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DIY Solar Water Heater! - Solar Thermal COPPER COIL Water Heater! - Easy DIY (Full instr.) 170F
DIY Solar Water Heater. A Homemade "flat panel" COPPER COIL Solar Water Heater. Easy DIY. Full Instructions. super hot temps (sustained at 165F+). fast hot water. no electricity needed. easily hooks up to standard water tap/garden hose. reaches temps well over 150F (water pasteurization temp) so it works to clear/kill any pathogens (if a non-municipal source is used). it's super portable so it's good for camping/off-grid/emergency as well as everyday use. couple of notes: water flow rate verified with a measuring cup and a stopwatch. (roughly 1 oz. of hot water every 1 to 1.5 seconds and scaled up - one gallon every 2-3 minutes or 20-30 gallons per hour). about the copper tubing: a 50 foot roll of tubing is much cheaper than smaller rolls connected. *only $24.95 for 50 ft (but $17 for a 20 ft roll and $10 for a 10 ft roll). the glass is just standard window glass and the paint is flat black. it's thin flat design allows it to be easily stored in a closet, under the bed etc... *"seal it" according to your climate conditions and whether you plan to leave it outside. UPDATE: (06/01/2018)… if interested, here’s a youtube video link to my other (most current) copper coil water heater. It’s of a similar design but is lined with aluminum sheeting and uses larger diameter coil. https://youtu.be/btQtPQpUf90
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DIY Solar Thermal Water Heater! - COPPER PIPE Solar Water Heater! - Easy DIY (full Instr.) 150F+
DIY Solar Thermal Water Heater. Homemade "COPPER PIPE" Solar Water Heater! Easy DIY. video includes full instructions on how to build it (w/materials list). super hot water fast. reaches temps at or above 150F with air temps from high 40's to low 50's. a few features of the panel: full 1/2" hard copper pipe (type L). hooks to a standard water tap/garden hose. slim portable design (at only 2" thick) and is very rugged and durable (built with 2x2's and 1/2" plywood). multiple panels can be hooked together for additional capacity and extras can be easily added; water flow valves, temp sensors, timers etc... couple of final thoughts. make sure to use type L copper (rated 0-400F 986psi). other choice is type M (only rated 100-150F) and will not hold up to temperature extremes. the smaller "internal board" is very important to the design - for a few reasons. 1.) it allows for the pipe to lay essentially flat inside of collector (because all the connection points are up in the air). 2.) it holds the pipe at the right height so it enters and exits thru the 3/4" hole in the 2x2. 3.) it allows for the pipe to easily be removed from the collector (if extra work needs to be done on any of the solder joints - re-solder etc.) btw if you've never soldered pipe before - it's very easy to learn. just watch a couple of youtube vids on it and practice a few connections on a small or scrap piece before starting project. lastly, to secure the glass into the frame, just use a bead of silicone caulk around the edge and drop the glass in. songs are from youtubes "copyright free" library. song titles...hemispheres and mumbai effect
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$50 Homemade Solar Heater - Passive Solar Design
Passive solar heater. Built from cans and mostly from repurposed/recycled materials. An excellent source of free heat for your home, shop, or camp. Cost breakdown: $6 spray paint $0 free flat black paint $10 brown paint (discount decking paint) $10 3 tubes caulk $6 vent tubes $10 upper vent $8 odds/ends My Music: http://www.facebook.com/theshizzle
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Homemade Solar Water Heater, Build solar geyser with Aluminum pipe
Build homemade solar water heater which is running on free energy (solar) Winter special DIY Project homemade Solar Water Heater visit for details diagrams and material list https://goo.gl/tG5yr2 under 3500 rupees (35$) in Urdu / Hindi Host Abdul Basit Produced by Team Pakistan Science Club #Pakscienceclub
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Solar Water Heater | How to Make Tutorial
How to make solar water heater. Diy Tutorial. Solar water heater can cut down your electricity and Gas Bills by exploiting solar power to provide continuous hot water supply to your home. In this video I have tried my maximum to present an easier and convenient method to make a simple solar water heater. You can buy copper pipe, spray paint and other tools from my Website www.newPhysicist.com
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☀️ Build A Solar Heat Pump System - Plans Available 📄
Learn how to build this solar heat pump system by downloading the plans below: http://bit.ly/HeatPumpPlans Maximize savings returns from your solar PV and mini-split heat pump investments by incorporating them together into one hybrid system! Visit the link below to learn more about how this system works - a step by step build guide and 3D CAD is also available for download. Download the plans: http://bit.ly/HeatPumpPlans Website: http://bit.ly/resystech Support RST on Patreon or Youtube and earn membership perks: http://bit.ly/SupportOnPatreon http://bit.ly/YoutubeMemberships Follow RST on Facebook: http://bit.ly/RSTFacebook
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☀️ Build A DIY Solar Space Heater - Plans Available 📄
Build A DIY Aluminum Solar Space Heater. Download the plans: http://bit.ly/SolarHeaterPlans Website: http://bit.ly/resystech Support RST on Patreon or Youtube and earn membership perks: http://bit.ly/SupportOnPatreon http://bit.ly/YoutubeMemberships Follow RST on Facebook: http://bit.ly/RSTFacebook
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Solar Water Heater
The quest for hot water does not come easy for off grid living. With summer just around the corner, decided to take a stab at making a hot water heater. For this project, scavenged 3/4" pipe, a few 3/4" Elbows and a single pane window for the basic frame. The overall plan was to make like a manifold for the cold water to come in the bottom and the naturally flow out the top into a makeshift hot water tank. Just in case, I will use a small DC pump that can help move the water. The single pane window with a frame was perfect. Originally came from last years DIY solar panel project. The manifold was sized to fit within the edges of the window. In another video, a cedar box will be made with 1"x 8" lumber and painted black. Note: PVC pipe is rated up to 140 degrees F. (Water boils at 212 degrees) Depending on you location of the Solar Water Heater, might want to use CPVC instead of PVC. Copper pipe would be idea, but often it's difficult to obtain. (High sought after by scrappers)
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Fastest Solar Water Heater,  5 gallons within minutes
Hot water for your off the grid living. Great for Tiny House, RV, Campground, or Home. Instant hot water from the sun. Build for less than $20.00, See how Apple Drains Drainage Contractors www.AppleDrains.com Trusted & Recommended by Viewers Across the Country and Around the World We Do It Everyday! Solar water heater, perfect for tiny house or off the grid living
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Free Hot Water with DIY Solar Batch Water Heater Pt 2
Free Hot Water with DIY Solar Batch Water Heater Pt 2
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DIY Solar Heater - Build In ONE Weekend...
http://waukoo.com/solarheat - here's the link... Our easy step by step guide will show you several different plans to build your very own solar water heater system.
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How to Build Your Own Solar Water Heater: Sustainable Living
How to Build Your Own Solar Water Heater: Sustainable Living Solar water heaters, also called solar domestic hot water systems, can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate, and the fuel they use, sunshine, is free. There exists 4 categories of solar water heater systems: - Direct or open loop: circulate potable water through the collectors. They are relatively cheap but offer little or no overheat protection, and they offer little or no freeze protection. - Indirect or closed loop: use a heat exchanger that separates the potable water from the fluid, known as the "heat-transfer fluid" (HTF), that circulates through the collector. The two most common HTFs are water and an antifreeze/water mix that typically uses non-toxic propylene glycol. After being heated in the panels, the HTF travels to the heat exchanger, where its heat is transferred to the potable water. Though slightly more expensive, indirect systems offer freeze protection and typically offer overheat protection as well. - Passive: rely on heat-driven convection or heat pipes to circulate water or heating fluid in the system. Passive solar water heating systems cost less and have extremely low or no maintenance, but the efficiency of a passive system is significantly lower than that of an active system. Overheating and freezing are major concerns. - Active: use one or more pumps to circulate water and/or heating fluid in the system. Modern active solar water systems have electronic controllers that offer a wide range of functionality, such as the modification of settings that control the system, interaction with a backup electric or gas-driven water heater, calculation and logging of the energy saved by a SWH system, safety functions, remote access, and informative displays, such as temperature readings. The proper installation of solar water heaters depends on many factors. These factors include solar resource, climate, local building code requirements, and safety issues; therefore, it's best to have a qualified solar thermal systems contractor install your system. After installation, properly maintaining your system will keep it running smoothly. Plumbing and other conventional water heating components require the same maintenance as conventional systems. Glazing may need to be cleaned in dry climates where rainwater doesn't provide a natural rinse. Regular maintenance on simple systems can be as infrequent as every 3–5 years, preferably by a solar contractor. Systems with electrical components usually require a replacement part or two after 10 years. For more information on solar water heaters visit: Solar Water Heaters: http://energy.gov/energysaver/articles/solar-water-heaters How to Build a Passive Solar Water Heater: http://www.motherearthnews.com/green-homes/build-a-passive-solar-water-heater-zmaz07onzgoe.aspx What is a Solar Water Heater?: http://www.apricus.com/solar-water-heaters-1/#.VU-8zfl_Oko
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How to Make Solar Water Heater 100°C Using Parabolic Trough
How to make a solar water heater using parabolic trough. In this video New Physicist shows you how to build a high efficient solar water heater using zinc sheet and copper pipe. Make your own solar water heater for your home and cut down Electricity bills. Materials needed 1. Zinc sheet 2. Solar Reflective film 3. Copper Pipe Watch Video, Click Like, Share and Subscribe
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evacuated vacuum tube test..solar water heater diy planning..
#evacuated tube, #solar water heater, #boiling water from the sun, #free hot water
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Water can be heated with solar power by simply adding black hose to the loop. Here is a pdf free plan link: http://greenpowerscience.com/SOLARHOTWATER.html Part 1 of a 2 part series showing how to install a cheap cost effective solar hot water heater.http://greenpowerscience.com/
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Solar Water Heater - Passive - Build/Install Breadbox
Solar water heater - Passive breadbox - build and install. Preheats water before the water goes to the regular water heater. Plans/design by Jeff Tiller. No pumps or moving parts other than valves and shutters. In the event of leaks or freezes in the solar water heater, the solar system can be bypassed and just use the regular system to heat water. There was no eligible tax refund for this system in the state of Georgia in 2012. Only federal refund of 30% as shown in the video which was nice. No claim on the temp of the water as I only have a thermometer that reads air temp in the box and the tanks were painted with 'solar' paint to help keep the heat in the tanks. Air temp in the box routinely (April - October) goes to 140 degrees on sunny days, especially when sunny between 10 - 2 o'clock. Since two tanks in the box, there is more hot water than a single 40 gallon tank, but just not as high a temperature. This works well with a 50 gallon Jacuzzi. There is a goodly amount of hot water available on sunny days. This can be seen in that the box starting out at 140 degrees or more before the bath is still above 100 degrees after a 50 gallon plus jacuzzi bath.
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Free Hot Water with DIY Solar Batch Water Heater: Pt1
I finally got around to building my solar batch water heater.
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Solar Air Heater! - The "Screen Absorber" Solar Air Heater! - Easy DIY (full instructions)
Homemade Solar Air Heater! - The "Screen Absorber" Solar Air Heater!. Easy DIY. Produces temps near 140F (with outdoor air in the mid 40's). design of collector is similar to the steel can/aluminum can solar air heater but uses a "screen absorber plate" instead of the cans. video is a full tutorial with step by step instructions. how it works: outside air enters the collector at the bottom through several entrance vents. it then raises up through the collector (passing over, under and through the screen absorber plate along the way. when it reaches the top it's pulled out by a small fan through an exit vent. bottom piece of internal frame acts as a baffle which helps to spread out the airflow. short list of item sizes/dimensions: outer frame: One (1x4) cut down into Two 33 3/4" pieces and Two 20 1/4" pieces. inner frame: One (2x2) cut down into Two 26" pieces and Two 15" pieces. glass (plexi-Glas) used is 20" by 32" (always build your collector around the glass you have available). dimension of backing 33 3/4" by 21 3/4". hardware used: Twelve #8 3/4" wood screws for the backing. Eight #8 1 3/4" wood screws for the outer frame. Four #12 2 1/2" wood screws for the internal frame. vent tube is a 3" dryer hose (expands up to 8 feet). collector is painted with flat black paint. seal up the collector appropriately to match your local climate conditions (using weather stripping, caulk etc.). final thoughts... experiments suggest that a "dual layer" screen absorber plate works the best (single layer and triple layers of screen tend to produce slightly lower temps). *i recommend keeping the entrance vent "cutouts". those can be reinserted to adjust airflow (which could potentially raise/lower output temps - will do additional experiments). i experimented with putting the screen absorber at an angle inside collector but angling it did not produce higher temps. (*note that using no screen at all (just a black box) will significantly reduce output temps - they dropped down an average of 20-30F (couldn't get above 109.5F without the screen assembly)
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Super Simple, CPVC Solar Hot Water Collector
A very easy to build, inexpensive, CPVC liquid (hydronic) solar hot water collector that you can use to heat your home or for domestic hot water. This collector is significantly outperforming my pex collector in testing so far. Enjoy free heat, courtesy of the sun!
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DIY Pool solar 113° hot water heater
Made for under 120.00$
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Solar Water Heater, Passive Thermosiphon
Solar water heater, passive thermsiphon, convection type solar water heater, alternative energy, green living, open source green tech, free plans, demonstration video
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DIY Solar Water Heater! - The "Dual Spiral" black poly Solar Water Heater!  Easy DIY (modular/chain)
DIY Solar Water Heater. The Dual Spiral "black poly pipe" Solar water heater. Easy DIY. simple modular design allows for several to be chained together. very hot water. easy achieves 130F to 140F (with 160 possible). very lightweight. super portable. great for camping, an emergency situation or everyday use. video shows how to connect it to a water tap/garden hose and how to chain the spirals together. *each spiral is 50 feet of 1/4" poly pipe.
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Today is the day we do the thermosiphon solar hot water heater installation with a homemade or diy frame. I purchased a 52 gallon thermosiphon solar hot water heater system for a little over $1000 in the city and shipped it out here. You can make a homemade solar hot water heater and I plan on doing that for my small house but for the big one, I want everything to work perfectly without any issues. It consists of a solar hot water panel, solar hot water tank and these copper rods which connect it all together. Thermosiphon hot water heaters are passive which means once installation is complete it's essentially hands off. The sun heats up the black panel filled with tubes. As the solar panel heats up the water in it rises and goes through the tubes and into the hot water heater tank. It keeps going as the water gets hotter and hotter and when the sun stops heating, the water stops running through. Since the hot water tank is insulated you are left with hot water, for free. I'm very excited about this solar hot water heater installation and it's inspired me to go forward with a solar hot water heater homemade kit at my cottage which is a little bit more rustic than this house aka Alta Vista. JOIN THE SHABL CREW: http://bit.ly/1uR4ogG INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/bloggeries TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/bloggeries BLOG: http://stophavingaboringlife.com SNAPCHAT: bloggeries Music provided by https://soundcloud.com/guggenz Daily travel vlog filmed on a GoPro Hero 4 Silver or Canon G7X Subscribe for more daily vlogs of the travel nature…
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How to make a solar water heater at home  - A Study
You know, in one hour Earth receives more energy from Sun than the world use in one year. Very very less amount of solar energy is converted to renewable energy. One of the best use is water heating. In some country / city it is mandatory to use a solar water heater. Here we will do a simple study to understand and make a simple solar water heater.
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How to build a solar water heater, simple DIY project. Save $30 a month on power bill. Mark Patrick.
Step by step directions and have free hot water even if the power is out. A simply easy way to do it yourself. No pumps or controls completely passive. We start with the glass from old sliding glass doors and use a water heater as storage tank. I got the glass and tank for free. Watch me make it step by step. Great science project. Check out my other video on how to make a simple wind turbine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5jC_sIFRWc https://www.amazon.com/shop/markp0177 Build Your Own Backyard Coop: http://ad.trwv.net/t.pl/47595/340134
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Solar Heated Garage Plan
WARNING: This video is kind of dry. Simple overview of our current heating system which will soon be modified to accept solar. We will potentially be heating the garage for free (heat generating costs only, yes there is cost to run the pumps).
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DIY Solar Pool Heater - Part 1
Building a 4x4 DIY Passive Solar Pool Heater for our 21-foot above ground pool. Started the project in February 2018, when we had a couple of unusual warm days. Will complete the project once the weather warms up. Thanks for watching! Buy Silver Thermal Foil Insulation (http://amzn.to/2HPmY7t) Buy Drip Irrigation 1/2" Tubing (http://amzn.to/2FNbQeN) © 2018 by Green Mountain DIY Guy. All rights reserved. Do not use any part of this video without my written permission. PLEASE NOTE: These videos are for entertainment purposes only. I assert all copyrights claims for any content, media, comments, subject to the publishing date of this video. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Do not use any part of this video without my expressed written permission. As always, please consult professional advice before attempting any project, activity, or event. I will not be responsible for any injury, loss of life, or damage to any property or equipment using any information referenced in this video or any video on my YouTube. Always follow codes and any requirements as set forth by best practice or law. There may affiliate/associate links contained in this video and/or description. Buying through these links helps out my channel a lot and adds no additional costs to the price of parts. Lastly, be nice and play nice. Trolling and other attacks on my channel will not be tolerated.
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Solar Water Heater Build Your Own
This thermosyphon solar water heater is a bolt together design that can be built in the average home workshop with a limited amount of engineering skills and equipment.
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Endless hot water without electricity!
http://practicalpreppers.com/ I built a water heater out of used parts and used a Stovetec Rocket stove to start the thermo siphoning process. Coil vid ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-l-lMKlVFpA SilverFire Survivor Stove- https://practicalpreppers.com/online-shop/cooking-solutions/silverfire-survivor-rocket-stove-detail-view Watch More Engineer775: Subscribe - https://goo.gl/IFNTXv Recent Uploads - https://goo.gl/sssfSp Live Videos - https://goo.gl/gcTR4H Product Reviews - https://goo.gl/pTnNMj My Website - https://www.practicalpreppers.com/ My Book - https://goo.gl/X0Gr6R My EMP Home Improvement DVD - https://goo.gl/YjAIbt Contact Me – info@practicalpreppers.com Social Networks Facebook - https://goo.gl/ANJxY5 Instagram - https://goo.gl/8zH0xN Twitter - https://goo.gl/2C6hSa Linkedin - https://goo.gl/70GTZ3 Need A Consultation. Fill out this form and email it to me. https://goo.gl/D2SZxG or online at https://www.practicalpreppers.com/consultation
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FREE Heat - How To Build A Homemade, Passive Solar Heater Window Unit
Our climate is changing so it is ever more important to manage heating and cooling in your home. This passive heater will save you money, too! Build this window heater that uses the suns energy to heat your home or garage in the winter. No more drilling holes through the wall or rigging power hungry fans to blow air through your solar heater. This heater uses a thermosiphon effect to pull in room temperature (cold) air as it expels hot air into the room.
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Solar Furnace for under $50
Shows how to build self-contained warming module. For rest of building, please visit www.warmpod.com
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Brilliant DIY Off-Grid Water Heater Using a Rocket Stove – No Propane!
This is a brilliant DIY hack for creating an off-grid water heater with just a simple handmade rocket stove, water barrel, and copper pipes! No pump! No propane! It was built by a couple of incredible people we met last summer, Sebastien and Isabelle. They're passionate about reconnecting with the earth and finding sustainable ways to live. One of their hobbies is experimenting with rocket stoves and making them function as a cooktop, a heat source, and sometimes even as a hot water heater. A rocket stove is a simple stove with 3 openings: the one at the bottom for building your fire, the middle one is to feed wood to the fire, and the one at the top is a chimney. By winding copper pipes inside the cob walls of the chimney, water in the pipes is heated up and circulated from the water barrel, around the rocket stove, and back into the barrel by a process called: thermosiphon. According to Wikipedia, a thermo syphon "is a method of passive heat exchange, based on natural convection, which circulates a fluid without the necessity of a mechanical pump." Our minds were blown when we learned about this passive heat exchange that didn't require electricity or propane! This is their first prototype and they're hoping to refine the system this year. Now that they know it works, they're hoping to use an insulated hot water tank that will keep the water warm for longer (and avoid using a plastic barrel to heat water). This will eventually be an outdoor shower for them. Sebastien and Isabelle from La Nature à l'État Pur are creating some incredible living spaces, and are offering opportunities for people to come relax in nature and to learn off-grid living techniques. Check out their website to find out more: http://lebaston.wixsite.com/ecodome And check out the video we created about their SuperAdobe Eco Dome Home here: https://youtu.be/_8IEuKECttM Thanks for watching! Mat & Danielle ------------------------------------------------------------- STAY IN TOUCH! ------------------------------------------------------------- Blog: www.exploringalternatives.ca Facebook: /exploringalternativesblog Instagram: @exploringalternatives ------------------------------------------------------------- SUBTITLES AND CLOSED CAPTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------- A very special thank you to our subtitle and closed captions contributors! If you would like to contribute subtitles or closed captions to an Exploring Alternatives video, please click here to see which ones need your help: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UC8EQAfueDGNeqb1ALm0LjHA&tab=2 To learn how to create and submit subtitles and closed captions, check out this YouTube info page: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6054623 If you would like credit for your subtitles, translation, or closed captions in the description of the video, please email us with your full name, the language of your translation, and the video title that you worked on. You can email us at: danielle.is.exploring@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------- SPONSORS ------------------------------------------------------------- We occasionally include paid sponsor messages/integrations in our videos to help fund the channel. We do our best to work with companies and organizations that offer products or services that are in line with our values, and that we think would be interesting and useful to our viewers. We will always disclose if we’re promoting products that were given to us for free, or if we’re including a sponsored message in our video. For business or sponsorship inquiries, please email us at danielle.is.exploring@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------- VIDEO CREDITS ------------------------------------------------------------- Music & Song Credits: All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives. Editing Credits: Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives Filming Credits: Mat of Exploring Alternatives
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Off Grid Solar Power - DIY Solar Hot Water
Off Grid Solar Power - DIY Solar Hot Water Another little project to get my teeth into. In January 2015 I took the electric hot water system out of the house and got a tankless propane water heater installed. That's great, but the less water I have to heat, the less gas I use, so I've decided to build myself a thermal collector. This is just to show some of the initial testing and planning. At this stage I'm using about 48 metres of 1/2" poly tubing. Yes, copper would be much, much better at conducting the heat, but the poly tubing cost me $20 whereas an equivalent amount of copper tubing would cost more than $350. $350 buys a LOT of propane. Thanks for watching and please click on the like button and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already. Music: Born Barnstormers by Brian Boyko. The full track is available at freepd.com. This music is in the public domain and is free to use.
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DIY: Solar Water Heater Plans!!   Easy and Fun to Follow
Link= http://tinyurl.com/SimpleSolarWaterHeater These DIY Solar Water Plans can save you up to 33% on your Electric Bill: Learn about Solar Water Heating and attractive solar water heater designs for your home. http://tinyurl.com/SimpleSolarWaterHeater These plans are easy to follow, tested, come with a Money Back Guarantee and provide you with many other Green Ideas for reducing your Electric Bill DIY Solar Water Heater Solar Water Heater Reduce Water Heater Bill Solar Water Heater Plans Water Heaters Simple Solar Water Heater Plans Build it Yourself Solar Solar Water Heater Collector New Solar Projects
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DIY: Solar Water Heater!!!
link= http://tinyurl.com/NewSolarWaterHeaterPlans DIY Solar Water Heater Plans: This video will provide with a LINK to new solar water heater plans; DIY Solar Water Heating: http://tinyurl.com/NewSolarWaterHeaterPlans Proven, Tested, Easy to Follow, Money Back Guarantee DIY Solar Water Heater Solar Water Heater Reduce Water Heater Bill Solar Water Heater Plans Water Heaters Simple Solar Water Heater Plans Build it Yourself Solar Solar Water Heater Collector New Solar Projects
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DIY 4 Layer Aluminum Screen Solar Furnace Build
A DIY video on building a 4 layer aluminum screen solar collector/furnace. CHECK OUT MY PLAYLIST ON MY CHANNEL ON "DIY SOLAR FURNACES". The playlist is very detailed and can show you all types of stuff relating to solar furnaces. 122 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature rise within a 4' tall x 2' wide collector. I hope this video helps some people save some money and our environment as well.
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DIY Solar Air Heater! - Solar Thermal STEEL "DOWN-SPOUT" Air Heater! - Easy DIY (Full instr.) 140F
DIY Solar Air Heater. The STEEL DOWNSPOUT Solar Air Heater! video includes full instructions w/materials list. reaches high temps (140F+). the internal fan (3-speed) has strong airflow *and is solar powered. the collector is similar to a metal can solar heater but uses steel rain gutter "downspout pipe" instead. one advantage; makes it easy to add extra thermal mass (*one example, just drop crushed aluminum cans (or rocks if you don't mind the weight) down the downspouts to add significant thermal mass. experiments with that will be a future vid.) couple of things not noted in the video: the downspout used is pretty standard (2" x 3" and made of galvanized steel) and a 1 1/4" hole saw was used to drill the inlet holes at bottom. lastly, when you're done experimenting, seal it up according to your climate conditions... *finally, if you need to get into it later, remember that it's much easier to "reverse out" the screws on the back than to remove the glass
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Brilliant Newfoundlander Invents the Solution!
Jim Meaney, owner of Cansolair Inc. displays how he converts pop cans into a powerful solar heating panel.
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Solar Water Heater with Plastic Bottles
How to make a water heater with big plastic (PET) bottles. Inside each bottle there is a 3.5 meteres piece of 4 mm drip watering tubing. This heater takes advantage of the greenhouse effect inside the bottles. It is like the heat inside a car in the sun in summer. Since when the circuit is stopped the water heats more inside the tubing it woul be a good idea to use a timer with i. e. 1 minute ON and 1 minute OFF. This also would protect the pump motor from excessive heating. With a small water pump the water is cycled and the temperature rises. It would be better to use a 12 volt DC motor water pump connected to several solar cells. You can also try to paste a sheet of aluminum foil in order to concentrate more heat inside the bottles. The solar water heater is scalable, so you can connect more bottles and groups of bottles in order to heat a swimming pool.
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HELIOS Solar Air & Water Heater Update: PV Installed
Quick update on the HELIOS project; showing the new PV panel installed For free plans and tutorials on various DIY projects, visit: http://renewablesystemstechnology.com
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Big, 24' X 8' Solar Collector Using PEX Tubing - Step by Step How to Build
This video shows step by step how I built my 24' X 8' solar collector, which uses pex tubing instead of copper. By using pex, it is much easier to build and less expensive too! Anyone can build this design! We are using the collector for winter space heating and domestic hot water heating too!
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Build Your Own Solar Water Heater, DIY Solar Water Heater
DIY Solar Water Heater! http://waterheatsystem.com/indexa The DIY Solar Water Heater Guide is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and is extremely affordable. You can easily build your own solar water heater and save up to 33% Off your electric bill every month while helping the environment.
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☀️ Build A DIY Solar Tracker - Plans Available 📄
Learn how to build this DIY solar tracker by downloading the plans below: http://bit.ly/TrackerPlans Website: http://bit.ly/resystech Support RST on Patreon or Youtube and earn membership perks: http://bit.ly/SupportOnPatreon http://bit.ly/YoutubeMemberships Follow RST on Facebook: http://bit.ly/RSTFacebook
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How to Make an Instant WATER HEATER / GEYSER at Home under 10$
Enjoy this really cheap water heater this winter. You can find all these materials from your local stores. Copper tubing available at any cooling, refrigeration centers. It is used in Air conditioners. Valves and gas burner can be fount at any hardware store. Like Us On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/easyhomemadeprojects SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://www.youtube.com/c/EasyHomeMadeProjects?sub_confirmation=1
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DIY Solar Energy: Build a Solar Panel for Solar Water Heater
http://www.DIYSolarPowerGuides.com - For those who wish to go green (solar or wind energy for the home) but can't afford the lump sum it typically costs up front; give the do-it-yourself option a try for a small investment of just $50 for instructions & plans. Also check out the true benefits of solar energy and how it's applied, these systems are becoming more common and more affordable throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world.
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Three interesting DIY solar heaters for swimming pools
1) Trickle-Down solar heater 2) Black spiral 3) Black polymer sleeve This is the first interesting solar heater for a pool, and it has this tube with holes, and we see that water is coming out through the holes, and then the water moves along these troughs of metal sheet which is heated by solar radiation and transfers this heat to the water. We can see that our solar heater can be very cheap, especially if we already have a roof on the basis of profile metal sheets, and therefore the cost of a large solar heater can be equal only to the cost of this small tube with the holes. This is my prototype of our type of solar heaters with transparent film and without it. Unfortunately, my testing has found a large number of disadvantages of this type of heaters, and I will describe them in one of my future videos. Nevertheless, this solar heater remains very interesting due to its cheapness and the possibility of combining with a roof. This is my measurement of the efficiency of my heater with transparent film and without it, and I will explain these graphs in that future video. Now my heater has this profile of its steel sheet, but I have idea of similar profile when we cover the channels for water, and this eliminates several disadvantages of our solar heaters. This is the making of my next prototype which uses that idea of covering the water channels, and I will describe the results of its testing in one of my future videos. In addition, I plan to coat this surface with a selective coating, rather than black paint, and I plan to use glass or polycarbonate instead of this transparent film. 2nd interesting pool heater: This is my version of the well-known solar pool heaters, and YouTube has a lot of videos about heaters of this type. I made this prototype only for measuring the energy parameters of our type of heaters, and I will describe its heat generation capabilities in one of my future videos. Then I plan to place my black spiral on a black sheet, like these heaters of other people, and I will measure its energy parameters too. After that, I plan to cover my black spiral with glass, and I plan to use selective coating instead of black paint. I think that these solar heaters will be significantly better than these expensive pool heaters by the criterion of cost, but significantly worse by the criterion of lifespan. 3rd interesting pool heater: I described this variant of solar pool heaters a few weeks ago, and it consists of a wooden frame, a layer of expanded polystyrene, and a polymer sleeve which heats our water with solar radiation. This solar heater has about the same efficiency as these expensive pool heaters, but our heater is about 20 times cheaper than they. However, our solar heater has labor intensive maintenance, but now I am testing these heaters with an additional steel sheet over that polymer sleeve, and I hope that these solar heaters will not require maintenance. Unfortunately, our solar heater can only have a horizontal position, while other types of heaters can be tilted toward the sun. That is why I recommend our solar heater only for cases of location on the ground or a horizontal roof and if we need a lot of cheap solar heat from several tens of square meters of heaters. Otherwise, we have to use other types of solar heaters for swimming pools.
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Free Solar Heat "How it's made" DIY solar panel Part 1.2 Ernie Ursini
Ernie Ursini http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7UAlckCULU Go Green. Harvest the sun and beat the cost of heat.Easy step by step build your own solar heating/hot water system.Green energy the wave of the future.Solarize your home. So easy. The sun,Warren Buffett's favorite free ernie ursini resource. Next video soon.DIY great in combonation with the Bloombox
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Solar Pool Heater and Diverter
Watch this video to see our solar pool heater design and learn some tips and tricks when building your own. We are in the second season of using this solar pool heater to heat our pool and have been very happy with the results thus far. The heater is made of 2X4 construction and 3/4" particle board for the box. The tubing is 500 feet of 1/2" irrigation tubing which was purchased for less than $20. Once I get the tubing back into place I plan to cover the entire box with a piece of glass, plastic, or some other transparent material that can hold some additional heat in around the tubing. The diverter that I made here diverts some of the flow of pool water from the pool pump for both my solar heater and the wood burning heater. I let this run continuously through the solar heater when it is sunny. I will post a separate video on the exact temperatures once I get some figures put together but the heater helps keep the pool temperature around 80 degrees with less than 8 hours of sun light on the solar heater or pool. I also use a wood burning pool heater if we have a few days of rain or clouds to boost the temp back up. The overall cost of this project with the irrigation tubing, fittings, pvc pipe for diverter, valves, and wood for the stand was about $80. I also used some stain that I already had to seal up the untreated wood a little bit as well. Compared to the cost of the solar heaters that you can purchase this project is a fraction of the cost with more surface area of tubing that can capture more heat energy. For more information on this and other sustainable projects please visit - www.simplesuburbanliving.com Thanks for watching!!
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Meredith builds a solar furnace
The Wireless Okapi Models that work with the Okapi Apps: Buy them from our website! http://www.greenhillenvirotechnologies.com *Get your Okapi Solar Calculator App from Google Play!* https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greenhillenvirotechnologies.androidsolarairheatercalculator We have written a Comprehensive and Not Boring "Guide", (including a list of materials, diagrams, important steps of construction and a little humor,) for this solar furnace design. You may view this free "Guide" here: http://www.greenhillenvirotechnologies.com/about-closed-loop-solar-air-heaters/guide-to-build-your-diy-solar-air-heater Be the first to truly demonstrate the performance of your solar heater. Make the Next Generation Proud!
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