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Hello Friends , Here is the next video in LEARNING PHARMACY SERIES. This video talks about how the OTC drugs causes ABUSE in humans specially in TEENS. AS these drugs being easily available on stores, there chances of being abused is also high. Motive of this video is to alert you from the DANGER of these drugs..... thank you all DO LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT IF IT IS WORTH FOR YOU. PROUD TO BE PHARMACIST ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJHtUUFE8lnVsf1o2FJODJQ?sub_confirmation=1 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJHtUUFE8lnVsf1o2FJODJQ/about ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Topic discussed in the video - OTC drug dangerous abuse in brief 1-Dextromethorphen-Found in most of the cough syrups(one teen in every 10 reported that abuse) 2-Pain relievers-Acetaminophen and ibuprofen in higher dose mostly caused abuse 3-Caffeine medicine and enegry drinks-Nodoz and 5 Hour Enegry caused abuse 4-Diet pills-Abuse starts with trying just a few in order to loose weight 5-Laxative and herbal diuretics-Abuse start as some teens start taking it to loose weight 6-Motion sickness pills-Dramamine and benadryl taken in large dose caused abuse 7-Herbal ecstasy-These drugs produce euphoria and increased awareness ultimately caused Abused 8-Pseudoephedrine-used in cold medicines but athletes used to increase state of awareness 9-Others herbals-Salvia ingested or smoked to experience profound hallucination 10-Benzodiazepines-Diazepam and apprazolam overuse caused dependence ------------------------------------------------------------------------- WATCH OUT OUR MORE RELATED VIDEOS:-LINK PROVIDED HERE https://youtu.be/ycPMykbOhyw https://youtu.be/Kcs-nvl1bn0 https://youtu.be/n7TIZsPGjgE https://youtu.be/Pv08-SqDcX8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONNECT WITH US ON OUR SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES:- FACEBOOK https://m.facebook.com/learningpharmacy.in TWITTER https://twitter.com/learn_pharma GOOGLE + https://plus.google.com/u/0/100078152149559945911/videos CONNECT WITH US ON OUR WEBSITE http://learningpharmacy.weebly.com/ SHARE YOUR SUPPORT ON PATREON PAGE https://www.patreon.com/learningpharmacy ------------------------------------------ About Us: Learning Pharmacy is a YouTube Channel, where you will find videos related to PHARMACY SECTOR, DRUGS, MEDICINE, PHARMA COURSES like D-PHARMA, B-PHARMA, M-PHARMA and competition exams. New Video is Posted Every Month. Do Let Us Know if you want us to create videos on specific topic. ------------------------------------------
Snorting Wizz Fizz
me snorting Wizz Fizz :P
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E-money remix- things that rhyme with orange =D
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