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Multicultural Lesson Plan Presentation
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Multicultural lesson plan
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multicultural lesson plan
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Two Activities For Discussing Diversity In The Classroom
Dr. Laurie Hazard discusses "Two Activities For Discussing Diversity In The Classroom". Visit http://www.innovativeeducators.org for more information.
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multicultural lesson plans
http://www.campkupugani.com/inquiryform for the best Summer Camp for a multicultural experience.
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Multicultural Lesson Plans
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Can multicultural education and culturally relevant pedagogy increase students interest in social studies?
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Multicultural Activity
Multicultural Activity.
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EDSE 435 - P.E. Multicultural Lesson Plan
Ernie Cabral, Matt Ramil, and Will Tran 7/5/17 Music: www.bensounds.com
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Teaching Math Multicultural Lesson Part 1
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Multicultural lesson part 1
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multicultural lesson
http://www.campkupugani.com/inquiryform for the best Summer Camp for a multicultural experience.
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Diversity & Discrimination Activity
This activity is a complex in-class exercise for a group of at least 11 students to show them how difficult it can be to join another group without easy to use communication. Downloads of supporting materials are available for teachers @ http://www.educationaladvisingandconsulting.com/for-teachers-diversity--discrimination-activity.html
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Strategies for Teaching Culturally Diverse Students
Dr. Sherri Valentine created this educational video to equip teachers with a set of strategies for teaching culturally diverse students.
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Multicultural Art Activity
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Anti-bias lessons help preschoolers hold up a mirror to diversity
Some California preschools are getting children to participate in conversations about racial differences at an early age by introducing an anti-bias curriculum that teaches kids about diversity and inclusion. Against a backdrop of national divides over race, these educators use art projects and discussions to infuse a powerful message into the classroom. Special correspondent Cat Wise reports.
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Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom at Mesquite Elementary School
Mesquite Elementary School developed a teaching strategy called "Reteach and Enrich" that emphasizes differentiated instruction and teacher collaboration. The result: student achievement increased significantly in just 6 months. If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to "like" it or add it to your favorites!
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Teaching Multicultural Education - Fix - Fix
Teaching a first grade class a lesson on the different types of dragons.
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Teaching different Culture and Tradition to pre schooler
Young children explore different cultures, traditions and customs as they participate in these early childhood education activities and lesson plans. Promote multicultural awareness and self esteem with this early childhood education. Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ventunoparenting Twitter : https://twitter.com/parentingventun Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/VentunoParenting/ A Ventuno Production http://www.ventunotech.com
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How to Promote Multicultural Education in the Physical Classroom
This video is for EPS324. It encompasses ideas on how to use your physical space to promote diversity in the classroom. Though this is hard, it is made easier by putting things in your classroom that reflect diversity and multicultural education.
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Multicultural Video
From Norway to Mexico to China and back, take your students on a tour around the world without leaving your classroom! With an assortment of games, activities, prizes and giveaways, it's easy to transform your multicultural lesson plan into a memorable classroom event!
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Preview to Cultural Diversity for Educators
Preview to cultural diversity, which is an idea for conceptualizing the existence of various cultural and ethnic groups within society and the way culture influences education. Concepts examined include cultural competence, equity pedagogy, and culturally responsive teaching. Definitions and examples specific to education provided.
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Adapting Curriculum for Multicultural Classrooms
Adapting Curriculum for Multicultural Classrooms - created at http://animoto.com
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Teaching Mathematics With Cultural Significance
Abstract Teaching mathematics to a group of students with the same mathematical abilities, the same learning styles and the same cultural background would probably be easy (Dossey, McCrone, Giordano & Weir, 2002).  However, this is not the reality of the classroom. The intensity of migration to Canada and the United States signifies a constant change to the cultural configuration of North America’s population. As a result, the cultural landscape of the schools is in constant evolution.  The cultural realities of each school district characterize the needs of its students which in turn determine the curriculum that will best meet the needs of the student population within that district. It is important for curriculum developpers and mathematics educators to realize that students have various prior experiences, conceptions, motivations, and strategies that influence how they learn.  Teaching mathematics therefore requires knowledge of the everyday social and cultural contexts of the students. Each student carries his/her own mathematical knowledge, other than school knowledge, pertaining to his/her own culture. Although the subjects taught in a multicultural setting will remain the same, the content and the learning activities will be adjusted in such as manner as to take into consideration the ethnocultural diversity of the students within the classroom.  Their history and experiences are critical to how we teach. -Yvette d’Entremont,Ph D
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Multicultural Activity
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Multicultural education through teaching social studies
This video is about Multicultural Education
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Classroom Activities: “Number Race” (Diversity)
Engage your students in anti-bias learning with team-building activities you can use in your classroom tomorrow. Created in partnership with The Origins Program using the Developmental Designs approach, these exercises not only break down social barriers; they also improve classroom climate.
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Lesson plan
Diversity EDSE657
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Children's Literature Activity/Lesson Plan
Children's Literature Activity/Lesson Plan
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Lesson Planning
Dr. Bilash explains lesson planning in the language classroom with this PowerPoint movie.
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multicultural preschool activities
Multicultural Arts activities for kids making Vietnam dragonflies, making halloween masks, and making African bracelets and so on....
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Fun Classroom Activities - Cultural Diversity Activity
Mr. Juchnowski's class experiences an organic cultural diversity activity, discovering that insects are indeed edible.
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Educators' Multicultural Training - Team-Building, Classroom Management, Self-Care- Wiley Elementary
Social Designs staff deliver an engaging professional development training for educators and administrators of Wiley Elementary School in Greensboro, NC.
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Group Counseling with Children: A Multicultural Approach Video
Watch this diverse group of children engage in activities and discussions that increase their awareness of their own cultures and their appreciation for differences. For the full video go to: http://www.psychotherapy.net/video/diversity-group-children
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"Reading Takes You Places" Multicu
"Reading Takes You Places:" Multicultural Activities, Lessons & Literature. Highlights activities implemented by
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Multicultural Preschool in NJ - Apple Montessori Schools
Apple Montessori Schools provide children with individualized learning programs specializing in hands-on education. Each classroom has an abundance of Montessori materials to facilitate character and social development alongside enriching education. *Family Owned and Operated for Over 43 Years! *Hands on Learning with an Abundance of Montessori Materials and Tools in Every Classroom *Individualized Learning at Child’s Own Pace *Unique Proven Reading Program *Character and Social Development Program *Summer Camps with pool and swimming lessons Apple Montessori Schools provide proven reading programs as well as foreign language, art and music enrichment, and gifted and talented programs for preschool and elementary (primary) school-aged children. State-of-the-art facilities and playgrounds with full security and surveillance systems enable your children to have fun in safe and healthy environments. Apple Montessori Schools also provide Before and After School Daycare Programs, Infant Programs and Summer Camps featuring swimming lessons. Apple Montessori Schools are located in Cliffside Park, Edgewater, Edison, Hoboken, Kinnelon, Mahwah, Metuchen, Morris Plains, Oakland, Randolph, Towaco and Wayne, New Jersey. Apple Montessori Schools Developing the Foundation for a Lifetime of School Success! http://www.applemontessorischools.com #AppleMontessori #AppleAdvantage
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New lesson plans shed light on BC’s dark past
Grade 5 and 10 students can now learn more about an important chapter in BC’s history with a new curriculum supplement - Bamboo Shoots: Chinese Canadian Legacies in BC - launched by Multiculturalism Minister Teresa Wat. The supplement is focused on historical wrongs and the contributions of Chinese Canadians to BC’s cultural and economic foundation. It is intended to guide classroom discussions about the past and in doing so, prevent future discrimination. Bamboo Shoots is a comprehensive, one-stop information resource that teachers and the public can access from any computer or mobile device. The supplement includes learning resources, tools and lesson plans for teachers to engage students in the issue of racial discrimination within a broad historical context. For more information, please visit: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2015MIT0040-001487
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Robin's Lesson Plan on Culture
This was part of a project done on multicultural education as part of a class at Brigham Young University.
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Drum Cafe Visits Paschall Elementary
The Drum Cafe visited Paschall Elementary School to help students celebrate Multicultural Day! Students and staff all got the chance to bang on drums and have fun, all while learning valuable lessons about other cultures and working as a team!
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Multicultural Music Lesson: Haere
This is a video recording of a multicultural music lesson that I taught to my peers in class on 3/14/14. The lesson teaches a song called Haere, a Farewell song from the Maori peoples of New Zealand.
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Arts and Multicultural Advocacy in the STEAM Curriculum: Sample Lesson
A video for the National Music Educators Conference and the Kamehameha Schools
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Multiculturalism in the Modern World: Jen Holladay at TEDxDenverTeachers
Understanding and embracing multiculturalism and teaching students cultural competency is critical for competing and succeeding in our diverse democracy. How can you ensure that cultural competency is an outcome of your students' education? Presented by Jen Holladay, Highline Academy Charter School Board President. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Teaching Multiculturalism
These are my thoughts on how I address multiculturalism to my students in my French class and how I will address it with my bilingual son. All of the pictures are from my family's nomadic travels around the world for almost 10 months in 2015.
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2T04KarunambigaSubramanian09 Multicultural Activity Kit Instructions
This video was done for a school project.
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ACTION: Bringing Language and Culture to Kids
Ariel Koren, a junior in the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, fell in love with the Spanish language and Latin American culture when she was in high school in Jacksonville, Fla. But for her sister, who has learning disabilities, lessons about another language and culture weren't quite as accessible. "She was always interested in the passion that I had for foreign language education, but never really had the opportunity to learn another language at her school," Koren says. "So when I was a senior, I was inspired to talk to administrators at her school and start an informal Spanish class." The informal class was a success, and Koren established a formal organization—ACTION, an acronym for Active Cross-cultural Training In Our Neighborhoods—to continue bringing foreign language education to where it otherwise might not be possible. When Koren came to Penn in 2011, she missed teaching Spanish, so she replicated her informal Spanish classes at Lea Elementary School in West Philadelphia. By her sophomore year, she had officially launched a branch of ACTION at Penn, which now places more than 60 student tutors at Lea and Jackson Elementary School in South Philadelphia. Today, ACTION is a full-fledged organization designed to promote and celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity by mobilizing volunteers to work toward making foreign language and culture education accessible. "Statistics show that if you have exposure to a foreign language when you're younger, you'll be more successful," says Koren, co-director of ACTION. "Learning a foreign language when you're younger helps you develop creativity, helps you develop skills in your first language, in reading, writing, communicating, with the understanding that the world is bigger than your own experience." Each week, ACTION deploys student volunteers, including native and non-native Spanish speakers, to both elementary schools to teach after-school Spanish lessons. Koren says language lessons are just one part of the ACTION experience—tutors also integrate cultural lessons, such as bartering in an open market in Latin America and traditions like the 15th birthday quinceañera. "Last week, for example, [students] learned the colors, and this week they're learning about sports and activities," says Nicole Peinado, a junior communications major and co-director of ACTION at Penn. "So they're incorporating the words into the activities that they're learning." But Peinado and Koren say ACTION is not only beneficial for the elementary school students volunteers teach. "Penn is a stressful environment, and any one of our tutors will say having the opportunity to teach is such a rewarding experience," Koren says. "Our volunteers are breaking out of the Penn bubble every week and making connections in elementary schools, becoming not only teachers but mentors." Both co-directors agree that the true value of ACTION, to both volunteers and students, can be witnessed by the countless "a-ha!" moments that occur when a certain language or cultural concept is acquired in the classroom. "In other countries around the world, [students] are learning two or three languages in addition to their native language," says Peinado. "By promoting [language and cultural education], students will be in better touch with the world." Text by Maria Zankey Video by Rebeca Elias Abboud
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Multicultural classroom
The REACH Academy Charter School opened its doors on Buffalo's East side for the first time this week for students in kindergarten and first grade.
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