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vines 2 watch instead of sleeping
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Biotech Pioneer Discusses Path To Curing Cancer
Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong is the richest man in American medicine. He is currently developing and expanding NantWorks, a medical technology company with implications far beyond medicine. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/worldpostvideo?sub_confirmation=1 Full story: http://huff.to/1tochKw Kathleen Miles: https://twitter.com/mileskathleen Dr. Soon-Shiong: https://twitter.com/solvehealthcare Get More WorldPost! Read: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/theworldpost/ Tweet: https://twitter.com/theworldpost Like: https://www.facebook.com/theworldpost
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Why The US Airforce Ejected a Bear
Get 2 months of Skillshare for FREE using this link: https://skl.sh/realengineering14 New vlog channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMet4qY3027v8KjpaDtDx-g References: Thank you to AP Archive for access to the fantastic footage [1] http://www.ejectionsite.com/eb58caps.htm [2] http://www.ejectionsite.com/bangwhoosh/prostab.htm [3] http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150521-the-rocket-powered-life-saving-seat [4] http://www.ejectionsite.com/project90.htm [5] http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/872430.pdf [6] https://www.f-106deltadart.com/ejection_seat.htm Credits: Footage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHTK-2W11Vh1V4uwofOfR4w Narrator/Director: Brian McManus Sound: Graham Haerther (https://haerther.net/) Get your Real Engineering shirts at: https://store.dftba.com/collections/real-engineering Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2825050&ty=h Facebook: http://facebook.com/realengineering1 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brianjamesmcmanus Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fiosracht Discord: https://discord.gg/s8BhkmN Thank you to my patreon supporters: Adam Flohr, darth patron, Henning Basma, Karl Andersson, Mark Govea, Hank Green, Tony Kuchta, Jason A. Diegmueller, Chris Plays Games, William Leu, Frejden Jarrett, Vincent Mooney, Ian Dundore, John & Becki Johnston. Nevin Spoljaric, Kedar Deshpande Music: Under The Surface 7 - Gunnar Johnsén Momentum 5 - Gunnar Johnsén Cities At Night 5 - Gunnar Johnsén Crystalline Lens 1 - Gunnar Johnsén Momentum 5 - Gunnar Johnsén Thermal Horizon 2 - Gunnar Johnsén\
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USMLE GIT 13: Gallbladder Anatomy, Pathology and Bilirubin Pathway
Welcome to LY Med, where I go over everything you need to know for the USMLE STEP 1, with new videos every day. Follow along with First Aid, or with my notes which can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m55dzy5jjuahmav/AABZGpqvdSytIuEmxIjyt5V0a?dl=0 This video is on the anatomy, pathology, and physiology of the gallbladder. The gallbladder is an organ that stores bile from your liver. When food hits the I cells of your duodenum, the cells release CCK and causes the gallbladder to release bile and break down fat. Bile also helps us excrete things like cholesterol, copper, etc. Now what exactly is bile? Bile is made up of things like bile acids (from cholesterol), phospholipids, bilirubin and water and ions. Now what is bilirubin? Well, it comes from the breakdown of red blood cells, mainly heme. This makes unconjugated bilirubin, which is lipid soluble but not water soluble. To get around this, albumin will bind it and take it to our liver, where it get's conjugated by uridine glucoronyl transferase - now it's called conjugated bilirubin. This is incorporated into our bile and we release it into our gut. Once released into our gut, some bacteria will work on it and turn it into urobilinogen. This can go back to the liver and get recycled, or go to the stool or urine. That is the pathway of bilirubin. Why is all this important? Well if you have high bilirubin, this can build up in your sclera and skin and turn it yellow! We call this jaundice. Now you can either have too much unconjugated bilirubin, conjugated bilirubin, or both. Some causes of raised unconjugated bilirubin is: Hemolytic Physiological (jaundice in the newborn) Pathological jaundice of the newborn: seen in blood incompatibility, like those with Rh incompatibility. See immediately after birth and is Coombs positive. Treat with phototherapy. Gilbert Syndrome Crigler Najjar syndrome Unconjugated bilirubin is dangerous because it cross the blood brain barrier, deposit in the brain and cause kernicterus. Now increases of conjugated bilirubin is due to disruption in excretion. Here, you not only build up bilirubin which causes jaundice, but also the buildup of bile salts lead to pruritis. The buildup of cholesterol leads to xanthomas. Causes include: Obstructions (like stones, sclerosis, cancer) Parasites like Clonorchis sinesis Dubin Johnson Rotor syndrome Now onto our next topic: gallbladder pathology. The most common is probably gallstones and these are due to increased cholesterol or bilirubin, which causes it to precipitate out of bile and create stones! Cholesterol stones are named the same, but pigmented stones are either black or brown. Black stones are from bilirubin, and brown stones are from bacteria infested black stones. Complications of stones include infections (cholecystitis), gallstone ileus, and fistula. Perhaps the most feared complication from constant damage is calcification and "porcelain" gallbladder. This leads to a high risk of cancer. Our last topic is on sclerosis. Now there are two main ones: primary biliary cirrhosis and primary sclerosing cholangitis. Primary biliary cirrhosis is an autoimmune condition seen more in women and is associated with positive anti-mitochondrial antibodiy. Treatment is with ursodiol. Primary sclerosing cholangitis is associated with IBD and is seen more in men. Lab findings include being PANCA positive and increased igM.
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How Evolution works
The mechanisms of evolution explained in one video. The theory of evolution explains how the enormous variety of life could come into existence. How it is possible for primitive life forms to spawn the millions of different creatures, that exist today. Unfortunately, evolution is often misunderstood, because it's mechanisms seem counter intuitive. By using visualizations, infographics and appealing characters, the viewer is more likely to understand it the complex information. More than that, by presenting the information in an entertaining way, the information is more likely to sink in. Short videos, explaining things. For example Evolution, the Universe, Stock Market or controversial topics like Fracking. Because we love science. We would love to interact more with you, our viewers to figure out what topics you want to see. If you have a suggestion for future videos or feedback, drop us a line! :) We're a bunch of Information designers from munich, visit us on facebook or behance to say hi! https://www.facebook.com/Kurzgesagt https://www.behance.net/kurzgesagt How Evolution Works Help us caption & translate this video! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCsXVk37bltHxD1rDPwtNM8Q&tab=2
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BoA's 1st Mini Album "ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT" has been released. Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music http://smarturl.it/ONESHOTTWOSHOT [Tracklist] 01 ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT 02 EVERYBODY KNOWS 03 내가 돌아 (NEGA DOLA) 04 YOUR SONG (feat. Junoflo) 05 RECOLLECTION 06 ALWAYS, ALL WAYS (feat. Chancellor) 07 CAMO BoA Official http://boa.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/boa http://www.facebook.com/boa.smtown BoA 보아 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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JayDaYoungan "Elevate" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)
Watch the official music video for "Elevate" by JayDaYoungan. Download / stream "Elevate": http://smarturl.it/JDYElevate Shot by David G Song co-produced by TNTXD & DrumDummie Download "The Real Jumpman 23" Mixtape: http://smarturl.it/TheRealJumpman23 Follow https://www.facebook.com/jay.dayoungan http://twitter.com/jaydayoungan http://www.instagram.com/jaydayoungan https://soundcloud.com/jaydayoungan http://spoti.fi/2jbstU8 http://bit.ly/2BxI7j9 SUBSCRIBE for more: http://bit.ly/subWSHH More WorldstarHipHop: http://worldstarhiphop.com https://twitter.com/worldstar https://facebook.com/worldstarhiphop http://instagram.com/worldstar Shop WorldStar: http://shop.worldstarhiphop.com WorldstarHipHop is home to everything entertainment & hip hop. The #1 urban outlet responsible for breaking the latest premiere music videos, exclusive artist content, entertainment stories, celebrity rumors, sports highlights, interviews, comedy skits, rap freestyles, crazy fights, eye candy models, the best viral videos & more. Since 2005, WorldstarHipHop has worked with some of our generation's most groundbreaking artists, athletes & musicians - all who have helped continue to define our unique identity and attitude. We plan on continuing to work with only the best, so keep an eye out for all the exciting new projects / collaborations we plan on dropping in the very near future.
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Annihilation (2018) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures
Watch the official trailer for #Annihilation starring Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny, and Oscar Isaac. In theatres 2.23.18. #WhatsInside #Annihilation #AnnihilationMovie Facebook: https://facebook.com/annihilationmovie Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annihilationmovie Twitter: https://twitter.com/annihilationmov URL: http://www.annihilationmovie.com Hashtag: #Annihilation Based on Jeff VanderMeer’s best-selling Southern Reach Trilogy, Annihilation stars Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny and Oscar Isaac. It was written and directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina, 28 Days Later). Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a major global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment, is a unit of Viacom (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA), home to premier global media brands that create compelling television programs, motion pictures, short-form content, apps, games, consumer products, social media experiences, and other entertainment content for audiences in more than 180 countries. Connect with Paramount Pictures Online: Official Site: http://www.paramount.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paramount Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ParamountPics Twitter: https://twitter.com/paramountpics YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Paramount
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Yoga Breathing | Alternate Nostril Breathing
Our Pranayama Series continues with Nadi Shodhan pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing)! It only LOOKS like I'm picking my nose. This breath technique has so many benefits! It is a great way to calm the nervous system and relieve tension and anxiety. It is great for concentration, cleansing and is a fantastic headache cure! Alternate Nostril Breathing is a wonderful way to prepare the body for meditation for asana practice. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/yogawithadriene TWITTER: https://twitter.com/yogawithadriene PINTEREST: http://www.pinterest.com/YogaWithAdriene/ BLOG: www.yogawithadriene.com INQUIRES: yogawithadriene@gmail.com Intro song by Shake Graves, more at www.shakeygraves.com
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Yelawolf - Till It’s Gone (Official Music Video)
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TillItsgone Sign up for updates: http://smarturl.it/Yelawolf.News Music video by Yelawolf performing Till It’s Gone. (C) 2014 Interscope Records Best of Yelawolf: https://goo.gl/vy7NZQ Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/ynkVDL #Yelawolf #TillItsGone #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Gay Pride & Capitalism: What is Pinkwashing?
As pride season approaches Shon Faye looks at how corporations and governments have co-opted the LGBT movement. Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/NO74/
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Trish Stratus returns to action in the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble 2018
WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus eliminates Mickie James in her surprise return in the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble Match: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: http://wwenetwork.com Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1i64OdT Visit WWE.com: http://goo.gl/akf0J4 Must-See WWE videos on YouTube: https://goo.gl/QmhBof
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Vermeer de Grifo vs Suikyo de Garuda - Irrompible
Suscribete y ve mas vídeos desde aquí: https://goo.gl/Dlcc0n A pedido de todos los amigos que querían un combate entre espectros. Que mejor que un encuentro épico entre dos de los jueces mas poderosos. En el siguiente vídeo es muy posible que hable por tercera de vez de un mismo personaje, puesto que el versus en el que está involucrado a sido muy solicitado Saludos cordiales
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K Camp - Comfortable (Official Video)
Check out the official music video for "Comfortable" by K Camp K Camp’s debut album “Only Way Is Up” Available NOW iTunes Deluxe Explicit: http://smarturl.it/KCampOWIUdlxEX Google Play Standard Explicit: http://smarturl.it/KCampOWIUstdEXgp Google Play Standard Clean : http://smarturl.it/KCampOWIUstdEDgp Google Play Explicit Deluxe: http://smarturl.it/KCampOWIUdlxEXgp Google Play Clean Deluxe: http://smarturl.it/KCampOWIUdlxEDgp http://kcamp427.com http://twitter.com/twitter.com/kcamp427 http://facebook.com/kcamp427 http://instagram.com/kcamp427 http://vevo.ly/h1MhCH #KCamp #Comfortable #Vevo #HipHop #VevoOfficial
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Kody Woah Defines Atlanta Lingo: "Cappin'"
* Parental Advisory: Explicit Content * Saginaw, MI born/Atlanta residing rapper, Kody Woah, sits down with DJ Smallz and defines a couple hometown phrases. Do you agree with Kody's definitions? Sound off by posting a comment below. SUBSCRIBE to our channel now to see more: http://bit.ly/1S4Ndsx OTHER INTERVIEW CLIPS FROM KODY WOAH: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxca_6zloKOyPJF_DnSqtKw/search?query=kody+woah WATCH OUR PLAYLISTS: The Actor (Behind The Script): http://bit.ly/2mTThrY The Advice (Words of Wisdom): http://bit.ly/2kiaDNb The Athlete (Behind The Sport): http://bit.ly/2mbyba8 The Beef (Anger Management): http://bit.ly/2khXlQD The Blueprint (Albums, EPs, Mixtapes Decoded): http://bit.ly/2j3R3TY The Body (Fitness, Diet and Health): http://bit.ly/2jRSWaQ The Booking (Strange Requests and Janky Promoters): http://bit.ly/2kiNj69 The City (Tour Guide): http://bit.ly/2k7iM7U The Clothes (Behind The Fabric): http://bit.ly/2ltrt0u The Comedy (Behind The Laughs): http://bit.ly/2jPAjnj The Coming (What To Expect): http://bit.ly/2j48xQ2 The Dancer (Behind The Moves): http://bit.ly/2jHRvJj The Definition (Lingo Defined): http://bit.ly/2iTVq8G The Digital World (Social Media Madness): http://bit.ly/2iUeIuH The Exotic Dancer (Behind The Pole): http://bit.ly/2k7cUeI The Freestyle (No Pen, No Pad): http://bit.ly/2kiQz1r The Guide (DO's and DON'Ts): http://bit.ly/2j4b38P The High (Drugs and The Munchies): http://bit.ly/2iU76Z6 The Holiday (Plans and Memories): http://bit.ly/2iU1kqu The Incarceration (Prison Stories): http://bit.ly/2jPlbGw The Jewelry (Diamonds and Gold Detailed): http://bit.ly/2iU4ASF The Model (Behind The Looks): http://bit.ly/2j46z1Y The Money (Financial Disclosure): http://bit.ly/2jPlEIT The Music (Behind The Beats): http://bit.ly/2jSf70j The Name (Monikers Explained and Pronounced): http://bit.ly/2jo3LOh The Read (Celebrity Book Reads): http://bit.ly/2jnZv1d The Relationship (Dating Profiles and Marriage Advice): http://bit.ly/2iUbzeD The Test (Celebrity Product Reviews): http://bit.ly/2jI0XN4 The Truth (Honest Answers and Opinions): http://bit.ly/2kibqOc The Youth (Before The Career): http://bit.ly/2j43Rty ABOUT US: Actual Reality, Not Reality Television. Exclusive Interviews Daily Through @DJsmallz Eyes FOLLOW US: snapchat = djsmallzeyes http://twitter.com/djsmallzeyes http://instagram.com/djsmallzeyes CONTACT US: For Business or Bookings: http://DJsmallz.com/contact
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Boosie Badazz "Real Nigga" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)
Download Boosie's "Out My Feelings In My Past" here on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/out-my-feelings-in-my-past/id1081080917 Directed by Joe Yung Spike. SUBSCRIBE to the Official WorldStarHipHop Channel for more original WorldStar material, music video premieres, and more: http://goo.gl/jl4las More WorldStarHipHop: http://worldstarhiphop.com https://twitter.com/worldstar (Follow) https://fb.com/worldstarhiphop (Like) http://instagram.com/worldstar (Photos) http://shop.worldstarhiphop.com (Shop)
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Thanatos VS Loki - Voluntad avasalladora
Suscribete y ve mas vídeos desde aquí: https://goo.gl/Dlcc0n Disculpen la demora amigos. Se me había borrado toda la edición del vídeo, por un problema que tuve con el pc, teniendo que hacer todo de nuevo. X.X Pensé que ya era tiempo de hacer un enfrentamiento entre dioses que se mostraron muy imponentes y despiadados. Batalla que fue pedida por Pablo Molina. Saludos cordiales
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Yelawolf - Punk ft. Travis Barker, Juicy J
Yelawolf “PUNK” feat. Juicy J & Travis Barker is Out Now! http://smarturl.it/PunkYelawolf Follow Yelawolf: http://www.yelawolf.com https://www.instagram.com/yelawolf https://www.facebook.com/yelawolf Music video by Yelawolf performing Punk. (C) 2017 Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/0FA6l9
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Patrick Soon-Shiong Of NantHealth | Forbes
Senior Editor Matthew Herper speaks with Patrick Soon-Shiong, Chairman & CEO of NantHealth during the second annual Forbes Healthcare Summit 2013.
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(OLD VIDEO) Meiosis: The Great Divide
This video is old- see our updated meiosis video here: https://youtu.be/VzDMG7ke69g Music used with permission from Adrian Holovaty (https://www.youtube.com/adrianholovaty). Support us on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/amoebasisters Our FREE resources: GIFs: http://www.amoebasisters.com/gifs.html Handouts: http://www.amoebasisters.com/handouts.html Comics: http://www.amoebasisters.com/parameciumparlorcomics Connect with us! Website: http://www.AmoebaSisters.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AmoebaSisters Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AmoebaSisters Tumblr: http://www.amoebasisters.tumblr.com Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/AmoebaSister­s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amoebasistersofficial/ Visit our Redbubble store at http://www.amoebasisters.com/store.html The Amoeba Sisters videos demystify science with humor and relevance. The videos center on Pinky's certification and experience in teaching science at the high school level. Pinky's teacher certification is in grades 4-8 science and 8-12 composite science (encompassing biology, chemistry, and physics). Amoeba Sisters videos only cover concepts that Pinky is certified to teach, and they focus on her specialty: secondary life science. For more information about The Amoeba Sisters, visit: http://www.amoebasisters.com/about-us.html We cover the basics in biology concepts at the secondary level. If you are looking to discover more about biology and go into depth beyond these basics, our recommended reference is the FREE, peer reviewed, open source OpenStax biology textbook: https://openstax.org/details/books/biology We take pride in our AWESOME community, and we welcome feedback and discussion. However, please remember that this is an education channel. See YouTube's community guidelines https://www.youtube.com/yt/policyandsafety/communityguidelines.html and YouTube's policy center https://support.google.com/youtube/topic/2676378?hl=en&ref_topic=6151248. We also reserve the right to remove comments with vulgar language. We have YouTube's community contributed subtitles feature on to allow translations for different languages. YouTube automatically credits the different language contributors below (unless the contributor had opted out of being credited). We are thankful for those that contribute different languages. If you have a concern about community contributed contributions, please contact us.
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Actor Venkatesh Family Photos with Wife Neeraja, Daughter & Son Arjun Pics
Actor Venkatesh Family Photos with Wife Neeraja, Daughters Hayavahini, Aashritha, Bhavana & Son Arjun Pics. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cU3GYn Venkatesh Daggubati (born: 13 Dec 1960), is an Indian film actor, mostly appeared in Telugu cinema industry. Venkatesh was born in Karamchedu village of Prakasam District to film producer Ramanaidu Daggubati and Rajeshwari. He has an elder brother Suresh Babu Daggubati & younger sister Lakshmi. On 1985 Venkatesh married to Neeraja. The couple has three daughters, Hayavahini Daggubati, Aashritha Daggubati, Bhavana Daggubati and a son named Arjun Ramnath Daggubati. Biography: Original name: Venkatesh Daggubati Date of birth: 13 Dec 1960 Place of birth: Karamchedu, Andhra Pradesh State, India Residence: Film Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India Nationality: Indian Other names: Venky, Victory Venkatesh Alma mater: Loyola College, Chennai & Monterey Institute of International Studies. Occupation: Actor Spouse(s): Neeraja Daggubati (m.1985) Parent(s): Ramanaidu Daggubati, Rajeswari Daggubati Relatives: Suresh Babu Daggubati (Brother), Rana Daggubati (Nephew), Naga Chaitanya Akkineni (Nephew), Nagarjuna Akkineni (ex Brother-in-law) Plaease Share & Comment, If you like this video Follow Us On: Web: http://allcinegallery.com Fb: https://www.facebook.com/AllCineGallery Twitter: https://twitter.com/Allcinegallery Google+: http://goo.gl/oW1lRo
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Yo Gotti Reveals Why He Didn't Drink Or Smoke
* Parental Advisory: Explicit Content * Memphis rapper and CMG leader, Yo Gotti, sits down with DJ Smallz and reveals why he didn't drink or smoke like most rappers are known to do. What do you think about Yo Gotti's outlook on drinking and smoking? Sound off by posting a comment below. SUBSCRIBE to our channel now to see more: http://bit.ly/1S4Ndsx FOLLOW US NOW: http://twitter.com/djsmallzeyes http://instagram.com/djsmallzeyes WATCH OUR PLAYLISTS: The Advice (Words of Wisdom): http://bit.ly/1S0TKFg The Blueprint (Albums, EPs, Mixtapes Decoded): http://bit.ly/1QqNG7v The City (Tour Guide): http://bit.ly/1Nrfdz2 The Date (Celebrity Dating Profiles): http://bit.ly/1PKSjo9 The Definition (Lingo Defined): http://bit.ly/1lEzHht The Digital World (Social Media Madness): http://bit.ly/1Pu0kxl The Eye Opener (Artists To Watch): http://bit.ly/1Js09pW The Guide (DO's and DON'Ts): http://bit.ly/1Kw27k5 The Health (Body, Fitness and Diet): http://bit.ly/1ON4cdp The High (Horror High Stories): http://bit.ly/1ON4cKe The Money (Financial Disclosure): http://bit.ly/1Js0aKz The Music (Behind The Beats): http://bit.ly/1REIBJK The Name (Monikers Explained and Pronounced): http://bit.ly/1nrjHkA The Read (Celebrity Book Reads): http://bit.ly/1NrfhPk The Test (Celebrity Product Reviews): http://bit.ly/1lEzQRR The Truth (Honest Interviews): http://bit.ly/1PcMljL The Youth (Before The Career): http://bit.ly/1Nrfimq ABOUT US: Actual Reality, Not Reality Television. Fresh Interviews x Fresh Footage x Fresh Content Through @DJsmallz Eyes For Business or Bookings: http://DJsmallz.com/contact
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[FREE] Joey Badass - "M's" type beat (Prod. False Ego)
Free for non profit only, DL (instant delivery) : http://falseego.net/beat/ms-1241388/ inquiries: falsemgmt@gmail.com Social Media ► Twitter : http://falseego.net/twitter ► Snapchat : falseego1 ► Instagram : http://falseego.net/instagram Other Links ☁ Soundcloud : http://falseego.net/soundcloud ♫ Bandcamp : http://falseego.net/bandcamp
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Jaga de Orion VS El Patriarca Shion CDZ alma de soldados 4K HDR
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Sorrento de Sirena VS Dohko de Libra - Hasta la cúspide de su cosmos
Suscribete y ve mas vídeos desde aquí: https://goo.gl/Dlcc0n Este versus fue hecho a pedido de Ismael Valenzuela. Gracias por ser tan participativo en mi canal. Saludos ^^ Es una batalla que pone a prueba a un santo de oro con la fama de tener un cosmos sobresaliente, frente a un general marino, que no da muchas chances de luchar con el máximo de tu potencial. Milfire de Escorpio, les desea un feliz año nuevo ^^
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Mu de Aries VS Aioria de Leo - Un poder imponente
Suscribete y ve mas vídeos desde aquí: https://goo.gl/Dlcc0n Este versus, está a pedido de Bryan Cruz. Saludos Cordiales ^^
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Talent Connect Live: Day 2
The Talent Connect Livestream is your front row seat to a three-day gathering of the world’s top leaders, innovators and influencers in the talent space. Join the stream October 9th – 11th, PDT to see keynote presentations, product demos and exclusive interviews, from anywhere in the world. You’ll gain actionable insights that will help you stay ahead of the evolving talent landscape on topics including Talent Intelligence, the Future of Work and Learning & Development.
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houston medical(2002)-episode 3
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Sex Pistols Reunion Press Conference - 100 Club, London, 1996
Complete press conference for the 1996 reunion tour.
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losta canvas ss
sigla lost canvas con soldier dream come BGM
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Kxng Heem & Milli Montana - Drop The Ticket [Prod. By Duke Nukem]
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Jagger de Orion vs Ikki BROKEN ARMOR V1 combate ERIS ALMA DE SOLDADOS 4K HDR
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FNN: Pres. #Trump in Pittsburgh to mourn massacre victims; AZ synagogue shooting vigil
Brought to you by Desert Diamond: http://www.ddcaz.com Sharing a mix of breaking news, Arizona stories, engaging discussions, and popular culture.
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Mu De Aries
Provided to YouTube by Daredo Mu De Aries · Lezcano / Lezcano Floorstompers On Techno ℗ Flat Belly Limited Released on: 2016-08-15 Composer: A. Magnussons / A. Magnussons Music Publisher: Plusquam Publishing / Plusquam Publishing Auto-generated by YouTube.
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O encosto toma uma coça de Jaga de Orion (Filme de Éris)
O encosto Seiya também serviu de saco de pancada fora do anime clássico. No filme de Éris, tivemos o prazer de vê-lo substituindo o saco de pancada quebrado de Jaga de Orion. Detalhe pra Saori chorando de vergonha por ter um cavaleiro tão saco de pancada e perdedor. Valeu, Jaga!
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Saint Seiya Soldier Souls - Jaga de Órion combo 100%
Saint Seiya Soldier Souls - Jaga de Órion combo 100% o criador do Mod de jaga é Alugol mods o link do canal dele segue aqui em baixo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGZuj3qzllWyy8Q8Tqq4kHg
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Saint Seiya Pachinko - Shiryu VS Aldebaran (CG - Win)
Video curto mostrando um pouco do embate entre Shiryu e Aldebaran em CG, com a vitória de Shiryu. Conforme disponibilizado originalmente em http://ameblo.jp/toripon510/entry-11008311953.html para download.
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Modern Muslim Baby Girl Names
In this video http://www.babynamezone.net presents a small list of modern muslim baby girl names with meaning. For complete collection of latest, modern, cute muslim baby girl names, follow the link below: http://www.babynamezone.net/Modern-Muslim-Baby-Girl-Names.aspx
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Dry Skin Brushing: What Is It & How To Do It
Soften your skin, reduce cellulite, and help your body detox all by dry brushing your skin daily. Here I show you my "dry skin brushing" routine from start to finish, which I do each day before I take a shower. 💚OPEN FOR MORE💚 ____________________________ PRODUCTS MENTIONED Product Page Link http://shwv.co/~/7ANy_2xWLAo Dry skin brush similar to mine: http://shwv.co/~kZrp ____________________________ OTHER PLACES YOU CAN FIND ME: 📖 READ MORE ON MY BLOG: http://ashleysgreenlife.blogspot.com/2012/09/dry-skin-brushing-what-is-it-how-to-do.html 📷 FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: ashleysgreenlife (https://instagram.com/ashleysgreenlife/) 📌 PIN WITH ME ON PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/ashleysgreenlife/ 📲 SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ashleysgreenlife 👧 MY DAUGHTER’S COOKING CHANNEL: Healthy Vegan Kid: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmIYin1u8VzfgBYKBSeB4lw Please leave friendly comments or questions below! ____________________________ ATTENTION: If you're a business and would like to work with me, please email at ashleysgreenlife@gmail.com Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or doctor. All opinions expressed are my own personal thoughts and feelings of the products mentioned. Check with your doctor or health practitioner if you are uncertain about trying out any of the products or tips mentioned in this video. ____________________________ Thank you for all your support 💚Ashley
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Agapornis roseicollis revoltosos!!
Video de mi pareja de agapornis roseicollis más revoltosa , jaja no se callan nunca , haber hasta cuanto cuentan mientras estén en silencio , podrían ver que no son más de 4 segundos , la hembra es la lutina cara naranja , y el macho es que más canta , el verde arlequin , ambos son jóvenes deben tener 4-5 meses , ya antes no habían salido en ningún video , bueno , espero que les gusté , y el que tenga más agapornis si pone este video con volumen , verán lo que pasa ............:)
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Emojies are cancer
Make sure to get in an internet FIGHT in the comments and use as many emojis as you can 😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😆😉😊😋😎😍😘😗😙😚☺🙂🤗🤔😐😑😶🙄😏😣😥😮🤐😯😪😫😴😌🤓😛😜😝🤤😒😓😔😕🙃🤑😲☹🙁😖😞😟😤😢😭😦😧😨😩😬😰😱😳😵😡😠😇🤠🤡🤥😷🤒🤕🤢🤧☻😈👿👹👺💀☠👻👽👾🤖💩😺😸😹😻😼😽🙀😿😾🙈🙉🙊👦👧👨👩👴👵🏻👶👼👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️👨‍🎓👩‍🎓👨‍🏫👩‍🏫👨‍⚖👩‍⚖👨‍🌾👩‍🌾👨‍🍳👩‍🍳👨‍🔧👩‍🔧👨🏿‍🏭👩‍🏭👨‍💼👩‍💼👨‍🔬👩‍🔬👨‍💻👩‍💻👨‍🎤👩‍🎤👨‍🎨👩‍🎨👨‍✈️👩‍✈️👨‍🚀👩‍🚀👨‍🚒👩‍🚒👮‍♂️👮‍♀️🕵🏻‍♂️🕵️‍♀️💂‍♂️💂‍♀️👷‍♂️👷‍♀️👳‍♂️👳‍♀️👱‍♂️👱‍♀️🎅🤶👸🤴👰🤵🤰👲🙍‍♂️🙍‍♀️🙎‍♂️🙎‍♀️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️💁‍♂️💁‍♂️💁‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️💆🏼‍♂️💆🏻‍♀️💇‍♂️💇‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️💃🕺👯‍♂️👯‍♀️🕴🗣👤👥👫👬👭💏👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💑👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👩👪👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👦👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👩‍👩‍👦👩‍👩‍👧👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👦👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👧👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👧‍👧👩‍👦👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👧👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👧💪🤳👈👉☝️👆🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕👇✌🤞🖖🤘🤙🖐✋👌👍👎✊👊🤛🤜🤚👋👏✍👐🙌🙏🤝💅👂👃👣👀👁👅👄💋💘❤💓💔💕💖💗💙💚💛💜🖤💝💞💟❣💌💤💢💣💥💦💨💫💬🗨🗯💭🕳👓🕶👔👕👖👗👘👙👚👛👜👝🛍🎒👞👟👠👡👢👑👒🎩🎓⛑📿📿💄💍💎🐵🐒🦍🐶🐕🐩🐺🦊🐱🐈🦁🐯🐅🐆🐴🐎🦌🦄🐮🐂🐃🐄🐷🐖🐗🐽🐏🐑🐐🐪🐫🐘🦏🐭🐁🐀🐹🐰🐇🐿🦇🐻🐨🐾🦃🐔🐓🐣🐤🐥🐦🐧🕊🦅🦆🦉🐸🐊🐢🦎🐍🐲🐉🐳🐋🐬🐟🐠🐡🦈🐙🐚🦀🦐🦑🦋🐌🐛🐜🐝🐞🕷🕸🦂💐🌸💮🏵🌹🥀🌺🌻🌼🌷⚘🌱🌲🌳🌴🌵🌾🌿☘🍀🍁🍂🍃🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍌🍍🍎🍏🍐🍑🍒🍓🍅🥝🥑🍆🥔🥕🌽🌶🍄🥜🌰🍞🥐🥖🥞🧀🍖🍗🥓🍔🍟🍕🌭🌮🌯🥙🥚🍳🥘🍲🥗🍿🍱🍘🍙🍚🍛🍜🍝🍠🍢🍣🍤🍥🍡🍦🍧🍨🍩🍪🎂🍰🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯🍼🥛☕🍵🍶🍾🍷🍸🍹🍺🍻🥂🥃🍽🍴🥄🔪🏺🌍🌎🌏🌐🗺🏔⛰🌋🗻🏕🏖🏜🏝🏞🏟🏛🏗🏘🏙🏚🏠🏡🏢🏣🏤🏥🏦🏨🏨🏩🏪🏫🏬🏭🏯🏰💒🗼🗽⛪🕌🕍⛩🕋⛲⛺🌁🌃🌃🌄🌅🌆🌇🌉⛼♨️🌌🎠🎡🎢💈🎪🎭🖼🎨🎰🚂🚃🚄🚅🚆🚇🚈🚉🚊🚝🚞🚋🚌🚍🚎🚐🚑🚒🚓🚔🚕🚖🚗🚘🚙🚚🚛⛟🚜🚲🛴🛵🚏🛣🛤⛽🚨🚥🚦🚧🛑⚓⛵🚣‍♂️🚣‍♀️🛶🚤🛳⛴🛥🚢✈🛩🛫🛬💺🚁🚟🚠🚡🚀🛰🛎🚪🛌🛏🛋🛌🏽🛏🛋🚽🚿🛀🛁⌛⏳⌚⏰⏱⏲🕰🕛🕧🕐🕜🕑🕝🕒🕞🕓🕟🕔🕠🕕🕡🕖🕢🕗🕣🕘🕤🕥🕚🕦🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌙🌚🌛🌜🌡☀️🌝🌞⭐🌟🌠☁️⛅⛈🌤🌥🌦🌧🌨🌩🌪🌫🌬🌀🌈🌂☂️☔⛱⚡❄☃️⛄☄🔥💧🌊🎃🎄🎆🎇✨✨🎈🎉🎊🎋🎍🎎🎏🎐🎑🎀🎁🎗🎟🎫🎖🏆🏅🥇🥈🥉⚽️⚾️🏀🏐🏈🏉🎾🎱🎳🏏🏑🏒🏓🏸🥊🥋🥅🎯⛳🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♀️⛸🎣🎽🎿⛷🏂🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️🏇🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️⛹️‍♂️⛹️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚵‍♂️🚵‍♀️🏎🏍🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️🤼‍♂️🤼‍♀️🤽‍♂️🤽‍♀️🤾‍♂️🤾‍♀️🤺🤹‍♂️🤹‍♀️🎮🕹🎲♠️♥️♦️♣️🃏🀄🎴🔇🔈🔉🔊📢📣📯🔔🔕🎼🎵🎶🎙🎚🎛🎤🎧📻🎷🎸🎹🎺🎻🥁📱📲☎️📞📟📠🔋🔌💻🖥🖨⌨🖱🖲💽💾💿📀🎥🎞📽🎬📺📷📸📹📼🔍🔎🔬🔭📡🕯💡🔦🏮📔📕📖📗📘📙📚📓📒📃📜📄📰🗞📑🔖🏷💴💰💵💶💷💸💳💱💲✉📧📨📩📤📥📦📫📪📬📭📮🗳✏✒🖋🖊🖌🖍📝💼📁📂🗂📅📆🗒🗓📇📈📉📊📋📌📍📎🖇📏📐✂️🗃🗄🗑🔒🔓🔏🔐🔑🗝🔨⛏⚒🛠🗡⚔🔫🏹🛡🔧🔩⚙🗜⚗⚖🔗⛓💉💊🚬⚰⚱🗿🛢🔮🛒🏧🚮🚰♿🚹🚺🚻🚼🚾🛂🛃🛄🛅⚠️🚸⛔🚫🚳🚭🚯🚱🚷📵🔞☢☣⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️↕️↔️↩↪⤴️⤵️🔃🔄🔙🔚🔛🔜🔝🛐⚛🕉✡☸☯️☦☮🕎🔯♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓⛎🔀🔁▶️⏩⏭⏯◀️⏪⏮🔼⏫🔽⏬⏸⏹⏺⏏🎦🔅🔆📶📳📴♻️📛📛⚜🔰🔱⭕✅☑✔✖❌❎➕♀️♂️⚕➖➗➰➿〽️✳✴❇⁉️❓❔❕❗〰️💯🔠🔡🔢🔣🔤🅰️🆎️🅱️🆑️🆒️🆓️ℹ🆔️Ⓜ️🆕️🆕️🆖️🅾️🆗️🅿️🆘️🆙️🆚️🈂️🈂️🇦🇨🇦🇩🇦🇪🇦🇫🇦🇬🇦🇮🇦🇱🇦🇲🇦🇴🇦🇶🇦🇷🇦🇸🇦🇹🇦🇺🇦🇽🇦🇼🇦🇽🇦🇿🇧🇦🇧🇧🇧🇩🇧🇪🇧🇫🇧🇬🇧🇭🇧🇮🇧🇯🇧🇱🇧🇲🇧🇳🇧🇴🇧🇶🇧🇷🇧🇸🇧🇹🇧🇼🇧🇾🇧🇿🇨🇦🇨🇨🇨🇩🇨🇫🇨🇬🇨🇭🇨🇮🇨🇰🇨🇱🇨🇲🇨🇳🇨🇴🇨🇷🇨🇺🇨🇻🇨🇼🇨🇽🇨🇾🇨🇿🇩🇪🇩🇯🇩🇰🇩🇲🇩🇴🇩🇿🇪🇨🇪🇪🇪🇬🇪🇭🇪🇷🇪🇸🇪🇹🇪🇺🇫🇮🇫🇯🇫🇰🇫🇲🇫🇴🇫🇷🇬🇦🇬🇧🇬🇩🇬🇪🇬🇫🇬🇬🇬🇭🇬🇮🇬🇱🇬🇲🇬🇳🇬🇵🇬🇶🇬🇷🇬🇸🇬🇹🇬🇺🇬🇼🇬🇾🇭🇰🇭🇲🇭🇳🇭🇷🇭🇹🇰🇮🇰🇲🇰🇳🇰🇵🇰🇷🇰🇼🇰🇾🇰🇿🇱🇧🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇧🇱🇨🇱🇮🇱🇾🇱🇰🇲🇬🇲🇨🇱🇨🇱🇧🇱🇮🇱🇰🇱🇷🇱🇸🇱🇹🇱🇺🇱🇻🇱🇾🇲🇦🇲🇨🇲🇩🇲🇪🇲🇬🇲🇭🇲🇰🇲🇱🇲🇲🇲🇳🇲🇴🇲🇵🇲🇶🇲🇷🇲🇸🇲🇹🇲🇺🇲🇻🇲🇼🇲🇽🇲🇾🇲🇿🇳🇦🇳🇨🇳🇪🇳🇫🇳🇬🇳🇮🇳🇱🇳🇴🇳🇵🇳🇷🇳🇺🇳🇿🇴🇲🇵🇦🇵🇪🇵🇫🇵🇬🇵🇭🇵🇰🇵🇱🇵🇲🇵🇳🇵🇷🇵🇸🇵🇹🇵🇼🇵🇾🇶🇦🇷🇪🇷🇴🇷🇸🇷🇺🇷🇼🇸🇦🇸🇧🇸🇨🇸🇩🇸🇪🇸🇬🇸🇭🇸🇮🇸🇰🇸🇱🇸🇲🇸🇳🇸🇴🇸🇷🇸🇸🇸🇹🇸🇻🇸🇽🇸🇾🇸🇿🇹🇦🇹🇨🇹🇩🇹🇫🇹🇬🇹🇭🇹🇯🇹🇰🇹🇱🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇴🇹🇲🇹🇳🇹🇷🇹🇹🇹🇻🇹🇼🇹🇿🇹🇿🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇬🇺🇸🇺🇳🇺🇸🇺🇿🇺🇿🇻🇦🇻🇪🇻🇨🇻🇬🇻🇮🇻🇳🇻🇺🇼🇫🇼🇸🇽🇰🇾🇪🇾🇹🇿🇦🇿🇲🇿🇼 please don't lads
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Simon Sinek - The Millennial Question - Millennials in the workplace
Excerpt of Simon Sinek speaking about Millennials in the workplace of today, from an episode of Inside Quest with Tom Bilyeu. Watch the full video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldh8E6LCLhM 1. Start with Why by Simon Sinek: http://quest.to/startwithwhybook 2. Together Is Better: A Little Book of Inspiration by Simon Sinek: http://quest.to/togetherisbetter Follow Simon Sinek: WEB: http://bit.ly/1gpvgUs TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1SXNsHI YOUTUBE: http://bit.ly/2cGvyej Follow Tom Bilyeu: FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1YIjjLG TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1Xz6Lco INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/1Q12dXL SNAPCHAT: @TomBilyeu Follow Inside Quest: WEB: http://quest.to/WtayKC FACEBOOK - http://po.st/JhQeBV TWITTER - http://po.st/IwpETy INSTAGRAM - http://po.st/atOEbP
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Criminal Law vs. Civil Law
Criminal law deals with crimes against the state, where possible punishment could include jail time, prision time, probation, or parole. This is the type of law that involves prosecutors, defense attorneys, charges, and convictions. Criminal cases begin when someone is accused of committing a crime that is listed in the Texas Penal Code. TexasLawHelp does not offer help or provide comprehensive information on criminal law topics. The terms of our funding do not allow us to. For more information about the Texas Criminal Justice Process, including: the way that crimes are classified, the rights of crime victims and of those accused of committing crimes, what to expect in criminal proceedings, common terms and much more you can read:I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)
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President's Lecture Series: Wanda Morris
It's a topic we're really not comfortable discussing, but it's just not going away. With a constitutional court challenge in BC and legislation pending in Quebec, the question of whether Canadians who are sick and dying should be able to receive medical assistance to end their suffering is one of the most significant civil rights issues of our time. In this lecture, Wanda Morris will explore this issue from a variety of perspectives, including the language of the debate, the logic of the arguments, the ethical and legal principles at stake, the evidence from experience, and the impact on those working with the sick and dying. Please join us for a lecture by Wanda Morris , Executive Director of Dying With Dignity. Follow The President's Lecture Series on Twitter at @HumberPLS
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Quantum Pendant Test & Benefits PROOF!!! - Scalar Energy Pendant
http://www.ScalarPendants.com A demo test of the Quantum Pendant / Scalar Energy Pendant. Shows Evidence & Proof of Energy from Quantum Pendant - Scalar Pendant! For those concerned about FAKES or Radiation, please read my Quantum Pendant FAQ here - http://www.scalarenergypendants.com/scalar-energy-pendants-faq/ & http://www.scalarenergypendants.com/scalar-energy-pendants/quantum-pendant-radiation-hormesis-reference-list/ ATTENTION: For those with concerns over FAKES or RADIATION read the following below. 1. In regards to "Fakes" - Put simply a fake only applies if claiming a pendant ORIGINATES from Fusion Excel when it does not or when claiming a quantum pendant to be a fusion excel "BRAND" Pendant. It has absolutely NO bearing as to the effectiveness of a Scalar Pendant. I don't associate myself with Fusion Excel at all. I back up all my evidence with science, testing and research. No Marketing Hype! 2. If concerned about radiation there is much to say on this topic. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about this. Put bluntly ALL Quantum Pendants, Scalar Energy Pendants, Lava pendants will emit very low dose natural radiation, IF THEY DON'T EMIT RADIATION THEY DON'T WORK! This is how the Negative Ions are created from earth based minerals! Ask your quantum pendant distributor, dealer, vendor if they even KNOW how the negative ions are created and what the measurement is. I can almost guarantee you they will just say it's "Scalar Energy" or something else without actually explaining the process! If they can't answer this then THEY DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND THE PRODUCT THEY ARE SELLING YOU! Videos claiming "fakes" emit radiation and "authentic" pendants don't are mis-informed on many levels. As I mention above radiation is the MEANS through which the negative ions are created, it's the same thing as background radiation and why those who live in areas with higher background radiation also on average have better health. With that said low dose natural radiation has already been PROVEN to be safe and not only SAFE but BENEFICIAL as can be seen by the millions of people who have used quantum pendants for themselves. Please refer to the following links below for more information on radiation hormesis and why you WANT low dose radiation from NATURAL sources in YOUR LIFE! Just like we need the suns solar radiation to be healthy we need earth based low level radiation as well! http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2477686/ http://radiationhormesis.vpinf.com/ http://www.nighthawkminerals.com/researchit.html http://www.angelfire.com/mo/radioadaptive/cuttler.html There are also numerous books on the subject! Contact me here - http://www.scalarenergypendants.com/contact Thank You Ryan
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Forging A "Cognitive Revolution"
Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong is the richest man in American medicine. He is currently developing and expanding NantWorks, a medical technology company with implications far beyond medicine. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/worldpostvideo?sub_confirmation=1 Full story: http://huff.to/1tochKw Kathleen Miles: https://twitter.com/mileskathleen Dr. Soon-Shiong: https://twitter.com/solvehealthcare Get More WorldPost! Read: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/theworldpost/ Tweet: https://twitter.com/theworldpost Like: https://www.facebook.com/theworldpost
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Criminal Law vs. Civil Law
Criminal law deals with crimes against the state, where possible punishment could include jail time, prision time, probation, or parole. This is the type of law that involves prosecutors, defense attorneys, charges, and convictions. Criminal cases begin when someone is accused of committing a crime that is listed in the Texas Penal Code. TexasLawHelp does not offer help or provide comprehensive information on criminal law topics. The terms of our funding do not allow us to. For more information about the Texas Criminal Justice Process, including: the way that crimes are classified, the rights of crime victims and of those accused of committing crimes, what to expect in criminal proceedings, common terms and much more you can read:I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)
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Biological Inorganic Chemistry
Co-ordination chemistry (chemistry of transition elements) by Prof. D. Ray,Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,IIT Kharagpur.For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in
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Make Your Own Flash Cards
Making your own flash cards to study can be fun and help to ingrain what you want to learn. In this video Paula Jaspar RMT shows you a few different methods to create your own flash cards to learn human anatomy. View all our videos at http://humanatomy.ca
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An animation by ESA. date- 22 Oct 08. Source/more info- http://www.esa.int/esaCP/SEMCYMY5KMF_index_0.html 'Chandrayaan-1, Indias first mission to the Moon, was successfully launched earlier this morning from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SHAR) in Sriharikota, India. The PSLV-C11 rocket, an upgraded version of the Indian Space Research Organisations (ISRO) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, lifted off at 02:52 Central European Summer Time (CEST) and, about 20 minutes later, injected the spacecraft into a highly elongated orbit around Earth. This marked the beginning of Chandrayaan-1s journey to the Moon, which will culminate with a major manoeuvre the lunar orbit insertion in about two weeks. Once the spacecraft is orbiting the Moon, further manoeuvres will progressively lower its altitude to the final 100 km-high circular orbit. Main objectives: Analyse geological, mineralogical and topographical aspects of the lunar surface in unprecedented detail Study the vertical distribution of crustal material Investigate the processes that led to the formation of craters, maria and basins on the Moon Explore space weathering processes, that result from the interaction of the solar wind and cosmic rays with the Moons surface Analyse the magnetic anomalies on the lunar surface Search for ices at the poles Produce 3D maps of regions of particular scientific interest at high spatial resolution (5-10 m) Drop an impact probe on the lunar surface to test near-surface properties and test impact technology Instruments on board: The Chandrayaan-1 Imaging X-Ray Spectrometer (C1XS), developed by the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in the UK in collaboration the ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore. It will measure the abundance of magnesium, aluminium, silicon, iron and titanium over the surface of the Moon. The Smart Near-Infrared Spectrometer (SIR-2), developed by the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Science, Germany. It will explore the mineral resources of the Moon, the formation of its surface features and the different layers of the Moons crust. The Sub-kiloelectronvolt Atom Reflecting Analyser (SARA), developed by the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in collaboration with the Space Physics Laboratory of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre in Thiruvananthapuram, India. It will study the way the Moons surface interacts with the solar wind, and the surfaces magnetic anomalies.'
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