence of a medical nexus - Presumptions - Chronic conditions (like multiple sclerosis) within a certain timeframe Feel free to ask questions, give us feedback, or request new veterans' law topics below! And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE so you won’t miss future videos.
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Vietnam Veterans Fight to Get Rare Form of Cancer Covered by VA
It took decades for the Veterans Administration to acknowledge the connection between Agent Orange and the illnesses of hundreds of Vietnam veterans. Now some vets are fighting to get help for another deadly killer that they believe is connected to their years of service. Allen Martin reports. (4-27-18)
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LUNGevity Inhale For Life PSA
LUNGevity, the nation’s leading lung cancer-focused nonprofit organization, has launched a new awareness campaign to change the common perception of a lung cancer diagnosis. The campaign, Inhale For Life, utilizes video, social media, and a digital billboard in Times Square, NYC, to reach those living with lung cancer with the message that thanks to new treatment options – particularly biomarker driven therapeutics and immunotherapy, people today are living longer and better with the disease. Inhale for Life uses breathing to represent the connection between all of us – lung cancer patients and non-patients alike. Close-ups of a wide variety of healthy-looking people are shown inhaling; some are then revealed to be lung cancer survivors. The campaign upends the ominous vision of lung cancer patients portrayed for decades in ads. To view the multimedia release go to: https://www.multivu.com/players/English/8118151-lungevity-foundation-lung-cancer-psa-inhale-for-life/
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Palliative care and multidisciplinary teams - Lung Cancer Forum, part 8 of 8
This video is part of a series of hypothetical case studies and expert panel discussions from the Lung Cancer Forum hosted by the Cancer Institute NSW in November 2007. The forum was designed to identify opportunities to improve the provision of healthcare delivery to patients with lung cancer.
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What are the symptoms of Agent Orange? │ Jackson & MacNichol
Jackson & MacNichol Attorneys at Law 800-524-3339 http://www.VeteransBenefits.com Agent Orange is a defoliant used in Vietnam that causes a variety of illnesses to show up in people many years later. It can cause a host of problems, but the most common ones are various kinds of cancers, such as sarcoid, prostate, or lung cancer; several others that are less common such as lymphoma, as well as diabetes or even ischemic heart disease.
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'Mob Wives' BIG ANG Is Laid to Rest: Family, Costars and Husband Attend Funeral (PICS) (2/22/16)
Big Ang funeral: Star remembered as 'fully human,' 'fully generous' Friends and family gather at Resurrection Cemetery in Pleasant Plains in Staten Island to bring Angela Raiola, "Big Ang" to her final resting place. Big Ang's golden casket carried during funeral. Reality TV star Angela "Big Ang" Raiola was laid to rest inside golden casket for her funeral in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. Hundreds come to mourn and pay respect on Monday, February 22, 2016. A woman from Staten Island was eulogized in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, on Monday, a cable television star who had a distinctive nickname and a distinctive voice and spoke in a distinctive New York patois; who bought a bigger house to have space for her 500 pairs of shoes and 300 pocketbooks; and who owned a bar that she said had “become, like, a tourist trap.” And who was known to millions of fans. The woman, Angela Raiola, was a linchpin on the VH1 series “Mob Wives” as well as the bubbly offshoot that took her nickname, Big Ang, for its title. Her connection to organized crime was through an uncle, Salvatore Lombardi, who had a nickname of his own, Sally Dogs. The creator and executive producer of “Mob Wives,” Jennifer Graziano, said last week that Ms. Raiola, 55, had died on Thursday, February 18, 2016, of complications of cancer after she came down with pneumonia. Angela Raiola, ‘Big Ang’ of TV’s ‘Mob Wives,’ Dies at 55FEB. 18, 2016. In death, as in life, Ms. Raiola commanded a crowd. Hundreds attended her funeral Mass in the Renaissance Revival sanctuary of the Basilica of Regina Pacis, even two “Mob Wives” co-stars who, by some accounts, had been warned that they were not welcome. The Daily News said Karen Gravano and Brittany Fogarty had been told it was “not a good idea” to attend the wake, held on Sunday, or the funeral. REST IN PEACE BIG ANG!!! Music by: "Space Music" by Steve Lowther by Freesoundtrackmusic.com. Yours truly,' CelebrityTV Big Ang, funeral pics, procession, obituary, Big dies, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY, Staten Island, Mob Wives, VH1, Mob Wives star dies, throat cancer, Renee Graziano, Natalie Guercio, Angela Raiola, laid to rest, final procession, CelebrityTV
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Dr. Maya Angelou on Loving and Letting Go | Belief | Oprah Winfrey Network
When Dr. Maya Angelo was told her mother, Vivian Baxter, had three weeks to live, she invited her to spend her final days with her in North Carolina. Vivian was suffering from terminal lung cancer, but she lived on for another year and a half—far beyond what the doctors had expected. For more on #Belief, visit Oprah.com. Find OWN on TV at http://www.oprah.com/FindOWN #OWNTV #BeliefonTheOprahWinfreyNetwork SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1vqD1PN Download the Watch OWN App: http://bit.ly/2hr1nX2 Download the OWN Bold Moves App: http://bit.ly/2hglOIa About OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader. Oprah Winfrey's heart and creative instincts inform the brand -- and the magnetism of the channel. Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities. Discover OWN TV: Find OWN on you TV!: http://bit.ly/1wJ0ugI Our Fantastic Lineup: http://bit.ly/1qMi2jE Connect with OWN Online: Visit the OWN WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/1qMi2jE Like OWN on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1AXYujp Follow OWN on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1sJin8Y Follow OWN on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/LnqzMz Follow OWN on PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/2dvfPeN Dr. Maya Angelou on Loving and Letting Go | Belief | Oprah Winfrey Network http://www.youtube.com/user/OWN
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Cancer resources for young people, their partners, families and friends.
A real life guide aimed at helping you deal with cancer. These videos were created by people who get it - young people with cancer, their families and friends and specialist health professionals. The Youth Cancer Services provide specialist treatment and support to young people with cancer aged 15-25. The services are staffed with expert doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists and others experienced in working with young cancer patients. To find out more, visit http://www.youthcancer.com.au If you find any of the content distressing, you can call a CanTeen counsellor on 1800 835 932 (10am – 10pm AEST weekdays, 10am-6pm weekends) or LifeLine on 13 11 14. To connect with other young people who understand what dealing with cancer is like, join CanTeen’s online community at http://www.canteen.org.au/join
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Eli's Miracle Cure from Cancer, Now His Family Can Breath a Sigh of Relief!
Fifteen thriving branches. Hundreds of completed Sefer Tehillims each week. Thousands of subscribers. All demonstrating the power of Tehillim. http://www.tehillimkollel.org/ Years ago, R’ Mordechai Friedman, the Rosh Kollel of Tehillim Kollel, was just a young boy. One day, he was learning the sefer of the Shlah Hakadosh and he came along a story that changed his life. The Shlah tells of a town in which lived a very simple man who recited Tehillim every single day. His town folk didn’t recognize his Tzidkus, as they didn’t find the recitation of Tehillim to be a remarkable endeavor. When this simple man was niftar, he came to the Rav of the town in a dream with a dire warning, “Rebbi, you must evacuate the town! Tomorrow night, there will be a massacre here. Robbers will come, loot homes, and kill everyone. Since I have been saying Tehillim every day, I have provided the town with protection, but now that I am gone, the townspeople are in severe danger!” The Rav took this dream very seriously, gathered his community, and told them to pack up their belongings and run to a safe place. Many townspeople listened, but there were those who didn’t, thinking such a simple man couldn’t have protected their town and that the message couldn’t be true. Sadly, those who stayed behind were killed that night. This young boy was astounded by the story and the clear power of Tehillim that it represented. He immediately took it upon himself to say Tehillim every single day, continuing on for 25 years with no interruptions. R’ Mordechai Friedman was a true Talmud Chacham, finishing Shas before his wedding, and over the years, others noticed his ameilus and began asking him to say Tehillim on their behalf as well. Realizing there was a great need, R’ Mordechai Friedman opened up the first location of Tehillim Kollel in Monroe, inviting Talmidei Chachimim to join him in completing the entire sefer of Tehilllim each and every day. As Tehillim Kollel became more known and in-demand, he opened another branch in Williamsburg, and then expanded to Eretz Yisroel and Europe. R’ Mordecha’s ultimate goal is for every Jewish city to have the same shmirah that was given to that city in the story of the Shlah- a daily recitation of Tehillim. It has been over a decade since its inception and the Tehillim Kollel has served as a lifeline to thousands of Jews worldwide, continuously spreading light to its many subscribers, who witness indescribable yeshuous each day. What started out as a voluntary service of just a few men has now expanded to fifteen established locations throughout the world. Over 100 Talmidei Chachaim worldwide recite the Tehillim each day, 365 days a year without exception, uninterruptedly completing the Sefer Tehillim with great fervor and intensity on behalf of over 2,000 subscribers. Following the recitation of Sefer Tehillim, these men personally mention each subscriber’s name and request, begging for mercy on their behalf. The atmosphere is always one of kedusha and awe, worthy to be the conduit for so many miracles. Today, Tehillim Kollel is an internationally recognized organization, with an ever expanding member base. This age-old segulah never ceases to inspire, with a steady influx of members sharing their stories of salvation, prominently publicizing the power of Tehillim. Tehillim Kollel operates with the greatest amount of professionalism and confidentiality. Operators are available twenty-four hours a day, accommodating all time zones and off-hour urgent requests. The Gates of Heaven are always open: Tehillim Kollel maintains an open door policy with outstanding compassion and sensitivity. Despite its rapid growth, Tehillim Kollel prides itself in maintaining a personal connection. Driven by a burning passion to help others in need, the founder of Tehillim Kollel continues to seek ways to make these vital services both affordable and accessible to all. Power Of Tehillim Throughout the ages, since Dovid Hamelech composed this powerful collection of Tefillos, Tehillim has served as a holy conduit for Klal Yisroel, a powerful instrument we use to beg for Hashem’s help, blessing and salvation.
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Mingtong Gu on the Universe Within plus the Lung & Respiratory System
Pure Qi: Deep Knowing, Deeper Resolve Our last course this year, in the Pure Qi series, will help you continue building wellness late into the fall. Beginning & Intermediate Classes - Local and Live Online Dates: Tuesday November 13, 20, 27 and Dec 4 NEW Time: 6:00 - 7:30pm (PT) Open to new and continuing students. Teaching, demonstration and practice in movement, meditation and sound healing. Qigong practice for whole body wellness, with a special focus on the Lungs and Respiratory System -- that is most key, yet most challenged during this season. After registration, you will receive instructions via email for online access and viewing. Why focus on the Lungs and Respiratory System? With shorter days, colder weather and slowing activity, qigong can help by strengthening the Lungs and Respiratory system helping to ward off illness during the coming winter months. The Lungs and Respiratory System are also associated with sadness and grief. Sadness arising from experiencing the impermanency of life can be healthy, powerful and transformative. But when our losses in life close us down, this grief is contracted and can lead to depression and illness. Cost: $80 Register Now http://www.chicenter.com/Chi/Workshops-Retreats/EventCalendar/index.cfm?semID=2165&view=1 Haola! The Chi Center Staff
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Lobes of the Lungs - 3D Medical Animation || ABP ©
This simple animation highlights each lobe of the lungs. The right has three lobes (Right Upper Lobe, Right Middle Lobe and Right Lower Lobe) while the left has only two(Left Upper and Lower lobes). Contact Us: Website: http://www.medical-animations.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnimatedBiomedical Email: studio@medical-animations.com If you enjoyed this animation or found it helpful please consider watching the advertisements at the beginning of this all the way through as a thankyou. This helps to keep our team of staff fed! If you are interested in licensing this animation or are looking for another medical animation please contact us at: studio@medical-animations.com and we would be pleased to help. We also produce custom animations, please contact us for a quote if you are interested in this service. © 2015 Animated Biomedical Productions info@medical-animations.com www.abplearning.com
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Imerman Angels Partnership With City of Hope
Dr. Steven T. Rosen and City of Hope were honored with the "Angel Award" for outstanding service to the Cancer community at our 10 Year Anniversary Gala at the Ritz Carlton Chicago on September 17, 2016. We are proud of our continued partnership with this world class institution whose continued excellence in the cancer treatment and research space is second to none.
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Veterans Disability Based on Agent Orange Exposure- What Counts as Establishing a Claim?
http://www.disabilitydenials.com/blog/what-communications-count-as-disability-claims-for-agent-orange-related-diseases/ In this video Marc Whitehead, an Accredited Veterans Disability Attorney, explains what counts in regards to Agent Orange Exposure when establishing a Veterans Disability claim. Any disability claims for Agent Orange related disease that were denied or filled after September 24, 1985 and before the list of disease in VA table 8.1 was published, could be considered a category 1 claim. What this means is that Agent Orange claims made during this period can be reexamined. In these cases the rules as to what is defined as a recognized disability compensation claim or very liberal. Some examples of communications that should be sufficient to allow a veteran to qualify for the special agent orange effective date rules for disability compensation are: 1- The veteran submitted an official document to the VA, stating that they should grant them service connected disability benefits for a specific disease that's listed in table 8.1. Any VA attorney should know that these documents do not have to refer specifically to the Vietnam or Agent Orange. 2- The veteran made disability claims for a disease that was never specifically identified. But while the claim was pending medical records that diagnosed the veteran with a table 8.1 disease were filed with the VA. 3- The veteran filed a compensation claim for a disability that was not listed in table 8.1, but while the claim was pending the veteran was officially diagnosed with a table 8.1 disease that was important to their VA claims file. This rule is often violated by the VA when setting effective dates. In order to prove their compliance with this rule the VA added more details to is training guide. Do your medical records count as a disability claim? A VA disability Attorney will note that a veterans medical records do not count as a claim by themselves. However, if medical records are present at the time a veteran files a separate disability claim the condition shown in the medical records will be considered part of that claim. For more information regarding Veterans Disability claims download our free eBook: Veterans Disability Claims- Strategies for a Winning Campaign Visit www.disabilitydenials.com for a free downloadable copy Or Call our office to discuss your particular Veterans disability issues 5300 Memorial Dr. Ste 725 Houston, Texas 77007 1-800-562-9830
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City of Austin sues firefighter with cancer over workers' comp
Stewart was diagnosed with cancer, the number one killer of firefighters nationwide, three years ago. After filing a worker's comp claim, she is now defending herself in a lawsuit the city filed
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Psychosocial Influences on Cancer Patients AND Immunotherapy Treatment for Advanced Cancer
Psychosocial Influences on Cancer Patients Diet and lifestyle are important tools for recovering from cancer, but so are social connections, emotional health, and many other factors too. Immunotherapy Treatment for Advanced Cancer Lots of hype but not much evidence to support these very expensive treatments. Subscribe to Dr. Pam’s weekly newsletter and video clips here! https://wellnessforumhealth.com/news/ Give us a call at 614-841-7700.
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HCA Virginia's Cancer Care Network Nurse Navigators
The Nurse Navigator Program of HCA Virginia's Cancer Care Network, has dedicated itself to helping patients every step along the way toward the healing process. http://hcavirginia.com/service/cancer-care
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Gweneviere's Celebration of Life
Our baby sister, Gwen passed July 22, 2018. It was unexpected and happened shockingly fast. It's been a very difficult time obviously. This is a video of Gwen's Memorial that was only open to family and close friends on August 25, 2018. August 24th was her 48th birthday. It was hard to imagine flying to her memorial on her birthday. The last two songs of this video are both songs sung by Gwen: - Calling You at 46:43 - Summer Love at 50:50 Her public memorial is being held in New York in September. This is a video of our intimate gathering to celebrate Gwen's life. We love you, Gwen ~ Of Gweneviere ~ Gweneviere Erika Mann (1970 - 2018) Gweneviere Erika Mann passed peacefully in her home, New York-Borough of Brooklyn July 22, 2018 at the age of 47 from a rare form of lung cancer. Born August 24, 1970 at Children's Hospital, San Francisco, CA. Gwen was a true star born to the earth who captivated everyone she met with her beautiful voice, contagious laughter, contemplative wisdom and generous loving heart. Giving boundless energy to those she held dear and even casual strangers, Gwen was a distinguished singer, pianist, songwriter, performer, and true storyteller, finding humor and laughter in the everyday occurrences she found around her. Gwen was a loving wife to husband Yasir Salem, cherished daughter to mother, Daisy-Marie Galon, and father & stepmother Richard and Joy Mann, and adored sister to siblings Daisymarie, William, Cynthia, Gretchen, Kathleen; half-sister to David, Jeffrey, Christopher; and step-sister to Christy, George, John; and a fun and zany auntie to their children. Enduring friendship to many. Gweneviere Erika Mann was a woman to love and to be loved; a woman who, no matter the challenge, conquered. Gweneviere Erika ~~ loving, elegant and gifted. We, Gweneviere’s family, thank you most sincerely for your kind expression of sympathy. We deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness in joining us in the Celebration of the Life of Our Beloved Gweneviere ~ A Lifetime of Living ~ Gwen, the youngest of 6 children, was born in San Francisco. Raised in a large family with older siblings, it wasn’t long before Gwen was not only part of the tribe, but eventually went on to becoming funnier and crazier than all her siblings. Gwen was a happy child, facing the world with a sense of humor, talents and independence. In her teens, she moved to Santa Rosa to live with her father and step-mother, maintaining a close relationship to her four sisters and brother, and enjoyed an expanded family, her half-brothers and step-siblings. Gwen was blessed with the love and support of a huge family who all supported and loved her. Gwen naturally excelled in music, specifically, vocalizing and on the piano along with a talent to easily learn to play other instruments. As a teen, we would often hear her singing popular hits, and imitating known artists like Mariah Carey with her iconic high-pitched notes. Gwen amazed everyone as, through the years, she steadfastly refined her talents. Early in her career, Gwen moved to Los Angeles and received a degree in music from MIT. Eventually, she moved to New York where she would pursue her passion in music, reaching higher for her dreams. We all loved hearing about her crazy stories as she walked down the streets of New York City, as well as, her travels around the world. Gwen was a true adventurer and approached life with fearless, unfiltered curiosity. She travelled to many unique destinations and shared her many adventures with us. From her 3-day trek in the Cambodian Jungle to see the Black Rhino to her backpacking adventure on the Dolomites where she was caught in a snow storm, she always told her stories with humor and excitement. She easily kept us hinged to our seats waiting to hear every last word of what transpired. A true story teller sharing many unforgettable stories, usually ending with a burst of laughter. She fell in love with Yasir, someone equally as zany as she. He proposed to her in Central Park with her dearest friends wearing shirts to spell out his proposal. Being her biggest supporter, he encouraged her to challenge herself after her brain surgery, which left her with permanent short-term memory loss. After Gwen’s surgery, she was still able to complete her degree at NYU and study at the Julliard School of Performing Arts in Music Theory and Composition. Recently, Columbia University accepted Gwen into their graduate program for creative writing set to begin this fall. Gwen has filled our hearts. Her family and friends will forever feel a special connection created by her love and kindness. We believe Gwen had this gift to share with us all. Everyone is proud of who Gwen was as a person and what she accomplished in her life. Gwen’s laughter and love will always be present within us.
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Wayne Curry funeral held in Upper Marlboro
UPPER MARLBORO, Md. - There were smiles and laughter Thursday at the funeral service for Wayne Curry, the former top office-holder in Prince George's County, Md. Curry died last week of lung cancer at the age of 63. Curry was handsome, vital, pugnacious and wildly successful as a businessman-attorney and as a politician. He was also a blunt, hard-nosed bargainer who could irritate people. Scores of Maryland office-holders turned out for Curry's funeral service, including U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski (D), who recalled that Curry was as horrified as she was when bureaucrats decided to build a barbed wire fence around a federal building in Prince George's County. Mikulski remembered declaring at a regional meeting that she would "chain myself to the fence" to stop it from being built. Senator Mikulski said Curry then piped up immediately, promising, 'I'll hold the ladders, I'll get your bail bond..." The gathered mourners burst into laughter upon hearing the story. Curry was famous for his concern about the image of his home county. The state's current governor, Martin O'Malley (D), told Curry's adult children their father made a difference. O'Malley called Curry "a giant" and "fearless," referring to the former County Executive as a man who was "unafraid to care." Curry, never before having run for office, stunned the political establishment by winning the primary and the general election for County Executive in Prince George's County in 1993. He was then reelected to a second four-year term. He came into office at a time of deficits, and eight years later, he left county coffers with a surplus. "He was our blazing talent," recalled the county's current executive, Rushern Baker (D), who added Wayne Curry "set the agenda for this county." Curry was famous for hard bargaining and blunt language, often to the point of exasperating people. His brother, Daryl Curry, during a remembrance at the funeral, pretended to get interrupted by a phone call from heaven. In a stage whisper, Daryl Curry told the crowd that it was an angel -- then St. Peter -- on the phone. They were complaining that Wayne Curry was stirring things up, causing consternation with his suggested improvements for Paradise. After pretending to listen for a few seconds, Daryl Curry said into the phone, "No, no. Don't send him down there!" The faux exchange got a big laugh from the crowd, and then a second laugh as Daryl Curry walked away from the podium saying into the phone, "Really, Wayne? Really?" Based on the number of seats occupied at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden, it appeared that more than 2,000 people came for the final farewell for their hard-charging, one-of-a-kind County Executive, Wayne Keith CurrY.
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Clinical Award Nominee - Fife Specialist Palliative Care Team
Fife Specialist Palliative Care Team What happens when a person with cancer is told there is nothing more that can be done to treat the disease? The Fife Palliative Care Team recognised the need for consistent and timely palliative care. With Macmillan funding support from the national ‘Transforming Care After Treatment’ Programme (or TCAT for short), the team developed a clear care pathway for all patients with lung cancer. Improved information sharing means people spend less time in hospital and have fewer unnecessary test and appointments. They report feeling well supported with good information about what help is available and how to get it. This model may seem simple but it has a truly life enhancing effect in the last months and weeks of life.
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United We Serve
United We Serve. Chris Draft and other NFL players join President Obama in call to service.
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Alkaline Water Cancer Story   Breast Cancer   Kangen Water Reviews
Listen to this Doctor who was diagnosed w/ Breast Cancer and How Kangen Water helped! Reach me by phone (281) 356 0464 http://Changeurwater.net Connect with me: Facebook.com/Wesimm23 Instagram.com/Wesimm Facebook Fanpage: Facebook.com/Workwithwes Website: http://changeurwater.net Alkaline Water Cancer Story - Breast Cancer | Kangen Water Reviews by Wes Simmons This is one amazing kangen water testimonial! This psychological doctor was diagnosed with breast cancer and she was able to avoid chemotherapy after her lumpectomy and believes that kangen alkaline water played a large part in that. The reason being... is alkaline water helps your body to become more alkaline and NO disease can live in an alkaline environment! Add to that the super-packed antioxidant power of kangen water and you have a powerhouse of help and hope! Enagic kangen water reviews have led thousands to purchase a k8 or sd501 and the health and healing benefitis of alkaline water cannot be refuted! When you purchase an Enagic Kangen Water Machine you automatically become a distributor. For FREE! You may be just looking for the physical benefits of enagic water...but I tell you the income is a HUGE BONUS! You can learn more about that here: http://Changeurwater.net Join us Monday-Thursday Nights @ 8pm EST for our LIVE 7-figure Kangen Water & Opportunity call with our Team Leaders and ASK your questions LIVE if you like! (720) 820-1241 Search Terms: breast cancer, alkaline water, kangen water, kangen, kangen water reviews, kangen reviews, enagic, enagic kangen business, kangen water machine reviews, alkaline water testimonials, kangen water testimonials, kangen water testimonials youtube, alkaline antioxidant water, alkaline ionized water machine price, alkaline water ionizer machine, enagic water, enagic kangen, enagic kangen water, kangen and cancer, a kangen water machine, kangen cancer, kangen demo, kangen competitors, kangen drinking water, kangen enagic, kangen e cleaner, kangen enagic sd501, kangen filter system, kangen faucet, kangen fluoride filter, kangen for sale, enagic machines, enagic sd501, enagic k8, enagic ukon, turmeric, turmeric supplement, ukon turmeric supplement, kangen turmeric, enagic compensation, enagic customer service, enagicwebsystem, enagic water, cyndie loves bananas, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9U7o..., cyndie shelton, UCjyMQhIzigACCGt9qUm6U1Q, dr michael explains, daniel dimicale, bob gridelli, adam whiting, davide sharpe, pat boone, dr oz, bob gridelli, alkaline man, daniel dimicale, michael kinnett, michael kinnett presentation, dr michael explains Video Url:https://youtu.be/jVzMJHFH6OQ
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Developing Cancer Services Networks in your community
Cancer Australia held a two-day National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cancer Forum on 11 -12 June 2014, in Brisbane QLD. In line with the Forum theme, ‘Working together on cancer’, Cancer Australia brought together over 150 health professionals working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, to build capacity to address the significant disparities in cancer outcomes. Presented by Rodney Hammond.
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Fourth House - Emotional Happiness in Vedic Astrology
LEARN SPIRITUAL VEDIC ASTROLOGY - Get my latest book and Amazon best seller: "Yoga and Vedic Astrology" Here http://yogaandvedicastrology.com Full article here: http://vedicartandscience.com/vedic-astrology-fourth-house-personal-peace/ Seed Principle: The fourth house shows our emotional strength and our the need and capacity for peace. Outer happiness and success is nothing but a reflection of our level of inner peace. The fourth house is the sensitive nature in our heart, where we are easily wounded and of which we are always protective. It’s where we feel personally vulnerable. It is the realm of innocent feeling. The body part associated with fourth house is the chest and breasts. This is the heart region in our body, which also contains our lungs. The heart and lungs are our connection to the life force itself. The blood and breath of our existence. Similar is the fourth house. It is our personal connection to the depths of our being and the fertile field of consciousness itself, the creative principle of our mind. 4th house people: Mother and other nurturers. Those who take care of us, and who comfort us and/or those we comfort and nurture have to do with the fourth house. This may include pets. Activities: Things we do to calm our emotional state were connect with others emotionally. These things may include meditation, serving food, cooking,,.. READ THE REST HERE: http://vedicartandscience.com/vedic-astrology-fourth-house-personal-peace/ LEARN ASTROLOGY Lunar Nodes Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTKVoCUFL2PQRcFQmuaTWgpHp9AFZ30OH Nakshatras Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTKVoCUFL2PTiUZkrfz1xluHk0vZcxHmO Vedic Relationship Astrology: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTKVoCUFL2PRuf73x55DzfpbN9WmYV3_Z Retrograde Planets: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTKVoCUFL2PR_Ii4eYIHp6m3CJLh83Vne
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The Patient Experience with Home Oxygen Therapy
The Johns Hopkins Home Care Group is a full-service home care provider, capable of providing a multitude of services where patients are at their most comfortable – the home. Double-lung transplant patient, Podge Reed Jr, required oxygen therapy services with the Johns Hopkins Home Care Group following his hospital stay. Podge discusses his experiences with the Home Care Group’s home medical equipment staff and their assistance in acclimating him to his new oxygen equipment, as well as their role in education, ordering and delivery services. Learn more at: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/homecare/
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Dave Barker on Successful Veterans Claims
David Allen Barker was a veterans claims officer from 1985-2013. Dave was a Navy Veteran who was aboard the USS Cony during the Bay of Pigs invasion. Dave served over 30,000 veterans during his time as a claims officer. Dave died from mesothelioma due to his exposure to asbestos during his service in the Navy. Dave couldn't get treatment from the VA while he died from service connected cancer. I sat down with Dave in September of 2013, three months after he was fired from his job as a service officer and two months after he began seeking treatment for his breathing problems. We spoke about what it takes to successfully prosecute a claim for a veteran with a disability. The last four months Dave was a service officer he got $18 million in claims including back pay. At the time Dave also had a case that was open since 1986 for Agent Orange. Dave stood out from other service officers and ANYONE who worked with vets as someone who put the needs of the veteran about the needs of his own. He was inducted into the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame in 2005. In my opinion the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame should be renamed the Dave Barker Oho Veterans Hall of Fame. I know Dave touched thousands of lives in Ohio, West Virginia (where he was born and raised), and Kentucky who's claims he worked on, and even more with the advent of the internet and the Military.com website. I only wish I had more time to film Dave and share his wisdom, but there was limited time when we shot this, and Dave wasn't interested in being in front of camera.
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