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Salary Negotiation: "They're telling me the offer has no flexibility," with Ramit Sethi
►For more free information, check out my Ultimate Guide to Salary Negotiation: http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/guides/ultimate-guide-to-asking-for-a-raise-and-negotiating-salary/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ug-raise-yt What do you do if you've been offered a job, but the hiring manager says the salary has no flexibility? In this video, I'll not only show you how to deal with this situation but ALSO how to avoid it all together. More salary negotiation videos here: http://tinyurl.com/salary-negotiation-playlist
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Performance Reviews | Performance Evaluations & Appraisal
Learn about Different Types of Employee Performance Evaluations How to Conduct an Employee Performance Review or Appraisal http://turnkeydoc.com/human-resources/performance-management/performance-reviews/ An employee performance appraisal, performance evaluation or performance review as it is sometimes called, is a review by a manager where the employee's work performance is evaluated and strengths and weaknesses are identified, so that the employee knows where improvement is needed. Employee performance Reviews, Appraisals and Evaluations are vital for communication. Over the years there have been some new types of performance reviews, performance evaluation, or performance appraisals that are being met with success in today's business world. These require that employee performance evaluations, performance reviews or performance appraisals be done not only for raises, promotions, or bonuses, but for an employee's growth and development. These include: Management by Objectives Review: This method, often called MBO, measures the employee's accomplishments against a clearly established set of objectives. If managers and employees begin the year by working together to list these objectives, the end-of-year performance appraisal, performance review, or performance evaluation can simply compare each goal with its final outcome. This method is simple, clear, and empowers employees in the goal setting process but it disregards non-goal-related success metrics. Ratings Scale is probably the most common review type. Using this method, a supervisor rates an employee on a numerical scale for a defined set of behaviors, traits, competencies, or completed projects. This method gains points for simplicity and functionality, but it only works well if both managers and employees share the same understanding of each point on the scale. The 360 Degree Feedback Review is a new kind of employee performance review, performance appraisal, or performance evaluation. It incorporates data from peers, supervisors and even outside parties like customers and suppliers. This broad feedback can provide a multi-dimensional picture of performance that can cancel the influence of bias. The goal is to paint an accurate picture of employee's strengths and weaknesses. Gathering feedback from multiple sources is a great way to ensure employees are rated fairly and accurately No matter which type of employee performance evaluation, performance review or performance appraisal is used, remember the goal is to foster communication between managers and employees. To make your employee performance reviews, performance appraisal, or performance evaluation as productive as possible, try the following steps • Be prepared • Lead with the positive • Don't be confrontational • Keep it Simple • Be consistent • Make it a two-way conversation • Address what's important to the employee • Discuss work/life balance • Be a good listener • Give Feedback Regularly To download the review templates mentioned in this video as well as a guide on how to conduct the actual employee performance review, performance evaluation or performance appraisal, visit us at www.turnkeydoc.com Subscribe to our youtube channel to sample our "how to" video library or visit us at www.turnkeydoc.com to download your free gift! http://youtu.be/KcGhX7Htk9U Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/107057463999675049074/107057463999675049074/about Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Turn-Key-Doc/298240720333688 Twitter: https://twitter.com/turnkeydoc/ Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8LlHO8tJf-w-BmhdJobdCw Employee Performance Review Employee Performance Appraisal Employee Performance Evaluation Performance Review Performance Appraisal Performance Evaluation
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How to design sales incentive schemes
Do you have sales managers, account managers or business development managers? How good are your sales incentive schemes? Trudy MacDonald Managing Director at Talent Code explains the importance of a well thought out sales incentive scheme for your team.
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HR Webinar Series - The Action Plan
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1 Hour of Relaxing Nighttime Animal Crossing Music + Night Ambience Sound
Close your eyes and gather around the nighttime campfire with your favorite neighbours and KK Slider's guitar! Enjoy 1 Hour of Relaxing Night Time Animal Crossing Hourly songs, now with a calm night ambience sound + campfire sound! #AnimalCrossing Track list: 0:00 1 AM - Animal Crossing: New Leaf 2:54 1 AM - Animal Crossing: City Folk 5:42 11 PM - Animal Crossing: New Leaf 8:06 10 PM - Animal Crossing: City Folk 11:23 7PM - Animal Crossing: New Leaf 13:24 2 AM - Animal Crossing: City Folk 15:55 8 PM Animal Crossing: New Leaf 18:15 5 AM - Animal Crossing: City Folk 20:54 Main Street by Night (1) – Animal Crossing: New Leaf 23:02 9PM - Animal Crossing 25:39 3 AM - Animal Crossing: New Leaf 28:00 11 PM - Animal Crossing: City Folk 30:42 10 PM - Animal Crossing: New Leaf 33:08 8 PM - Animal Crossing: City Folk 35:47 2 AM - Animal Crossing: New Leaf 38:38 Downtown at Night - Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer 42:09 12 AM - Animal Crossing: City Folk 44:14 Island (Nighttime) - Animal Crossing: New Leaf 46:44 3 AM - Animal Crossing: City Folk 48:45 11PM - Animal Crossing 50:12 4 AM - Animal Crossing: New Leaf 53:10 9 PM - Animal Crossing: City Folk 54:59 Main Street by Night (3) – Animal Crossing: New Leaf 57:32 9 PM - Animal Crossing: New Leaf 59:29 Bonus Track! Link to picture artist: https://hiyori---iki.deviantart.com/art/Animal-Crossing-Campfire-585998649 I have a license to use Nintendo’s content in this video through the Nintendo Creators Program. This video is not sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo, but any advertising revenue from this video will be shared with Nintendo.
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MGMT 352 - Individual Incentive Plans
This video was made for an HR Management class at St. Cloud State University.
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how to write a business plan? step by step guide + templates
how to write a business plan? step by step guide + templates. Looking to build a business or expand the one you're already running? You'll need to build a business plan before you do. A video tutorial walks through the process of defining your business, researching the market, and determining your product. business plan template download Link | https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S5FI7Ikt-BdCNoykLcTWhpS9ChJh3W_P/view?usp=sharing
This Secret Makes VIPKID Give You A $2/HR Raise
How to Get A Raise at VIPKID My personal email: VIPKIDwork@gmail.com P.S. NOBODY should buy their first home until they'd looked at ten other homes...because they tend to buy the first one they look at! When you look at 10, you see so many more options, values, pay, neighborhoods, culture. You expand your understanding. I now work for a different company--which in my opinion has a MUCH better teaching platform and also offers pay higher than VIPKID. I like that it has paid training ($10/hour paid training). And you can continue the paid training long after you're hired, if you want. It doesn't stop when you get hired. Another thing is you don't get terminated for cancelling classes. If your dog dies or you get sick and teach at VIPKID, you'll get fired. In response to a lot of bad publicity and shame, fortunately VIPKID is working on this policy. But VIPKID's years-long indifference is concerning. 1. You can move the student's image (video) around the screen, and you can move your own image around the screen. You can play hopscotch or a maze or a race to the finish square--and your student can watch himself/herself move along the screen! 2. You can double click the little box in which you appear, and you now grow double in size. Same with your student. This just adds one way your class is exciting. You can do this briefly (for a couple seconds) to get the student's attention. Double-click it again and you're normal size. 3. You can customize your drawing tool--making it bolder and smoother. You can change its color. Want to draw blue instead of red? Easy. Want to write in yellow or pink? Whatever, done. You can adjust the boldness and smoothness of your writing pen. I can make my pen (teacher's pen) blue and the student's pen red or pink or their favorite color. 4. In VIPKID's PPT slides, nothing "happens." They are static. In this new company, many of them (maybe 20% of the slides?) have some dynamic thing in them that moves around and sings when you click it. Something like that. 5. If a student goes crazy and starts scribbling all over the screen, you can de-authorize the student from drawing with a single click. You cannot do this in VIPKID (though there is an option to do this when you right-click your PPT slide in VIPKID and then a drop-down appears with 4 options written in Chinese (for you the teacher), and one option does say something like "disable student's drawing tool," it has never worked when I tried it...and I tried it at least ten times on ten different students). 6. The slides are interactive and animated. For example one slide has a 20 stones and a shovel pictured, with a little bird hopping across the stones. The student clicks on one stone, and the shovel is seen to move over to that stone, dig up the stone, and under the stone is a word. The student reads the word. Other things I like about this is the company culture--it feels like a family and not a bloated bureaucratic corporation sending you impersonal form letters. I like the teaching platform--every other slide has an animation or a button you click and then there's a song. I could list another 10 little neat things about this new teaching platform (can you tell I'm in love with it?). VIPKID is a good company, but it was the first company I had been exposed to (because VIPKID has an aggressive advertising campaign and an even more aggressive recruitement/referral system in place). VIPKID gained popularity not because it's the best option for teachers, but because it has the best business model. Specifically, it so generously rewards employees when they recruit you. Some teachers make more from their referral incentive than from actually teaching English to students. As of now, I'm not mentioning it by name in any public forum. For this reason my word is trustworthy (and for the same reason, there is good reason not to trust any VIPKID teacher or employee who tells you about VIPKID, because they have a motive to sell you on its greatness and conceal its flaws). If you were recently hired, CONGRATULATIONS! You have a wonderful career, and you're making the world a better place by building a bridge across the Pacific. This is true regardless of which company you work for. My personal email -- VIPKIDwork@gmail.com
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Article Review Bonus Hurry 24 Hr Price Freeze!
Article Genie with Special Bonus Mega Pack: http://bonuscrate.com/g/4338/30206/ My Website:https://www.trureviewer.com/ Get instant access to Article Genie Today, we’ll enable you to tap into a highly profitable business model that was never possible to touch on before… I’m talking about Article Writing! And there’s dozens of companies making 100s, even 1000s of dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY tapping into the unexplored business model that you’re about to see - and the great news is: normal people like me and you are finally able to cash in on this craze! Article Genie with Special Bonus Mega Pack: http://bonuscrate.com/g/4338/30206/ Hey everybody it is Wade! This description is the same as the other video so just click the link to get the MEGA BONUS PACK! Content fuels the web - EVERYONE needs more of it (local businesses, online marketers, EVERYONE!). The best way for you to make money? Sell content to those businesses and customers who desperately NEED it. Let me introduce myself, my name is Luan Henrique and I’m talking here to you on behalf of my partners Radu Hahainu & Thanga I started two years ago with lack of experience, ranking little review sites and collecting the money. But, this never got me the results I want (huge money in the pocket). Probably the results you’re waiting for you now. I tried everything, affiliate marketing, email marketing, course after course but I knew it: I had to have my own product or service to tap into the big bucks and have the lifestyle I ever wanted. Article Genie with Special Bonus Mega Pack: http://bonuscrate.com/g/4338/30206/ There’s where I realized a HUGE thing: The people crushing it online and making a huge income are SELLING products & services! It’s the ONE big way to guaranteed success. https://www.trureviewer.com/article-genie-review/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- article genie,article genie download,article genie reviews,article genie review & bonus,article genie software preview,article genie product review,buy article genie,article genie,article genie best review,article genie best bonus,article spinner,free articles for my website,free articles for my blog,free blog content articles,best auto content generator,best article generator software,article spinner 2018,article spinner crack
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Amazon Raises Their Minimum Wage To $15 ... But There's A Catch!
Amazon garnered praise for raising the minimum wage for its hourly workers to $15 yesterday, but the widely-publicized move also came at the expense of monthly bonuses and stock options. The company explained its decision to shift to a new stock purchase program in the announcement blog post yesterday, citing that hourly employees preferred the “predictability and immediacy of cash to RSUs,” or restricted stock units, but the post doesn’t mention the loss of monthly incentives, which Bloomberg reported earlier today. Several Amazon warehouse employees have criticized the move, stating they would actually be losing thousands in incentive pay. Currently, warehouse workers get two shares of Amazon stock when they’re hired ($1,952.76 per share as of writing), and an additional stock option each year. After the changes take effect, the RSU program will be phased out for stocks that vest in 2020 and 2021, and it will be replaced with a direct stock purchase plan by the end of next year. An Amazon warehouse worker told The Verge via email that the news was devastating to fulfillment employees, many of whom depend on their RSU and VCP (variable compensation pay, a performance-based monthly bonus program) incentives on top of their hourly wages. VCP incentives, which are dependent on good attendance and hitting productivity targets, could get Amazon workers an 8 percent monthly bonus, and a 16 percent bonus during the peak November and December seasons. Amazon workers have been responding to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ tweet praising the minimum wage raise, citing that on November 1st, many workers will have their paychecks cut, not raised. (ARTICLE: THE VERGE) ––––––––––––––––––––––– 👕 Order your shirts here: https://teespring.com/stores/abl-gear 📲 Tip me though PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/ablogan 📲 Sponsor me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/anthonyblogan 🌐 Visit my website: http://www.anthonyblogan.com 💬 Connect with us on Discord: https://discord.gg/JVdp9gu ––––––––––––––––––––––– Amazon eliminates monthly bonuses and stock grants after minimum wage increase https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/3/17934194/amazon-minimum-wage-raise-stock-options-bonus-warehouse SOME AMAZON WORKERS FEAR THEY’LL EARN LESS EVEN WITH A $15 MINIMUM WAGE https://www.wired.com/story/amazon-minimum-wage-some-fear-they-will-earn-less/ Amazon will hire fewer people, not spend more on higher wages, wealth manager says https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/02/wealth-manager-amazon-hire-less-not-spend-more-on-higher-wages.html Amazon raises Whole Foods workers’ minimum wage to $15, but not all employees are celebrating https://thetakeout.com/amazon-whole-foods-minimum-wage-15-critics-1829549105 Amazon Prime’s video game pre-order discount coming to an end https://www.polygon.com/2018/8/20/17761394/amazon-prime-video-game-pre-order-discount Amazon Prime Price Change https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=202213110 Amazon Flex https://flex.amazon.com/
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RocketScience HR - Referral Program
Belinda Harris- CEO rocketsciencehr@gmail.com http://www.rocketsciencehr.net/ 678-735-8956 Rocket Science HR LLC was created to assist people with finding employment through resume writing and interviewing skills. Our mantra is this "Your resume gets you the interview, Your interview skills land you the job™". Belinda Harris, the owner of Rocket Science HR LLC has over 10 years experience working in the Human Resource field. Experience that includes training, interviewing skills, resume development and writing. As a hiring professional she knows the importance of making a first impression and skills needed to win the interviewer over. Belinda wrote the book "The Honest and Direct Truth to Interviewing from an HR Perspective" It is an HR guide to interviewing. Belinda has a Master Degree in Human Resource Development and is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resource (SPHR). The certification demonstrates a strategic mastery of the HR body of knowledge. Rocket Science HR works with Georgia Department of Labor and Georgia Department of Vocational Rehabilitation assisting people with finding and maintaing employment in the community. Social Media http://www.twitter.com/RocketscienceHr http://www.facebook.com/rocketscience.hr
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What is your Strength & Weakness | Best Job Interview Answer
In this video Ashwani Thakur explains how to answer the interview question “What are your strengths and weaknesses” Here's the answer: What is your Strength & Weakness | Best Job Interview Answer 1. "What is your greatest strength? Is one of the easiest interview questions you'll be asked. When you are asked questions about your strengths, it's important to discuss attributes that will qualify you for the job. The best way to respond is to describe the skills and experience that directly correlate with the job you are applying for. Sample Answers • When I'm working on a project, I don't want just to meet deadlines. Rather, I prefer to complete the project well ahead of schedule. • I have exceeded my sales goals every quarter and I've earned a bonus each year since I started with my current employer. • My time management skills are excellent and I'm organized, efficient, and take pride in excelling at my work. • I pride myself on my customer service skills and my ability to resolve what could be difficult situations. 2. "What is your greatest weakness?" Try to show that my greatest weakness is no longer my greatest weakness. Never mention something you are still bad at. But mention something you found as your weakness and now you have overcome it. Eg. I used to leave my assignments for the last day in my school days and that helped me to learn how to work on deadlines and complete a task if a client needs a work done at the last hour. I used to like to work on one project to it completion before starting on another, but I've learned to multi-task better. I think it allows me to be more creative and effective in each one. I am straightforward. What’s in comes out directly. I don't have a good poker face. My expressions are real and I cannot fake. My weakness is my commitment toward work. Generally, I do not fully rest untill my work is finished. -- Video link: http://youtu.be/3bhor7R2dfo I hope this video helped you! So please like comment and share this video with others. And don’t forget to subscribe for more such videos… Follow us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/letssharesolutions With Best Wishes! Ashwani Thakur Founder, Lets Share Solutions www.letssharesolutions.com
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Nursing Care Plans In 4 Simple Steps (2018)
Nursing Care Plans In 4 Simple Steps (2018) One of the biggest things that makes nursing school hard is how many care plans you need to write. Every week, you're writing at least one nursing school care plan the entire time you're a nursing student. Thankfully, nursing care plans don't need to be difficult, complicated, or take a gazillion hours. Here are 4 simple steps to help set you up for nursing care plan success in nursing school! In this video, we'll cover what you need to do before, during, and after your nursing school clinicals to help you succeed on your care plans. I'll also give you 3 bonus tips to help you write a great nursing diagnosis and nursing interventions on your nursing care plans as well. Don't forget to snag your FREE care plans right here: http://bit.ly/nursingsos5 --- F R E E C A R E P L A N S: http://bit.ly/nursingsos5 --- C A R E P L A N V I D E O S: Nursing Diagnosis: 3 tips For A Great Nursing Care Plan: https://youtu.be/ezqh249z8kY Nursing Process Steps (CRITICAL THINKING): https://youtu.be/Ug4fDIJNQhw --- S U B S C R I B E http://bit.ly/nursingsossubscribe --- B E C O M E A M E M B E R https://membership.nursingschoolofsuccess.com/ --- F O L L O W BLOG | https://nursingschoolofsuccess.com/ INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/nursingsos/ FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/nursingschoolofsuccess/ --- LEGAL DISCLAIMER: These videos are intended for entertainment purposes only. Although we strive for 100% accuracy in all of our videos, errors may occur. Never treat a patient or make a nursing or medical decision based on the information provided on this channel or in our videos. Never practice nursing or medicine unless you have a proper license to do so.
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How to Write the Perfect Letter of Resignation - Sample Resignation Letter 2018
How to Write the Perfect Letter of Resignation - Sample Resignation Letter 2018 • FREE DOWNLOAD - The Perfect Letter of Resignation - https://www.professoraustin.com/perfect-resignation-letter-free-template/ Ready to take it to the next level? Get the Career Advancement Toolkit here: http://careertoolkit.win/ So you’re thinking about quitting your job, because it’s not the right fit anymore. Or maybe you’ve already accepted a new job and you're wondering how to tell your current employer without burning any bridges. In this video, you’ll learn how to write the perfect letter of resignation. You'll learn 5 tips that will help you resign properly from your current position with confidence and control. Stay tuned to the end, to find out where you can grab a sample resignation letter. Watch this video to learn: • How to properly resign from your job. • How to write a simple resignation letter. • What not to include in your resignation letter. • Where to find a sample resignation letter 2 weeks notice. • Where to find a sample resignation letter with reason. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS: https://goo.gl/WB86Ta Share this video with a friend: https://youtu.be/EtE2Lbirckc Join other professionals just like you striving to land higher-quality career opportunities: #TheCareerClub on Facebook - a private community: http://bit.ly/TheCareerClub CONNECT WITH ME: • https://www.professoraustin.com • https://www.instagram.com/professor_austin/ • https://www.facebook.com/ProfessorAustin/ • https://www.linkedin.com/in/heather-austin/ For more on how to write a good resignation letter: How To Write A Good Resignation Letter by Scribble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yWiNHKAAnc
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Tell Me About Yourself - Learn This #1 Trick To Impress Hiring Managers ✓
✅Watch Next: Interview Preparation MasterClass: https://youtu.be/9mXG3AiXVMY You will double your chances if you watch this masterclass entirely. You can download the PowerPoint templates here; https://goo.gl/VWZD7X Learn the best way to answer "tell me about yourself" job interview question from a PwC Consulting Manager and easily impress the hiring manager. You will learn how to prepare, pass, and land interviews with multinational companies. Tell Me About Yourself is one of the most critical questions you will be asked in your interview. In fact, I'll go ahead and say that it's perhaps THE most important question. I'll also say that it's the only one that can allow you to leave a long lasting impression with the hiring managers. And, it's incredibly easy to pull it off. You need a structure in your pitch. A structure that will allow you to present your background effectively. In this video, I talk in great details as to how you should answer this job interview question. It's all about having a structure, knowing what to say, knowing what not to say and presenting your background smoothly while making sure mentioning important elements in your background which is also what the hiring managers are looking for. In your 2 minute pitch, you need to make sure you present your background in a way that they clearly get the idea that you are THE candidate they want to hire. Watch the video until the end to gain a full understanding on the topic." Visit http://thecareermastery.com for more resources. Enjoy...
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How to write a good essay
How to write an essay- brief essays and use the principles to expand to longer essays/ even a thesis you might also wish to check the video on Interview technique (now on this channel too!)
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ADP Human Resource Career Insights - Riley
Riley tells her ADP Career story of how she went from intern to manager within our HR Graduate Degree program. ADP and the ADP logo are registered trademarks of ADP, LLC. ADP A more human resource is a service mark of ADP, LLC. Copyright © ADP, LLC, 2017. All rights reserved.
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Doctors Make Big Money Selling You Pills: Corporations Pay The Bonuses
Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio and Attorney Dan Soloway talk about how the last prescription your Dr. gave you was probably the result of pharmaceutical kickbacks in cash. To learn more about this topic, visit http://www.levinlaw.com/america-lawyer Ring of Fire needs your help! Support us by becoming a monthly patron on Patreon, and help keep progressive media alive!: https://www.patreon.com/TheRingofFire Spread the word! LIKE and SHARE this video or leave a comment to help direct attention to the stories that matter. And SUBSCRIBE to stay connected with Ring of Fire's video content! Watch America's Lawyer featuring Mike Papantonio on RT: https://www.rt.com/shows/americas-lawyer/ Order Mike Papantonio's novel Law and Vengeance today: https://www.amazon.com/Law-Vengeance-Mike-Papantonio/dp/1590794362 Follow more of our stories at http://www.TROFIRE.com Subscribe to our podcast: http://www.ROFPodcast.com Support Ring of Fire by subscribing to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/golefttv?sub_confirmation=1 Be sociable! Follow us on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RingofFireRadio Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RingofFireRadio Google+: http://plus.google.com/118415831573195648557 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ringoffirenetwork/
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Amma  nanni januma..karaoke.. AMMA I LOVE YOU
Kannada karaoke songs
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Communicating Effectively for Today's Employee Population
Hear why ADP had to adjust the communication plan for their restructured bonus program and also best practices for employee communicaitons for today and the future. Keith Kitani, CEO & Co-founder, GuideSpark, and John Hyttinen, BA, CCP, CHRL, Senior Director, Total Rewards, ADP - Automatic Data Processing Canada
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how to make money online|Writing jobs Get Paid To Write Online
CLICK THE LINK TO ACCESS: https://tinyurl.com/Writing-Jobs-2018-Get-Paid how to make money online|Writing jobs Get Paid To Write Online This is a perfect opportunity for you and any one who can write... join this program and enjoy.. Earn up to $30-$120 per hour Get paid up to $50 per article Get paid up to $500-$1,000 for short ebooks Get cash from 1,000's of our daily high-paying writing jobs All kinds of writing jobs from you to choose from Flexible working hours, work when you want to Write content anywhere in the world No experience needed to join! Now you can live the laptop lifestyle and make a full time income or make extra cash by providing written content to thousands of our partners that need them for their websites, blogs, books, magazines, marketing materials and many more! "@N@bena"
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Freelancing in Canada
Support us on Patreon! : https://www.patreon.com/Igorryltsev/ (Drive for Uber Up to $1000 bonus) https://partners.uber.com/i/igorr1193ui My Blog: http://www.uberdrive.ca My Other Blog: https://www.houseincanada.ca (Drive for Uber Up to $1000 bonus) https://partners.uber.com/i/igorr1193ui My Main Setup for Canada: Camera: https://amzn.to/2Iwcl9L My Second Camera: https://amzn.to/2JHQHAZ Lens: https://amzn.to/2qbuKkO Microphone: https://amzn.to/2qcH7gn Tripod: https://amzn.to/2GFi9gO My Main Setup for USA: Camera: https://amzn.to/2GASZE0 My Second Camera: https://amzn.to/2JJI9JM Lens: https://amzn.to/2Iw8rxE Microphone: https://amzn.to/2q8ayA4 Tripod: https://amzn.to/2HeEeng Social Links:  Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/igor.ryltsev  Twitter: http://twitter.com/igorryltsev
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HR Swat Team Orientation - July 13, 2009
OPM hosted a Hiring Reform orientation session for agencies SWAT Teams.
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ECR Upload, HR training
Click below to join Online Generalist HR Training http://www.ahbs.in/pma/index.php?page=join Aspire HR Business Services is an HR Outsource Company and We Provide HR Practical Training for more than 4 years at all level. Aspire HRB always Invites HR Professional / Fresh MBA HR /Pursuing MBA/Graduates /PG for HR Practical Training Classes with Real Time Exposure. Web / Desktop Base Module 1 - Statutory & Legal Compliance PF ACT-1952 PF-Act Eligibility Benefits Contributions From Both Employee & Employer Prepare PF Contribution ECR in prescribed format Filing( Monthly & Yearly) Filling The Forms Maintenance of P. F. Records How to generate UAN How to update employee’s KYC details Annexure II Online Claim transfer processing PF withdrawal Claim/Pension Claim ESI ACT-1948 & PF ACT-1952 ESI-Act Eligibility Contributions from Both Employee & Employer Filing (Monthly & Half Yearly) Calculations Filling the Forms Benefits Online ESIC Challan generate GRATUITY ACT-1972 & BONUS ACT-1965 Coverage & Eligibility Calculations Tax Exemptions Limit CONTRACT LABOUR (REGULATION AND ABOLITION) ACT1970 Definition Different Clauses. Procedure to be followed. Register to be maintained. FACTORY ACT 1948 Definition Eligibility Filling return (yearly and Half yearly) Register to be maintained THE INDUSTRIAL DISPUTE ACT 1947 Definition Different Clauses. Procedure to be followed. Register to be maintained THE MATERNITY BENEFIT ACT 1961 Definition Different Clauses. Procedure to be followed. Register to be maintained THE MINIMUM WAGES ACT 1948 Definition Different Clauses. Procedure to be followed. Register to be maintained THE PAYMENT OF WAGES 1936 Definition Different Clauses. Procedure to be followed. Register to be maintained Module 2 - Payroll Processing (Compensation and Benefits) The Pay Structure Leave Management (CL, EL, SL, and ML) Basic, HRA, DA, Conveyance, Medical allowance, Lunch Allowance etc. ESI, PF Calculations Calculation of Gross, Net Salary & CTC Preparation of Break- up Salary, Designing CTC and Salary Break up and Discussion on Compensation and Benefits. Salary processing TAX PLANNING FOR SALARIED EMPLOYEE PT- Slab Process TDS (Salaried People) Slab Process of TDS Calculation of TDS for Men, Women, Senior Citizens Education Cass Routine Tax Planning Tax Exemptions under Different Sections Module 3 - MS Advance Excel – Online session Backstage view Editing workbooks 1 Editing workbooks 2 Formatting data Workbook & work sheet Excel tables Financial function Help system Maths function 1 Maths functions 2 Operators formulas Paste preview Formatting options 1 Formatting options 2 Managing data 1 Managing data 2 Text date time Relative absolute referencing Charts 1 Charts 2 Trend lines Pivot tables charts Pivot tables Scenario manager Goal seek Macros Printing worksheets Grouping data Linking protecting File formats Module 4 - Recruitment & Selections End-to-End Recruitment process Hands on Experience on Job Portals i.e., Shine with Sourcing Methodologies. Boolean Search, Industry Mapping Screening, Short-Listing of Resume. Interview Skills & How to Conduct Interview. Joining Formalities and Relieving Procedure Exit Interviews The online training will be given through Skype. Candidate should have Computer/Laptop and internet connection. Add on Benefits Discussion on Interview skills Resume writing in a professional approach Recruitment counseling Placement support Excellent study material Regards Aspire HR Business Services Mob. 09990458999 Email: aspirehrb@gmail.com Website: www.ahbs.in
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Demo: Create an Ethereum Smart Contract
http://bit.ly/bitcoincourse Demo showing how to send ether, create and deploy a Smart Contract using the Ethereum Wallet. Part of a larger 3.5 hr course on Bitcoin and Decentralized Technology.
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What is an API?
What exactly is an API? Finally learn for yourself in this helpful video from MuleSoft, the API experts. https://www.mulesoft.com/platform/api The textbook definition goes something like this: “An application programming interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API expresses a software component in terms of its operations, inputs, outputs, and underlying types. An API defines functionalities that are independent of their respective implementations, which allows definitions and implementations to vary without compromising each other. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks. APIs often come in the form of a library that includes specifications for routines, data structures, object classes, and variables. In other cases, notably SOAP and REST services, an API is simply a specification of remote calls exposed to the API consumers. An API specification can take many forms, including an International Standard, such as POSIX, vendor documentation, such as the Microsoft Windows API, or the libraries of a programming language, e.g., the Standard Template Library in C++ or the Java APIs. An API differs from an application binary interface (ABI) in that an API is source code-based while an ABI is a binary interface. For instance POSIX is an API, while the Linux Standard Base provides an ABI”. To speak plainly, an API is the messenger that runs and delivers your request to the provider you’re requesting it from, and then delivers the response back to you. To give you a familiar example, think of an API as a waiter in a restaurant. Imagine you’re sitting at the table with a menu of choices to order from, and the kitchen is the provider who will fulfill your order. What’s missing is the critical link to communicate your order to the kitchen and deliver your food back to your table. That’s where the waiter (or API) comes in. ”AHEM” The waiter takes your order, delivers it to the kitchen, and then delivers the food (or response) back to you. (Hopefully without letting your order crash if designed correctly) Now that we’ve whetted your appetite, let’s apply this to a real API example. In keeping with our theme, let’s book a flight to a culinary capital – Paris. You’re probably familiar with the process of searching for airline flights online. Just like at a restaurant, you have a menu of options to choose from ( a dropdown menu in this case). You choose a departure city and date, a return city and date, cabin class, and other variables (like meal or seating, baggage or pet requests) In order to book your flight, you interact with the airline’s website to access the airline’s database to see if any seats are available on those dates, and what the cost might be based on certain variables. But, what if you are not using the airline’s website, which has direct access to the information? What if you are using online travel service that aggregates information from many different airlines? Just like a human interacts with the airline’s website to get that information, an application interacts with the airline’s API. The API is the interface that, like your helpful waiter, runs and and delivers the data from that online travel service to the airline’s systems over the Internet. It also then takes the airline’s response to your request and delivers right back to the online travel service . And through each step of the process it facilitates that interaction between the travel service and the airline’s systems - from seat selection to payment and booking. So now you can see that it’s APIs that make it possible for us all to use travel sites. They interface with with airlines’ APIs to gather information in order to present options back to us The same goes for all interactions between applications, data and devices - they all have API’s that allow computers to operate them, and that's what ultimately creates connectivity. API’s provide a standard way of accessing any application, data or device whether it is shopping from your phone, or accessing cloud applications at work. So, whenever you think of an API, just think of it as your waiter running back and forth between applications, databases and devices to deliver data and create the connectivity that puts the world at our fingertips. And whenever you think of creating an API, think MuleSoft.
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Over Time Through SAP Standard Procedure - PART 1 | SAP HR PCR Training
http://sap-hr-online-training-2015.blogspot.com chrishnaaa@gmail.com Contact: +91 9930085527 Or +91 9920418389 Our Agenda for Advanced sap hr training: Time Evaluation Time Quota Generation-Compensate in Payroll Absence Quota Generation Through RPTIME00 Fixed Generate Annual Leave - Monthly generation based on Attendance Leave carry forward With Different examples Compensatory Off Generate Quota for Financial Year Example April 2015 to March 2016 Quota generation when employee when company code changes. Generation of Time Types & wage types in Positive Time Management and Valuation in Payroll Generate Over Time Normal 1hour rate Over time First 2 Hours = Number of hours X Basic per hour rate Over time After 2 Hours= Number of hours X Basic per hour rate X 2 Weekly Over time after XX hrs. Over Time on Holidays and Weekends = Number of Hrs. X (Basic + Conveyance) and Compensatory off Time bonus wage types Unauthorized Absence and Reduce salary accordingly Daily hour’s calculations for daily wage earner's Messages in Time Evaluation Payroll PCR's & SCHEMA in Payroll Factoring PCR's and SCHEMA XAL9 Changes to Factoring PCR's as per requirements Create Attendance Bonus Wage type through PCR Calculation of hourly rate for valuation Bases Standard PCR's Basic Pay wage calculation for Daily Wage Earner's Valuation of Time Wage types Retro Accounting Retro PCR editing Create PCR to change retro values Processing Classes creation and creating rules Tax Calculation International Exemption wages from Tax - International Write PCR to calculate based on gross with custom tax slabs Payroll Tax Calculation-Statutory and Custom Tax exemptions Modifying of Pay slip- PE51 with custom wages for Standard earnings through PCR's Extra terms, pcr forms sap sap hcm payroll pcr pcr scenarios in sap hr payroll schema in sap hr sap hr pcr forms pcr writing sap hr how to write a pcr sap hr pcr document overtime pcr sap hr schema and pcr in sap hr sap hr schema pcr pcr in sap hr payroll how to write pcr in sap hr sap payroll schema configuration pcr and schemas sap hr time management sap hr pcr operations sap hr pcr rules payroll schema sap hr pcr and schemas sap hr training on pcr and schema sap payroll schema sap hr time management pcr sap hr payroll schema pcr classes on sap hr pcr and schema pcr in sap,what is schema in sap hr sap hr time pcr pcr in sap hr sap hr pcr sap hr pcr tutorial sap hr pcr examples sap hr payroll pcr sap hcm pcr Follow us On: https://www.facebook.com/SAP.HR.HCM.Online.Training.Worldwide
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Salary Negotiating: #1's with Andrew LaCivita: Advice for Each Step of Your Job Search
Join career expert and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita for this amazing 4-part live series on his favorite tips and advice for each step of your job search. This session is on salary negotiating! Check out the concierge page for the entire program, schedule, recordings, and more resources! Head here: https://www.milewalkacademy.com/p/andrew-lacivita-number-1-tips-job-searching-concierge-page FREE content, see the https://www.milewalkacademy.com/. SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/andylacivita -------------------- SESSION 4! SALARY NEGOTIATING! -------------------- More than 90% of workers don't get paid what they deserve even though surveys indicate employers are willing to pay more. Why leave money on the table? Learn the reason you probably shortchanged yourself when you took that new job and how to avoid the #1 negotiation misstep so you get paid what you deserve. Make sure to join me for this final session in my #1 Tips series to learn salary negotiating! -------------------- #1 TIPS: ADVICE FOR EACH STEP OF YOUR JOB SEARCH PLAYLIST -------------------- Watch Entire Playlist Here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxjGQaV8rAh27C6NzXy4vQgwjo-a1xwsI Individual Videos Here: Resume Writing: Career Profile: https://youtu.be/gMYXgKLQZRc Job Search Networking: https://youtu.be/wygrfrwnUws Job Interviewing: https://youtu.be/L1Jv3ZfP5d0 Salary Negotiation: https://youtu.be/3o96I44CK8Q -------------------- VIDEOS I MENTIONED IN THE SESSION -------------------- HOW TO NEGOTIATE SALARY AFTER JOB OFFER: https://youtu.be/6EpfttTlhx8 WHY YOU DON'T GET PAID WHAT YOU DESERVE: https://youtu.be/PdKNFADpq4Q BEST ANSWER TO "WHAT'S YOUR EXPECTED SALARY?": https://youtu.be/Y-mNcEctZQY -------------------- GET INTERVIEW INTERVENTION HARDCOVER FREE! -------------------- Get the Interview Intervention Hardcover, eBook, and Audiobook while supplies last! The $29 book is FREE. I bought it for you. I'm also adding in the $27 digital experience. I only ask that you pay $7 so my friends at the warehouse can pick it, pack it, and ship it. I'll send it anywhere in the world for $7! Get it here: http://bit.ly/YTFreeInterviewIntervention -------------------- JOIN MY JOB SEARCH BOOT CAMP -------------------- Want the most advanced and effective job searching program created? Check out my Job Search Boot Camp to find your dream job fast! 5 sessions, lifetime access, live event (plus recordings), ongoing coaching and so much more: - Start in the right place (your headline/pitch, your why, your needs, your questions for the employers) - Create marketing material that wows (resume, cover letters, LinkedIn Profile) - Run the perfect job hunt (most advanced job search strategies) - Interview to win the job (ace any type of interview and learn advanced selling techniques) - Negotiate like a pro (learn the nuances, psychology and steps to get paid what you deserve) Learn more and ENROLL HERE: https://www.milewalkacademy.com/p/andrew-lacivita-job-search-boot-camp -------------------- CONNECT WITH ANDREW -------------------- Join Andrew's email list: http://milewalk.com/mwblog Get Andrew's books and training: https://www.milewalkacademy.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/andylacivita Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrewlacivita Twitter: https://twitter.com/arlacivita LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewlacivita Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andrewlacivita iTunes free podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tips-for-work-life-andrew/id1120387046 -------------------- ABOUT ANDREW -------------------- Andrew LaCivita is an internationally recognized executive recruiter, award-winning author, trainer, and founder and chief executive officer of milewalk and the milewalk Academy. He's dedicated his career to helping people and companies realize their potential, consulting to more than two hundred organizations and counseling more than eleven thousand individuals. He often serves as a trusted media resource and is the award-winning author of Interview Intervention, Out of Reach but in Sight, and The Hiring Prophecies. -------------------- ABOUT TIPS FOR WORK AND LIFE® -------------------- Tips for Work and Life® is a weekly careers, hiring, and motivational show full of helpful job search strategies, career management and acceleration tactics, recruitment techniques, and self-help aids with the award-winning author, career coach, and trainer Andrew LaCivita. Tips for Work and Life® has been cited by several sources as a Top 5 Careers and HR Blog. Andrew includes these 3-20 minute multicast shows as part of his blog and podcast. #milewalkacademy #jobinterview #careercoach #liveofficehours #careercoaching #interviewintervention #jobsearch
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Online Incentive Programs that Drive Recognition, Sales, Business Performance
Correctly designed incentive and reward programs can help drive individual behaviors and performance that lead to business success. Outsourcing your incentive program to a service provider that offers an ONLINE reward program platform (Software as a Service Cloud) can allow you to launch and run programs efficiently and affordably. Learn more at http://www.incentivesolutions.com
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Resume Questions and Answers: Live Office Hours with Andrew LaCivita
Join career expert and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita for Live Office Hours on resume questions and answers! Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the resume. There will be many of these and you'll have everything you need to know after the show! Make sure to grab your professional resume template (https://youtu.be/RKM_LZ0ujX8) and collegiate resume template (https://youtu.be/IxhdjXecGuw) in these videos. And, while supplies last, get your FREE INTERVIEW INTERVENTION Hardcover, ebook, and audiobook while supplies last! Get the details and your copy here: http://bit.ly/YTFreeInterviewIntervention For much more FREE content, see the https://www.milewalkacademy.com/ -------------------- TODAY! RESUME QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS -------------------- Join me for an action-packed hour on the resume's most frequently asked questions and answers plus a ton of time dedicated to answering YOUR QUESTIONS! -------------------- ATTEND FREE LIVE RESUME WRITING MASTERCLASS -------------------- You will love this deep, LIVE session on exactly how to write your professional or collegiate resume. Details here: https://www.milewalkacademy.com/p/andrew-lacivita-resume-writing-live-masterclass Registration DEADLINE: September 24th. Event: Friday September 28th at Noon ET -------------------- NOT GETTING YOUR RESUME NOTICED VIA THE ATS? -------------------- I recommend my resume format followed by using JOBSCAN. Get it FREE here: https://www.jobscan.co/andrew-lacivita -------------------- GET INTERVIEW INTERVENTION HARDCOVER FREE! -------------------- Get the Interview Intervention Hardcover, eBook, and Audiobook while supplies last! The $29 book is FREE. I bought it for you. I'm also adding in the $27 digital experience. I only ask that you pay $7 so my friends at the warehouse can pick it, pack it, and ship it. I'll send it anywhere in the world for $7! Get it here: http://bit.ly/YTFreeInterviewIntervention -------------------- JOIN MY JOB SEARCH BOOT CAMP -------------------- Want the most advanced and effective job searching program created? Check out my Job Search Boot Camp to find your dream job fast! 5 sessions, lifetime access, live event (plus recordings), ongoing coaching and so much more: - Start in the right place (your headline/pitch, your why, your needs, your questions for the employers) - Create marketing material that wows (resume, cover letters, LinkedIn Profile) - Run the perfect job hunt (most advanced job search strategies) - Interview to win the job (ace any type of interview and learn advanced selling techniques) - Negotiate like a pro (learn the nuances, psychology and steps to get paid what you deserve) Learn more and ENROLL HERE: https://www.milewalkacademy.com/p/andrew-lacivita-job-search-boot-camp -------------------- CONNECT WITH ANDREW -------------------- Join Andrew's email list: http://milewalk.com/mwblog Get Andrew's books and training: https://www.milewalkacademy.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/andylacivita Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrewlacivita Twitter: https://twitter.com/arlacivita LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewlacivita Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andrewlacivita iTunes free podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tips-for-work-life-andrew/id1120387046 -------------------- ABOUT ANDREW -------------------- Andrew LaCivita is an internationally recognized executive recruiter, award-winning author, trainer, and founder and chief executive officer of milewalk and the milewalk Academy. He's dedicated his career to helping people and companies realize their potential, consulting to more than two hundred organizations and counseling more than eleven thousand individuals. He often serves as a trusted media resource and is the award-winning author of Interview Intervention, Out of Reach but in Sight, and The Hiring Prophecies. -------------------- ABOUT TIPS FOR WORK AND LIFE® -------------------- Tips for Work and Life® is a weekly careers, hiring, and motivational show full of helpful job search strategies, career management and acceleration tactics, recruitment techniques, and self-help aids with the award-winning author, career coach, and trainer Andrew LaCivita. Tips for Work and Life® has been cited by several sources as a Top 5 Careers and HR Blog. Andrew includes these 3-20 minute multicast shows as part of his blog and podcast. #milewalkacademy #resume #resumewriting #careercoach #careercoaching #liveofficehours #interviewintervention
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Relax 8 Hours-Relaxing Nature Sounds-Study-Sleep-Meditation-Water Sounds-Bird Song
***A great new collection of products with my own original photography.*** https://www.zazzle.com/johnnielawsonartist/collections?pg=1?rf=238275263565851247 Mp3’s of my youtube videos + a discounted collection of 12 of your most popular soundscapes. https://gumroad.com/relaxingnaturesounds Facebook for updates. https://www.facebook.com/johnnielawsonvisualartist Any suggestions or ideas, please let me know. *NEW* Direct link to buy this soundscape as an mp3 download. https://gum.co/No1rockymountainriverandbirdsong Remember to Subscribe for new relaxing nature sounds videos every week :) If you find this video helpful in your life please consider subscribing to this channel as this will help to get these videos out to others who will also find them helpful in their lives. Thank you for your support. Nature Sounds for Relaxation and Meditation. https://gumroad.com/relaxingnaturesounds and https://gumroad.com/naturalstressrelief. The calming sound of nature will help if you have insomnia and want to sleep better, also for better concentration as a study aid or if you feel like relaxing. Healing Sounds https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhEEtfQtHIwBL0HlpaVB7UBt9z3KA6hFH This is one of a series of videos designed for various needs:- as a calming sound to play in the background while studying or as a soothing sound to play while you sleep. These videos can be used for many relaxation requirements, let me know how you use this video. With each video there will be a tip to help you with your studying or how to achieve a relaxed sleep. With this video I have included the first of the tips on how to get the most out of your study sessions. For the second 8 Hour video in this series and Study Tip No.2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzM7R6Vzp4s For the third 8 Hour video in this series and Study Tip No.3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G8LAiHSCAs For the fourth 8 Hour video in this series and Study Tip No.4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txvn1jQk1hM How to Study Effectively Quality focus is necessary for effective study. It's difficult to make headway in any learning program without an effective study plan. If it is exams you are studying for, quality focus is what will get you those extra marks, potentially elevating you into the next grade. Set aside a quiet place where you can work regularly. This place should be dedicated to study, free of potential distractions from friends, family and even pets. Keep the space simple and tidy, get rid of clutter. Your chair should be firm and comfortable to help avoid back problems and neck strain. Make sure that your study area is well lit and has an ambient temperature where you can focus. The quality of focus determines the quality of understanding, thus enabling you to apply what you learn. Regular work in such an environment helps form good, effective study habits, improves concentration and focus. Minimize distractions, as they waste precious time and cause tension. Cómo estudiar con eficacia Es necesario para el estudio eficaz enfoque de calidad. Es difícil avanzar en cualquier programa de aprendizaje sin un plan de estudio eficaz. Si se trata de los exámenes que se están estudiando para, el enfoque de calidad es lo que va a conseguir que esas marcas adicionales, potencialmente elevar al grado siguiente. Ponga a un lado un lugar tranquilo donde se puede trabajar con regularidad. Este lugar debe ser dedicado a estudiar, libre de potenciales distracciones de amigos, familiares e incluso mascotas. Mantenga el simple espacio y ordenado, deshacerse de desorden. Su silla debe ser firme y cómodo para ayudar a evitar problemas de espalda y la tensión del cuello. Asegúrese de que el área de estudio está bien iluminado y tiene una temperatura ambiente donde se puede enfocar. La calidad de atención determina la calidad de la comprensión, lo que le permite aplicar lo que aprende. El trabajo regular en dicho entorno ayuda a formar buenos, hábitos de estudio eficaces, mejora la concentración y el enfoque. Reduzca al mínimo las distracciones, ya que perder un tiempo precioso y causan tensión. Relax 8 Hours-Relaxing Nature Sounds-Study-Sleep-Meditation-Water Sounds-Bird Song © Johnnie Lawson All rights reserved Channel:- http://www.youtube.com/user/johnnielawson Video:- http://youtu.be/eKFTSSKCzWA #naturesounds #relaxingsounds #forestsounds
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Nicola Morgan Gives Great Tips on Working in HR
Twist or Stick Recruitment Presents: An Interview with Nicola Morgan http://www.twistorstick.co.uk Find out what it's like to work in HR especially in the PR industry. Lovely Nicola has lots of experience and has some great advice.
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Make $30 Per Hour Just By Testing Websites Online (2nd Method)
► GET YOUR FREE COURSE HERE ◄ http://andyhafell.com/Free-Beginner-Course UserTesting (Other Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiiIjq_AQTQ&t=194s Today i show you Another way to Make $30 Per Hour Just By Testing Websites Online. DISCLAIMER: I CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL MAKE MONEY FROM THIS, OR ANY OF MY VIDEOS. I'M JUST SHOWING YOU DIFFERENT WEBSITES AND METHODS THAT HAS THE POTENTIAL OF MAKING MONEY. YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY. ALSO IF YOU SEE ANY LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION, IT IS A HIGH CHANCE IT IS AN AFFILIATE LINK. Contact me: Andyhafell@gmail.com
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How to become a business manager?
Do you have abilities to analyse and plan effective strategies? Do you want to pursue a rewarding career full of surprises? Then Business administration and management would be the career you are looking for. http://goo.gl/ZAAh20. Enroll from any part of the world to get high standards online education. http://www.bolc.co.uk You may earn up to £60,000 a year or more by becoming an experienced business manager. Business managers play superior roles in organisations and they are responsible for growth and improvement of the organization. A business consultant helps in improving productivity, strategic decision making and managing ups and downs of a business. Their role can differ from increasing revenues and customers to positioning organizational image in public. What does business managers do? • Looking for business opportunities and potential business principals • Setting sales targets and goals • Understanding the organisational needs and creating sales areas • Negotiating, distributing and selling products • Managing and leading teams to achieve goals • Building positive relationships with clients • Preparing reports and presentations for stake holders and records • Conducting SWOT analysis and managing changes in external business environment What qualities are essential? • Influencing and convincing qualities • Creativity and Vision • Ability to critical situations • Customer service and customer value skills • Calm personality with time effectiveness • Work load management • Professional and diplomatic behaviour Where can you get employment? • Commercial area • Education • Manufacturing • NGOs • Other sectors You can earn extra bonuses and incentives with your good performance. Almost all the sectors offer job opportunities to business managers. Business managers can specialize in a variety of areas including finance, marketing, tax and budgeting, sales, public relations, accounting and etc. Your role may differ depending upon nature and requirements of the business. You can work independently to earn high rewards and live happily. Brentwood open learning college delivers international standards online education to students. Brentwood open learning college is proud to offer range of business management courses through online learning system to enable students to learn effective and modern business techniques and strategies. Certificate in business administration Level 3 is designed to deliver knowledge and skills required to work in variety of sectors. Fundamentals to advance concepts regarding business administration are delivered through this course. Certificate in business administration Level 3 comprises seven units: Introduction of Business Administration, Basics of Administrative Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing & Customer Services, Staff Performance Management, Resources Management, Risk Management. Budget planning course level 3 provides a comprehensive view of financial concepts and methods. This course consists four units: The Fundamentals of Finance, Budget Planning Basics, Monitoring and Managing Budgets, Comparing Investment Opportunities. Certificate in business management level 3 is another valuable course to equip students with the modern management knowledge to cope with business challenges. This course comprises six units: Introduction to Business Management, Operations Management, Getting Your Product Together, Marketing Your Product, Strategic Planning, Building a Strong Customer Care Team. Diploma in business administration level 4 is professionally build to deliver classical as well as advance business administration knowledge to students. This invaluable course comprises thirteen units: The Business Environment, Fundamentals of Administrative Management, HR Management, Performance Management, Managing Finance, Managing Resources, Effective Marketing, Business Communications and Report Writing, Time, Stress and Crisis Management, Assess, Manage and Monitor Risks, Building and Maintaining Effective Customer Relations, Team Management, Starting a Business. Certificate in business communication level 3 is designed to meet the communication requirements of the contemporary world. This course is delivered through five units. Certificate in business process management level 3 course delivers the comprehensive knowledge about the variety of business processes and their effective management to get extraordinary results. Range of business related courses offered by Brentwood open learning college includes: • Writing Reports and Proposals (level 3) • Starting an Online Business Course (Level 3) • Certificate in Communication Skills • Writing a Business Plan (Level 2) • Business Management Course (Level 1) • How to Start and Run an Online Business (Level 1) • Certificate in Business Process Management facebook : https://facebook.com/bolconline Twitter : https://twitter.com/bolcuk Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+BrentwoodOpenLearningCollege
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Python Programming
Get the Cheat Sheet Here : http://goo.gl/Rv01oG Best Book on Python : http://amzn.to/1NxiMLo Beginner Python Tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGLfVvz_LVvTn3cK5e6LjhgGiSeVlIRwt Support Me on Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/derekbanas Install : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=17s Basics : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=2m23s Arithmetic : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=4m21s Strings : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=5m54s Lists / Arrays : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=8m8s Tuples : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=12m24s Dictionary : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=13m37s Conditionals : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=15m46s For Loop : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=19m41s While Loop : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=21m57s Functions : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=24m59s User Input : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=26m34s String Functions : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=26m57s File I/O : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=30m11s Classes / Objects : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=32m4s Constructors : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=34m39s Inheritance : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=37m24s Overwriting Functions : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=37m58s Overloading Functions : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=39m47s Polymorphism : http://youtu.be/N4mEzFDjqtA?t=41m19s I have received a ton of requests to make a Python programming tutorial in which I teach pretty much everything in one video. I'll cover modules, comments, print, arithmetic operators, order of operation, lists, tuples, dictionaries, conditional operators, logical operators, if, else, elif, loops, for, while, break, continue, functions, return, readline(), string operators, file i/o, classes, objects and much more.
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Patty McCord: "Powerful: Teams, Leaders and the Culture of Freedom [...]" | Talks at Google
Patty McCord – Netflix’s former Chief Talent Officer comes to Google to talk about her new book, "Powerful: Teams, Leaders and the Culture of Freedom and Responsibility." When it comes to recruiting, motivating and creating great teams, Patty McCord says most companies have it all wrong. McCord helped create the unique and high performing culture at Netflix, where she was chief talent officer. She takes what she learned there and elsewhere in Silicon Valley and spells it out in her new book, Powerful. In her own irreverent voice, McCord promotes radical honesty at the workplace, saying good bye if they don’t fit the emerging needs of a company, and motivating employees with challenging work, not promises, crazy perks and, bonus plans. McCord argues that the old standbys of corporate HR departments -- annual performance reviews, retention plans, employee empowerment and engagement programs – often end up being a colossal waste of time and resources. In the book, she offers her road-tested advice for creating a culture of high performance and profitability. Patty McCord served as Chief Talent Officer of Netflix for fourteen years and helped create the Netflix Culture Deck. Since it was posted on the web, the Culture Deck has been viewed more than 15 million times and Sheryl Sandberg has said that it “may be the most important document ever to come out of Silicon Valley.” Currently, Patty coaches and advises a small group of companies and entrepreneurs on culture and leadership. She also speaks to groups and teams around the world. Patty’s book “Powerful. Teams, Leaders and the Culture of Freedom and Responsibility” will be published in the fall of 2017. Get the book: https://goo.gl/yKjGUs
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Walmart Raising Minimum Wage, Handing Out $1,000 Bonuses
The new Republican tax law is translating into extra cash for some Walmart workers.
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Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated - Official Documentary
Watch never before seen footage in the Simply Complicated Director's Cut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9T4DQ3sZ_A Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated is a full length documentary that gives a personal and intimate look into Demi Lovato's life as not only a regular 25 year old, but also one of the biggest pop stars in the world. To know Demi best, you have to understand all that she has been through and overcome. This documentary includes never before told stories that inform the person she is today. Go on the journey with Demi as she creates her most important body of work in music yet, and discovers her most authentic self along the way. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis A film by Phillymack Productions
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The Truth about HR and You Live
More info on the Great HR Live Program https://www.greathr.com/great-hr-live/
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11/04/2013 Human Resources Report
DeKalb Schools Board - HR Report
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Prof Dr Crawford Discusses Personnel HR Management Development and Salient Change Management Issues
Prof. Dr. Crawford Discusses the Strategic Development of Personnel Management and Human Resource Management, and Salient Issues in Organisational Change Management, focusing on Change Acceleration, in Strategic and Operational Human Resource Management in an International Context, Double Credit, Course, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Part 1: From Personnel to Human Resource Management: A Strategic Development A Distinction between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management; The advent of Welfare Management; The role of Seebohm Rowntree in Industrial Welfare Development; The Development of Professional Personnel and Human Resource Management; Concerns of Personnel Management: Recruitment and Selection; Workers’ Welfare and Benefits; Industrial Relations; Staff Appraisal; Training and Development. The strategic significance of Human Resource Management; Concerns of Human Resource Management: Recruitment; Selection; Motivation; Human Resource Planning; Workforce Management Strategy; Flexible Working Strategy The rationale for Human Resource Planning (HRP); The link between HRP and Corporate Planning; Human Resource Forecasting (HRF); Designing, implementing and reviewing the effectiveness of HRP; The role of Employee Resourcing in Corporate Strategies and Goals; The role of internal and stakeholders in the Employee Resourcing process; Emergent and Contingency Approaches to Employee Resourcing; The role of Employee Resourcing in Business and Subsystem Strategy; The role of Employee Resourcing in the Development of Organisational Strategy; Organisational Strategy and Employee Resourcing Strategy Compatibility. Part 2: Strategising Employee Resourcing Logicalising Internal and External Selection Processes; Internal and External Selection Processes as an Organisational Development Phenomena; Rationalising Internal Selection as a Process; Staff Turnover and its Negative and Positive Impact On the Organisation; Recruitment and Selection as a Resourcing Activity; The Importance of Human Resource Forecasts; Methods of Forecasting Human Resource Needs of the Organisation; The Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal (PESTEL) Factors, in the External Uncontrollable Environment and how they impinge on Employee Resourcing, incorporating Human Resource Planning; Strategic Operational Review’ (SOR) As Prerequisite for Human Resource Forecasting; Importance of Human Resource Audit; Conducting Human Resource Audit; Personnel Deployment Chart (PDC); Management Succession Chart (MSC); Job Analysis; Job Description; Personnel Specification; Market Targeting; Designing and Placing Advertisement; Designing a Candidate Assessment Form (CAF); Weighting and Using a Candidate Assessment Form (CAF); Non-Conventional Personnel Selection; Short Listing Candidates; Conducting Selection Interviews; Part 3: Motivation in Human Resource Management (1) Directing or Leading: Setting The Stage; The Conceptual Bases of Motivation; Theoretical Bases of Motivation: An Overview; Distinguishing Between Knowledge and Skills; Competence and Performance: A Conceptual Exploration; Is there a Definitive Relationship between Competence and Motivation? Content Theories and Some of Their Contributors: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; Analysis of Maslow’s Claims; McClelland's Studies; Taylor: Money and Motivation; Motivator-Hygiene Factor: Herzberg’s Contribution. Process Theories; Equity Theory; Goal-Setting Theory; Expectancy Theory; Equitable Reward Systems; Reinforcement Theories. Part 4: Motivation in Human Resource Management (2) The Extent to Which Salary or Wages Inducement Motivate Workers; Performance Related Pay (PRP); Productivity Bonuses; Efficiency Gains; Profit Share; Social Differentiation in Motivation; Culture Differentiation in Motivation; Wealth as a Factor in Motivation; Class as an Issue in Motivation; Individual Expectation and Motivation; Individual Preferences as a Motivating Factor; Designing an Effective Motivation Strategy. Part 5: Diversity Management and Its Importance in Human Resource Management (1) The Concepts of Equal Opportunities and Diversity Management; Equal Opportunities in Employment and the British Legislation; Exploring Workforce Diversity; Cultural Diversity, Generally; Gender Diversity; Racial Diversity; Ethnic Diversity Age Diversity; Perceptual and Mental Diversity; Physical Diversity; Sexuality Diversity; Sentience as a Basis for Racial, Ethnic and Gender Discrimination; Racial, Ethnic and Gender Discrimination: The Social Identity Perspective; Gender and Sex Discrimination; Age Discrimination (Ageism and Reverse Ageism); Disability Discrimination; Racial Discrimination; Discrimination as Social Identity.
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How To Earn $65 Per Hour From Testing Time User research Program |Online Work From Home Job|
In this video I am showing you how to earn money from testing time user experience research .This is totally online home base job.you can easily earn money from testingtime user experience research .any kind of people doning this online home base job. Testing time is a legit company they offer you online user experience research. If you join this jobs its totally free joining , only you need a laptop or computer and skyp and a headset & webcam that enough . TestingTime is a Swiss start-up which procures test users for user and market research. The name TestingTime originates from the traditional English “tea time”. This is a type of job like google user experience research .but different of google user experience research and testing time user experience research is that, in this job you need to sear your experience and review any kind of product or websites –directly skyp video chat .But google user experience research you can only review on the text document . How does testing time pay ? : Once you complete a user experience research job then testing time will pay you after 7-10 business day through paypal account. This is a 100% legit job sites so plz join : https://www.testingtime.com Any type of quarry plz draft a comment so I will make a another video to get your answer . Thanks & Regards Dipankar Guha DGTECH INDIA, Plz subscribe my channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4DplVhD_VZgmquZFJs3h4g FaceBook page - https://www.facebook.com/dgtechindia/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/DgtechIndia
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CDL Trucking Companies Charge WHAT When You Quit? | Red Viking Trucker
https://RedVikingTrucker.com CDL Trucking Companies Charge WHAT When You Quit? | Red Viking Trucker Follow me on my cdl big rig 18 wheel big rig CDL commercial truck driving adventures across the southeastern United States This channel is for new or experienced CDL 18 wheel truck drivers, and discusses all topics related to big rig truck driving: CDL school Tips CDL DMV exams CDL Medical exams Sliding Tandems on an 18 Wheeler trailer Sliding fifth wheel on a CDL big rig tractor Handling winter driving conditions in an 18 wheeler Pre trip inspections for CDL drivers Trip planning for a CDL truck driver Interview with experienced successful truck drivers CDL Tanker Drivers CDL Flatbed Drivers CDL Refrigerated Drivers (Reefers) CDL Dry Van Drivers CDL Intermodal Drivers (Port freight) and so much more You can find TONS of useful CDL 18 wheel truck driving tips, content and even a live coaching call option on our website below https://RedVikingTrucker.com Subcribe Like Comment & Share Thank you for watching
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Legit Writing Jobs
Web Address :- http://tinyurl.com/rajv87 Legit Writing Jobs is an online program where people can make money by writing blogs, ebooks, magazines, and more for Large Companies! People can set their own hour to work . They can do it for Part-Time and Full-Time job People need not any degree or experience to join Legit Writing Jobs. http://tinyurl.com/rajv87
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You might have found the gorgeous Tatiana Buree's interview with Stefan James from Project Life Mastery on how she makes $40,000 per month on Amazon at 23 years old... but did you know that there are actually numerous other ways that you can make money in your early 20s? The idea I am presenting you with here is gaining a HIGH INCOME SKILL and in this video I interview my friend, Dee Gautham, and she shares how she makes $20,000 per month online! Watch the full video to learn exactly how she makes $20,000+ per month online and what it took for her to get to this point. She is an amazing business coach, does amazing business coaching, and is also an amazing high ticket closer. 💫 I met the amazing Dee Gautham through being a part of season 2 of Dan Lok's high ticket closer (HTC) program. We would often keep in touch and I followed her closely in the private High Ticket Closer family facebook group because I could tell she was a woman of persistency and inspiration. I was amazed by her success during and after the high ticket closing program with Dan Lok, and I was even more amazed because she took the high income skill of high ticket closing into something she was incredibly passionate about: online fitness coaching. 💫 Instead of just working for an influencer, she invested in herself and became the face of fitness on instagram (especially inspiring women from ethnic backgrounds). She was able to crush her goals and generate over $20,000 profit a month online through her fitness coaching business. Watch the full interview to find out exactly how she makes $20,000 per month online using her high ticket closing skills. 💫 Since finishing the high ticket closer program, Dee continued to work on her online fitness training business. It was going incredibly well, but for some reason she was not feeling fulfilled. Her heart was calling for more and for her to develop as a coach... 💫 Now, Dee is a sales coach for women entrepreneurs. She inspires them to stop playing small, grow their online business faster, and live an EPIC life. 💫 If you are an aspiring female entrepreneur or would like to get in touch with Dee you can do so by following her social media channels: . 💕Dee's Facebook Group For FEARLESS BOSS LADIES: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1005925919580029/ . 💕Dee's Website: https://deegautham.com/ . 💕Dee's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dee_gautham/ . THANK YOU, DEE, for coming on the Victoria Strong Show! It was a joy and absolute pleasure to interview you. . . . If YOU are an aspiring female entrepreneur and are struggling with growing your biz and if you resonated with Dee's story then make sure to connect with her and let her know this video helped you find her. Because, YES YOU CAN. You CAN make money working as a life or fitness coach. You can make money at home online. You CAN learn how to work from home. And you absolutely CAN become a confident woman who believes in her offer and kills it with her monthly sales and profit. It all starts with you and your CORE BELIEF. YOU CAN. And you WILL. 💫 DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am not a financial expert and neither is Dee. No financial advice is being given in this video or on this channel. The information on this channel is solely what has worked for us and there is not guarantee that the same will work for you. Make sure to always check in with your own financial provider and financial situation before making any decisions with your own money or someone else's. 💫 DAN LOK'S (HTC) HIGH TICKET CLOSER PROGRAM: If you are interested in Dan Lok's HTC program that we mentioned in the interview then check out my videos that talk about high ticket closing, the HTC program, and my experience: 📱Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer Program Enrollment Page: https://bit.ly/2Aa0w80 📱Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer Program Webinar: https://bit.ly/2IVZ77z 📱Dan Lok’s Free Book, FU Money: https://bit.ly/2OrXHIf *Please note that these are my affiliate links for HTC. Should you decide to purchase Dan Lok's High Ticket Closer program I appreciate your support if you purchase through my affiliate links. It supports the channel greatly. Thank you. 💕My 2018 High Ticket Closer Bonuses (HTC Program- only for 2018): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Flu55vGRWFA&t=11s 💕My High Ticket Closer Testimonial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwjzspyRSC4&t=587s If this video made you smile, give it a LIKE. If this video brought value to you, SUBSCRIBE for more. If you believe one of your friends or family members could benefit from my video, SHARE on your social media. If you have something to say or add to my content, COMMENT below. To writing your own life song, Victoria Strong
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Basics of Writing a Strong Statement of Qualifications
By the end of this session you will learn: -The basic requirements of an statement of qualification (SOQ) -How an SOQ relates to the application form (STD 678) -Pitfalls to avoid when applying for jobs that require an SOQ -Tips on writing an SOQ Presenter: Lorna Fong Assistant Secretary (retired) California Health and Human Services Agency For Certificate of Completion, please visit the following link: http://www.calhr.ca.gov/Documents/training-certificate-of-completion.pdf If you have any questions, please contact training@calhr.ca.gov. Phone: (916) 445-1547
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C# Tutorial for Beginners: Learn C# from Scratch | Mosh
🔥Get the COMPLETE course (80% OFF - LIMITED TIME): http://bit.ly/2KJLPuS This C# tutorial is designed to teach beginners the fundamentals of C# and .NET framework. 00:00 Introduction 02:16 Difference between C# and .NET 03:07 CLR 05:21 Architecture of .NET Applications 07:52 Your First C# App 18:45 Variables and Constants 27:24 Overflowing 29:34 Scope 30:33 Demo of Variables and Constants 42:40 Type Conversion 47:30 Demo of Type Conversion 57:43 Operators Other C# tutorials on my channel: Debugging C# Code in Visual Studio https://youtu.be/u-HdLtqEOog C# Generics https://youtu.be/gyal6TbgmSU For more tutorials and courses, check out my website: http://programmingwithmosh.com
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Super Simple Copy and Paste $4000/month Affiliate Marketing Business! [From Franklin Hatchett]
Want My #1 Recommendation For Earning a Living Online? ➡️➡️➡️ http://www.noshameincome.com/start For most of you starting out online, your seeking something fairly simple and straight forward to start out. Well I recently came across a simple copy and paste system designed by Franklin Hatchett that you can use to build your own email list while also promoting a popular affiliate program - Clickfunnels. I walk you guy's through a process of how much time and effort it takes to build out your own funnel vs. using this simple affiliate marketing system. I spent literally YEARS, creating my own product, writing emails, learning about copywriting, Facebook advertising, sales funnels, email marketing, survey's and all kinds of other stuff needed to do this on my own. This simple setup allows you to basically duplicate Frank's 4 part video series, swap in your own Clickfunnels affiliate links and make sales by simply driving traffic. It's easy to get overwhelmed by trying to do everything on your own, so why not promote a proven popular product using a killer bonus offer that someone else made for you? It's a total no brainer! You can go through the 4 part series here: http://www.noshameincome.com/start If you decide to sign up for a 14 day free trial with clickfunnels under me, I will throw in an additional Active Campaign automation you can start using right away. Within an hour you can have a fully built sales funnel ready to promote as your own affiliate marketing business. All you need to do is focus on traffic and that's it! Here's my Clickfunnels trial link: http://www.noshameincome.com/cfhome Just email me: john@noshameincome.com for your bonuses and this same system! Subscribe to Frank on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmMM03CkbXnu6TuDeTIvc0w Don't forget to subscribe for more future videos! http://www.noshameincome.com/subscribe F O L L O W M E O N S O C I A L M E D I A TWITTER: @aehs01 FACEBOOK: @aehs01 BLOG: http://www.noshameincome.com M U S I C: Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_aEa8K-EOJ3D6gOs7HcyNg L E G A L: Some links shared on my channel I do receive compensation for. This may include anything I recommend either as an affiliate or from my own products. Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only of your earning potential. I can make no promises that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all for that matter. Your results will depend entirely on how much action you take, your experience etc.. As always there is risk with any business. I am not a financial advisor and nothing in this video should be considered legal advice. You should do your own due diligence and research.
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Halloween Special: H. P. Lovecraft
HAPPY HALLOWEEN IT'S TIME TO GET SPOOKY WITH HISTORY'S MOST PROBLEMATIC HORROR WRITER LET'S GOOOOO While there's something to be said for separating the art from the artist, I think there's a lot of merit in CONTEXTUALIZING the art WITH the artist. Did Lovecraft write some pretty incredible horror? Sure! Was he also a raging xenophobe? Absolutely! Are his perspectives on life connected with the stories he felt compelled to tell? Duh! If you look at Lovecraft's writing through the lens of his life, clear patterns emerge that allow us to pin down what exactly he built his horror cosmology out of. It's an invaluable analytical tool that allows us to take apart his writings by getting inside his head. So before you yell at me for Not Separating The Artist From The Art, know that it was completely intentional and I'm not sorry. 3:20 - THE CALL OF CTHULHU 8:40 - COOL AIR 10:36 - THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE 14:38 - THE DUNWICH HORROR 19:32 - THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH PATREON: www.patreon.com/user?u=4664797 MERCH LINKS: Shirts - https://overlysarcasticproducts.threadless.com/designs All the other stuff - http://www.cafepress.com/OverlySarcasticProducts Find us on Twitter @OSPYouTube!
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