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Business Continuity Planning
Business Continuity planning is the creation of a strategy through the recognition of threats and risks facing a company, ensuring that personnel and assets are protected and able to function in the event of a disaster. Is your business prepared incase of a disaster? No business owner wants to dwell on thoughts of floods, fires, hurricanes, and other misfortunes, but the reality is that there is always a chance that catastrophes like these will strike, and every business should have a thorough and up-to-date plan in anticipation of the worst. GraVoc’s Information Security team works with businesses at all stages of the disaster recovery and business continuity planning process. Our associates work with key stakeholders within an organization to build and test their business strategy. GraVoc also conducts necessary employee training and provides thorough documentation of all the processes. To learn more about GraVoc’s Information Security offerings, or to speak with a certified GraVoc employee about your business’ continuity plan, call us at 978-538-9055 or read more at: http://www.gravoc.com/2015/07/business-continuity-planning/ Connect with GraVoc: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gravoc/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GraVoc Google +: https://plus.google.com/+Gravoc LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gravoc Website: https://www.gravoc.com
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Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/youtube/ -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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Business Continuity Planning
The Introduction to the Homeland Security Business Continuity Planning Suite, includes a humorous, short video that introduces viewers to the concept of business continuity planning and highlights the benefits of having a plan. 'Two' men in an elevator experience a spectrum of disasters from a loss of power, to rain, fire, and a human threat. One man is prepared for each disaster and the other is not... The Business Continuity Planning (BCP) training component of the BCP Suite is a 30 minute video-based course, which examines the importance of BCP, provides an overview on BCP, and prepares users to write their own plans. It is broken into three segments: 1. What is business continuity planning? 2. Why is business continuity planning important? 3. What is the business continuity planning process? Upon completion of the training, users should possess a basic understanding of BCP, the process of completing a BCP, and the motivation to complete their own plan using the Suite's BCP Generator. For the full suite of products and the introductory video, visit: ready.gov/business
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How to write a business continuity plan
Business continuity has a PR problem. From the outside, it seems boring, difficult, and not a priority. According to our 2017 Data Health Check, less than half of organisations with small IT teams (1-5) have a BC plan. The thing is, it’s never been easier. Continuity today is a mature area of study. There are established best practices and proven processes that do most of the heavy lifting for you.
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Business Continuity Plan Sample Pages
We provide professional business continuity plan and disaster recovery planning samples and templates to help you protect your business. Our sample business continuity plan pages include key sections from Express BCP. If you are ready to order, please calll on +1 888 747-5593.
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The 5 Step Business Continuity Plan
Business owners don't have much time to plan. Here's a 10 minute video on how to protect your business, your family and employees with a 5 Step Business Continuity plan.
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Business Continuity Management Video
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Business Continuity Table Top Exercises
This is a short overview of the reasons for and the way to conduct Business Continuity Table Top exercises. Commercial Solutions Training and Development info@commercial-solutions.com
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How to write a robust Business Continuity plan 24 06 2015 14 00 2
The webinar covers three key areas: * The seven main factors related to business risk and what you need to do about them * Testing your plan: a) why it is critical and b) how best to do it for your business * Why cloud-based Disaster Recovery beats traditional solutions
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BIA - Business Impact Analysis (CISSP Free by Skillset.com)
This Business Impact Analysis training video is part of the CISSP FREE training course from Skillset.com (https://www.skillset.com/certifications/cissp). Skillset helps you pass your certification exam. Faster. Guaranteed. https://www.skillset.com Topic: Business Impact Analysis - BIA Skill: Business Impact Analysis Skillset: Security Operations Certification: CISSP Join the 40,000+ candidates in over 58 countries that have found a faster, better way to pass their certification exam. + Unlimited access to thousands of practice questions + Exam readiness score + Smart reinforcement + Focused training ensures 100% exam readiness + Personalized learning plan + Align exam engine to your current baseline knowledge + Eliminate wasted study time + Exam pass guarantee And much more - https://www.skillset.com
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information technology business continuity plan example
Click link: https://goo.gl/ZBZoh6?76203
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Steps for developing a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
In a world full of uncertainty, the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) represents a practical tool to help ensure the sustainability and competitiveness of business enterprises.
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Data backup, data recovery and business continuity planning
http://FiberLineCommunications.com Data backup, data recovery and business continuity planning Thank you for joining us for the latest in our series on the advantages of cloud computing. This week we will discuss the cloud computing advantage of, automated data backup, recovery, and business continuity! Does your business have an IT backup, recovery and business continuity plan in place? Is it a plan that will keep your business from shutting down if you have an extended IT failure? Could your company survive if you permanently lost all of the data on your servers? Have you assessed how much would it cost your business if you lost all computer services for 10 or more days? Do you have a clear understanding of the difference between data backup, disaster recovery and a business continuity plan? Data loss data loss often originates due to human error. Software corruption, this is often caused by failed backups Hardware malfunctions, often caused by human error, electrical failure, or power spikes. Inability to access, could be caused by snow storms or floods. There are many other possibilities that could result in an IT disaster and disrupt business continuity. Businesses across the US experience these disasters daily. Examples can include something simple like the plumbing of your building floods the floors above your server room, taking out all of your servers. Or, a virus that wipes out all of your software and destroys your data. Fires totally destroy many businesses every day. And natural disasters like hurricanes Katrina and Sandy have each destroyed tens of thousands of businesses in one day. Cloud computing provides automatic data, application, and system backup, stored in multiple locations. With cloud computing, following the worst of natural disasters, your business can continue critical business processes. Cloud providers can offer preventive measures that most business owners cannot afford to implement themselves, because the cost is too high. SAS-70 or SSAE-16 enterprise grade data centers. With cloud computing, you get service level agreements (SLAs) that can provide a written guarantee that key components of your IT system will be back up and running within two hours of a disaster. If your company has been utilizing cloud based hosted PBX for telephone service during the normal course of operations, you and your employees can actually take your IP phones with you when evacuating for the disaster If your company uses virtual desktops, another great offering of cloud computing, you and your employees will have full functionality of the most recent Windows operating system, from any mobile device, at any evacuated location that has internet. With a good disaster recovery and continuity plan, your business will not need to experience significant down time while your permanent IT system is being restored. Thank you for joining us for this discussion. If you have questions, or if you would like a free consultation with one of our certified engineers, please give us a call, or use the contact form on our website. A link to our website is located immediately below this video. To watch this video on YouTube visit: http://youtu.be/4J0trOHo9WA
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Business Continuity Planning Template Website Review Video
http://www.ExpertWebsiteReviews.com: Website redesign expert Scott Fox reviews the business continuity plan book and template sales site at http://www.BusinessContinuityPlanTemplate.com. Watch for tips that can improve your website sales, conversions, usability, and list-building, too. Order your own video review of your website at http://www.ExpertWebsiteReviews.com today!
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Filling in the Template | How To Write Business Continuity Plan
To see full video click here: http://www.iso27001standard.com/business-continuity-plan-how-to-write-it-according-to-iso-22301 See this video that explains how to develop the Business Continuity Plan, Incident Response Plan and Recovery plans that will prepare your company for handling a disaster.
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Business Continuity Plans
We create Business Continuity Plans for tenders , contracts , audits If you need one fast, find templates confusing leave it to the our experts who are all certified by the BCI
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Business Continuity Planning
Do you have a BCP? Here is a quick video on things to consider!-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/youtube/ -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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Business Continuity Plan Development
The BCM 101 series from Avalution explores each phase of the business continuity planning life-cycle, including: Business Continuity Plan Development. To learn more about business continuity, check out the full BCM 101 series here: avalution.com/bcm-101 Business continuity planning is all that we do. If you're ready to get your program up and running, we can help. Let's connect and get started today! 866.533.0575 | contactus@avalution.com | avalution.com
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Express BCP : Business Continuity Plan Template
Get the Professional Business Continuity Plan & Disaster Recovery Planning Templates. Disaster Recovery Services Pty. Ltd. (DRS) is a global provider of high quality business continuity and disaster recovery planning tools, services and information.
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27. Business Continuity Planning BCP
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Business Continuity Plan | Technology Business Continuity Plan
http://www.disasterrecoveryplantemplate.org/download/business-continuity-plan-template/ - The Business Continuity Plan Template is used by companies to detail how business will continue if a disaster or emergency occurs. The Business Continuity Plan template provides a comprehensive outline for documenting all business operational functions by department, company, employee, and vendor information, inventory, emergency procedures, post-disaster plan, etc. This form should be completed and distributed to all company employees to prepare for disasters as soon as possible. You need to write a business continuity plan. Where do you start? While of course we recommend enlisting a trusted consultancy such as Lootok to help you in this daunting task, many companies may wish to adapt an available online BCP template, or at least view some sample plans to get an idea of what they want in their business continuity plan. To save you some time, we've collected templates and examples that are available for free here. When you're ready for help, contact us to let us tell you how we can make this easy.
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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
Express BCP gives business continuity and disaster recover plans, In which plans you got planning softwares, samples, examples and many more.
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Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Template
This video is a partial preview of the full business document. To view and download the full document, please go here: http://flevy.com/browse/business-document/business-continuity-plan-bcp-template-1494 DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a plan to continue operations if a place of business is affected by different levels of disaster which can be localized short term disasters, to days long building wide problems, to a permanent loss of a building. Such a plan typically explains how the business would recover its operations or move operations to another location after damage by events like natural disasters, terrorist attack, or other unforeseen devastations. This BCP document is a 20-page MS Word document, which you can customize to your own organizational needs. Also included with this purchase is a Business Continuity Glossary, a 13-page document defining key terms related to BCP and BCM.
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The Live Wire - Business Continuity Planning: Impact of Planning
Richard McDevitt, director of marketing, interviews Shawn Kiley, business continuity analyst, on the April 8 segment of "The Live Wire," Inside UNC Charlotte's streaming webcast. They discuss the impact that planning can have using an example.
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Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
Businesses used to talk about disaster recovery. However, the discussion has moved beyond disaster recovery to business continuity, where the time between a disruption and re-establishing your business is so short that your customers may not even notice. John Leek of NetStandard and Curt Coolidge of Agility Recovery Solutions review various aspects of business continuity and discuss how NetStandard and Agility can help businesses of any size withstand a temporary disruption. As an authorized Agility partner, NetStandard offers Agility's ReadySuite, which provides temporary office space and handles continuity issues like getting your phone service restarted and business succession. Based on an insurance policy model, ReadySuite is an affordable, scalable solution that can get you back up within hours, not days, depending on the incident. NetStandard and Agility can scale their response to your business and to the disruption. For example, NetStandard can provide important, but non-critical, data on USB drives and laptops, saving Internet bandwidth for critical data and systems. Agility can help you re-establish phone service within a few hours on landlines or forwarded to cell phones if necessary. Video Information Points •5:30: the need for small businesses to plan for business continuity •7:15: managing data after a disruption •12:20: mobile office solutions •17:00: how NetStandard and Agility can provide a comprehensive solution to keep your business going
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Harry's family Business Continuity Plan
Harry explains the shock from 49 years ago. Both emotional and and financial to his family business.
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Create a Continuity Plan in 5 Steps
IBM's Pat Corcoran, the founder of IBM's Business Continuity & Resiliency Services Group and one of the world's premier experts in business continuity, shares the 5 easy steps for any nonprofits (and, indeed any business or family) to be ready to continue operating in the event of disasters large and small. Pat recently volunteered to assist the Vermont Foodbank and its network of food shelves with disaster planning.
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Business Continuity Planning - Leadership Staff
Just In Time Disaster Training Library – http://www.jitdt.org This video is part of the Just In Time Disaster Training Library. The library contains the most comprehensive selection of disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and response videos.
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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solution
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Business Continuity Awareness Scenario - Sample
A brief sample showing a walk-through of a business continuity awareness module for a particular scenario.
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Create Your Own Business Continuity Plan Template
Make easy your business continuity plan with this template. The template is step by step, so it is easy to understand everything in this template. We have different templates according to need of user.
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Differences Between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans
Certified business continuity professional and Allstream's director of corporate emergency management, Vito Mangialardi, explains the differences between a business continuity plan and disaster recovery. Learn more at http://www.allstream.com/bcp
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Business Continuity Planning - recorded webinar 25 July 2013
Business continuity planning can help your business prepare for, and operate after, an incident, crisis or disaster. Watch our webinar to learn: • how to identify potential crises which may affect your business • how to assess and evaluate the impact of those crises and disaster events • how to identify business continuity strategies • how to develop a business continuity plan for your business. Learn more about business continuity planning http://www.business.qld.gov.au/business/running/risk-management/business-continuity-planning Connect with us: https://www.facebook.com/businessqldgov http://twitter.com/Businessqldgov
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NCUA Webinar:  Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery (08/20/2014)
Effective business continuity planning and disaster recovery practices will be discussed during a free webinar, “Business Continuity Planning,” offered by the National Credit Union Administration on Wednesday, August 20, at 2 p.m. Eastern. During this webcast, Dominic Carullo, an Economic Development Specialist with NCUA’s Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives, along with Jerald Garner, National Field Supervisor with the Office National Examinations and Supervision, and Jason Radde and Ben Cates, Emergency Management Specialists with the Office of Continuity and Security Management, will outline effective continuity planning and practices for credit unions, including: • Communicating with members, regulators and vendors • Establishing back-up and recovery sites in separate locations • Restoring IT services • Returning to normal operations Recent natural disasters have illustrated the importance of effective contingency planning to ensure that all credit unions are able to fulfill their missions and obligations to their members during natural disasters or other disruptions in their operations. During this webinar, participants will hear from the CEOs of two New York City credit unions who will recount their experiences and lessons learned while recovering from Superstorm Sandy. The webinar will also feature a video interview with the CEO of a credit union in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, whose members were severely affected by Hurricane Katrina.
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ABCs of BCP Business Continuity Planning
In this complimentary webinar, we will provide an overview of how businesses can best prepare to recover from disasters. Topics to be covered include Business Impact Analysis, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Continuity Planning and testing and evaluating these plans. Our presenter will also address how the popularity of cloud computing solutions for business has impacted recovery strategies today. Participants will receive a free hour of consulting to review current disaster recovery processes and provide input on where they can be improved
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BCP -   Business Continuity Plan Development
Business continuity planning involves the development of an enterprise-wide BCP and the prioritization of business objectives and critical operations that are essential for recovery. This enterprise-wide framework should consider how every critical process, business unit, department, and system will respond to disruptions and which recovery solutions should be implemented. This framework should include a plan for short-term and long-term recovery operations. Without an enterprise-wide BCP that considers all critical elements of the entire business, an institution may not be able to resume customer service at an acceptable level. Management should also prioritize business objectives and critical operations that are essential for survival of the institution since the restoration of all business units may not be feasible because of cost, logistics, and other unforeseen circumstances.
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Business Continuity Management
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Business Continuity Management: Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment
The business impact analysis (BIA) is a core element of a successful business continuity management programme. A BIA assesses and analyses the impact of incidents to enable the effective resumption of activities through appropriate resource allocation within specific timescales. This webinar will cover important considerations for a risk assessment and BIA: • Setting risk assessment criteria. • Conducting the risk assessment. • Risk analysis and evaluation. • Establishing BIA resource and activity dependencies. • Setting BIA criteria. • Determining the maximum tolerable period of disruption. • What can be expected of BIA outputs. • Common challenges and how to overcome them.
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TTExec - Scenarios for tabletop exercises
For more information, visit us at www.ttexec.com At TTExec, LLC we are relentlessly focused on improving your incident response and business continuity capabilities. We make tabletop exercises easy by creating awesomely engaging scenarios that are carefully mapped back to compliance and best practice requirements and include a methodology for scoring and tracking improvement. This lets the customer focus entirely on the objective of improving their incident response and business continuity plans. Each scenario gives you everything needed to run a productive exercise. We make it easy – Our scenarios relieve you of the most challenging requirement of tabletop exercises…creating the scenario. We provide you timely and engaging scenarios, plus the tools to setup, execute and document your exercise. We make it affordable – We believe you should do an exercise every quarter. Doing so keeps your plan and team current and prepared for anything. To help you, we keep our prices low and offer an outstanding subscription program. We make it fun – When was the last time you had fun with security and continuity? Fun is important because it keeps your team engaged, helping you get their buy-in and recommendations. Our scenario storylines are engaging and entertaining to keep your team thinking.
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Cybersecurity incidents implications in the business continuity plans - Henri Haenni
The Founder and Senior Consultant of Abilene Advisors, Henri Haenni talked about the implications cybersecurity incidents have on business continuity plans. He discusses how exploring the history of an organization such as Data Breaches or Privacy Incidents that happened in the past can simply help you establish a successful business continuity plan. PECB Insights Conference - where experts meet! To see the presentation slides: https://pecb.com/conferences/previous-events/pecb-insights-conference-2017/presentations/ For more: https://pecb.com/conferences/ https://pecb.com/
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Business Continuity Analyst interview questions
Interview Questions for Business Continuity Analyst.What are the potentials of an elegant Business Continuity Analyst?What extreme challenges presently do you think an Business Continuity Analyst is facing?How many projects simultaneously you have worked as an Business Continuity Analyst?Give me an example of a high-pressure situation?What are you expecting from this firm in the future?
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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning - Video Lecture
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning - Computer systems engineering- video lecture
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How to write an IT Disaster Recovery Plan
Yes, the recovery software is crucial, the failover environment must be stable and your connectivity must be reliable, but these are just components. Without a plan they’re useless. Having a well-designed and thoroughly tested plan in place will substantially increase your ability to withstand, and recover from, disruption. We'll share with you the methods, exercises, tools and expertise needed to create a plan that works when you need it most.
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Business Continuity Planning
10/17/2014 Water Research Foundation. To further enhance an understanding of the Business Continuity Planning process, a series of video training modules were developed to accompany the BCP guidance document and template. These modules correspond to the various sections of the written materials.
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How to Conduct a Tabletop Exercise
A tutorial for campus administrators and crisis response team members
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BCM Institute-Testing and Exercising Your Business Continuity Plans
Business Continuity Assurance: Testing and Exercising Your Business Continuity Plans: International Best Practices and Challenges
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HIPAA Training   Creating a Contingency Plan
http://www.officesafe.com/join.html There are 3 main components that make up HIPAA’s contingency plan requirement: They are: A Data Backup Plan. A Disaster Recovery Plan. And an Emergency Mode Operations Plan. First, a Data Backup Plan. A Data Backup Plan identifies where all ePHI is stored and how its being backed up. This may include medical records, digital x-rays, test results or any other ePHI. What technology are you using to backup ePHI, and how often are the backups taking place? Although HIPAA does not specify how you backup ePHI, ideally, all of your ePHI, should be backed up offsite, and in an encrypted format. Second, a Disaster Recovery Plan. Now that you have documented all your ePHI and how it will be backed up, you need to plan how your ePHI will be recovered after a disaster. It’s never about the backup, but it’s always about the restoration process. Who on your team will be responsible for restoring ePHI? What electronic systems will you need? The people involved, and the processes you take in responding to restoring your ePHI, is what will be included in your Disaster Recovery Plan. It makes sense, but it’s a safeguard that is often overlooked by many practices. And finally, an Emergency Mode Operations Plan. This plan defines how your practice will function during an emergency. It clearly documents the policies and procedures to enable continuation of critical business functions for the protection of ePHI while operating in emergency mode. For example, what systems and information will be needed during an emergency? Who will be included on the emergency team? And how will your practice adequately protect ePHI during an emergency?
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Firestorm Presents: Emergency Business Continuity Planning and Benchmarking
Firestorm Presents: Emergency Business Continuity Planning and Benchmarking What research are you using to assure your plans are aligned with current best practices?Reserve your seat button For example, what is being spent on service providers and are they meeting your program planning needs? Additionally, how has Business Continuity evolved in incorporating the business continuity and resiliency programs of critical suppliers, vendors and third-party providers into the overall organization? Research data is essential in understanding how other similar organizations manage their business continuity program and/or learn more about competitive compensations in the business continuity profession. In this webinar Firestorm Analytical Solutions EVP Cheyene Marling discussed several benchmarking options to assess and/or elevate your program. Learn more at: firestorm.com Firestorm® Solutions, is a Novume™ Solutions company (Nasdaq: NVMM), and is a leading crisis and risk management firm and America’s CRISIS COACH®. Since 2005, Firestorm has assisted clients in transforming crisis into value by responding to some of the largest and most complex crisis events as well as combining best-practice consulting with proven crisis management expertise. Firestorm empowers clients to manage crisis and risk through assessments, audits, program development, insurance partnerships, training and advisory services using the PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® methodology. Firestorm assesses, audits, develops, trains and tests strategies and programs encompassing emergency response, business continuity, crisis management, and crisis communications/PR. Firestorm demonstrates thought leadership in workplace violence prevention, cyber-breach response, insurance-related services, communicable illness/pandemic planning, artificial intelligence, and every preparedness initiative. Firestorm provided crisis management and crisis communications services to Virginia Tech after the shootings and continues to provide services to keep tens of thousands of employees, customers and students safer.
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Selling the Business Continuity Case to Executive Management
Chicago Chapter of IFMA - March 21, 2013 Program Presented by Stacy Gardner, MBCI, CBCP, Avalution Consulting Getting management to understand what you already know regarding the importance of business continuity can be difficult. You can list example after example of catastrophic disasters around the world, but they still may not see the value. This doesn't mean executives don't "get it", they just have to be able to understand the business case to justify investment and prioritize preparedness over other projects. Some of the most important factors in getting management to buy in to business continuity are speaking their language and focusing on what's most important and strategic to them. Documentation, plans, analysis doesn't resonate -- but when you can relate business continuity to management's concerns and values -- and especially customers and the marketplace -- it becomes much easier to get their interest, buy in, and investment.
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