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How CDW•G Federal Helps Government Agencies
Ready to learn more? Go to http://www.cdwg.com/federal.aspx Secure sourcing of technology combined with agility are critical capabilities within federal government IT programs. CDW•G's unique partnerships with IT makers let it scale quickly to help government agencies succeed at their missions better, smarter, faster. FEATURED SPEAKERS: -- Joe Yamour, senior manager, CDW•G federal contract capture -- Ben Bourbon, vice president, CDW•G Defense and intelligence sales -- Bob Kirby, vice president, CDW•G government -- Bennett Henley, senior manager, CDW•G product and partner management -- Sheryl McCurrin, CDW•G senior program manager -- David Hawkins, CDW•G federal professional services manager -- Brooke Myers, CDW•G federal business development manager -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow CDW on: Twitter http://twitter.com/CDWCorp Facebook http://www.facebook.com/CDWCorporation LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/CDW Spiceworks http://community.spiceworks.com/pages/CDW YouTube http://www.youtube.com/CDW
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Illinicloud CDW-G ISTE.mov
Scholastic Administrator Executive Editor Wayne D'Orio collects cloud-tech stories at ISTE. CDW-G's VP, K12 Education Bob Kirby, and Director of Sales, K12, John Pellettiere led a round table discussion of Cloud-using administrators at ISTE. IlliniCloud is one of many success stories. IlliniCloud worked with CDW, a leading provider of technology solutions, to supply affordable access to virtual servers, online storage and high-speed network connectivity across the state of Illinois - technology that, until recently, was out of reach for most K-12 schools there. Sharing data center resources and costs among schools across the state helps each school district to focus more on advancing the use of technology in the classroom for the direct benefit of students.
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CDW•G knows Federal IT is unique
Ready to learn more? Go to http://www.cdwg.com/federal Government agencies face technology, procurement and management challenges — all at an enterprise scale. At CDW•G we understand that and we have the experience, the skills and the technology to help deliver on even the most complex missions. FEATURED SPEAKERS: -- Bob Kirby, vice president, CDW•G government -- Jennifer Keating, director, CDW•G civilian sales -- Ben Bourbon, vice president, CDW•G Defense and intelligence sales -- Brooke Myers, CDW•G federal business development manager -- Rod Francisco, CDW•G federal business development executive -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow CDW on: Twitter http://twitter.com/CDWCorp Facebook http://www.facebook.com/CDWCorporation LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/CDW Spiceworks http://community.spiceworks.com/pages/CDW YouTube http://www.youtube.com/CDW
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BYOD - Make K-12 Learning Safe, Mobile and Collaborative | IT4K12
BYOD - Make K-12 Learning Safe, Mobile and Collaborative (Platinum Presenter - Bradford Networks/X10 Networks) K-12 Schools today are looking to take advantage of the BYOD trend to transform the educational experience. Many are moving from traditional lecture-based instruction to new models of learning, teaching and collaboration that integrate mobile devices into the classroom experience. However, this creates significant challenges for IT departments: they must support hundreds or even thousands of mobile devices on their networks, provide a safe network environment and meet regulatory requirements, and deliver an easy onboarding process for these devices, all with limited IT resources. In this presentation Bradford Networks will explain how to make learning safe, mobile and collaborative while minimizing the management burden on IT staff. Learn how to: - Get 100% visibility into all mobile devices connecting to your network, including laptops, iPads, smartphones, gaming consoles,and other mobile devices - Enable an automated, self-service registration process for thousands of student-owned devices - Automatically detect and isolate non-compliant or infected devices on your wireless and wired networks - Dynamically provision and control the appropriate level of network access for students, teachers, staff, and guests Presented by: Michael Killoran, VP Worldwide Sales, Bradford Networks Michael Killoran is responsible for strengthening Bradford Networks' leadership position in the Network Access Control and Mobile Security market. Bradford Networks offers the best solution to enable secure network access for corporate issued and personal mobile devices. The company's patented Network Sentry solution is the first network security offering that can automatically identify all devices and all users on a network, providing complete visibility and control. Unlike vendor-specific network security products, Network Sentry provides a view across all brands of network equipment and connecting devices eliminating the network blind spots that can introduce risk. Network Sentry is used by more than 900 enterprise customers worldwide in markets such as healthcare, financial services, retail, government, education and more. www.it4k12.org
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11/02/17 National Advisory Committee (NAC) Meeting (Day 1)
National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic and Other Populations Fall Meeting - November 2, 2017
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7/11/17 : 2020 Census Quarterly Program Management Review (PMR)
On July 11, 2017, the U.S. Census Bureau held it's quarterly 2020 Census Program Management Review. The agenda included high-level program updates, a review of 2020 Census operations and systems readiness, and an update on testing.
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Meru Networks Impact on Higher Education w/ Wi-Fi Networks
Meru Networks WLAN Impact on Higher Education For more info visit: http://www.merunetworks.com I'd like to talk to you about Meru's impact on higher education. This is a market that Meru's been serving since our inception in 2002, and there's some very specific reasons why we believe higher education institutions have been at the forefront of delivering wireless networking technology and networking technology in general. Part of it is of course the research and educational mission of the college and university. Part and parcel of that is being at the forefront of technology. And we've seen that. We've seen that many colleges have been real pioneers in the use of wireless networking across their campuses as well as into research facilities. The thing which really struck me, there's a study in July this year done by CDWG, one of our reseller partners. It was a wonderful study, I encourage you to take a look at it, but one of the key findings is 77% of high school seniors view wireless LAN as critical in their selection of a college. In fact, it was the #1 rated criteria that they had. It shocked us, but it makes sense when you look at the typical student. In many of the campuses, they report that students in the dormitories don't just have single devices attached to the network, they often have three, four, sometimes even five wireless devices connected simultaneously. You've got a laptop, you've got an iPad, you've got an iPod, you've got a digital camera, you've got digital printers, and you've got game systems. So you've got a variety of traffic, a variety of issues that come upon the network when it comes to connecting so many clients in a high-density environment with a very diverse traffic flow. So Meru's technology is really designed for applications like classrooms, auditoriums, dormitories. Places where you will find the need to have high density and equal access of all students to the network resources while there. So we have some critical technologies that make that happen, and those technologies are very unique to Meru. The first is what we refer to as air-time fairness. And that's important, whether it's test-taking, classroom lectures or students simply accessing resources in libraries or other parts of the campus, air-time fairness means the first student who logs on or the last student who logs on, it doesn't matter. They each get equal access to network resources. So the last person to come on doesn't get an unfair share of their access. The second technology which is important is what we call virtual cell as well as virtual port technology. Virtual cell is that every access point has the same channel. That means as you roam throughout a campus or in a building, you never have to roam and hand off. You're connected at all times to a single channel, and that insures that your connection is maintained, insures a high-performance connection, and also by having a virtual cell technology it makes deployment much, much easier. You literally never have co-channel interference in a virtualized wireless LAN deployment. That's an artifact of older micro cell technology where each access point has to be on a different channel. And that means parts are deployed because of RF site surveys, hard to manage because of co-channel interference, and actually we've seen that in many cases -- almost 100% of cases -- what we've replaced is a micro cell deployment. So that trend of giving students equal access, making sure that everybody whether it's in a small room or large auditorium can get on simultaneously. We've got core technologies that make that happen. So I'd like to encourage you, go to merunetworks.com, see some of the educational videos and materials we have there, and as well, I'd like to encourage you to simply reach out to us. We offer 30-day free, on-site trials. We make it easy for you to test out, whether in a dorm, a wing of a building or wherever it might be in your campus, we can show you the advantages that Meru offers to colleges here in the US or around the world. Thanks again for your time and we look forward to working with you. ......Please See Interactive Transcript For Full Text...... For more info visit: http://www.merunetworks.com
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