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Medicare How To Find The Best Part D (Prescription Drug Plan)
Medicare Part D Prescription drug Plan. How To Find The Best Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Shop for the best Medicare Part D Plan. Call us at 800-847-9680 Our other YouTube Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4vgYKig-7gkHDsBTIlR_3A https://medigapseminars.org An independent Medicare Insurance broker See our other educational Medicare videos here: https://medigapseminars.org/on-demand-webinar/ https://www.medicare.gov Have questions? Call us at 800-847-9680 How to shop for the best Medicare Part D Plan for you, using Medicare.gov. Never just accept a broker or agent recommendation for a Part D drug plan! They are all different and the cost difference can be substantial! Use Medicare.gov to shop for the best plan. It is the only resource that lets you compare all the plans available. We take you on a step-by-step guide through the process so that you can be confident you have the best plan and lowest price available ....all via Medicare.gov best part d drug plan when turning 65 best part d drug plan for 65 year old best medicare drug plan for 65 medicare drug plan search search part d plans
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How to Find & Compare Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Plans
http://www.SeniorSavingsServices.com See how to find and compare Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. With plans changing for the upcoming calendar year it is a wise choice to learn how to compare plans. Review plan options yearly during Open Enrollment, which is October 15th thru December 7th. Have you had medication changes? Is your medication covered by a Part D plan? What do you need to have to compare Part D plans? What should you look for when comparing Part D plans? This video was created to educate and answer these questions and more. See more about the Medicare Part D Enrollment Penalty by viewing: https://www.medicare.gov/part-d/costs/penalty/part-d-late-enrollment-penalty.html Some Medicare Part D changes for 2018 include a maximum deductible (if a Part D plan has) of $405.00. $3,750 Initial Coverage Limit before the Donut Hole, and $5,000 in True out-of-pocket expenses. The Donut Hole percentages are decreasing where you will spend 35% of the cost of name brand drugs and 44% of the cost of generic drugs.* See an illustration on how the Donut Hole works by viewing http://http://www.seniorsavingsservices.com/what-is-the-donut-hole/. *Applies only to drugs covered by Part D plan. Don’t assume medications that were covered this year will be covered next year for the same cost. Compare Part D Plans so you can find the right coverage for yourself.
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Tips for finding the best Medicare Part D plan or prescription drug coverage
It is simple to find the best Medicare Part D plan for you. I share some tips on finding a prescription drug plan for you. For more information visit http://pharmacisttips.com/MedD You'll be able to compare plans and find the plan the most appropriate plan based on your medications. Ask a pharmacy related question http://pharmacisttips.com/ask/
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Medicare Part D 2018 (Prescription Drug Coverage)
Medicare Part D 2018 (Prescription Drug Coverage) 844-528-8688 Get Free Medicare Academy Video Course: https://mymedicaresupplementplan.org/medicare-academy-enrollment/ Call 1-844-528-8688 for FREE quote on your Medicare Supplement Medicare Part D has several moving parts, there is a premium, deductible (with some plans) and copay of some sort for your drugs after the deductible. You can get all the details here https://youtu.be/oKHq3H1IkF0 Every plan has different prices and costs but the main components are the same and the cost of the donut hole or coverage gap is universal across all Medicare Part D 2018 (Prescription Drug Coverage). The amount of the different stages are all set by Medicare and change every years. In 2018 Medicare Part D Plans the donut hole is less than in 2017 and that should continue for the next few years. You must remember that the amount of money spent during the initial phase is what you AND the Medicare Part D Plan spend. After that the amount spent to get out of the coverage gap is only what you spent (called True out of pocket), it has nothing to do with what the prescription drug plan has spent. _________________________________________________________________ **Dont miss a single Medicare Supplement video Click Below to SUBSCRIBE** https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpeawY2B_hUuZhV26QAwRuQ?sub_confirmation=1 _________________________________________________________________ Loran Marmes Medicare Solutions Team https://medigapinfo.net/ Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/medicaresolutionsteam
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How to Find the Best Part D Prescription Drug Plan
https://bobbybrockinsurance.com This is a quick video showing how to pick the best Prescription Drug Plan for you. Not all plans cover the same, so it depends on the prescriptions you are taking. Find more information at https://bobbybrockinsurance.com or call me now at 662.321.0996
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What is Part D Prescription Drug Plan?
http://www.LibertySeniorSavings.com (888) 506-7510 88 Medicare Questions in 88 Days Hi there, this is Nicole w/ Liberty Senior Savings. Thanks for watching our video series “88 Medicare Questions in 88 days” where we try to answer the most common questions that people in Medicare have. So that question today is “What is Part D Prescription Drug Plan?” Part D Drug Plan is one of the 4 parts of Medicare and it’s a federally funded program that helps seniors pay for their prescription plans. I’ve got a couple of graphs here to show you to try and make it a little bit less confusing. In general most of the plans are going to have $400 deductible you pay that first $400 in general not in every single plan does but have a look at this graph. So you pay the first $400 of your deductible and then until your total drug costs reach $3700 you’re going to pay just co-pays and by total drug costs that includes what they pay on your behalf as well as the costs that you pay as well so in that you’re up to $3700 you’re paying about 25% so then the next portion comes from what they call donut hole. Donut hole makes it sound like there’s no coverage but that’s not true the percentage just changes, Have a look at this graph we can make it less confusing. After that initial $3700 where you’re just seeing the 25% between the $3700 and $4950 you’re paying a percentage of their retail generic price for example here in 2017 you’re paying 51% of the generic retail price so you’re paying more. You pay 40% of the brand name retail cost so generic 51% and then the brand name you pay 40% and then over $4950 total drug cost you go back to approximately 5% of retail so this is what you called Part D Prescription Plan which is part Medicare and this is how much you’re paying it just changes the percentages. So a lot of people ask us is it mandatory? Do we have to get the Part D Drug Plan? No it’s not mandatory you don’t have to get it. Keep in mind that if you don’t get it when you’re first eligible and you would like to get it later on they’re just going to charge you a percentage penalty fee for not having the prescription drug plan when you’re first eligible. We have a video for that but in general you’re going to pay 1% per month for each month that you’re eligible for the Part D Prescription Drug Plan but you chose not to do it and they will charge that to you based on the average nationwide price which is at the time of this video $35.63 and it’s a lifetime penalty we reassess it for you every year and just add it to your Part D Drug Plan so that’s just an idea. Thank you for watching this question. Go ahead and watch the other parts of this “88 Medicare Questions in 88 days” but if you have any question please feel free to call us at 888-506-7510 or have a look at our Medicare mini-series, the 6-part video series that we put together to answer questions about Medicare. You can find that on the screen here www. GetMedicareSavings.com. Thanks for watching this video and I hope you have a lovely day.
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Part D Options When You Don't Take Prescription Drugs
Call us at 888-411-1329 https://www.remedigap.com/ecourse https://www.remedigap.com/medicare-supplement-videos/ https://www.facebook.com/Remedigap/ Medicare: 1-800-633-4227 https://www.medicare.gov/ I often get calls from beneficiaries wondering if they have to buy a Part D (drug) plan...especially, if they don’t take any medications. While it’s not required by Medicare, there can be consequences for not buying a Part D drug plan when you’re first eligible for Medicare. Join me in this video to see what options are available if you don’t need (or want) a Medicare drug plan. Option # -- if you don’t take any prescription drugs is to not buy a Part D plan right now, but wait until you actually need one. Now, that seems like a common sense approach..and perfectly logical, however, there are some things to keep in mind if you choose this option. At some point, you will probably need a part d plan, and when this happens,you can’t just buy it and have it start right away. Because, Once you’re out of your enrollment period, you have to wait until the Annual Election Period (10/15-12/7) to enroll and then wait until January 1 for the plan to start. You may also be hit with a Medicare Part d late enrollment penalty. Now, this isn’t a one time fee. It’s a monthly add on penalty...so, just like it sounds, it’s added to your Part D premium every month for as long as you have a Part D plan. Now, there are some individuals that are not subject to the late enrollment penalty. And, that includes anyone who is eligible for Extra Help also know as Low-Income Subsidy and anyone who had “creditable coverage”. This is drug coverage through your job, spouse’s job, retiree coverage or VA...and, what’s important is that your current coverage is as good or better than Medicare’s...this is the only way it’s considered Creditable Coverage. Now, keep in mind that you can’t just tell Medicare you had creditable coverage….you actually have to have proof...and it must be submitted to the Part D company within 30 days of their request. Let's say you don’t fall into these two categories and you decided not to get a Part D plan when you were first eligible, so you know a penalty is coming your way. And for example sake, Let’s also say that you went 40 months without coverage and now you’re signing up for a Part D plan. Your penalty is calculated by multiplying 1% of the “national base beneficiary premium” which just means it takes all the Part D premiums and comes up with the average...(so, in 2017 the average Part D premium is $35.63). So, 1% of 35.63 is .36 multiplied by the 40 months you went without coverage. Your Part D penalty is $14.40. Remember, this is a monthly add on penalty to your Part D premium and it will stay with you for as long as you have a Part D plan. And, it’s important to note that Medicare recalculates this penalty every year with the new base beneficiary premium. And as it increases, so will your Part D penalty. The second option is to buy a Part D plan when you're first eligible. Since you don't take any medications, it’s not necessary to pay a high premium for a plan. The point is just to have a plan in place to avoid a penalty when you do decide to buy a plan. Now, with that said, Part D plans are not a one size fits all. Some Part D plans cover certain drugs better than others. So, if your doctor has mentioned the possibility of you taking a particular medication in the near future, you might want to take that into consideration when choosing a plan. But, for most people a low premium plan is the best option. And, in this video I'll provide the steps you need to find the lowest monthly premium Medicare Part D plan.
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Step-by-Step How-To: Find a Prescription Drug Plan in Your County
Don't know what Medicare Prescription Drug Plans are out there? This video will take you through step-by-step on how to find what Medicare Prescription Drug Plans are available in your county. www.medicare.gov www.graham.life
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Best Part D Prescription Plan?
We will complete a FREE analysis to determine the best Part D prescription plan based on your specific list of drugs. Watch our short video which explains how to get us your Drug Information so we can complete the Part D analysis for you. For FREE help finding a Medicare plan, go to www.senior-advisors.com or call 1-908-272-1970.
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Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D): The Basics
All Medicare Prescriptions Drug Plans function that exact same way. It doesn't matter whether they are Stand Alone Drug Plans or attached to a Medicare Advantage Plan. This video will show you how they function and give you the good, the bad and the ugly of Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. www.graham.life
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Medicare Explained (2019)
Medicare Explained; the best video to explain Medicare covers what you need to know about Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B and the choices you have to make once you start Medicare. Medicare explained, Medicare Made Clear, Understanding Medicare. No matter how we word it, understanding Medicare is not always as easy as it looks. Matthew Claassen is an independent Medicare insurance broker licensed in 47-states. Call MedigapSeminars.org at 800-847-9680. My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/medigapseminarsorg Visit: https://medigapseminars.org/ Get a free quote comparison: https://medigapseminars.org/medigap-plans-independent-medicare-insurance-broker/m-quote-request/ Contact Us: https://medigapseminars.org/contact-us/ In this video I am going help you learn about Medicare explained in an easy to understand format. By the end of this video Medicare will be made clear for you. You will understand how Medicare works. You will understand Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B and the choices you have to make once you sign up for Medicare. Once you sign up for Medicare you will have to choose from one of three options. We will go over each of those three options and pros and cons you should consider before you make a decision. Once you understand the Medicare basics of Part A and Medicare Part B, you will be faced with choosing one of three paths to take with your Medicare. This will be the most important Medicare decision you have to make because it could set you on a course that will impact the quality of your medical care and can potentially be irreversible. To keep this video brief, I have a separate video that covers how, when and where to sign up for Medicare Parts A & Medicare Part B. I have it linked in the upper right of this video, you’ll see a white circle with a letter “i”. You can click on that at any time to go to the video on how to sign up for Medicare. With terminology out of the way, next in the Medicare Explained video is Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B. Medicare Part A is that portion of your health insurance that pays for your healthcare whenever you are an inpatient in a medical facility. As soon as you become an inpatient in a hospital, Medicare Part A takes over. The same when you become an inpatient in a skilled nursing facility or hospice. The one exception is that if you are not able to physically get to a medical facility for healthcare, Medicare Part A also pays for home healthcare. Think of Medicare Part A is inpatient insurance. Medicare Part B is the part of Medicare that pays for outpatient and physician services. This is the portion Medicare insurance you use when you see a doctor or have lab tests or physical therapy and so on. Medicare Part B also includes some wellness coverage. Medicare Part B is the part of Medicare people use most often because most of our medical care is via outpatient services. Even many surgeries and hospital services are now done as an outpatient and are thus covered under Medicare Part B. Your Original Medicare (Part A & B) is good anywhere in the country. You can see any doctor, go to any medical facility in any state or territory, as long as they accept Medicare. You do not need to get permission from a primary care physician. You have both freedom to go where you need and control to see who you choose. Also it is important to understand that Medicare Advantage Plans are local coverage. If you are a snowbird, and RVer or just travel the country that should rule MAPD as an option. Next in our Medicare Explained video are your three choices. You can do one of three things: # 1 Do nothing. Just keep Original Medicare (Your Part A & B). This is the only choice that makes understanding those co-pays and deductibles very important. This is not an advisable choice because Original Medicare was never intended to be stand-alone health insurance. You will find when going over the details of the copays and the limits of the coverage that there is no maximum out-of-pocket limit on your potential financial obligation. You are at substantial financial risk. Still, this is a choice some people make. # 2 You can trade in your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B for a Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare Advantage plans are also called Medicare Part C. #3 Your third choice is to keep you Original Medicare Parts A & B, but add a Medicare supplement plan that pays the co-pays and deductibles that come with just Original Medicare, so you don’t have to. Get your Medicare Guide to supplements here: https://www.medicare.gov/Pubs/pdf/021... And your Medicare & You Guide here: https://www.medicare.gov/pubs/pdf/100... for Part D drug plan info visit: http://www.medicare.gov Also visit : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medigap #IndependentMedicareInsuranceBroker #Medicare #Medicaresupplementplans #MedicareExplained #Medicare2019
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Part D Prescription Coverage
Learn more about the coverage afforded to you with Part D prescription drug plans.
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2019 Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage Election
Find your Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage for the 2019 year by one of two ways: Call Medicare directly at 1-800-MEDICARE or follow my click by click tutorial of how to find you Part D drug plan on Medicare.gov. Any questions please reach out: 512-677-7374
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Part D (Prescription Drug Plan) of Medicare: 2015 and 2016 Overview with Example
Provides an overview of the 4 tiers of Part D Prescription Drug Coverage (Deductible, Initial Coverage, Coverage Gap aka Donut Hole, and Catastrophic Coverage). Includes 2015 and 2016 overview for values in each phase of Part D coverage. Also includes an example for an individual that almost selected the wrong card and would have spent $8,000+ more than he should have on his drugs. For FREE help finding a Medicare plan, go to www.senior-advisors.com or call 1-908-272-1970.
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2016 Medicare Prescription Plan (Part D)
Phil Dougherty, President of OnlyHealthInsurance, provides a detailed description of Medicare's Part D Prescription Drug Program. Understanding and navigating through the world of Medicare can be a daunting task. Phil helps clear up any confusion about the Part D program by providing information and recommendations to help you choose a prescription drug plan. www.onlyhealthinsurance.com
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The Only Way to Shop for Part D Rx Plan #5
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Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan (Mistakes to Avoid)
Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. What you need to know about Medicare Part D prescription drug plans and the mistakes you must avoid. Making a mistake with Part D can be the most expensive mistake you make in Medicare. https://medigapseminars.org An independent Medicare Insurance broker 800-847-9680 FSee also: https://youtu.be/eIO9hg755zk See all our free Medicare educational videos here: https://medigapseminars.org/on-demand-webinar/ This video reviews what you need to know about Medicare part D prescription drug plans. We discuss the two ways you can get a prescriptions drug plan, when you can enroll and penalty. best part d drug plan when turning 65 best part d drug plan for 65 year old best medicare drug plan for 65 medicare drug plan search search part d plans
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Silverscript Part D vs. Humana vs. AARP & Other Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
Call 1-800-892-7981 or visit http://medicarefriend.com/ Hi there, I'm Glen with the Medicare friend. I have given advice to thousands of folks that are turning 65 and getting onto Medicare for the first time, and what I tell them is conveniently located below for you: Silverscript Part D vs. Humana vs. AARP & All Other Medicare Prescription Drug Plans You're getting ready for Medicare and you are wondering how in the world are you going to get your prescriptions covered and everybody is starting to mail you stuff. Silverscript and AARP and Humana- Humana is so hot right now! AARP is the one that your sister or brother or friend or mother or neighbor has and they love it so is that the best one for you? The correct answer is Maybe... Here's why- unlike Medicare supplements that are all standardized and have to offer identical benefits- Medicare Part D prescription plans can be very different. Each of these Insurance Companies gets to decide how much your specific prescription that you're taking is going to cost. Here's where it gets a little shifty- if a company is boasting that they have a $0 deductible that doesn't mean anything because they may have a much higher co-pay then the next one. And the company with the higher deductible could say that your prescriptions are in a lower-tier on their formulary. And ultimately you would end up paying less for the company with the higher deductible. Better yet some companies with high deductibles can say for your prescriptions, the deductible doesn't apply to them in the first place. And best of all some of the part D plans offer free 3 month supply prescriptions through the mail order. Each person that our team helps gets a thorough analysis on medicare.gov so they will know to the penny what they will pay on one plan versus another. So you can make sure you have the Best Plan! And another nice thing is every year we revisit this with you and make sure you are still in the Medicare Part D plan that saves you the most money overall. So if you get more prescriptions later, you're not stuck, you can switch to a plan that covers your new prescriptions the best. Call us now for a free consultation- We make this SO Easy for you! Talk to you soon. Here at the Medicare friend, we shop the entire market for you, because all we want is to see you happy, with great coverage, and keeping as much money in your pocket as possible. We have NO OTHER MOTIVATION than to give you the best of the best. Call us now or visit us at Medicarefriend.com to schedule a free consultation. Watch this video as well about finding the right Prescription Drug Plan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00L_u7mGMPY&list=PLTdiZbMaqckKnSydt7Z_ROR4bUynHY9vl&index=3 Remember to subscribe to our channel for more valuable information. You can first visit our channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoh8cpq6xjK567cg6pJ2Fng Visit our playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtQT-O3RJCf-1f-ObY4bzfQxso4LGkE4P Also searched: silverscript part d formulary Humana medicare drug plan affordable
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Medicare Part D | How to find a Prescription drug plan
https://www.medicarecost.net How to find a Medicare Part D plan. Free Medicare help from Michael Worrell. 1-800-650-5242. www.medicarecost.net Washington Resident: https://washingtonmedicareplans.com/medicare-supplement/ If you're struggling to figure out Medicare Part D and you're trying to find a way to get a prescription drug plan then this video is for you. I'd also like to note, if your agent isn't willing to help you navigate Medicare's website and help you find a prescription drug plan, then it's time to find a new agent. If you're just starting Medicare, or you're already on Medicare and looking for an expert to work with. Give me a call, my advice is always completely free! I'm always glad to help! Contact info: Michael Worrell www.medicarecost.net 1-800-650-5242 mike@medicarecost.net Sound Credit: Bensound.com
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The A, B, C’s of Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)
The A, B & C’s of Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D) explained by Tim Hanbury and Jason Mackey, authors of Medicare Blueprint. This part of Medicare is the most complex of “Part” of Medicare because it’s so different than what you have with an employer or individual plan. Part D is broken down into four levels. You have a Deductible level, the Initial Coverage level, then the Coverage gap or the “donut Hole”, then you have the Catastrophic level. The good news is that most people won’t get past the Initial Coverage Level. Level one is the deductible level. These plans can have up to a $405 annual deductible. Except for some generic medications, you will pay the full cost of your medications until your deductible is met. Next is the initial coverage level. In this level, you will have either a copayment amount or you may pay a percentage of the cost depending on the medication and the insurance company offering the plan. You will have different costs for a generic medication, a preferred brand name and non-preferred brand name and specialty medications. You will continue in this level until your Total costs have reached $3,750 in 2018. At that point, you will transition into the Coverage gap or Donut hole. Once you meet the donut hole, your cost for medications will be 35% for the cost of brand name medications and 44% for the cost of a generic medications. You will continue in this level until your total costs meet $5,000 in 2018. They will apply the discount that pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to give on the cost of brand name medications. In 2018, they are required to provide a 50% reduction in the cost of a brand name medication. In 2019, this goes up to 70% of the cost of a brand name medication. What this means is that in 2018, you pay 35% of a brand name medication but 85% of the total cost is applied to the donut hole. In 2019, this will go up to 95% of the total cost is applied to the donut hole, but your cost goes down to 25% of the cost of a brand name medication. There are some costs that will not be counted in the donut hole. The most notable is that the discounts on Generic medications. Once your total costs have exceeded $5,000 in 2018 and $5,100 in 2019, you will then be in the Catastrophic level. In this level, your cost for a generic medication will be $3.35 in 2018. The cost for a brand name will be either $8.35 in 2018 OR 5% of the cost, whichever is greater. You stay at this level for the rest of the year. If you don’t sign up for Part D plan when you are first eligible, they will apply a penalty based on each month you didn’t have coverage and it’s a permanent penalty that will increase each year. While this penalty isn’t as large as the penalty under Part B of Medicare, it can add to your cost as this is “in addition” to the plan premium that you will pay. In most states, there are inexpensive plan options that are between $15 to $20 dollars. As with Part B of Medicare, if you areconsidered a “higher income” individual, there will be an Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount based on your income from 2 years ago. Again, like with Part B, if you have a situation where you will be making less money once you are on Medicare, like retiring and not earning a wage, you can apply for a “Life Event” change form and ask for a new initial determination. How do I pick from the dozens of plans that are available? Medicare.gov has an excellent tool to help with this. When you go to Medicare.gov, on the home page you will find a green box called “Find Drug and Health Plans”. When you click on the box, it will take you to the plan finder tool. There are also other ways you can do this. You can work with an agent who can do this with you, you can call the insurance company that is offering the plan, or you can call Medicare directly and they will do the work for you. Here are the things you need to know when you are looking at coverage. You must review the listing of the covered medications, to make sure your medications are covered under the plan. You need to do this prior to signing up for a plan and then each year after because the formulary can and will change each year. You need to look at what pharmacy you want to use. This can have an impact as the pharmacy you want to see may not participate with the plan you are considering, and some pharmacies will have lower costs for your prescriptions. We recommend that you get a prescription plan when you are first eligible for coverage. You never know when you may need to get a prescription, one antibiotic can cost hundreds of dollars. Free Offer Complimentary Copy of Medicare Blueprint https://medicareblueprint.com/get-your-book/ Helpful Resources Medicare & You Guide https://goo.gl/qE5t1A Medicare Premiums: Rules for higher-income beneficiaries https://goo.gl/jtfGCm Medicare Blueprint Advisors MedicareBlueprint.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MedicareBlueprint/ YouTube Channel: https://goo.gl/qcHBJH
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Find a Part D Prescription Drug Plan
For med supp quotes, call us at 1-888-832-3132 or click here: http://saferetirements.com/medsuppquote. Please like this video and subscribe to our channel! This video will show you exactly how to use Medicare.gov to find the right Medicare Part D Plan (Prescription Drug Plan, or PDP) for the prescription drugs you are currently taking. Still have questions? Call us at 972-734-5858 to schedule your Medicare Consultation. Or, you can go to http://saferetirements.com/medsuppquote to get your quote for a Medicare Supplement Plan F, Plan G, or Plan N. Learn how to save your drug search and retrieve it later, learn about the late enrollment penalty if you miss the deadline, and how to compare all drug plans based on your current list of prescription. You will also find out how to see if a drug needs prior authorization or has quantity limits that your doctor needs to get involved with, learn how to select a preferred pharmacy, see mail order costs, and find out if or when you will go into the donut hole.
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MEDICARE PART D PLAN - Prescription Drug Donut Hole - OUCH!
http://www.FirstMedicareAdvisors.com - - Recorded Hotline: 1-800-958-8171 - Office: 1-800-825-2919. - - Email: info@firstmedicareadvisors.com - - PS: No Sales Pitches Ever! We hate'em as much as you do! We are going to be talking about the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan and the Donut hole. I would suggest you pause this video for a moment and grab a pencil and some paper so you can take some notes. This time of year, we start receiving more and more phone calls from people who have reached the donut hole for Medicare Part D and may need a refresher on what it is all about. Entering the donut hole is not a function of time, but rather a function of expenses. You will reach the donut hole - also known as coverage gap - when the amount of money you have spent, plus what the insurance carrier has paid on your behalf, reaches $3,700.00. Important Note: All the figures and percentages mentioned in this video will keeping change each year. The donut hole is also referred to as the coverage gap, but that term is becoming less and less appropriate. Coverage gap implies that you do not have coverage. That is not the case. Coverage inside the donut hole - or coverage gap - is increasing each year. While you are in the first phase of coverage, you simply pay a co-pay for your prescriptions based on what tier the drug is in. Once you are in the donut hole, instead of paying a co-pay, you pay a discounted amount of the cost of the drug. Last year you reached the donut hole at $3,310, this year at $3,700. You will get out of the donut hole when what you have spent out of your pocket totals $7,425. Please note, getting into the donut hole looks at your expenses plus that of the insurance carriers. Getting out of the donut hole looks only at your expenses. Last year you will get out of the donut hole at $7,310. Last year, when you were in the donut hole, you received a discount of 55% off your brand drugs, and 21% off your generic drugs. This year the discounts are 40% off your brand, and 51% off your generic. As the discounts inside the donut hole increases, your liability inside the donut hole decreases. The donut hole is slated to close entirely, but not until 2020. Our first suggestion to clients who are in the donut hole do some comparison shopping. Your coverage in the donut hole is a discounted amount based on the original cost of the drug. You will now pay 45 % of the expense of a brand drug, and 58% of the price of a generic. Prescription prices can vary. I would suggest you call several pharmacies in your hometown and inquire as at the cost of some of your prescriptions. You may be surprised by what you hear! If you are paying 45 % of the expense of a drug, it makes more sense to start with the lowest price possible. The next suggestion we can offer is to speak with your doctor about the possibility of generics. Only you and your doctor can make decisions about what is best for you. The final suggestion we can offer for those of you who have entered the donut hole already is to mark your calendar now for open enrollment. Open enrollment for Medicare Part D runs from October 15 through December 7. This is the only time of the year you can change Part D plans. Perhaps another carrier or plan design would be more cost effective for you for the coming year. You cannot change plans now but may be able to find something more efficient for next year. Give us a call for help about your Medicare supplement or drug coverages. Our number is 1-800-825-2919. You’ll get an answer to point you in the right direction. Or, if you prefer, give our office a call on our Recorded Hotline. That number is 1-800-958-8171. Then record your question or request, and we’ll get back with you. If you’re not comfortable with calling - send us an email to info@firstmedicareadvisors.com. Or, you can visit our website: http://www.First MedicareAdvisors.com.
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Medicare Part D and Prescription Drugs
http://www.MedicareMadeClear.com - Are your prescription drug costs covered? For Medicare recipients, this is where Part D plans can help. Whether by itself or part of a Medicare Advantage plan most Medicare recipients need Part D plans to help reduce out-of-pocket drug expenses. Y0066_101101_095633 File & Use 11062010
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Part D of Medicare (Prescription Drug Plan) - medicare.gov example
Medicare.gov changed something on the website just a couple of days after recording this video. For the first step in the video, instead of clicking "Find Health & Drug Plans" under "Drug Coverage (Part D)", you need to click the Green Button on the left side of the page that says "Find Health & Drug Plans". Everything else in the video should be aligned Each year from October 15 to December 7, Medicare beneficiaries have an opportunity to review their drug card to make sure the best plan is selected. Medicare.gov has a great tool to analyze your Part D Prescription Drug Coverage. This brief video is intended to help individuals understand how to use the tool, read the reports, and select the best drug card. For FREE help finding a Medicare plan, go to www.senior-advisors.com or call 1-908-272-1970.
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Medicare Part D: Is there a cap on prescription coverage?
Discover how to find and use the best Medicare Part D Prescription Plan at http://www.Medigap360.com/partd This is a free public service and unsupported by agents. To support us, compare Medicare Supplement Insurance Rates in your area at www.medigap360.com or call and speak to an agent today. Our average client saves over $300 on comprehensive coverage.
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FAQ Friday: Does Plan G Cover Prescription Drugs
Medicare Supplement Plans do not cover prescription medications, when you choose a Supplement Plan you will also choose a stand-alone Medicare Part D Plan. There are typically over 30 different Medicare Part D Plans, the benefit of choosing a stand-alone Part D Plan is that you will get to choose the Part D Plan that covers your medications for the lowest cost. In contrast, if you choose a Medicare Advantage Plan, you will have to accept whichever drug plan is part of that Advantage Plan. Often times this results in high drug costs to people that choose a Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare Supplements all use stand-alone drug plans, or your Medicare Part D. Every Medicare drug plan is different based on the medications you're taking at that time, therefore there is no way to list an exact cost for these plans. Each Medicare drug plan has its own list of covered drugs (called a formulary). Many Medicare drug plans place drugs into different "tiers" on their formularies. Drugs in each tier have a different cost. A drug in a lower tier will generally cost you less than a drug in a higher tier. Sometimes, if your doctor thinks you need a drug that's on a higher tier, you or your doctor can ask your plan for an exception to get a lower co-payment. Posted by Robert Bache "MedicareBob" Any questions please call: 1-855-368-4717
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Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) - Mistakes to Avoid When Picking a Plan
Medicare Part D: 3 Hazards to Avoid When Picking a Prescription Plan Hazard #1: Not checking coverage and costs for your drugs Look for a plan that covers your drugs and fits your budget Hazard #2: Not having preferred pharmacies you know You usually pay less at preferred pharmacies and with home delivery Hazard #3: Not paying attention to the Stars Star Ratings measure each plan’s quality of care and customer service To learn more about Express Scripts Part D plans, visit Express Scripts Medicare Info center at https://www.roadmapformedicare.com/selecting-a-part-d-plan-avoiding-road-bumps/ For plan questions call: +1-866-544-3794
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Humana Walmart-Preferred Rx - Is a Good Part D Plan?
Call (888) 310-0376 to Get a Quote. Humana Walmart-Preferred Rx has included either the lowest or one of the lowest monthly premiums since it was introduced. But that doesn't in itself make it a good part D Plan. This video address how you can tell if the Humana Walmart-Preferred Rx Part D plan is right for you. Visit http://affordablemedicareplan.com and get access to hundreds of articles on Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement insurance. Medicare Part D Plans must be measured against your individual circumstances. You have found what may be a good plan for you if: 1. All your drugs are covered 2. Your cost for obtaining your medicines is affordable 3. The monthly Part D premium is affordable 4. You find value in the mail order and ancillary benefits 5. The plan has coverage in the gap if you require it You will also need to review the pharmacy network to determine its suitability. If you are comfortable with the plan's benefits and costs, Humana Walmart-Preferred Rx may be a good plan for you.
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Medicare Part D Prescription Plans, do I get coffee with the donut hole?
You’re turning 65 and concerned about Medicare Benefits. This series is titled, Medicare, What's it All About? This is video 3 of 3, “Part D Prescription plans, do I get coffee with the donut hole”. Part D is prescription drug coverage that is offered through private Medicare-approved insurance companies. Every Medicare Prescription Drug Plan has its own list of drugs, called a formulary, for which it will provide coverage. A formulary is divided into different tiers according to the cost of the drug: drugs on a lower tier will generally have lower copayments than drugs on a higher tier. As Parts C and D are provided by private insurance companies, the monthly premiums of these policies depend on the extent of their coverage and can vary between companies. However, although the cost varies from plan to plan, the payment structure for Part D often can create a gap in coverage. Essentially, you pay monthly premiums for Part D all year, and with most plans you pay 100 percent of your drug costs until you reach your deductible amount. After your deductible, the cost of your drugs is split between you and your plan. However, once you and your plan have spent $3,310 on covered drugs, you’ve entered the coverage gap, and now will have to pay 58 percent of the price of generic drugs and 45 percent of the price of brand-name drugs. You will not exit the coverage gap until you’ve spent out-of-pocket $4,850 (Troop – true out of pocket expenses) on prescription drugs. At that point, you will qualify for “catastrophic coverage” and will only have to pay a small copayment for covered drugs for the rest of the year. You might have heard that Medicare and Social Security referred to as entitlements. Well you earned them with all your years of hard work. They are not gifts from the government. Grab your copy of “Turning 65 – The 5 Medicare Key Tools. https://rogersnmammano.leadpages.co/t65medicare/ You’ve been bombarded with tons of material in your mailbox and on TV. The terminology can seem confusing. This guide can help you. Know when you should sign up for Medicare? Why being early is better. You have options regarding your Medicare coverage. Do you want co-pays, deductibles, and choice of doctors? Learn the following: how to enroll in Medicare. Enrollment is not always automatic. What do all those Parts and Letters mean? Who pays for what? Why you need Medicare. You may not know this but there is a perk to turning 65 and it's called Medicare. I know who would have thought that. In today’s world it's pretty good medical coverage. And in the videos we want you to learn how to maximize your benefits. Don't forget to get your Free copy of "Turning 65 - The 5 Medicare Key Tools. https://rogersnmammano.leadpages.co/65medicare/ What you need to know about Medicare. A guide, to aid you in understanding the basics of Medicare Parts A, B, C & D and a whole lot more. Frequently Asked Questions What is Medicare supplement insurance? Medicare supplement (Medigap) insurance is sold by private insurance companies and helps cover the costs that Medicare doesn't cover. Can I purchase a Medicare supplement insurance plan? You are probably eligible to purchase a Medicare supplement insurance plan if you are enrolled in Medicare Parts A or B. If you are in your Open Enrollment period, insurance companies that offer Medicare supplement plans must allow you to purchase. Open enrollment is over. What now? You may still apply for Medicare supplement insurance at the company of your choice. However, they will review your medical history and current health using their application process. How do I pay for Medicare supplement insurance? You pay the insurance company that provides you coverage. You can typically pay for your insurance monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. This cost is in addition to your Medicare Part B expense. Will my premium ever change? It is likely your premium will change with the rising cost of healthcare claims. Each year, you may be subject to both an age increase due to your birthday and an increase due to the medical claims the insurance company has to pay out for policies like yours. Does Medicare supplement insurance limit my choice of doctor? No, you may select any doctor that accepts Medicare. Does Medicare supplement insurance cover prescriptions? No, Medicare supplement insurance does not cover prescription expenses. You will need to enroll in a separate Medicare Part D drug plan for coverage.
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Finding The Right Prescription Drug Plan "Part D"
Navigating Medicare Website. This should help you in finding the Right Part D or MAPD plan. Still recommend that you use a Licensed Health Insurance Agent, since they are required to do extensive training each year.
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Medicare Prescription Plan Advisor with eHealth | Walgreens
Walgreens has teamed up with eHealth to make it easy to answer any questions you have for free about Medicare during the enrollment process. Their helpful team of advisors can provide personalized advice based on your specific prescriptions and will help you find the plan with the lowest total out-of-pocket cost. To speak with a Medicare Advisor, call toll-free today: 844-280-4950
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Part D Prescription Plans In NJ for Medicare recipients
www.newjerseyinsuranceplans.com in Absecon, NJ 08201 How to find the best Part D plan for you in NJ.Video will show specifically how to use the free resources on Medicare.Gov and the State of NJ website to search for plans, save your results for later use and modify your results to get the best prices.
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PacificSource Medicare Advantage | Prescription Coverage
If your plan has Rx in the name, that means your plan includes Part D prescription coverage. Here are some important things to know to get the most out of your coverage. To save money, choose a preferred pharmacy to fill your prescriptions. These are pharmacies that have agreed to give us better discounts that we can pass on to you. Pharmacies in our network include many major chains, like Albertsons, COSTCO, and Walmart, as well as many local, independent pharmacies. To find a preferred pharmacy near you, visit Medicare.PacificSource.com, click the Search Tools menu, and choose Find a Pharmacy. If you take medications regularly, we encourage you to sign up for mail-order service. Mail-order service is a great way to save time and money. When you sign up for mail-order service and opt in to receive automatic refills, a 90-day supply of your medication is shipped directly to your home, for no extra cost. Plus, you’ll save money because you’ll always pay preferred pharmacy co-pays for your medications. When you’re getting close to the end of your 90-day supply, the mail order pharmacy will contact you to confirm your shipment. This ensures that you don’t run out of medication. If you no longer take a certain medication, you can discontinue the service at any time. To register, visit Medicare.PacificSource.com, click the Search Tools menu, and choose Find a Pharmacy. Click register online to get started. Your PacificSource prescription plan also covers three items that aren’t normally covered by a Medicare Part D prescription plan: aspirin, calcium, and calcium with vitamin D. You can get these medications for FREE, if you get a prescription from your doctor and have that prescription filled at your local pharmacy. Another way to save money is to use generic medications. If you’re prescribed an expensive name brand medication, talk to your doctor to find out if there’s a generic medication that will work for you. Another important thing to know about your prescription plan is that all drugs fall into one of six cost-sharing levels called tiers. In general, drugs on higher tiers cost more than drugs on lower tiers. One exception is tier six, which is the lowest cost-sharing tier. There is often no cost to you for tier-six drugs. You can learn more about cost-sharing tiers and other Part D prescription benefits in Chapter 5 of your Evidence of Coverage booklet. To find out which tier your medications fall into, visit Medicare.PacificSource.com, click the Search Tools menu, and choose Drug Search. If you have questions or concerns about any medication you take, don’t hesitate to call us for a one-on-one consultation with a licensed pharmacist. Our pharmacy staff is happy to answer questions about your medications, talk about ways to reduce side effects or complications, and work with you and your doctor to help identify lower cost alternatives that might be available. If you have questions about your benefits, please contact us. We want to help. Toll-free: (888) 863-3637 TTY: (800) 735-2900 Email: MedicareCS@pacificsource.com Website: Medicare.PacificSource.com Hours: - October 1 to February 14: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., local time zone, seven days a week - February 15 to September 30: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., local time zone, Monday to Friday
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How To Find Medicare Part D Costs For Your Medications
In this video I show you how to look at the break down of costs for your medications. An important detail...especially if you are impacted by a deductible or the donut hole. Here's what you'll learn in this video: ✅ How to use Medicare’s Plan Finder Tool ✅ How to examine the costs for your medications ✅ How to enroll in a Part D plan ✅ How to confirm your Part D enrollment ✅ How to access a temporary prescription drug card 💥 And more… https://www.remedigap.com/ecourse/ - free Medicare eCourse 👍🖥💯 Additional information regarding the Part D Open Enrollment Period (Oct 15 - Dec 7): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBmrQ0UdCGo
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Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage
This video will show you step by step how to find a Part D prescription drug plan. Call our office at 1-800-520-5560
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Humana and Walmart Announce Innovative Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan
William Fleming, PharmD, vice president of Humana Pharmacy Solutions, discusses the new Medicare Part D plan, the "Humana Walmart-Preferred Rx Plan (PDP)." Permalink: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20100930007191/en/Humana-Walmart-Announce-Innovative-Medicare-Part-Prescription
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Medicare Prescription RX Extra Help Program www.medicareextrahelp.us
Are you eligible for Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan costs? Want help in finding out and applying? www.medicareextrahelp.us
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What Medicare approved plan comes with prescription drug coverage in one plan? Find out this and more valuable information @ SeniorMedicareBenefits.com
How To Compare Medicare Part D Plans For 2016
Call (888) 310-0376 to Get Quotes on Top Rated Part D Plans. Here's how to compare Medicare Part D Plans for 2016. Pointers apply to enrolling in a stand-alone Part D plan or a 2016 Medicare Advantage plan which includes Medicare drug coverage (MAPD). Confused about your Medicare options? Get my Free 8 Part Video Mini-Course. Get Instant Access: http://free-mini-course.com When considering a 2016 Medicare Part D plan, keep in mind that the drug formulary is the key to finding the best Part D plan for your circumstances. The formulary is the list of a plan's covered drugs and which tiers they are placed in. A universal Medicare Part D formulary does not exist. All plans have their own formulary. Your goal when comparing plans is to find plans that include all your prescription drugs. Keep in mind that there are drugs that are not included in any plan formulary. If you have drugs that are not included, you will need to pay out-of-pocket or find manufacture's or community assistance programs to help cover the costs. Using a look-up tool, either at medicare.gov or a plan's website will help narrow your list of plans to consider and also give you an idea of annual costs. Because there are many factors that contribute to a Part D plan's annual costs, it's a good idea not to compare plans based on monthly Part D premiums alone. Costs are determined by; which drugs you are prescribed, Part D deductible, coinsurance and copayment amounts, Part D premium, whether there is extra gap coverage and if you reach the Part D donut hole. WATCH: Medicare Coverage Gap -- Tips to Avoid the Medicare Part D Donut Hole - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q83pNdCqTj8 Your goal is to find a 2016 Medicare Part D plan that includes all your medications and has the lowest cost. Once you have found suitable plans you can research the pharmacy networks and Part D mail order options. Part D plans are rated at medicare.gov with one to five stars. This Medicare star rating is based on other people's past experience with a plan and ratings may not have a bearing on which plan is best for you. The best Medicare Part D plan for 2016 is the one that includes all your drugs and has the lowest overall annual cost.
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What is Medicare Part D?  Prescription Drug Plan Insurance
Turning 65? Enrolling in Medicare? How does Medicare work? Where can I find the best Medicare Part D prescription drug plan for my needs and budget? Watch our video. site:http://www.georgia-medicareplans.com medicare part d Medicare Part D can be a snake pit if you don’t understand how it works. Medicare Part D can be a blessing for some but a nightmare for others. Seniors age 65 and older are not required to buy a Medicare Part D plan, but if you don’t and then later change your mind, you will be subject to a Late Enrollment Penalty (LEP) of 1% per month. What is the Medicare Prescription Drug plan? How does the donut hole work? How can I avoid the donut hole? What if I can’t afford my prescription drug? Does Medicare cover vaccines? Doesn’t Medicare Part B cover prescription drugs? Why do I have to pay more because of my income? When is open enrollment? Do you have questions like these? I can help! In 2003, Congress enacted the Medicare Modernization Act that would forever change benefits, especially as it impacts the cost of prescription drugs. Did you know . . . Outpatient prescription drugs are not part of original Medicare, but rather a private insurance product marketed and administered by insurance carriers. Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) negotiate pricing tiers for prescription drugs but the insurance carriers decide which drugs to include in their plan. Insurance carriers also assign tiers and copays for the Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) as well as setting the premium you pay Medicare Part D is a voluntary plan but you will pay a penalty if you fail to enroll on a timely basis. Once enrolled, you must remain in the plan until the next enrollment period BUT your plan can add or drop drugs during the year as they see fit. Non-formulary drugs do not count toward your deductible or Rx out of pocket maximum. Adding to the confusion is the dreaded DONUT HOLE. In 2018, your ICL (initial coverage level) is $3750. Also in 2018, your TrOOP is $5,000 once you exit the donut hole and enter the catastrophic coverage level. I can show you ways to minimize your out of pocket costs and in some cases, completely avoid the donut hole. If you are turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare, this may be your only chance to purchase a Medigap plan. Here is your guide to understanding Medicare. You don't have to be receiving Social Security to enroll in Medicare insurance. CMS is the agency that oversees Medicare. What is Medicare? Senior healthcare insurance is commonly used to describe the Medicare program. How to sign up for Medicare? You may enroll in Medicare 3 months before your 65th birthday, the month you turn 65, and 3 months following your 65th birthday. You may enroll online (highly recommended), by mail or by visiting a Social Security office. Original Medicare has 4 parts. Medicare Part A covers hospital inpatient charges and has a per admission deductible Medicare Part B is for outpatient health care treatment. Doctor visits, labs, X-rays, MRI, CT scan (CAT scan), ambulance, ER, outpatient clinics, etc. Essentially any Medicare approved health care received outside the hospital setting. Treatment considered medically necessary under Medicare guidelines. Medicare Part B has a calendar year deductible. Once satisfied, Medicare pays 80% of the approved charge, you are responsible for the remaining 20%. Most seniors worry about hospital stays, but your major expenses will more than likely fall under Medicare Part B outpatient expenses. Original Medicare stand alone has no cap on your out of pocket expenses. You pay until you run out of money, get well or die. Medicare Part C is now referred to as Medicare Advantage. More on that later. Medicare Part D covers outpatient prescription drugs. Some Advantage plans have drug coverage built into the plan. Call (404) 252-5859 to speak with Bob Vineyard. I will personally answer all of your Medicare questions. Never any charge. Free, online instant GA Medigap quotes - http://gamedigapquotes.com/ Visit my secure website at Georgia Medicare Plans - https://www.georgia-medicareplans.com/ For an online resource center or to apply for Medicare visit http://www.medicare.gov To learn about the history of Medigap visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medigap For more information about Medicare Part D plans visit: https://www.georgia-medicareplans.com/medicare-part-d-what-you-need-to-know/ #GeorgiaMedicarePlans #GAMedigapQuotes #Turning65 How does Medicare Part D work?
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Medicare Part D - the Prescription Drug Plan - is Working for Seniors
Washington got it right. Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Plan - is working for seniors! Part D provides patients access to medicines at affordable prices. Better yet, patients' monthly premiums will average $30 in 2012...that's a 44% decrease from original projections (HHS). And Part D is saving money on other healthcare services! Part D saves Medicare about $1,200 / year in hospital, nursing home and other costs for each senior who previously lacked comprehensive prescription drug coverage (Harvard Researchers). But that's not all. Part D is already costing 41% less than initially projected (CBO). And patients like it. 84% of seniors enrolled in Part D are satisfied with the program (Medicare Today). Let's keep a good thing going! Medicare Part D keeps costs low and delivers high-quality, comprehensive coverage to seniors. Let's preserve it and the 4 million American jobs that the biopharmaceutical industry supports.
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How to check your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan by Joiner & Joiner
Find and compare drug plans, health plans, and Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policies.
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Do Medigap plans cover prescription drugs?
Do Medigap Plans Cover Prescription Drugs? It depends on when you purchased your plan. The answer might suprise you. Watch this short video now to find out!
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Medicare Part D Provides Prescription Drug Coverage - Right on the Money - Part 3 of 5
Subhead Cost in Drug Plans with Medicare Part D Varies From State to State Synopsis As an eligible Medicare beneficiary, you must select a drug plan and pay a monthly premium to receive the coverage, known as Medicare Part D. Drug plans vary by state and may offer extra benefits such as no deductible, higher coverage limits or cover additional drugs. Content Medicare Part D provides insurance coverage for prescription medications and is an important part of Medicare to consider if you’re eligible. It helps cover the “donut hole” opening you may have with traditional Medicare plans. You might need coverage for cholesterol and high blood pressure prescriptions—this is where Medicare Part D comes in. Under this particular program, insurance companies and other private firms contract with Medicare to provide prescription drug benefits to Medicare beneficiaries like you. How do you get a plan? You first must join a plan run by an insurance company or other private company approved by Medicare. Each plan can vary in cost and drugs covered. When choosing Part D coverage, there are a multitude of factors to consider: − Timing of enrollment. − Potential of penalties incurred for late enrollment. − The option to change plans. − Current prescription coverage. − Medication coverage. − Out-of-pocket costs. − Pharmacy convenience. − Future health changes. Watch the interview on the basics of Medicare with Curt Chojnowski, Principal at Executive Benefits Group and Medicare specialist. Curt has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and focuses on the ins and outs of Medicare coverage. If you already have prescription drug coverage, compare your current coverage with that provided through a Medicare plan. You want the most effective and efficient plan available, because as a senior, you need to keep as many dollars in your pocket as possible. The process of making decisions concerning health care insurance can be overwhelming and cause you confusion because of the plethora of providers and variances from state to state. It’s imperative to seek the help of a financial or insurance professional to ensure you’re on the right track for your situation and to maximize your retirement income dollars. National syndicated financial columnist Steve Savant interviews Curt Chojnowski on the basics of Medicare and the strategies available to seniors. Right on the Money is a weekly talk interview talk show for consumers. The show segments are distributed nationally as daily video press releases. (www.rightonthemoneyshow.com) https://youtu.be/k1GcFfFUQpA
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Mac Miller - Self Care
Directed by Christian Weber SWIMMING is available now. Get it here: https://ad.gt/swimming
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Medicare.Gov | Shop Part D (Drug / Rx) Plan Tool Finder
The Medicare Plan Tool Finder for Part D Drug Plans are specific to your zip code/area and you should type in the brand, dosages, Frequency (3-month, 6-month) and how you get your medicare(Retail or Mail-in). The basic search is quick and easy. Basic also doesn't have as many glitches as the tailored searches that we tried in the past for our clients. Or you can call into 1-800-Medicare and have a live Medicare agent do this for you to shop your Part D Drug Plan in your area. I hope this information makes your Medicare Experience simple and each this Medicare Season. God Bless, Michael About.me/MedicareMike (Message me on Facebook or Linkedin)#MedicareMike #MedicareSavings Review of Medicare.gov. Track all your Medicare info at MyMedicare.gov Call 1-800-MEDICARE 24/7 365 days out of the year. License Medicare Agent Call late at night. Say "Agent' 2 or 3 times to get to a live Medicare Agent. There is a lot of confusion surrounding Medicare. Medicare & 1-800-Medicare for your rights & options. Call (888)608-0654 MedicareSavings.US 24/7 for our Medicare SAVINGS Advocates at no extra charge to help you and many others SAVE Millions on Medicare. (Lower down your Medigap Premium, if you can qualify) Let me know what questions you have for Medicare or help you need for Medicare.gov. Message me on Facebook or Linkedin
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Medicare Part D-- Prescription Drugs
Are your prescription drug costs covered? For Medicare recipients, this is where Part D plans can help. Whether by itself or part of a Medicare Advantage plan most Medicare recipients need Part D plans to help reduce out-of-pocket drug expenses. More Info: http://www.medicalsolutionscorp.com/medicare/medicare-part-d Get Instant Quote: http://www.medicalsolutionscorp.com Contact: (855) 667-4621 or info@medicalsolutionscorp.com
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How To Cut Rx Drug Costs
Go To http://www.InsuredMeds.com for FREE Quotes & Info How to Cut Rx Drug Costs Are you struggling with the soaring cost of prescription drugs? CBS MoneyWatch recently reported that drug prices are predicted to soar nearly 50% over the next few years. As your advisor, I want to help you find ways to contain these costs so that they don’t interfere with your long-term retirement plans. I’m happy to let you know that InsuredMeds.com can help answer your Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan questions. InsuredMeds.com Agents can continue to help you with most Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan questions, but for the more complex issues or prescription-specific questions, you can reach us at 845-380-5809 I’m also including three tips on how to cut your prescription drug costs. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or new developments with your health care costs, and remember that, as a valued client, InsuredMeds.com is available to you. 3 Ways to Cut Your Prescription Drug Costs 1. Look to generic alternatives. Even if the medication that you are taking doesn’t have a generic, you might be able to switch to a therapeutic alternative that does have a lower cost generic available. Explore the alternatives with your physician. Your pharmacist may also be able to recommend an alternative medication that could save you money and the pharmacist may even be able to facilitate the change on your behalf by contacting your physician for you. If you need more help, call InsuredMeds.com at 845-380-5809. We are Licensed Insurance Agents and are able to answer your questions. 2. Ask your doctor if a medication is still necessary. Often, people continue to take medications because no one told them to stop. They may have changed doctors a few times, and the medication list just kept growing. It may be time to ask your physician which medications are still necessary. As we get older, some medications that were appropriate in our 50s are no longer safe as we age into Medicare. As always, the cheapest medication is the one you were able to avoid by eating well and exercising regularly. 3. Understand how your Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan works. Get creative with you Part D plan search. Did you know that not every medication is cheaper through mail order? Some might be, but some may actually cost more because of shipping costs associated with bulky or heavy packaging. A hybrid approach of getting some medications at your local pharmacy and others by mail order — based on which outlet has the lowest out-of-pocket costs — can really save you some cash. Make sure to look at your best plan options every year during open enrollment, Oct. 15 through Dec. 7. Insurance & Samples • Request formulary medications only- Formulary is the list of drugs covered by your insurance. • Ask your doctor about less expensive therapeutic alternatives. • Ask your doctor for samples or coupons. (Samples may not have directions on them, be sure to check with doctor about how to take them! Let pharmacy know to check for interactions. Go to InsuredMeds.com for more information, articles and FREE quotes! InsuredMeds.com is an independent Health, Medicare, Life, Final Expenses insurance specialist. We work for you not the insurance companies to get you the best prices and insurance protection. IMC
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Maryland state retirees losing prescription coverage in 2019
Thousands of Medicare-eligible state retirees are just finding out that their prescription drug coverage is ending in 6 months, leaving them scrambling to find a new plan that works for them and their families on a limited budget.
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