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The Doctors Show Surgery gone Wrong in Tijuana Irma Saenz
Surgery gone wrong in Tijuana, Bella Bodiez Doctors, do your research.
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Annual Mammogram Reveals Breast Cancer
Nancy White found out that she had breast cancer, even though she had no history of the disease. She found support and excellent care at Los Alamitos Medical Center and was able to work throughout her treatment. The Total Care Cancer Center at Los Alamitos Medical Center offers advanced care for cancer: https://www.losalamitosmedctr.com/our-services/cancer-care
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Hospital surprises teen returning to job after tumor surgery
Ohio student makes emotional return to work with doctors that saved her life Watch Bill Hemmer on Americas Newsroom.
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Meet Thoracic Surgeon Inderpal Sarkaria -- Sloan-Kettering
Thoracic surgeon Inderpal Sarkaria discusses the expertise of Memorial Sloan-Kettering surgeons at performing complex operations to treat cancers of the lung, esophagus, and chest wall.
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The kitchen employees at Norwalk Hospital
The happy song
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Tijuana cosmetic surgery clinic under scrutiny in downey woman’s death
Tijuana cosmetic surgery clinic under scrutiny in downey woman’s death Irma Saenz told family members she was going to Tijuana for the day. But she didn’t tell them what for: The 51-year-old Downey resident had scheduled a liposuction procedure at a cosmetic surgery clin...
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Raimundo Pastor, DO | General Surgeon | Beaumont
Dr. Pastor is a Beaumont Health general surgeon. Learn more and schedule an appointment at https://doctors.beaumont.org/provider/Raimundo+Pastor/225375
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Actress Rita Wilson Undergoes Double Mastectomy for Breast Cancer
Rita Wilson, the actress and wife of actor Tom Hanks, said she underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery after being diagnosed with an invasive form of breast cancer. Wilson said she had been regularly monitoring an underlying condition when a development in a breast biopsy showed no cancer, but prompted her to get a second opinion. Two other pathologists diagnosed invasive lobular carcinoma. That type makes up a small portion of breast cancers and can spread cancer cells to other areas of the body, according to the Mayo Clinic. Wilson's disclosure echoes Angelina Jolie's decision to share news of a double mastectomy two years ago and removal of her ovaries last month after tests revealed a mutation in the BRCA1 gene that increases her risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Wilson's publicist said that she took leave from the Broadway play "Fish in the Dark," starring Larry David, to undergo surgery last week and will return on May 5, http://news.yahoo.com/actress-rita-wilson-undergoes-double-mastectomy-breast-cancer-170911056.html http://www.wochit.com
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Tanning and Radiation
Physics project on why tanning and radiation go hand in hand. All facts stated in this video were approved by the FDA and the IRAC
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Operation Smile's Nutrition Programme in Guwahati
Many babies born with a cleft palate have difficulty feeding. They are malnourished and not fit for surgery. Our nutrition programme at Operation Smile's Comprehensive Care Centre in Guwahati, in Assam, India is addressing this problem with fantastic results.
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Dr Mirrafati Explains Breast Procedures
Learn about the different breast implants procedures at Mira Aesthetic Medical Spa with top cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sid Mirrafati, MD.
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After losing her nose to cancer, Becky shares her story to help others
Becky lost her nose to skin cancer. Here, she shares her story with the hope of helping others like her. Learn more about Sunnybrook's craniofacial prosthetics unit: http://sunnybrook.ca/content/?page=craniofacial-prosthetics-artificial-ear-eye-nose
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My Consultation With Bella Bodiez In Tijuana Mexico
My experience with the process of booking an appointment with Bella Bodiez for a mommy makeover surgery. Information on who Bella Bodiez is, the owner Glady's and the services they provide for plastic surgery as patient advocates in the medical tourism field in Tijuana, Mexico. Contact Glady's owner of Bella Bodiez on Instagram @bella_bodiez_ for a quote on your surgery needs. You can also contact her assistants @bellamade17 or @belladoll700 for faster service. Send all the required things they ask for! Have your money ready and best wishes to you all dolls!
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Biography of Dr. Pouya Shafipour
Biography of Dr. Pouya Shafipour Wellesley Medical: Family Doctor & nutrition and Weight loss specialist, 2011 - present Motion Pictures and Television Fund Clinics: General Practitioner, 2008 - 2011 Kaiser Permenente: Family Doctor, 2005 - 2008 University of California, Irvine: General Surgery, 2003 - 2005 Loma Linda University: Doctor of Medicine, 1999 - 2002 Georgetown University: Master of Science, physiology and Bio Physics, 1998 - 1999 University of California, Berkeley: Bachelore of Art in Meolecular adn Cell Biology, 1996 - 1998 http://www.wellesleymd.com
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Larry King says he was operated on for lung cancer
(13 Sep 2017) LARRY KING SAYS HE WAS OPERATED ON FOR LUNG CANCER Veteran broadcaster Larry King says he battled lung cancer this summer but appears to have the disease at bay. The former CNN host, who is 83, told Us Weekly that a spot on his lung was noticed this summer during a routine check-up. He said he had surgery in July. The tumor was malignant but King said it was found at such an early stage that his doctor told him he was lucky. King has had health issues in the past, including a heart attack and prostate cancer. He was a smoker but gave it up after his heart attack in the 1980s. King keeps working. He told the magazine that his secret wish is to do six months on Broadway, telling stories and taking audience questions. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/3714dfae733f80e94781dbe9ab29ce37 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Top surgery consult through kaiser
Hey guys its me Niko with another video update of my top surgery. Sorry for the extremely poor quality of this video. So for those who are interested I saw Dr. Robert Beinrauh he is a plastic surgeon with Kaiser Permanente located in Downey in southern California.
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Robotic Surgery at Putnam Hospital Center - show #20
Dr. Hansraj Sheth, general surgeon, Putnam Hospital Center discusses the pros and cons of robotic surgery.
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In Our Own Words: “We Decided Together”
Watch thoracic surgeon Inderpal Sarkaria talk about the collaborative approach Memorial Sloan-Kettering specialists used to cure a woman with complex esophageal cancer.
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Dr. Robert Isaak Discusses Advancements in Radiation Oncology
Dr. Robert Isaak, radiation oncologist at John Stoddard Cancer Center, discusses new technology and the latest advancements in Radiation Oncology at Stoddard. He answers the questions: What's new in breast cancer radiation treatment? How does TrueBeam help breast cancer patients? Can you explain Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation? What benefits do these treatments have for patients?
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Diljeet Singh, MD, Discusses How Kaiser Permanente Uses Technology To Improve Cancer Treatment
From video visits with your physician to apps that help you manage your care to robotic surgery, Kaiser Permanente uses technology to improve healthcare experiences. Watch Kaiser Permanente’s Dr. Diljeet Singh explain how using surgical robots enables doctors to operate on early stage tumors and on tumors close to sensitive organs, with less recovery time for the patient. For more information, go to http://www.kp.org.
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STRATAFIX™, HARMONIC ACE®, and Powered ECHELON FLEX™ in a Gastric Sleeve Repair (Dr. Stephen Scott)
Learn about the benefits of STRATAFIX™ Knotless Tissue Control Device, HARMONIC ACE®, and Powered ECHELON FLEX™ in a Gastric Sleeve Repair with Dr. Stephen Scott. Learn more about STRATAFIX™ Spiral: https://www.ethicon.com/na/products/wound-closure/tissue-control-devices/stratafix-spiral-knotless-tissue-control-device Connect with us! - Follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/ethicon - Follow us on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/company/ethicon
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Meet Thoracic Surgeon David Jones
Chief of Thoracic Surgery David Jones, who specializes in treating people with cancer of the lung, esophagus, and pleural lining, discusses the speed and quality of our care.
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Los Alamitos Medical Center - Los Alamitos, CA
Los Alamitos Medical Center, a 167-bed facility in Los Alamitos, California, used best practices and peer-to-peer learning to reduce harm across the board. By benchmarking data, improving patient safety reporting systems, and improving processes for communicating--with shift-to-shift rounds, daily huddles and "tempo" boards--the hospital prevented 108 harms in one year. Los Alamitos Medical Center was part of the AHA/HRET Hospital Engagement Network.
California Woman Dies Following Liposuction Procedure In Tijuana, Family Says
California Woman Dies Following Liposuction Procedure In Tijuana, Family Says, beautiful women dies due to look more beautiful, California Residence women die, https://youtu.be/FRJohH49-7U Bright Story requested to your please subscribe our page and ask to your friends for Subscription. YOUTUBE: https://bit.ly/brightstory Facebook: https://facebook.com/brightstory17/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/brightstory_ A public service message: Please care your neighbor as you care your family, so please care your family as your mother care you in childhood.
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Dr  Wald - Breast Rejuvenation
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Mindy's Healing Journey from Cancer - Update (9.30.16)
Hello everyone. In this video, I give an update on the cancer I've been diagnosed with, information about the breast tumor, and our current needs. Here's a quick recap of what I discuss in the video, for those who don't have time to watch it right now: - Overall, I feel great (no pain, plenty of energy, etc.), but... - The breast tumor has gotten bigger, and is at least double in size... I truly believe my body is distracted by all the toxins being released from the mercury fillings and root canal in my mouth. Getting all of these toxins out will give my body a much better chance to focus on the cancer! - I'll be getting all of my mercury fillings and my root canal removed over 2 sessions, and the first is October 12th (which is 3 months to the day of when I had the original mammogram and biopsy done). - I truly believe this is a HUGE step in getting my body healthy and getting the healing from the cancer and a victorious, life-filled future! - We are SO grateful for all of the help we've received already, and that money has been going toward the organic produce I use every day for my juice, salad, etc. as well as supplements and supplies I use every day. Thank you SO much!! - We are in need of help with the costs of the removal of the mercury fillings and root canal (please watch my video to learn more about why they are so dangerous and detrimental toward my health). The total needed is $9,250, but I'll need $5,500 for my first appointment on October 12th (insurance does not cover this procedure). - If you would like to help with this extremely important procedure, you're welcome to give through my fundraiser page (they do keep a percentage of your donation) at https://www.youcaring.com/mindy-nave-609801 or... - If you would like to send it to our home, please send me a message and I'll give you our address - Or you could even send your donation with a notation "For Melinda Nave's Procedure" directly to the dentist's office: Dr. Michael G. Rehme 2821 N. Ballas Rd. Suite 245 St. Louis, MO 63131 Links for Things Mentioned: "Smoking teeth" video (mercury fillings): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqIdGwAMxxs My Biological Dentist's Website: http://toothbody.com/
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Helen Kim, MD
Proliance Surgical Specialists at Overlake 1135 116th Ave. NE, Suite 550 Bellevue, Washington 98004 425-688-1916
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National Cancer Survivors Day Keynote Speech 2011, Debbie Clay, Part One
This is a portion of the keynote address given by Debbie Clay at the National Cancer Survivors Day "Celebration of Life" held on Sunday June 5, at the Fairfield Center for Creative Arts, Fairfield, CA. This event was sponsored by the American Cancer Society and the Northbay Cancer Center. 400 people attended the event - cancer survivors and their families. This video is of the first 12 minutes of an hour long speech. Additional portions of the speech will be added to Youtube later.
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Group 12: Teodora Simic, Jenny Shin, Divya Singh, Victor Shen
References 1. Bondareva, A., Downey, C., Ayres, F., Liu, W., Boyd, S., Hallgrimsson, B. and Jirik, F. (2009). The Lysyl Oxidase Inhibitor, β-Aminopropionitrile, Diminishes the Metastatic Colonization Potential of Circulating Breast Cancer Cells. PLoS ONE, 4(5), p.e5620. 2. Chi, J., Wang, Z., Nuyten, D., Rodriguez, E., Schaner, M., Salim, A., Wang, Y., Kristensen, G., Helland, Å., Børresen-Dale, A., Giaccia, A., Longaker, M., Hastie, T., Yang, G., van de Vijver, M. and Brown, P. (2006). Gene Expression Programs in Response to Hypoxia: Cell Type Specificity and Prognostic Significance in Human Cancers. PLoS Medicine, 3(3), p.e47. 3. Chvapil, M. (2005). Inhibition of breast adenocarcinoma growth by intratumoral injection of lipophilic long-acting lathyrogens. Anti-Cancer Drugs, 16(2), pp.201-210. 4. Csiszar, K. (2001). Lysyl oxidases: A novel multifunctional amine oxidase family. Progress in Nucleic Acid Research and Molecular Biology, pp.1-32. 5. Erler, J., Bennewith, K., Nicolau, M., Dornhöfer, N., Kong, C., Le, Q., Chi, J., Jeffrey, S. and Giaccia, A. (2006). Lysyl oxidase is essential for hypoxia- induced metastasis. Nature, 440(7088), pp.1222-1226. 6. Gartland, A., Erler, J. and Cox, T. (2016). The role of lysyl oxidase, the extracellular matrix and the pre-metastatic niche in bone metastasis. Journal of Bone Oncology, 5(3), pp.100-103. 7. Gomis, R. and Gawrzak, S. (2017). Tumor cell dormancy. Molecular Oncology, 11(1), pp.62-78. 8. Heino, J. (1993). Integrin-type Extracellular Matrix Receptors in Cancer and Inflammation. Annals of Medicine, 25(4), pp.335-342. 9. Kimbro, K. (2006). Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 in human breast and prostate cancer. Endocrine Related Cancer, 13(3), pp.739-749. 10. Masoud, G. and Li, W. (2015). HIF-1α pathway: role, regulation and intervention for cancer therapy. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B, 5(5), pp.378-389. 11. Nilsson, M., Hägglöf, C., Hammarsten, P., Thysell, E., Stattin, P., Egevad, L., Granfors, T., Jernberg, E., Wikstrom, P., Halin Bergström, S. and Bergh, A. (2015). High Lysyl Oxidase (LOX) in the Non-Malignant Prostate Epithelium Predicts a Poor Outcome in Prostate Cancer Patient Managed by Watchful Waiting. PLoS ONE, 10(10), p.e0140985. 12. Peacock, E. and Madden, J. (1978). Administration of beta-aminopropionitrile to human beings with urethral strictures: A preliminary report. The American Journal of Surgery, 136(5), pp.600-605. 13. Rodríguez, C., Rodríguez-Sinovasm, A. and Martínez-González, J. (2008). Lysyl oxidase as a potential therapeutic target. Drug News & Perspectives, 21(4), p.218. 14. Rucker, Robert & Kosonen, T & Clegg, Michael & Mitchell, Alyson & R Rucker, B & Uriu-Adams, Jan & Keen, Carl. (1998). Copper, lysyl oxidase, and extracellular matrix protein cross-linking. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 67, pp.996-1002.
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The 700 Club - September 10, 2018
A premature baby is rushed to the hospital as doctor’s race to save a young girl’s life. Plus, the journalist who broke the story on the opioid crisis tells us how America’s nightmare began. ► WATCH more stories: http://share.cbn.com/5ds46   ► CLICK to experience God’s love, purpose and forgiveness in your life: http://share.cbn.com/5ds47   ► Need prayer?     CLICK: http://share.cbn.com/5ds48     CALL 24/7: 1-800-826-8913.   ► PARTNER with CBN ministries: http://share.cbn.com/5ds49   ► CLICK to learn more about CBN ministries: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4a   ► CLICK HERE to subscribe to The 700 Club YouTube Channel: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4b   ► SIGN UP for daily devotionals: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4c   ► GROW in your faith: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4d   ► DOWNLOAD the myCBN app: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4e     The inspiration and encouragement doesn’t stop here; find us on the social networks you love most.   Facebook:  http://share.cbn.com/5ds4f Google+:  http://share.cbn.com/5ds4g Twitter:  http://share.cbn.com/5ds4h Instagram:  http://share.cbn.com/5ds4i Pinterest: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4j Snapchat: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4k
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Larry King Goes Public With Lung Cancer Diagnosis
On Thursday, legendary talk show host Larry King has gone public with a recent cancer diagnosis. In a statement on CNN, King's representative said the 83 year-old had been "diagnosed with stage 1 Adenocarcinoma, the most common type of lung cancer through a routine chest examination." The rep added, "He underwent a successful surgery to remove the upper lobe and lymph node. Larry returned to work two weeks later, having just celebrated his 60th year in broadcasting. He looks forward to working for another 60 years and thanks everyone for their well wishes!" http://rss.cnn.com/~r/rss/edition_entertainment/~3/r4M3O4gIiQI/index.html http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit Entertainment using http://wochit.com
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The Heart of the East
Michael Garron Hospital is the heart of East Toronto, a vibrant community that is one of the most diverse in Canada. Your donation to the Heart of the East campaign is an investment in the well being of the entire community.
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Day in the Life
We are preparing for day one of patient care by conducting a series of dress rehearsals to familiarize ourselves with the new Lundquist Tower. www.torrancememorial.org/LundquistTower
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Long Beach OBGYN Clinic
A Long Beach OBGYN Clinic (http://www.gyn-emergentcare.com/) discusses ovarian cysts. Watch this video to learn why they occur and how they are treated. Ovarian cancer accounts for 3% of women's cancer diagnoses. This makes it the eleventh most common type of female cancer in North American women, but it is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related death among women. Ovarian cancer remains the most dangerous of all gynecologic cancers. Each year, ovarian cancer takes the lives of several thousand North American women. The American Cancer Society estimates that, in 2014, almost 22,000 new cases of ovarian cancer will be diagnosed. Many ovarian cysts are benign and easily treated. However, it is important that women discover and get any ovarian cyst checked out. Early detection of ovarian cancer is key to saving lives. What is an Ovary? Women have two ovaries as part of their reproductive system. They are in the pelvis located one on each side of the uterus. As well as producing eggs, estrogen and progesterone, the ovaries control female development of: breasts, body shape, and hair. Ovaries regulate the menstrual cycle and are responsible for pregnancy. Get social with us! https://plus.google.com/b/107935820127189512779/107935820127189512779/posts https://www.facebook.com/GynEmergentCare https://twitter.com/GynEcc Don't forget to like share and comment on this video! http://youtu.be/ZQGDMA1hy_Y tags - long beach obgyn clinic, ovarian cysts, gynecology long beach, long beach obgyn, obgyn clinic in long beach
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Vattikuti Global Robotics 2012: Dr Judith Lin, International Faculty
Interview with Dr Judith Lin, Director, Vein Clinic Henry Ford Health System, US during VGR2012 @ Taj Palace, New Delhi. Conference Organized by KW Conferences
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Dr. Robert Pugach, a Los Alamitos Medical Center physician, discusses urology and many health issues associated with it.
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UVA Medical Park Zion Crossroads Offers Variety of Care Under One Roof
For more, visit https://uvahealth.com/locations/profile/primary-and-specialty-care-zion-crossroads UVA Medical Park Zion Crossroads will house UVA Primary and Specialty Care Clinic Zion Crossroads and UVA Imaging Zion Crossroads. Patients will be able to access breast care, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology, nephrology, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, adult and pediatric, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pulmonary, spine care, sports medicine, urology and vascular care. Plus, the convenience of a medical lab and retail pharmacy at the same location.
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Liquid Facelift.flv
The procedure known as the Liquid Facelift has been heavily marketed as a new, non-invasive method for receiving instantaneous results similar to those of a traditional facelift. However, in this video an ASPS Member Surgeon explains that while it may provide some results in the right kind of patient, there will be a recovery period and those results will be temporary. He cautions that this procedure offers results similar to those of certain fillers, and despite marketing claims, it is not a facelift or a replacement for one. Learn more about facelifts. Dr. Robert Singer MD F.A.C.S http://www.google.com/profiles/dr.robert.singer.md Info@RSingerMD.com RsingerMD.com
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Brooke Burke-Charvet at the 2013 Smile Gala #OperationSmile @brookeburke
http://www.redcarpetreporttv.com Mingle Media TV's Red Carpet Report and host, Brandi Chang, were invited to come out to the 2013 Smile Gala to Honor Kevin Beggs, Randy Sherman and Kate Walsh at the Beverly Wilshire with Brooke Burke-Charvet Set as Mistress of Ceremonies. Get the Story from the Red Carpet Report Team - follow us on Twitter and Facebook at: http://twitter.com/TheRedCarpetTV https://www.facebook.com/RedCarpetReportTV http://www.redcarpetreporttv.com http://www.youtube.com/MingleMediaTVNetwork About Operation Smile Operation Smile, an international children's medical charity, will honor Kevin Beggs, Chairman of Lionsgate Television Group; Randy Sherman, M.D., F.A.C.S., Vice-chair of the Department of Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; and award-winning actress Kate Walsh at its 2013 Smile Gala, September 27, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Smile Ambassador Brooke Burke-Charvet will serve as Mistress of Ceremonies; and Stephanie Argyros, David Charvet, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, Krista Jajonie, Sue Naegle, Jennifer and Henry Salke, Daneia Sanadiki, co-chair. Operation Smile provides free surgery for children worldwide suffering from facial deformities, to heal their smiles and transform their lives. Every three minutes, a child is born with a cleft. One in 10 of those children will die before their first birthday. The Smile Gala is a premier event, helping Operation Smile provide hope and healthy futures for children worldwide. For Gala information, please visit www.operationsmile.org/lagala. For more of Mingle Media TV's Red Carpet Report coverage, please visit our website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook here: https://www.minglemediatv.com https://www.facebook.com/minglemediatvnetwork http://www.flickr.com/MingleMediaTVNetwork https://www.twitter.com/minglemediatv Follow our host, Brandi Chang at https://twitter.com/BrandiChang - - Distributed by OneLoad.com
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Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Day Spa - Tummy Tuck
http://www.youngerlook.com/ Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Day Spa, located in Costa Mesa, CA, offers a number of surgical, non-surgical, and spa services to Orange County. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the most modern techniques available to ensure the most satisfactory results. A protruding abdomen can be a cause of distress for both men and women alike. It can be the result of weak abdominal muscles, loss of elasticity due to aging, or stretching of skin after a dramatic weight loss or pregnancy. Abdominoplasty or "Tummy Tuck" is a surgical procedure designed to flatten a protruding abdomen by removing excess skin and fat tissue from the abdomen while tightening the abdominal muscles. The result is a smoother and more contoured look. The best candidates for the surgery are patients who feel are at their ideal weight but have fat deposits or loose abdominal skin that will not respond to diet and exercise. Furthermore, many patients combine their tummy tuck with other cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, or breast reduction.
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Wound Healing & Hyperbarics
Dr. Ronald Holness M.D. a general surgeron at Los Alamitos Medical Center discusses the importance of wound healing.
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ActiveCare Patient Testimonial Video - Katherine
Watch how real people share their experience with ActiveCare®, used to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) without bleeding complications after Total Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery. Katherine used ActiveCare® Safe DVT Prevention in her Total Knee Replacement Surgery To learn more on how to prevent DVT and bleeding and for more information on ActiveCare® click here http://activecare.mcsmed.com/patients/reduce-dvt-risks/ ActiveCare® -- Your Proven Alternative to Anticoagulant Drugs for DVT Prevention (Deep Vein Thrombosis) from Hospital to Home, with No Major Bleeding ActiveCare® is a trademark brand of MCS Medical Compression System. ActiveCare® is the only system that fully meets the American College of Chest Physicians Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines (ACCP) 2012 Guidelines as standalone therapy without the need of drugs to prevent DVT after total joint replacement for the whole duration of treatment from hospital to home. ActiveCare® is an economically viable DVT prevention therapy. The system significantly reduces the drug requirements and as such minimizes the occurrence of major bleeding complication and the need for supplementary blood products that may lead to costly readmissions. ActiveCare® is currently used in more than 80 surgical centers across the country daily
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Breast rejuvenation
Please support this channel by donating to the PayPal link https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=XX332A8MW7W4J You can also send donations to the address below. Edna C Hillis 611 Toni dr. Palmhurst, Tx. 78573 It Is very important to take vitamins A, B and C.Taking turmeric will also help in rejuvenating the breast. Please follow me on you tube at www.youtube.com/user/EdnaCHillis and Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, Snap chat and Tumblr
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The Balancing Act Show 1185 - Eclipsemed, LTD
The increase in the popularity of liposuction has led to gentle, new techniques that developers say not only improve results and reduce risks, but also drastically speed up recovery time. In todays segment, we focus on Bodyjet Liposuction, a water-assisted technology approved by the FDA in summer 2008. Its being hailed as a faster, much gentler way to remove fat, with less risk because it requires only a local anesthesia. Patients are generally able to drive themselves home after the procedure, and to carry on many of their normal activities as soon as the next day. Well watch the procedure as its performed, and learn all about it from plastic surgeon Dr. Roger Bassin.
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Pinhole Procedure/ Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation
Dr. Patel, at Center For Advanced Dentistry, now offers a state of the art solution for receding gums. The Procedure is a scalpel-free, suture- free, graft-free treatment option, for receding gums. It's a quick, easy and instantly pleasing procedure that can be life changing.
The accessibility equation: valuing an accessible world for all | Minnie Baragwanath | TEDxAuckland
When you look at the world through disabilities, you look at he world through opportunities that haven't been taken yet. Minnie breaks this down to an amazing world that we all live in of untapped opportunity of accessibility opportunity that makes us all better. Minnie is CEO and co-founder of Be. Accessible, a social change agency that is shifting how Kiwis value accessibility and the contribution to our world by people with access needs. This vibrant and innovative approach to social change has caught the attention of government, business, entrepreneurs and communities throughout New Zealand and the world. At it’s heart Be. Accessible is moving the emphasis from a notion of disability to Poss-ability, from deficit to strength, from disempowerment to leadership! Values of creativity, positivity, flexibility and generosity are at the heart of this social movement and underpin the work of Be. Minnie was a recipient of the Sir Peter Blake Leadership award 2013 and was made a Member of the NZ Order of Merit Queens Honour in 2014. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Authors@Google: James Magner, M.D.
Author Jim Magner visits Google Cambridge to discuss his book, "Chess Juggler." From the book's description: "How does one cope with devoting sufficient time to family and career while occasionally trying to fit in the odd game of chess? Is your schedule getting more crowded and accomplishments less satisfying? Then take a journey with Jim Magner, physician, husband and chessplayer. Dr. Jim went through college and medical school, married and raised a family, and still was able to get in some serious chessplaying. It was not always easy or convenient, but he persevered and fulfilled most of his life's goals, all the while maintaining his sanity and perspective. He is an average (Class C) player who developed a curious, yet often effective way of dealing with opponents who outranked him, sometime by hundreds of rating points. He shares with the reader his methods and madness, with 31 annotated games dotting his autobiographical narrative. These games are entertaining and instructive, and often somewhat unusual as they illustrate how one may prey upon human weaknesses. If you enjoy rooting for the underdog, then this is the little chess book for you! Over the years Dr. Magner also has provided advice about life and career to countless medical students and trainees, and in this heartwarming book, he also shares his tips for success in family, finances and life itself."
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