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Diabetes Camp
The Canadian Diabetes Assocation offers an annual camp for kids living with Type 1 Diabetes. We headed out to the Manitoba location to see what happens.
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Diabetes: A Bajan Epidemic
This short documentary film was produced by students from the Bellairs Research Institute (McGill) and the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill Campus) in partnership with the Diabetes Assocation of Barbados
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Peace Rally, Kachin Canadian Association (Part-1)
Theme: Help STOP Atrocities against Kachins & Ethnic Minorities in Burma Peace Rally held on Jan 12, 2013, at City Hall/ Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, Canada, united with all Ethnic Nationalities of Burma. Guest Speakers (as in order of giving the speech) Paul Copeland, Human Rights Lawyer, Order of Canada & Canadian Campaign for Free Burma Marisa Sterling, Professional Engineer & former MPP candidate for Toronto-DanforthMP, MP, Hon. Jim Karyginnais Daw Molly, Burmese Canadian Network & Burmese Student Democratic Organization Zaw Wai Kyaw, Burma Ethnic Nationalities Network-Canada Ler Wah Lobo, Karen Activist Pri Lwan, President, Kachin Canadian Assocation (KCA)
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You Are Not Alone PSA
The Native Women’s Association of Canada has created a new resource for Aboriginal women escaping domestic violence. This new toolkit, You Are Not Alone: A Toolkit for Aboriginal Women Escaping Domestic Violence, provides Aboriginal women with community safety planning resources to address domestic violence. The toolkit also includes a Who’s Who: Domestic Violence Resource Guide of services available to Aboriginal women in every province and territory. _____________________________________________________ L’Association des femmes autochtones du Canada a créé une nouvelle ressource pour les femmes autochtones fuyant la violence conjugale. Cette nouvelle trousse, Vous n’êtes pas seule : une trousse pour les femmes autochtones fuyant la violence conjugale, fournit aux femmes autochtones des ressources de planification communautaire de sécurité qui traitent de la violence conjugale. Cette trousse inclut aussi un Qui est qui : guide des ressources en violence conjugale, qui inclut les services disponibles pour les femmes autochtones dans chaque province et territoire.
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Jessi's Story: Advocacy Video
The American Diabetes Association hired ptvMedia to produce an advocacy video to pressure the Ohio legislature to cover medical supplies for diabetics. The result: Jessi's Story, which earned a 2005 Award from the American Assocation of Political Consultants.
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Please leave what you think about this in the comments. Xx
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John's Story - Derbyshire Carers Association
John talks about his role as a carer.
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Catwalk for a Cure Fashion Show
Our very own Sheldon Allen struts the runway for the "Catwalk for a Cure" Fashion Show at Bombay Lounge to help benefit the American Diabetes Assocation. Sponsored by Planet Sol Salon & Boutique. TheCrushGirls.com - Corpus Christi's Entertainment News Source
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Freddy Barron is Famous Fit
Famous Fit 2013 Fitness Calendar www.famousfit.net Workout Routines, Recipes, Fitness Tips Classic Edition, Elite Teen Athlete Edition, Hard Body Edition, and Swimsuit Edition
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Experts react to obesity as disease
The American Medical Association is now calling obesity a disease. Local health experts say it's a big step forward toward helping fight the problem.
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Pharmacy of the Year 2014 Winner!
Charnwood Capital Chemist in the Canberra suburb of Charnwood is the 2014 QCPP Pharmacy of the Year. The honour was announced today at the Australian Pharmacy Professional conference (APP) on the Gold Coast. Charnwood Capital Chemist was named the Innovation in Professional Services category winner, and was then judged to be the best pharmacy overall. Owner pharmacist Samantha Kourtis accepted the award on behalf of her team. The awards recognise achievement in community pharmacy across three categories. The categories and this year's winners are: •Capital Chemist Charnwood Pharmacy, ACT -- Innovation in Professional Services & Pharmacy of the Year •Priceline Springwood Pharmacy, NSW -- Excellence in Business Management •Outback Pharmacies Broken Hill, NSW -- Excellence in Community Engagement One of the judges of the competition, Victorian pharmacist Bill Scott said: "While the judging this year was incredibly difficult and there were so many great pharmacies, Charnwood is a clear example of how a dynamic pharmacist, with good local relationships can provide an excellent service and they are a great model that any pharmacy can learn from and deliver a better service. "Like many of the pharmacies this year, Samantha saw that there were needs in the community that weren't being dealt with. For example, because Charnwood is an area where there is a considerable amount of diabetes and circulation problems, Samantha saw that there was a need for compression garments and wound dressings. She joined the Lymphology Assocation and has done the training so that she can be a qualified fitter and provider of these garments and now has excellent inter-professional relationships with a nearby hospital. She deals with the local GPs, everybody in the area, and the pharmacy is known as the go to spot with anything to do with compression garments and wound management in the area. "In the end I would be very proud to have my name associated with any of these three category winners," Bill Scott said. The National President of the Guild, George Tambassis, said: "I am extremely proud of our industry and there is no better showcase of our individual and collective achievements than this rigorously judged and highly respected award." The overall winner and the category winners share in a cash prize, receive a stylish trophy to display in their pharmacy and a professional in-pharmacy photo shoot. The overall winner was deemed by the judges to be the pharmacy that stood out among the finalists and demonstrated achievements across each of the three categories. This year has seen a strong competition, with a tight field producing three worthy winners. The Pharmacy of the Year competition is proudly sponsored by the Quality Care Pharmacy Program, QCPP.
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Obesity in school children is increasing year by year. After a recent study done by the Health Ministry, officials saw the importance of sharing vital information about obesity immediately, as Health Minister Dr. Fuad Khan said parents are slowly killing their children with fatty foods. The Ministry has established a National Nutrition Standard Handbook to assist parents of Trinidad and Tobago in their meal choices for their children. Mahalia Joseph has more.
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American pharma monetizes Indian traditional medicines and earns in billions - Uma Swaminathan
Indian medicine is thousands of years old, and has been proven. American pharma companies are merely replicating the success of Indian medicine and making billions in profits, while we Indians blindly consume them, says Uma Swaminathan, the author of Healing with Herbs. Hosted by Madhav Das and produced by Suresh Menon, Dragonfly Films.
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MLM News: MyLife Launch, ViSalus Update, DSA Stats, And Zeek Rewards Update
http://mlmhelpdesk.com/?p=9163 This week we cover the new launch MyLife.net, ViSalus updates, the DSA gathering facts for regulators, and much more, including the Zeek Rewards update.
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2017-05-03 Question Period
Question Period: May 3, 2017
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Philadelphia Soda Tax Cuts Consumption of Sugary Drink by 40%
Philadelphians are now 40 percent less likely to drink soda every day-  after a tax was placed on sweetened drinks in the city, a new study has shown. The city started taxing sweetened drinks at 1.5 percent per ounce from in January 2017. The money raised was used to pay for community projects, including prekindergarten programs.Now, a study of almost 900 residents surveyed a month before and two months after the tax was enforced has shown that Philadelphians were 40 percent less likely to drink sugary drinks, compared with residents of nearby cities including Trenton, Camden and Wilminton.The likelihood of residents consuming energy drinks every day plummeted by 60 per cent, but they were 58 percent more likely to drink bottled water every day.Recommended Slideshows51In Pictures: The 50 Most Powerful Military Forces in the World44In Pictures: Every U.S. President Ranked From Best to Worst67The Best Pictures Ever Taken in Space The tax did not, however, cut into the consumption of non-carbonated sweetened and fruit-flavoured drinks.Yichen Zhong, a doctoral student at the Dornsife School of Public Health and the lead author of the study, said in a statement: "If distributors fully pass the tax on to customers, it could increase the price of soda and energy drinks by about 20 percent."It is expected that a price increase of that magnitude will influence some consumers to stop purchasing non-essential items like sugary soda and possibly switch to a lower-priced beverage, like bottled water - and our results are in line with that."Commenting on the stable fruit-drink sales, Dr. Amy Auchincloss, an associate professor in the Dornsife School of Public Health and a co-author of the paper, said the team was not sure whether this was because retailers did not raise prices or because consumers chose to pay more for those beverages.“Those drinks may be viewed as healthier than soda despite having the same amount of added sugar, about 10 packets of sugar per 12 ounces," Auchincloss said.The results come as the U.S. attempts to tackle its obesity epidemic. More than one third of U.S. adults are obese, according to the Center for Disease Control. Diseases related to the condition, including heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, are among the leading causes of preventable deaths.Auchincloss stressed that there is ample evidence to show the extra calories in sugary drinks contribute to weight gain."Frequent consumption of sugary beverages has also been linked to higher risk of type-2 diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay. Considering that 30 percent of Philadelphians have at least one sugary beverage each day, any kind of cut in consumption could be impactful,” she said.Aisling Pigott, a qualified dietitian and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Assocation told Newsweek: "This study shows promising results and increased awareness of sugar and sugary drink consumption. Any improvements or awareness of positive lifestyle chang
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About 100,000 people in the UK die each year due to smoking. Smoking-related deaths are mainly due to cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart disease. About half of all smokers die from smoking-related diseases. If you are a long-term smoker, on average, your life expectancy is about 10 years less than a non-smoker. Put another way, in the UK about 8 in 10 non-smokers live past the age of 70, but only about half of long-term smokers live past 70. The younger you are when you start smoking, the more likely you are to smoke for longer and to die early from smoking.
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2017-05-03 Période des questions
Période des questions : 03 mai 2017
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