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Pile Foundation Construction - Detailed Procedure (Under Reamed Piles)
A pile is basically a long cylinder of a strong material such as concrete that is pushed into the ground to act as a steady support for structures built on top of it. Pile foundations are used in the following situations: When there is a layer of weak soil at the surface. This layer cannot support the weight of the building, so the loads of the building have to bypass this layer and be transferred to the layer of stronger soil or rock that is below the weak layer. When a building has very heavy, concentrated loads, such as in a high rise structure, bridge, or water tank. Pile foundations are capable of taking higher loads than spread footings. ---------------------------------------------------------- Watch Pile Driving for Bridge Pile Foundations: https://youtu.be/uDom7JFW0TI Our Other Videos on Total Station Videos: Area calculation using total station https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hauXiQwKj6w&t=1s How to perform station setup in total station https://youtu.be/AeIXzOoErU0 How to create a new job in total station https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ti_AJcin_DM Follow us on: Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/communities/110168388208013270029 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Civil_Gem?s=08
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Xingtu Bridge Standardized Pier Construction
XINGTU BRIDGE locates in Jiaxing of Zhejiang Province, China. We specialize in research, design, production, construction, rental and sale. We provide the professional service of temporary steel structure engineering in the area of bridge construction. Our major products are form travelers,temporary steel bridges,steel supports, scaffolding stair towers and steel cofferdams,etc. Learn more: http://www.xtbrdg.com
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Sheet Piling UK at Great Yarmouth Harbour
For more information visit: http://www.sheetpilinguk.com
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The main pylon of the new Champlain bridge - Essential and distinctive
More information : http://www.newchamplain.ca/2016/11/learn-more-about-the-erection-of-the-main-pylon-of-the-new-champlain-bridge/ Signature on the Saint Lawrence is proud to present the first instalment in a webseries titled "Inside the Giant," which will document the main components of the construction of the New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project. The twelve educational web videos, to be aired over the next two years, will provide an occasion for those interested to learn more about one of the largest infrastructure projects in North America and to meet some of its builders. Each episode will have its own theme. The first, launched today, will focus on the erection of the main pylon, with Frédéric Guitard, Cable-Stayed Bridge Manager.
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BridgeView, Episode 7: Rebar in the Tower Pile Caps and Pylons
Dave Behrendt, Rebar International, returns to tell us about rebar as it rises from the river.
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Bridge Pier Construction Process.
Its created in 3d max by me, each and everything created with proper measurement.
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#Solutions #Howwedoit How we used SPMTs to place a 3000T bridge in Australia
Welcome back to the #Solutions #Howwedoit exclusive Sarens series of short documentaries. For more info on the project featured in this #Howwedoit, read here: https://goo.gl/GiqG5j For more info, check our website: http://www.sarens.com
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Topping Off the Bond Bridge Pylon
Here we see the last concrete pour for the pylon. This will cap it off and finish the delta-shaped icon. 2 cubic yards of concrete went into each bucket. 77 cubic yards of concrete were needed for this final pour. This pylon will be the gateway to Kansas City through Interstate 29/35 and a part of the skyline for the next 100 years.
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New Champlain Bridge construction: steel pier cap installation
Installation of a steel pier cap during the construction of the new Champlain bridge. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ☆☆☆please support my channel: subscribe☆☆☆
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Loadout Steel Pier Caps of New Champlain Bridge
New Champlain Bridge. Loadout of 200 T TECADE's Steel Pier Caps with single lift. Pontem Engineering Services for SSLC
Part 1: YBITS Concrete Pour
Watch as concrete is poured around the steel reinforcement on the new Yerba Buena Island Transition Structure, part of the the new East Span of the Bay Bridge. Part 1 of 3.
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Pouring concrete for the new St. Croix Crossing bridge
Crews pour concrete for the Pier 9 crossbeam on a cold, November day. The crossbeam connects the upstream and downstream pier columns.
Pouring a Concrete Bridge Cap - Time Lapse
A crew pours a bridge cap on the new Cole's Creek Bridge on SH 105 outside of Navasota, TX.
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Constructing Formwork for a Concrete Bridge Cap
Workers build the forms for a concrete bridge cap.
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Padma Bridge Pile Cap Measurement By Surveyor And Checking Work By Consultant Taking Some Picture
Padma Bridge Pile Cap Measurement By Surveyor And Checking Work By Consultant Taking Some Picture Amazing Work Doing In Padma Bridge Our Dream Bridge Work Going On Some Picture Taking By Camera See And Enjoy This Video
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Upper Pile Cap Rebar Construction
Repairing The Laurels #landslide involves constructing a cap to join all the piles.
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Indian River Copper Company - Copper Cap Installation
This video demonstrates how to install an Indian River Copper Company copper piling cap
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Centinela Ave Bridge Foundation Cement Pour
EXPO LINE PHASE-2 Centinela Ave Bridge Foundation Cement Pour for East and West Abutments, First Large Scale Cement Pour for Expo Phase-2 ( Thank You to Skanska for Access )
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Rebar assembly of Pile cap -P3M-Main Bridge
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Installation of the bridge's first pier cap - July 2017
The first pier caps of the New Champlain Bridge are installed This summer, the team of the cable stay bridge reached another milestone installing the first pier cap of the project. The pier caps are colossal, W-shaped lateral steel girders on which the three traffic corridors will rest. Until now, eight pier caps are visible from the axe of the future bridge and the installation will go on for several months. Watch the timelapse of the operations of lifting and installation for this first pier caps.
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CSiBridge - 12 Segmental Balanced-Cantilever Bridge: Watch & Learn
Learn about the CSiBridge bridge analysis, design and rating program. Copyright 2018 Computers and Structures, Inc. Visit http://www.csiamerica.com for more information.
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Color Changing  LED Dock Piling Caps
NEW RGB COLOR CHANGING ILLUMINATING DOCK PILING CAPS Using a hand held wireless remote controller for direct accessibility to all of the RGB Illuminating Dock-piling-caps, you can use the remote control functions to be set to one of eight different static colors or one of six different dynamic color changing patterns. The remote control can also adjust pattern speed, brightness, play/pause, and turn the system ON and OFF. Benfive Lighting www.fivelighting.com
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DIY Dock Protector
Wayne Lennox shows you how a simple dock modification can protect your boat's hull. Subscribe to Cottage Life on YouTube: http://bit.ly/19UCmwF DIY projects, design tips, recipes and more: http://www.cottagelife.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cottagelife Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cottagelife Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/cottagelife/
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In-Water Piling Repair: How to Install FX-70 Jackets
See how the Simpson Strong-Tie FX-70® Structural Repair and Protection System, an innovative piling repair solution for severe structural damage of concrete, steel and wood, can be installed in-water and in place. Contact a product specialist in your area → http://bit.ly/231RrCm With the FX-70 system, there is no need to dewater or to take the dock, pier, bridge or other structure out of service. We use high-strength materials that bond well to various substrate materials. The system is corrosion-free, which prevents deterioration, weathering and erosion. The FX-70 system accommodates piles of various shape and sizes — each FX-70 high-strength fiberglass interlocking jacket is custom-made to the precise specifications of the repair project. The system is low-maintenance following repair. It is safe for use in marine-life habitats. FX-70 is manufactured in the United States.
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Mersey Gateway Bridge - South Pylon First Lift - August 2015
A timelapse of the preparation and concrete pour for the first vertical section of the 125m south pylon
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piling the with the A team thorpemarsh substation
breaking off top of pile caps to allow work to commence on foundation of pylon
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Survey Work of Pylon-72 (Marine)
Zuari river Cable Stayed Bridge project Goa.
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Design of Balang Island Bridge: Cable Stayed Concrete Bridge - midas Civil
Balang Island Cable Stayed Bridge is located in East Kalimantan (Borneo) Province, Indonesia, that will connect Balang Island and Tempadung in Balikpapan District. The bridge has main span of 402m, representing longest span concrete bridge of its kind, and total length of 804m. The pylon has 113m high from the top of pile cap. For stability reason, an intermediate pier was designed at distance of 70m from the abutment at each side, on which 8 large capacity viscous dampers were proposed to be installed connecting those piers and the bridge deck. The design was performed using Midas Civil 3D Model. This presentation will then discuss various matters related to the design process, including the wind tunnel test.
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Zuari Bridge Concrete running for pile cap P - 71(29.5*11.5*3)
Zuari Cable Stayed Bridge Goa
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Pile cap reo 15.8.08
Pile cap reo 15.8.08
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Test pile concrete running Pylon 72
Zuari Cable Stayed Bridge Goa
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Gerald Desmond Bridge Project
First climbing sequence of exterior and interior platforms to 3rd casting step on Pylon 17 with Doka's automatic climbing formwork SKE100 plus and SKE50 plus, Large-area formwork Top 50, Frami and custom solutions
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Mersey Gateway Bridge Cofferdams and pylons Civil Engineering
Mersey Gateway Bridge Cofferdams and pylons Civil Engineering
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Pier & Beam Foundation
Learn the reasons why this Pier & Beam foundation was the best choice for a SIPs house on Clay Soil. www.MattRisinger.com Matt Risinger - Risinger Homes in Austin TX
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13th Street Bridge - Concrete Deck Pour
Project: 13th Street Bridge over I-235/Spillway Largest continuous concrete pour in recent Wichita History
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placing of concrete on pilecap.MTS
placing of concrete on pilecap reinforcement
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Learn more about the new Nun’s Island Bridge
Our documentary Web series "Inside the Giant" continues, and its focus shifts to construction of the second-longest bridge of the project, the Nun’s Island Bridge. Linking Verdun and Nuns’ Island, this 500-metre-long bridge is comprised of four traffic lanes in each direction. Danny Montambault, Construction Lead, and Liam Carter, Construction Manager of the Nun’s Island Bridge, talk about their role in the construction of this key element of the project.
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BridgeView, Episode 3: In-Water Work and Cofferdams
DeeAnn Sandberg interviews Zach Reilly, superintendent at Kiewit Infrastructure West, which is constructing the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Bridge.
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Connecting the Shorelines – Shop Issuing – New Champlain Bridge (videoclip 2)
Download full interviews: Discover how we embraced the Lean culture as well as the new procedures we implemented to fabricate steel box girders for the new Champlain Bridge.
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Concrete Pour at Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Bridge
Crews work to place concrete within the gigantic rebar frame for the West Tower's pile cap. 1700 cubic yards of concrete were successfully poured beginning the night of April 20, 2012.
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Bhadrachalam Bridge Construction Works Delayed | భద్రాచలం బ్రిడ్జ్ నిర్మాణంలో నిర్లక్ష్యం | NTV
Bhadrachalam Bridge Construction Works Delayed. Here are the complete details About భద్రాచలం బ్రిడ్జ్ నిర్మాణంలో నిర్లక్ష్యం In This Video On NTV. ► Watch NTV Live Here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EFSLb91mb8 For more latest updates on news : ► Subscribe to NTV News Channel: http://goo.gl/75PJ6m ► Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NtvTelugu ► Follow us on Twitter At : http://www.twitter.com/ntvteluguhd ► Circle us on NTV News Channel G+: http://goo.gl/sJy2d8 Watch NTV Telugu News Channel, popular Telugu News channel which also owns India's first women's channel Vanitha TV, and India's most popular devotional channel Bhakti TV.
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#NewCableStayedBridge | #Surat #Cable #Bridge | New Bridge
1) Location : Athwa side: (Near Panch pandav bunglow,Agri university on Surat - Dumas Road) Adajan side: (Near Dr.V.S.Marg on Surat-Hajira road) 2) Details of Cable Stayed portion a. Length : 300 mt. b. Width (Avg.) : 23.50 mt. c. Area : 7050 Sq. Mt.(avg.) d. Pylon : Two nos. each 35 mt. height 3) Details of RCC portion a. Length : 412.09 mt. b. Width (Avg.) : 21 mt. to 32.3 mt. 4) Details of Approach a. Length Athwa Side : 122.25 mt. Adajan Side : 83.66 mt. b. Width Athwa Side : 15.30 mt. Adajan Side : 21 mt. (Varing) 5) Total Length of bridge : 918 mt. 6) Total Bridge Area : 19681.63 Sq. mt. 7) Nos of span : 15 Nos 8) Span Length 12.788+12.643+16.506+50x3+42.5+50+75+150+75+50+27.60+22.40+27.60 =712.037 mt 9) Carriage Way : 7.50 mt. + 7.50 mt. (Two Lane up & Two Lane Down) 10) Footpath : 2 mt. (both side) 11) Type of Foundation : Pile Foundation 12) Other details (i) Design Discharge : -- (ii) Design H.F.L. : 9.2 mt (iii) Type of Bridge : High level cable stayed river bridge (iv) Finished Road Top Level : 15.5 mt 13) Sub Structure : R.C.C. Pier 14) Super Structure : Segmental Multi cell Box Girder/ PSC Box Girder / Solid Slab type 15) Bearing : POT / PTFE type 16) Expansion Joint : STRIP SEAL / MODULAR Type 17) Approach : Reinforced Earth Wall Type & RC Wall 18) Tender Cost : 143.65 Crore 19) Name of Contractor : 20) Design Consultant : 21) Proof Check Consultant : Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Pawai, Mumbai.
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BridgeView, Episode 18: Connecting the bridge deck to land
Find out how the bridge deck is connected to land on either side of the Willamette River.
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30% Zuari bridge works completed says PWD Minister Dhavalikar
Expressing satisfaction over the progress of the work on new unique eight lane Zuari Bridge and it's approach roads,  the PWD Minister Sudin Dhavlikar on Wednesday said that the new Zuari Bridge would be completed on its expected schedule time of April 2019. He said that currently over 30 percent works which includes the major portion of bridge pier and cap has been completed and the contractor would surely complete other pending works on time as per schedule.
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Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project Drone Footage
Check out this short highlight reel of the Bridge Project construction that includes sunset shots of workers on the blue movable scaffolding system (MSS) as well as night-time flyovers.
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Installing a new bulkhead in the lagoon at my house in Point Pleasant, NJ. April 2015. An excellent job by L. Capurso, Marine contractor, WP Associates General Contractor
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Gerald Desmond replacement bridge
"Gerald Desmond bridge"
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