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The real reason American health care is so expensive
Hint: single-payer won’t fix America’s health care spending. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Americans don't drive up the price by consuming more health care. They don't visit the doctor more than other developed countries: http://international.commonwealthfund.org/stats/annual_physician_visits/ But the price we pay for that visit - for a procedure - it costs way more: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/518a3cfee4b0a77d03a62c98/t/57d3ca9529687f1a257e9e26/1473497751062/2015+Comparative+Price+Report+09.09.16.pdf The price you pay for the same procedure, at the same hospital, may vary enormously depending on what kind of health insurance you have in the US. That's because of bargaining power. Government programs, like Medicare and Medicaid, can ask for a lower price from health service providers because they have the numbers: the hospital has to comply or else risk losing the business of millions of Americans. There are dozens of private health insurance providers in the United States and they each need to bargain for prices with hospitals and doctors. The numbers of people private insurances represent are much less than the government programs. That means a higher price when you go to the doctor or fill a prescription. Uninsured individuals have the least bargaining power. Without any insurance, you will pay the highest price. For more health care policy content, check out The Impact, a podcast about the human consequences of policy-making. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-impact/id1294325824?mt=2 Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Dubai Mandatory Health Scheme Essential Benefit Plan explained
Dubai Mandatory Health Scheme Essential Benefit Plan Essential Benefit Plan The nine companies that are offering the Essential Benefits Plan( EBP) are: 1 AXA Insurance 2 Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance Company 3 National Health Insurance Company (Daman) 4 Oman Insurance Company 5 Orient Insurance 6 MetLife Alico 7 Takaful Emarat 8 Dar Al Takaful 9 National General Insurance Company EBP eligibility and annual Premium Domestic workers with a salary of less than DH 4000.00 (DH 650.00) Not active at work people aged between 0-65 years (DH 650.00) Not active at work married Females aged between 18-45 years will have to pay between (DH 1600.00 TO DH 1750.00) but avail of the same benefit. Not active at work parents aged 65 years and above (DH2500.00)
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How Health Insurance Works
When I consider purchasing an individual health insurance plan for myself or my family, do I have any financial obligations beyond the monthly premium and annual deductible? Answers: It depends on the plan, but some plans have the following cost-sharing elements that you should be aware of. Co-Payments: Some plans include a co-payment, which is typically a specific flat fee you pay for each medical service, such as $30 for an office visit. After the co-payment is made, the insurance company typically pays the remainder of the covered medical charges. Deductibles: Some plans include a deductible, which typically refers to the amount of money you must pay each year before your health insurance plan starts to pay for covered medical expenses. Coinsurance: Some plans include coinsurance. Coinsurance is a cost sharing requirement that makes you responsible for paying a certain percentage of any costs. The insurance company pays the remaining percentage of the covered medical expenses after your insurance deductible is met. Out-of-pocket limit: Some plans include an out-of-pocket limit. Typically, the out-of-pocket limit is the maximum amount you will pay out of your own pocket for covered medical expenses in a given year. The out-of-pocket limit typically includes deductibles and coinsurance. But, out-of-pocket limits don't typically apply to co-payments. Lifetime maximum: Most plans include a lifetime maximum. Typically the lifetime maximum is the amount your insurance plan will pay for covered medical expenses in the course of your lifetime. Exclusions & Limitations: Most health insurance carriers disclose exclusions & limitations of their plans. It is always a good idea to know what benefits are limited and which services are excluded on your plan. You will be obligated to pay for 100% of services that are excluded on your policy. Beginning September 23, 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (health care reform) begins to phase out annual dollar limits. Starting on September 23, 2012, annual limits on health insurance plans must be at least $2 million. By 2014 no new health insurance plan will be permitted to have an annual dollar limit on most covered benefits. Some health insurance plans purchased before March 23, 2010 have what is called "grandfathered status." Health Insurance Plans with Grandfathered status are exempt from several changes required by health care reform including this phase out of annual limits on health coverage. If you purchased your health insurance policy after March 23, 2010 and you're due for a routine preventive care screening like a mammogram or colonoscopy, you may be able to receive that preventive care screening without making a co-payment. You can talk to your insurer or your licensed eHealthInsurance agent if you need help determining whether or not you qualify for a screening without a co-payment. There are five important changes that occurred with individual and family health insurance policies on September 23, 2010. Those changes are: 1. Added protection from rate increases: Insurance companies will need to publically disclose any rate increases and provide justification before raising your monthly premiums. 2. Added protection from having insurance canceled: An insurance company cannot cancel your policy except in cases of intentional misrepresentations or fraud. 3. Coverage for preventive care: Certain recommended preventive services, immunizations, and screenings will be covered with no cost sharing requirement. 4. No lifetime maximums on health coverage: No lifetime limits on the dollar value of those health benefits deemed to be essential by the Department of Health and Human Services. 5. No pre-existing condition exclusions for children: If you have children under the age of 19 with pre-existing medical conditions, their application for health insurance cannot be declined due to a pre-existing medical condition. In some states a child may need to wait for the state's open-enrollment period before their application will be approved.
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Group benefits plan misconception #1
For more information, visit us at ChambersGroupPlan.com.
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Sneak Preview of our New National Survey: 2019 Health Benefit Cost Growth
Mercer | https://bit.ly/2MoCQ2D | Mercer 2018 National Survey of Employer Sponsored Health Plans Here’s a sneak preview of some early results from Mercer’s latest National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans. Listen to research director Beth Umland talk about the cost outlook for 2019 – including some surprising news about the underlying medical plan cost trend and what that means for employer cost management strategies. With nearly 2,400 employers participating nationally in 2018, the survey is the biggest of its kind. Read the full 2018 press release here: https://bit.ly/2N92td2 This week, Mercer unveiled early results from our national survey of employer sponsored health plans. We’ll be rolling out the complete survey results next month, but we took a the first 1,500 or so responses to see what the outlook is for health benefit cost in 2019 and it’s mostly a good news story. Employers expect to hold growth and health benefit cost per employee to 4.1% on average. That reflects any changes they plan to make for 2019 and it’s in line with the low, single-digit cost growth that we’ve seen each year since 2012. What was really interesting is that the underlying medical plan cost trend has cooled from about 6.5% to just above 5%. Heading into 2019 that’s the estimated amount that cost would rise if employers make no changes to their medical plans. In recent years, employers have been raising deductibles and offering less generous plans as a way to control cost, but for 2019, fewer than half of employers, just 44%, will be making these types of changes. Why is that? Well one reason may be that as cost growth is stabilized, employers have been able to focus on innovative longer-term strategies to address the root causes of healthcare cost without cutting benefits or increasing the financial burden on employees. The slowdown in the underlying medial trend is encouraging because it suggests that employers are positively affecting cost without cost shifting. Many of these new strategies are ground in new technologies. Employers are implementing high-tech, high-touch programs designed to help members with specific health issues ranging from insomnia to infertility. Technology is also making it easier to engage employees. Employees have become used to immediate personalized shopping experiences and the goal for employers is to makie it just as easy for employees to engage with their health and well being programs. And finally, let’s not forget about data. Employers are mining health plan and employee data in new ways to get actionable insights. At the beginning I said this is mostly is a good news story. The fact is that healthcare cost in the US remains unsustainably high. The rising cost of specialty drugs and other advanced medical technologies puts continual pressure on employer to manage trend. While the average cost increase is stable and lower than its been, in the past, is still above inflation so there’s still much to be done but it’s good to have technology on our side. Our deep expertise, powerful insights, and real-world solutions help the people and organizations we serve take steps today to secure a better tomorrow. - - - - - - Mercer Website: https://goo.gl/rPDhV8 Twitter: @mercer https://twitter.com/mercer Facebook: @MercerInsights https://www.facebook.com/MercerInsights/ YouTube: mercervideo https://youtube.com/mercervideo
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Health Insurance Explained – The YouToons Have It Covered
This cartoon explains health insurance using fun, easy-to-understand scenarios. It breaks down important insurance concepts, such as premiums, deductibles and provider networks. The video explains how individuals purchase and obtain medical care and prescription drugs when enrolled in various types of health insurance, including HMOs and PPOs. This is the third YouToons video written and produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The video is narrated by former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a nationally-recognized surgeon and Foundation trustee. Also available in Spanish: http://youtu.be/mDPhCo11z0E To download the video, please visit: http://www.kff.org/youtoons-health-insurance-explained
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All About Affordable Health Insurance Plans
transcript While consumers search for affordable health insurance, they have price in their mind as the top priority. A general conception among the consumers is that cheap health plans should not be costly-the cheapest health plan available in the market is their target. However, this approach is not good. Sometimes, paying for a cheap health insurance plan but still not getting the required level of coverage results only in wastage of money. With the implementation of the affordable care act, the reach of affordable health plans is set to increase. Or at least, this is what is believed to be the objective of healthcare reforms. However, lots of consumers are still in confusion about how things would work. In this article, we will discuss some detailed options that consumers can try while looking to buy affordable health plans. To get a hand on affordable health insurance plans, consumers need to take of certain things. First among them is about knowing the options in the particular state of the residence. There are lots of state and federal government-run programs that could be suitable for consumers. Knowing the options is pretty important. Next would be to understand the terms and conditions of all the programs and check the eligibility criteria for each one of them. Further, consumers should know their rights after the implementation of healthcare reforms, and something within a few days, they may qualify for a particular program or could be allowed to avail a particular health insurance plan. If consumers take care of these steps, there is no reason why consumers can't land on an affordable health plan that could cater to the medical care needs. Let's discuss some options related to affordable health insurance plans state-wise: State-run affordable health insurance programs in California While considering California, there are three affordable health insurance plans that are run by the state government. Consumers can surely get benefitted by these if they are eligible for the benefits. • Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP) This program is a very handy one offering limited health benefits to California residents. If consumers are unable to purchase health plans due to a preexisting medical condition, they can see if they qualify for this program and get benefits. • Healthy Families Program Healthy Families Program offers Californians with low cost health, dental, and vision coverage. This is mainly geared to children whose parents earn too much to qualify for public assistance. This program is administered by MRMIP. • Access for Infants and Mothers Program (AIM) Access for Infants and Mothers Program provides prenatal and preventive care for pregnant women having low income in California. It is administered by a five-person board that has established a comprehensive benefits package that includes both inpatient and outpatient care for program enrollees. Some facts about affordable health insurance in Florida While talking about affordable health insurance options in Florida, consumers can think about below mentioned options: • Floridians who lost employer's group health insurance may qualify for COBRA continuation coverage in Florida. At the same time, Floridians, who lost group health insurance due to involuntary termination of employment occurring between September 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009 may qualify for a federal tax credit. This credit helps in paying COBRA or state continuation coverage premiums for up to nine months. • Floridians who had been uninsured for 6 months may be eligible to buy a limited health benefit plan through Cover Florida. • Florida Medicaid program can be tried by Floridians having low or modest household income. Through this program, pregnant women, families with children, medically needy, elderly, and disabled individuals may get help. • Florida KidCare program can help the Floridian children under the age of 19 years and not eligible for Medicaid and currently uninsured or underinsured. • A federal tax credit to help pay for new health coverage to Floridians who lost their health coverage but are receiving benefits from the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program. This credit is called the Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC). At the same time, Floridians who are retirees and are aged 55-65 and are receiving pension benefits from Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC), may qualify for the HCTC. Some facts about affordable health insurance in Virginia While talking about affordable health insurance options in Virginia, consumers need to consider their rights: • Virginians who lost their employer's group health insurance may apply for COBRA or state continuation coverage in Virginia. • Virginians must note that they have the right to buy individual health plans from either Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield or CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield. • Virginia Medicaid program helps Virginians having low or modes
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The Economics of Healthcare: Crash Course Econ #29
Why is health care so expensive? Once again, there are a lot of factors in play. Jacob and Adriene look at the many reasons that health care in the US is so expensive, and what exactly we get for all that money. Spoiler alert: countries that spend less and get better results are not that uncommon. Crash Course is on Patreon! You can support us directly by signing up at http://www.patreon.com/crashcourse Thanks to the following Patrons for their generous monthly contributions that help keep Crash Course free for everyone forever: Mark, Eric Kitchen, Jessica Wode, Jeffrey Thompson, Steve Marshall, Moritz Schmidt, Robert Kunz, Tim Curwick, Jason A Saslow, SR Foxley, Elliot Beter, Jacob Ash, Christian, Jan Schmid, Jirat, Christy Huddleston, Daniel Baulig, Chris Peters, Anna-Ester Volozh, Ian Dundore, Caleb Weeks -- Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrashCourse Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse Tumblr - http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support Crash Course on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse CC Kids: http://www.youtube.com/crashcoursekids
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Group benefits plan misconception #4
For more information, visit us at ChambersGroupPlan.com.
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Why Employers Should Consider Group Captive Health Benefit Solutions
Watch this five-minute video to learn how a group captive health benefit plan solution can be a better alternative when you're a fully insured employer utilizing s traditional self-funding method. Healthcare captives can help avoid financial hardships and also help employers to better manage additional costs and higher fees associated with health care reform. For further information, please contact The Partners Group: https://www.tpgrp.com/contact-partners-groups-employee-benefits-team/ For over 35 years The Partners Group has been serving the financial and insurance needs of employers, medical professionals, and successful individuals with services including employee benefits and business consulting, retirement planning, investment services, commercial and individual insurance. We have built our business from the ground up to ensure we are a thriving organization for the next 35 years. Although we have developed a national network and reputation, you can count on our local commitment and service. We deliver through the hard work of over 140 teammates, who tirelessly provide results greater than the sum of our parts. The Partners Group has offices in Portland, Lake Oswego, and Bend OR; Bellevue, WA; and Bozeman, MT. https://www.tpgrp.com Subscribe to our email list for additional helpful tips: https://www.tpgrp.com/subscribe/
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Limited Medical Benefit Plan
Limited Medical Benefit Plan What happens when you have a client that cannot afford the Affordable Care Act? Many Americans are being shut out of the new ACA because they do not qualify for a subsidy and the resulting premiums are more than they can afford. They still have to have healthcare so what do they do? There are several options for them including buying from a private carrier, but here is an option that might work for many of your clients. A great option available now is the Limited Medical Benefit Plan. These plans are not ACA compliant and your client may still face a penalty, but they are health insurance and backed by some of the oldest insurance companies in the country. They have PPO networks, doctor visits, prescriptions....they are fantastic health plans. What makes them so attractive is that you can buy them for a year, which takes you to the next open enrollment period. Sound interesting? They are. Call our office today and we would love to educate and work with you. Gordon Marketing 20224 Hague Rd Noblesville IN 46062 (800) 388-8342 http://gordonmarketing.com Limited Medical Benefit Plan Rebecca Gordon Gordon Marketing
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What is a Fixed Benefit Health Insurance Plan? | FAQ #06
Get the best health insurance plan: https://www.myinsuranceclub.com/health-insurance Read the article on fixed benefit in health insurance plan: https://www.myinsuranceclub.com/videos/what-is-a-fixed-benefit-health-insurance-plan-faq-06
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Health Insurance from $71 and up
Health Insurance from $71 and up per month. $0 Deductible PPO. Nationwide Benefits. See any doctor or hospital: 21-30 yrs. old $71 31-40 yrs. old $78 41-50 yrs. old $98 51-64 yrs. old $148 Dental from $16 - $68 Accident benefits from $20 $10,000 Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke Benefits from $11 - $86 $75,000 from $52 - $614 Vision Plans from $14 FREE QUOTE. Call Now to Enroll: 561-880-2974 Access to affordable health care, including doctor visits, prescriptions, preventive care, immunizations and hospitalization Fixed cash payments for medical services help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses Flexible — keep your own doctors and choose an individual or family plan Quick and easy application, with immediate answers in most cases Benefits begin immediately, with no deductible to pay Cost-saving features like Price Check and assistance from independent advocates help you make informed decisions Save money with network discounts when you choose network physicians Also available: Temporary health insurance for 30-180 days Coverage as early as the day after application Freedom to choose any doctors or hospitals Prescription drug coverage included in plan Security of a $2 million lifetime limit Peace of mind in times of transition Temporary protection against the expense of unexpected illness and injuries Insurance for temporary gaps in coverage (30 to 180 days) Supplemental health Insurance Cash benefits help pay for dental checkups and treatments for you and your family Term Life — Critical Illness coverage provides $5,000 to $100,000 in cash benefits for critical illnesses, to be used any way you choose Prepare for the unexpected with Accident fixed-benefit coverage, which pays cash to replace lost income and pay medical or household bills Prepare for the unexpected with Accident Medical Expense coverage, which helps cover your deductible and other out-of-pocket medical expenses after an accident No network restrictions— use any dentist you choose No network restrictions— use any doctors or hospitals you choose Choose Cancer or Heart/Stroke coverage - or both - for an affordable, flexible, simple way to get financial help when you need it most. Call for a free personal quote 561-880-2974
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Pivot Heath STM and Limited Benefit Plan
Launched in 2016, Pivot Health is an insurance product development, management and marketing company led by an experienced team of health insurance professionals that has managed more than $7 billion of insurance premium. The company has proprietary products and dedicated relationships with many national carriers. Learn more about Pivot Health: http://www.ahcpsales.com/carriers/pivot-health/ The insurance industry has drastically changed. Whether you've been in the market for years or are just beginning your journey, AHCP has the training, tools, and support necessary to help you navigate the new landscape with effective opportunities that lead to BIG business. www.AHCPsales.com Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music
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National Health Benefit Advisors - Better Health Insurance Alternative
https://nationalhealthbenefitadvisors.com TOLL FREE 1-855-912-6532 There is an alternative to ObamaCare and the Affordable Health Care Act, its National Health Insurance Benefit Advisors. Family Rates as low as $242 per month with no deductible! Individual Rates as low as $145 per month with no deductible!
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9 Things to consider Before Buying a Health insurance/Mediclaim [Hindi]
This video will inform you about the 9 most essential things that you need to consider before you buy any health insurance policy / mediclaim. # Some conditions and treatments that are permanently not covered are -Dental treatment except arising out of accident Cosmetic, aesthetic and obesity related treatment Debility and General Run Down Conditions Sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS Circumcision, Cosmetic surgery, Plastic surgery unless required to treat injury or illness Vaccination and Inoculation Pregnancy and child birth Besides these if the disease or condition is as a result of war, ionizing radiation or nuclear weapon it will be excluded. ------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------ #MUSIC CREDITS 1.Lakey Inspired , Jordan Reddington Songs used : Flight Heres the link to his Collection : http://bit.ly/1X1LXrS ------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------ My Gear : Sony Tripod : http://amzn.to/1Punfvr Camera 1 : http://amzn.to/1punQVl Camera 2 : http://amzn.to/1qi2JpF Mic : http://amzn.to/1TpZPvO Pop Filter : http://amzn.to/1Twft7Y 32GB Memory Card :http://amzn.to/1W5MV5U -------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­- #urindianconsumer !!==–..__..-=-._; !!==–..@..-=-._; !!==–..__..-=-._; !! !! !! !! !! \\\|||\\\|||\\\ \\\|||\\\|||\\\Ur Indian Consumer \\\|||\\\|||\\\\\\|||\\\|||\\\ Subscribe to My Channel : http://goo.gl/SIFH0N Facebook Page : http://goo.gl/IdsPmP Twitter page : https://twitter.com/prasadvedpathak Google + page : https://plus.google.com/+UrIndianConsumer Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/urindianconsumer/ Snapchat id : uicprasad \\\|||\\\|||\\\ \\\|||\\\|||\\\Ur Indian Consumer \\\|||\\\|||\\\\\\|||\\\|||\\\
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Group Benefits Insurance from Life Guard and TBSC.avi
http://life-insurance-calgary.com/calgary-insurance-2/group-benefits-insurance-calgary/ Life Guard Insurance has partnered with The Benefit Specialists Copr. to offer our clients in Alberta the best service for group employee benefits. If you are a business owner with a small to medium sized business in Alberta, looking for a qualified broker for your company's employee benefits plan, then watch this video. Learn how we can design you a plan that is affordable, valuable and comes with excellent ongoing customer service. Life Guard Insurance and The Benefit Specialists Corp. is your best place when looking to start a new group plan or replace your exisiting group benefits insurance that isn't working for your company.
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Daman Health Insurance
http://www.uae-medical-insurance.com/insurance-companies/daman/ As a broker here in the UAE we work with a large number of providers. Daman is one of the local that we work with. Daman was found in 2005 in the national provider. Daman offer a very large range of plans with good inpatient and outpatient benefits. They are also particularly good for people looking for maternity benefits as the waiting period is quite short. They also have very good direct billing networks through the UAE and GCC region. If you are looking for more information about Daman please feel free to contact us.
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Health Benefits
http://www.ciradvisors.com Across the country, America's businesses are struggling as the cost of health care continues to skyrocket. Health insurance premiums have increased 300% in less than 15 years, and the cost of health insurance is now the second largest business expense for most employers and their single largest problem. All government attempts to "reform" healthcare have only lead to further premium increases. Besides the added financial burden, rising health care costs have cut into employee wages and are impeding hiring and business growth. As a result of high health care costs, the percentage of firms offering health insurance coverage has declined. Less than 50% of businesses with fewer than 50 employees now provide health benefits to their employees and in a national survey, nearly three-quarters of small businesses that did not offer benefits cited high premiums as the reason. To add insult to injury, many employees are unhappy with their employer due to the fact that they see their health benefits reduced each year and their premiums increased each year. Surprisingly, most employees are not aware that their employer contributes to the cost of their health insurance and instead many feel that their employer is pocketing the increase. By now, it is blatantly obvious that there is a problem. The question is, what steps will you take to reduce and control the cost of your benefit plan now, before it is too late? What will you do to communicate the value of the benefits that you provide to your employees and your substantial financial contribution for these benefits? There are new strategies and tax credits that can substantially reduce health insurance costs. Carolina Insurance & Retirement Advisors provides solutions that enable employers to substantially reduce health benefit costs, while providing better benefits to their employees and communicating the value and true costs of these benefits. I’m Chris Cunningham, President of Carolina Insurance & Retirement Advisors, Host of the Moore Money Radio Show, and a Chartered Benefits Consultant. We would love the opportunity to prepare a health benefits analysis and cost containment proposal for your company.
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NALC HBP High Option Plan
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Accident Insurance from Principal
Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Accidental injuries happen, and they can have a big impact on the wallet. Principal accident insurance helps supplement key benefits by providing employees a lump-sum cash benefit. It can be used any way it’s needed after an accidental injury to help pay expenses like medical deductibles and copayments; transportation, food and lodging; child care; and home healthcare needs. Talk to your Principal representative about offering group accident insurance and learn more at https://www.principal.com/employers/employee-benefits/group-insurance/group-accident-insurance.
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Retirement Planning के लिए Best Pension Scheme in India 2018 | In Hindi
Hello Doston! Hum Sab chahte hai apna Retirement better way main plan karna. Isliye aaj ke video main hum baat karenge National Pension Scheme 2018 ke bare main. National Pension Scheme ek Government scheme hai jisme bahot saare benefits hai jaise tax planning, retirement planning , etc. This scheme will automatically do your financial planning as per your requirements. This scheme will help you make good profits and also help you plan your tax i.e., under 80C and 80CCD and retirement in a much better way! Kya NPS 2018 ho sakti hai Retirement Planning के लिए Best Pension Scheme in India 2018 - Watch this video till the end to know more! See My Complete Portfolio http://www.finology.in/my-portfolio.html Best Course on Stock Market Investing http://www.finology.in/academy.html Stock Selector https://www.finology.in/stock-selector.html Open an Instant Online Zero Brokerage Trading Account https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=ZM... Best Books on Investing - Rich dad poor dad (HINDI) - http://amzn.to/2FQTIx0 Learn to Earn - http://amzn.to/2FHrLHx Dhandho investor - http://amzn.to/2BcAqOL Education of a Value investor - http://amzn.to/2D5Vtod Connect with Me - Twitter Tips - https://twitter.com/myfinology facebook connect - https://www.facebook.com/myfinology/ Instagram updates - @myfinology Email - Pranjal@finology.in
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Accident Fixed-Benefit | National General Accident & Health Product Training
NGAH offers you ways to help customers meet a variety of needs with our Supplemental Coverage portfolio. Choose from Dental, Critical Illness, or Accident plans, or meet a wide variety of needs with our Accident Medical Expense plan with optional Cancer and Heart/Stroke and/or Sickness Hospitalization riders (Plan Enhancer). http://www.ahcpsales.com/carriers/national-general-insurance/
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Money Guru : Experts advice on Mediclaim policies
Watch this special segment and get to know about, experts advice on Mediclaim policies. To know more watch this full video here. Zee Business is one of the leading and fastest growing Hindi business news channels in India. The channel has revolutionized business news by its innovative programming and path-breaking strategy of making business news a 24/7 activity as it is not just limited to the stock market. This has made Zee Business your channel to wealth and profit. Besides updated hourly news bulletins, there is a lot to watch out for, whether it be stock market related detailed information, investments, mutual funds, corporate, real estate, travel or leisure. The channel has the most diverse programming portfolio which has positioned it as a channel of choice amongst viewers. By speaking a language of the masses, Zee Business is today the most preferred for business news. Some of the popular shows of Zee Business are: Share Bazar, Mandi Live, Aap Ka Bazar, First Trade, Big Debate etc.
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MABX Ensurex - Health Insurance and Benefits for the Construction Industry
The Ensurex Health Insurance Exchange is a new employee health and benefits plan created for construction industry businesses. Available exclusively to Mid Atlantic BX member companies, Ensurex is completely compliant with the Affordable Care Act, and gives both employers and their employees a variety of cost-effective health insurance and benefit options. Members have access to first class benefits with discounted group pricing. The Ensurex Benefit Marketplace provides a single source state of the art enrollment and administration solution for all of your benefit needs including: • Health • Dental • Vision • Life • Disability • Voluntary Benefits
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$15 Million Annually In Employee Benefits Insurance Sales Interview
http://www.FEAgentMentor.com - Insurance Sales Interview - How To Sell $15 Million Of Employee Benefits Annually In this video, David Duford, founder of Final Expense Agent Mentor, talks with Jim Ward, founder of Ward Services Group, which specializes in helping medium- and large-employers with their employee-benefit needs. In this video, we discuss the following topics: -How Jim got involved in selling insurance. -How Jim stumbled across the voluntary payroll employee benefits business in the early 1980s. -Why Jim designed his business around voluntary payroll business. -How Jim grew his employee benefits insurance business from a one-person business, to a national, hundred-person plus business. -Jim describes his ideal voluntary payroll deduct prospect, and how he strategically targets them to ultimately acquire their business. -Mr. Ward's thoughts on automation and its effects on the employee benefits business over the next 20 years. -Why Jim feels his organization has achieved the level of success it has. If you are interested in selling insurance, and are looking into the voluntary payroll deduct or employee benefits insurance business, then this video is perfect for you. Ward Services Website - http://www.wardservices.com/ Playlist of Top Life Insurance Producer Interviews - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIHHqf_Fjbq1vyuq2-jW7DgUua8QyOwEa
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CoverTN lost coverage TennCare I Cancellation Letter limited benefit plan I Cover Tennessee
http://www.healthtn.com/ get covered now 888-599-3001 Nashville, Tennessee 615-610-1440 Memphis Tennessee: 901.244.4844 Chattanooga, Tennessee: 423-800-5938 Jackson, Tennessee: 731.483.4877 tri-cities 423-800-5938 -------- Get Covered ----- http://www.healthtn.com/get-covered/ HealthTN's experts have years of experience in the insurance industry. Let us put it to work for you. We will guide you through the process of quoting, comparing and applying for an insurance plan. When key parts of the health care law take effect in 2014, more people than ever before will qualify for health insurance that fits their budget. You may be eligible for a free or low-cost plan, or a new kind of tax credit that lowers your monthly premiums right away. Getting covered will be easier than ever for people who are self-employed or people with pre-existing conditions. Health TN is here to navigate the new world of health insurance for you. Fill out the brief form below and one of our agents will contact you within 24 hours to help you find the perfect plan for you. Losing CoverTn health insurance ? Get Assistance finding new coverage Today Obamacare Tennessee plans may actually provide better coverage at an affordable price. But you will most likely need assistance checking available subsidies and plan options. Effective December 31, 2013 , CoverTN insurance will terminate coverage for approximately 16,000 Tennesseans. If you are an employer or individual affected by this termination, call the number above to get help analyzing possible subsidies and plans in your area.. With the new healthcare law that goes live January 1, 2014, You may be eligible for even better coverage and subsidies to help you pay the premiums. Although CoverTN was very good for many residents of Tennessee, it was a limited benefit plan. Under the new law, limited benefits for certain essential health benefits will not be allowed. That is why you are seeing CoverTN ending on 12/31/13. how to get medical insurance with pre existing conditions, private health insurance with pre existing conditions, how to obtain health insurance with pre-existing conditions, can you be denied health insurance for a pre existing condition, can you get health insurance if you have a pre-existing condition, health insurance options for pre-existing conditions, i need health insurance but i have a pre-existing condition, can i get medical insurance with a pre-existing condition tennessee health insurance exchange, state health insurance exchange, state based health exchanges, health plan exchanges, what is a health benefits exchange, national health care reform insurance exchanges, health insurance exchange rule, state insurance exchanges, affordable care act, health insurance sign up for obamacare insurance, how do i get obamacare insurance, how do i get obamacare, how to sign up for obama health care plan, how do you apply for obamacare, when does obamacare start "The state of Tennessee this month notified thousands of residents that they will lose coverage under a TennCare-sponsored program that helps small businesses and the self-employed buy health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act. The letter states that as a limited-benefit plan, CoverTN does not cover all the services required by the federal law and will no longer exist as of Jan. 1. CoverTN had a $25,000 annual limit on benefits. The federal health law does not allow yearly expenditure caps. CoverTN was established in 2006 as a program in which the state, employer and employee would evenly split premium costs based on an individual's age, tobacco use and weight. Stacy Harris of Nashville used CoverTN for preventive care and supplemented it with another policy that had a $15,000 deductible. The private insurer had notified her it would stop offering the high-deductible policy before she got the letter from the state. "It was all I had," Harris said. The law establishes subsidies tied to incomes to help people buy coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace, the federal exchange. But Harris, who publishes the Internet guide Stacy's Music Row Report and has investment income, said she made too much money to get much help. "I figured it out," she said. "It's not pretty." Families USA, an advocacy organization for health-care consumers, was critical of CoverTN, calling it a "bare-bones health plan" in a 2009 report. The organization pointed out the plan's limits on hospital coverage, prescription drugs and cancer treatment." -Tennessean http://youtu.be/pvTb3QnEacg http://youtu.be/2QCtw6Ev89k
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NCE Health
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National Pension Scheme in India 2018 | NPS in Hindi | Complete Details
National Pension Scheme in India 2018 | NPS in Hindi | Complete Details Details APY Video : https://youtu.be/rHsbikGyyuQ NPS Application form : https://bit.ly/2P2IOse Apply NPS Online : https://bit.ly/2njTgQD #NPS #NationalPensionScheme
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Canada's Healthcare System Explained!
Last week we discussed the United States health care system. This week we discuss Canada's. We also take some time to bust some myths about their single payer health care system. Fight about it in the comments below. Make sure you subscribe above so you don't miss any upcoming episodes! References for a lot of the "myths" about Canada can be found here: http://theincidentaleconomist.com/wordpress/in-defense-of-canada/ Aaron's series on quality is here: http://theincidentaleconomist.com/wordpress/how-do-we-rate-the-quality-of-the-us-health-care-system-introduction/ Canadian wait time data is here: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hcs-sss/qual/acces/prov-eng.php John Green -- Executive Producer Stan Muller -- Director, Producer Aaron Carroll -- Writer Mark Olsen - Graphics http://www.twitter.com/aaronecarroll http://www.twitter.com/crashcoursestan http://www.twitter.com/realjohngreen http://www.twitter.com/olsenvideo
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Medical Gap Insurance For High Deductible Plans
Medical Gap Insurance For High Deductible Plans Medical Insurance Gap Plans have been developed over the past several years in response to the ACA to help address and off-set the ever increasing cost of Health/Medical Plans and the large increases in the deductibles, co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses. Medical Gap Plans substantially differ carrier-by-carrier and they can be utilized in a variety of ways. Commonly, the Gap Plans are designed to mirror major medical coverage at a reduced cost. The Plans generally allow consumers and employers to customize their plans fitting between a Limited Benefit Plan and a Major Medical Plan providing flexibility, national networks, and wellness plans. In many cases, the GAP Plans are offered on a "Guaranteed Issue" basis. For more information please contact Rebecca Gordon at (800) 388-8342. Gordon Marketing 20224 Hague Rd Noblesville IN 46062 (800) 388-8342 http://gordonmarketing.com
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Healthcare Benefit Renewal Strategies That Save
Sarah Friend, Employee Benefits Consultant at The Partners Group, explores health benefit renewal strategies that reduce cost and minimize future risk. Strategies include: - Real life success stories of significant plan savings (via a proprietary pharmacy benefit option) - Protecting self-funded plans from high dollar claims (with a pioneering stop loss program) - Controlling high-cost claims (through plan design and proprietary programs) - Drive employee engagement to improve workforce health (through population and wellness health management strategies) The Partners Group, with offices in Bellevue, WA; Bozeman, MT; Portland and Bend, OR; is an independent financial services, risk management, commercial insurance and employee benefit consulting firm. The Partners Group is locally owned with national strength due to being a founding member of Collaboration Centric Solutions (C2), the nation's 5th largest privately held commercial insurance broker serving more than 1 million households in the United States. For more information, visit http://www.tpgrp.com . 503-241-9550 or 425-455-5640.
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Health Benefit Plans - The Best Choice for Your Company
http://www.theemployeebenefitssite.com/ Employer health benefit plans are often equated to group insurance, but may no longer be the best choice for companies.Call to learn more at 1-866-234-5162 or Calgary 403-537-6298
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SBI PPF Account 2018 Hindi ( Public Provident Fund PPF in SBI )
Public Provident Fund Best Saving Scheme In India. NOTE :- SBI PPF में 50 हजार रूपए प्रति वर्ष जमा करने पर 15 वर्षो में Return बनता हे 14.16 लाख 7.6% * इंटरेस्ट रेट के हिसाब से (As Per Financial Calculator ) ( PPF Scheme में Rate of Interest Govt. के द्वारा बढ़ाया या घटाया जा सकता हे ) Hello Friends In This video we will show you SBI PPF Account Full Detail With Terms and condition and what is the benefits of sbi ppf scheme Friends First of All what is PPF account PPF account full form is Public Provident Fund PPF account can be open in SBI, Post Office , HDFC Bank and some more nationalized Banks with simple KYC Documents SBI PPF account is one of the best saving scheme in India. One can invest in PPF Account by minimum 500 Rs and Maximum 150000/- Rs in one financial year In one month SBI PPF allowed two deposit transaction and in one financial year ppf scheme allow 12 Deposit transaction Locking period of sbi ppf plan is 15 Year, No withdrawal allow before 15 year* One more important benefit of SBI PPF or Posit office PPF account is Tax Benefit One can take tax benefit in this ppf plan under section 80( C )and at the time of maturity there is no tax deduction Means maturity amount is fully tax free Loan Facility is also available after 3 year in sbi public provident fund scheme . PPF Plan 2018 can be taken on minors name also this scheme is allow for minor and major both. Presently Rate of interest is 7.8% which revised in every 3 Month There is compound interest Benefit is also in this plan SBI PPF Account will give you very good saving and Returns without any risk Thanks
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What Is A Health And Welfare Plan?
A type of employer-sponsored employee welfare benefit plan. 419(e) welfare benefit plans qualify under paragraph (e) of Section 419 of the Internal Revenue Code. They provide a range of benefits to employees, such as life, health, disability, long-term care and post-retirement medical. Health and welfare plans under the employee retirement income health & benefits. Employers who maintain a retirement plan for their employees are very familiar with the health & welfare plans. Health and welfare (h&w) benefits 5500 filings for health plans the forgotten shrm. About health and welfare plans. We're proud to offer a full circle solution your hr needs as benefits eligible employee, you have the opportunity participate in variety of health and welfare plans including medical, prescription, dental, vision, 2017 well being touchstone survey result. Googleusercontent search. Health and welfare plans plan types administration. Html url? Q webcache. Office of faculty & staff benefits group health and welfare plans howard w. United states department of labor. Human resources uc berkeley hr. Even when a plan is funded pursuant to agreements that specify fixed rate of employer contributions (for example, collectively bargained multiemployer plan), such may nevertheless be defined benefit health and welfare if its substance provide group an employee established or maintained by organization (such as union), both, provides medical care for participants their dependents directly through insurance, reimbursement, otherwise process, unique aspects obligations, benefits plans commonly referred are mar 31, 2017 medical, dental, life apprenticeship training, scholarship funds, severence pay, types administration (course b3). Uc offers comprehensive health and welfare insurance plans to protect you your family. The fidelity health and welfare benefits platform integrates with 5500 filings for andfiling. Health & welfare plans. What is a health and welfare benefit plan? Zenefits help center. Health and welfare employee benefit plans introduction. The following health and welfare benefit plans are available to current georgetown university faculty, staff aaps. We consult with our clients to design and implement plans that reflect we have a large proactive group of lawyers devoted helping organizations address health welfare plan operational issues. Pwc's 2017 touchstone survey report focuses on medical and prescription drug plan design, jul 15, 2013 however, we consistently find that many sponsors have not considered the need to file a form 5500 for their health welfare plans trust (hawt) or (hawp) is tax free vehicle financing corporation's healthcare costs employees manage annual enrollment, benefits eligibility, work life event processes with ease. Erisa working group of the overview. Health & welfare benefit plan form 5500 filing requirements health and trust wikipedia. Benefits eligibility varies from jun 14, 2017 hwp insurance provides group health and welfare plans
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NGBS Self-Funded Program
Learn More: http://www.ahcpsales.com/carriers/national-general-benefits-solutions/ National General Benefits Solutions – an innovative, level-funded program that helps small and mid-sized businesses gain control of their health care costs by combining the cost savings of a self-funded program with the protection of a fully insured plan. With help from National General Benefits Solutions (NGBS), you don’t have to be an expert in group health insurance – NGBS offers expert sales support before, during and after the sale.
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Ayushman Bharat - National Health Protection Mission - Latest Government Scheme  Modicare / Namocare
Download UPSCIQ Magazine - http://bit.ly/2DH1ZWq || Download All Videos PDFs - https://goo.gl/X8UMwF || Join #StudyIQ on Telegram - https://goo.gl/xBR3g8 || #Pendrive_Courses for Various Govt. Exams. Click here to know more - https://goo.gl/aTFK6Q or #Call_9580048004 or Live Chat Support - https://goo.gl/s68PZ1 UPSC/CSE 2019 - https://goo.gl/UrCD46 SSC & Bank - https://goo.gl/9LQ4Ai UPSC Optionals - https://goo.gl/rtmXRU State PSCs - https://goo.gl/FDB32q Defence Exams - https://goo.gl/UEmtRz SSC JE Exams - https://goo.gl/2WyU1Z RBI Grade B - https://goo.gl/PY32m6 NABARD Grade A - https://goo.gl/C6CzAL DMRC Exams - https://goo.gl/yDnvyf Insurance Exams - https://goo.gl/iLEFxf CLAT 2019 - https://goo.gl/Burjtj Railway Jobs - https://goo.gl/5KaL7h Teaching Jobs - https://goo.gl/q117TX UPSC Prelim 2019Test Series -https://goo.gl/zkCG51 Free PDFs - https://goo.gl/cJufZc || Free Quiz - https://goo.gl/wCxZsy || Free Video Courses - https://goo.gl/jtMKP9" Follow us on Facebook - https://goo.gl/iAhPDJ Telegram - https://t.me/Studyiqeducation The Hindu Editorial Analysis - https://goo.gl/vmvHjG Current Affairs by Dr Gaurav Garg - https://goo.gl/bqfkXe UPSC/IAS Burning Issues analysis- https://goo.gl/2NG7vP World History for UPSC - https://goo.gl/J7DLXv Indian History - https://goo.gl/kVwB79 Follow us on Facebook - https://goo.gl/iAhPDJ Follow Dr Gaurav Garg on Facebook - https://goo.gl/xqLaQm UPSC/IAS past papers questions - https://goo.gl/F5gyWH SSC CGL + IBPS Quantitative tricks - https://goo.gl/C6d9n8 English Vocabulary - https://goo.gl/G9e04H Reasoning tricks for Bank PO + SSC CGL- https://goo.gl/a68WRN Error spotting / Sentence correction https://goo.gl/6RbdjC Static GK complete- https://goo.gl/kB0uAo Complete GK + Current Affairs for all exams- https://goo.gl/MKEoLy World History - UPSC / IAS - https://goo.gl/kwU9jC Learn English for SSC CGL, Bank PO https://goo.gl/MoL2it Science and Technology for UPSC/IAS - https://goo.gl/Jm4h8j Philosophy for UPSC/IAS - https://goo.gl/FH9p3n Yojana Magazine analysis -https://goo.gl/8oK1gy History for SSC CGL + Railways NTPC - https://goo.gl/7939eV
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apollo Munich Health Insurance Plan detail
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Genesis Healthcare Partners - 2014 New Hire Benefit Plan Orientation
Overview of the benefit plans offered to employees of Genesis Healthcare Partners
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3 Must Know Tips For The Right Online Health Insurance Plan
What to remember while buying online health insurance and choosing among health insurance plans available, for adequate medical insurance to your family. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQTqvgT_qzPZn1D1bHsxtKw?sub_confirmation=1 Share video: https://youtu.be/i2nJaSU_dc4 Hi! Welcome to FundooMoney, your 24 X 7 buddy in all matters related to personal finance. Towards the end of every financial year, insurance companies providing health insurance plans, go on the overdrive advertising their plans. In this noise and information overload, how do you pick the best plan for you while buying online? Here are 3 things to watch out for. 1. Find out what kind of health plan you need There are various health plans available online such as: individual health plans, family floaters, critical illness plans or even the daily cash benefit plan. 2. Confirm if a medical test is required Most online offerings are restricted to those below 45 years. For those above 45, medical tests are typically a must. 3. Check if online buying facility is available in your city. 4. Presently, not all cities are covered for buying plans online. If available you can use Net banking, credit or debit card to buy the plan online. In the end, a quick recap. Before buying a health insurance plan online you must: 1. Find out what kind of health plan you need. 2. Confirm if a medical test is required 3. Check if online buying facility is available in your city We hope you found this video useful. For more such videos, download our free Android or iOS mobile app FundooMoney from app store. You can visit and subscribe our YouTube channel or visit our website www.fundoomoney.com
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Company Health Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions By Those Managing Company Benefits
http://www.PeopleManagePro.info Do You Manage Your Company's Benefits? Then Get this powerful free eBook "The 10 FAQs You Need To Know About Your Insurance Plan" and other Q&A videos. Visit PeopleManagePro.info Or call 888-767-2744
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Retirement Plans: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Saving for retirement means navigating a potential minefield of high fees and bad advice. Billy Eichner and Kristin Chenoweth share some tips. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Healthcare Reform: Defined Contribution
Employer contributions may be used on qualifying health insurance plans. www.bcbsla.com/reform A defined contribution is a specific amount of money that your employer provides toward your benefits for the year. You may be able to use your defined contribution to shop for health plans on the health insurance marketplace or on a private insurance marketplace. These online marketplaces have tools that allow you to compare and find the health plans that best fit you. If you don't spend all of your defined contribution amount, the remaining balance is returned to your employer or may be credited toward your health savings account (HSA), deposited into your 401K or even returned to you. If you spend more than your employers defined contribution, you will owe the balance, either through payroll deduction or another payment method.
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#YouTubeTaughtMe This video include the various provisions regarding Employees's or workers's health and safety in a factory or at workplace. Sections 11 to 41 of Factories Act 1948 are in the video, Tags : employees health scheme employees health card employees health scheme telangana employees health card download employees health and safety employees health insurance employees health scheme ts employees health card telangana employees health employees health and safety in hrm employees health and wellness programs employees health and safety legislation employees health and safety policy employees health and safety measures employees health and safety laws employees health and safety handbook an employees health and safety responsibilities employees health benefits employees health benefits (fehb) program employees health benefits handbook employees health benefits program health employees benefit plan manitoba employees baptist health health employees benefit plan employees banner health employees breaching health and safety federal employees health benefits 2015 employees health card status employees health card details employees health card ts employees health cards download ap employees health card in ap employees health care trust employees health card download telangana n c state employees health plan employees health definition employees duties health and safety health employees dental officers state award employers direct health health employees data collection form employees health card download ap employees health card diseases list ct state employees health enhancement program banner health employees email notice to employees health exchange ehs employees health scheme employees health care fund scheme (ehf) eligible employees health insurance employees health fund andhra pradesh employees health fund health employees federal credit union government employees health fund government employees health fund nsw govt employees health fund government employees health fund matraville government employees health fund wollongong employees health scheme for telangana employees responsibilities for health and safety employees health grooming and personal hygiene employees health card gos employees health scheme go employees health cards guidelines employees health scheme government of telangana employees health scheme guidelines federal employees group health insurance employees harris health employees health scheme hospital list federal employees health benefits handbook ap employees health scheme hospitals list do walmart employees have health insurance ap employees health card hospitals employees health insurance corporation employees health insurance japan employees health insurance services inc reviews employees health insurance services inc employees health insurance india employees iu health employees in health and safety employees health cards in ap federal employees health insurance iu health employees kronos kentucky employees health plan kentucky employees health plan 2014 kentucky employees health plan 2013 kentucky employees health plan open enrollment kentucky employees health plan humana ky employees health plan humana kansas employees health insurance ky employees health plan 2013 kentucky employees health plan livingwell promise employees losing health insurance employees legal health and safety responsibilities employees health scheme login employees health card login employees health scheme list of hospitals employees health card last date employees health cards list of hospitals railway employees liberalised health scheme retired employees liberalised health scheme federal employees losing health benefits employees mental health issues employees main health and safety responsibilities employees mental health employees methodisthealth employees rights mental health health employees hebp manitoba health employees nsw state award health employees nsw award employees health card online application employees health cards online federal employees health open season employees health cards of ap employees health card of telangana employees health scheme of telangana consulting employees on health and safety iu health employees outlook duties of employees health and safety responsibilities of employees health and safety at work act 1974 number of employees health insurance importance of employees health definition of employees health and safety importance of employees health and safety number of employees health and safety policy number of employees health canada rights of employees-health and safety status of employees health cards employees health policy employees health program employees health plan state employees health plan public employees health plan national employees health plan ap employees health card ap employees health card download
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Free Health Discount Plan- save money on Rx, dental and vision expenses
Save money on prescription drugs, dental care and vision services at major chains and national retailers with a free health discount plan. Get you card today at http://healthinsuranceadvisory.org/2011/03/05/health-discount-plan/. If you do not have dental insurance, then this special, free card is a must. Featuring the Dentemax discount dental network, you can obtain savings of 25% to 40% off usual dental charges. To find an inexpensive individual dental insurance plan, click to http://healthinsuranceadvisory.org/2011/11/02/individual-dental-insurance-plans/ for free dental quotes.
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Private Health Services Plan 2015
Private Health Services Plans, Health Spending Account, Cost-Plus, CRA rules Business Career College is a national financial services education provider. See our insurance, financial planning and continuing education courses, including self-paced and instructor led options, at https://www.businesscareercollege.com For great industry articles, follow on Twitter (https://twitter.com/JasonWattBCC) or like on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BusinessCareerCollege/).
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post office savings scheme 2018 Hindi ! PPF(Public Provident Fund) Scheme !
post office savings scheme 2018 Hindi ! PPF(Public Provident Fund) Scheme ! अधिक जानकारी के नीचे दिये गये लिंक पर जाये। https://www.mybestscheme.com इस विडियों में आपको Post Office की Best Scheme के बारे में जानकारी मिलेगीं. इस विडियों में मै आपको ऐसी Scheme के बारे बताउगा की 1.5 लाख जमा करने पर आपको 43 लाख रुपये मिलेगें।
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