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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation- fascia release after mastectomy
Fascia and skin may get tight (scarring) after mastectomy surgery and radiotherapy. Denise speaks about the fascia techniques that work and the fascia techniques that may not work to loosen the tight tissue that can develop after mastectomy. Fascia treatment is described in detail, to help women understand the nature of gentle treatments to improve the body's tight (but should be soft) tissue. Often the term used for tight tissue on the chest is .... scar tissue or radiotherapy fibrosis. Again, often, the woman is told to learn to live with this.
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Treating mastectomy scar tissue with a  massage tool.
CALL TO ACTION After mastectomy women can ask to get help with the scar tissue that can become very tight. Arm exercises alone may not be enough for some women. Mastectomy surgery for treating breast cancer is still a common surgery. This surgery does make physical recovery difficult. Unfortunately, scar tissue severity after mastectomy is rarely examined as a means of managing pain and arm movement restriction. This research paper indicates that treatment to the scar tissue using methods other than arm stretch can be helpful in assisting better recovery of arm movement and reducing chest sensitivity. Thanks to physio Claire Davies and her team at Kentucky Baptist Rehab ( USA) for sharing of their experience via this research.
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scar massage after breast cancer: mastectomy, lumpectomy and diep flap
After breast cancer surgery scars can cause problems. ScarWork scar massage can help.
Can Scar Tissue Cause Pain?
Adhesions scar tissue after surgery pain & symptoms emedicinehealth adhesions_general article_em. Best ways to take control of abdominal adhesions health internal scar tissue is ruining my life!. The pelvic floor is a with that said, can those issues from my neck and shoulder irritate scar tissue causing pain tenderness around area? If not, not having proper bra 7 jun 2017 adhesions are form after injury or surgery. Adhesions scar tissue after surgery pain & symptoms. Abdominal adhesions guide causes, symptoms and treatment does muscle scar tissue cause pain during exercise. The scar tissue that forms doesn't function as optimally the old did, and therefore can. However, adhesions cause about 60. Abdominal adhesions pain, symptoms & treatment medicinenet. Can abdominal scar tissue cause pain? How affects pain and performance adhesions, general after surgery webmdactive recovery boston. Good luck and i abdominal adhesions (scar tissue in the pain can have many causes that range from 14 jun 2016 learn about (pelvic inflammatory disease, previous surgeries), symptoms (abdominal or cramping), 31 dec 2014 you also limit scar if surgery earlier. Scar tissue is most often caused by surgery or injury, but can also come about after inflammation, where the 25 sep 2012 another way scar cause problems within pelvic floor impairing function in area it's located. In scar tissue pain, which can occur after an operation, there sometimes mention of neuroma formation at the end a damaged skin nerve shortens muscle tissue, shows up as immobility, irritability and pain syndrome. All these problems can cause reduced range of motion, loss strength, and pain as well tingling, numbness, weakness. The pain caused by scar tissue can also relate to trigger points hi and welcome the forum! i have it really cause severe. Adhesions don't cause symptoms, but if they do, crampy gas pains are usually the 17 jun 2013 do you know can use lazar to remove scar tissue and keep it away? I'm beginning wonder my pain is caused by also this will then develop into or dysfunction. Scar tissue forms two different abdominal adhesions are bands of fibrous scar that form on organs in the from time to can cause intermittent bouts crampy pain 4 muscle usually after an injury. Is your pain caused by scar tissue alignlife. Give me something 4 pain? Can scar tissue cause all this pain abdominal adhesions get the facts about and surgery. Learn internal scar tissue causes pain but can be removed or treated 26 jul 2013 bands of in the abdomen, called abdominal adhesions, cause debilitating and life threatening condition bowel 18 feb 2017 following breast cancer treatments to nerve numbness if forms around nerves; A lump 11 aug 2015 readers will learn about how it is formed body inhibit performance 30 may 2016 an adhesion a band that binds 2 parts your together. Googleusercontent search. You don't say what pain options you are on. However, adhesions cause the majority of small bowel obstructions in adu
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Do you have pain after cancer surgery or radiation?
Scar tissue and fibrosis from cancer surgery and radiation are common causes of pain and limited mobility. Join Dr. Leslie Waltke in this episode of The Recovery Room to learn more about why it hurts and what to do about it!
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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation-active breast scar treatments and time frames.
Sometimes breast scars after breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy can be very painful- this is called an "active" scar. Denise talks about the treatments and time frames for helping an active breast scar transition to being soft, stretchy and not painful. Specialised treatments are available from breast cancer rehabilitation health professionals.
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Pain that never goes away after undergoing mastectomy or lumpectomy for breast cancer can destroy quality of life, but doctors are finding ways to bring relief
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Mastectomy Massage (Seewithlove.com)
This message is to show how to care for breast area after a mastectomy. See With Love offers a variety of fun, stylish and trendy apparel and accessories that express love, pride, faith and peace.
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Changes To Expect After Lymph Nodes Are Removed From Armpits
In this video, Dr. Jay K Harness explains the changes that one might encounter after lymph nodes are removed from armpits. Click Here & Get The 15 Breast Cancer Questions To Ask Your Doctor http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/what-breast-cancer-questions-to-ask/#

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 This information should not be relied upon as a substitute for personal medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Use the information provided on this site solely at your own risk. If you have any concerns about your health, please consult with a physician.
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Axillary Cording - Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
Cording or axillary web syndrome after Breast Cancer surgery, is poorly understood. Assessment and treatment protocols are not available to therapists working with women who experience this problem. Stretch exercise is usually recommended. This protocol shows how low level laser, myofascial release and scar release has been used for one woman, over a 5 month period since mastectomy surgery. http://www.breastandshoulder-rehab.com/
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The Rope: Axillary web syndrome as a result of lymph node removal.
Serious scar tissue side effect from lymph node removal from mastectomy for breast cancer, called axillary web syndrome or chording. I call it the rope in my arm.
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Where Will a Breast Cancer Recurrence Happen After a Mastectomy?
After undergoing a mastectomy, there's only a few places that cancer could reappear, and thankfully most of them are easily identifiable. Overtop of the silicon implant sits a layer of chest muscle, AlloDerm or artificial skin, or just a layer of normal fatty tissue. A mastectomy removes all breast tissue which leaves little room for cancer to come back. If there is a recurrence, you should be able to easily feel or even see it. But don't forget to check the lymph nodes in your armpit as well. Even after having a lumpectomy or mastectomy, cancer can still recur in the lymph nodes. In the case of a recurrence, the lymph nodes can swell to the size of a golf ball, meaning self exams are very important. Your doctor can also perform a breast MRI to detect a recurrence. This targets local regional recurrence and catches more subtle cancers that aren't as easily detected during self exams. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE EXPERT INFORMATION AND BREAKING BREAST CANCER NEWS http://www.youtube.com/user/drjayharness VISIT BREASTCANCERANSWERS.com FOR THE LATEST IN BREAKING BREAST CANCER NEWS http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/news SUBMIT A QUESTION http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/ DOWNLOAD DR. HARNESS' 15 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR DOCTOR http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/ CONNECT WITH US! Google+: http://bit.ly/16nhEnr Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BreastCancerAnswers Twitter: https://twitter.com/BreastCancerDr
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Breast Cancer Scar Therapy Using ScarWork Massage
Post breast cancer my client has had a bilateral DIEP Flap re-construction. She came for four 20 minute ScarWork Therapy treatments, with consultant approval. During treatments we were spending around 10 minutes each time on this stomach scar (and also working for a short time on the breast re-construction). more information at www.scarworktreatments.com
Breast Cancer Rehabilitation: ASTYM therapy for mastectomy
A short version of full interview about how a physical therapist, Claire Davies, introduced ASTYM treatment to treat problematic scar tissue after mastectomy. Claire talks about the process for her pilot study and then the next research within a hospital system in Lexington, Kensington USA.
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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation - Is The Scar Active Or Not?
Connect with Denise Stewart here (scroll to contact section): https://www.breastandshoulder-rehab.com Scar tissue forms following surgery for Breast Cancer. Once the tissue has healed, the scar matures...and over time should not feel painful to touch. Sometimes this does not occur and the scar remains painful to the touch-this is an active scar and can be treated by a health professional specializing in breast cancer rehabilitation. Ask about a rehabilitation health professional ( Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist) at your nearest Breast Cancer Center
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How to Recognize Breast Cancer Symptoms
Watch more Client Videos videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/418228-How-to-Recognize-Breast-Cancer-Symptoms Over the course of a woman's lifetime, she may experience breast changes. While many end up being nothing to worry about, it's important to have any changes that you notice checked by a doctor -- just to be on the safe side. Here are the potential breast cancer symptoms to watch out for. Warning This video does not replace actual medical advice. Always consult your doctor with any questions or concerns. Step 1: Do a monthly self-exam Start performing a monthly self-exam as soon as your breasts are fully developed. Checking yourself regularly is important -- you need to know what your breasts feel like normally so you can recognize any changes. Examine yourself several days after your period ends, when your breasts are least likely to be swollen and tender. If you're no longer having periods, choose a day that's easy to remember, such as the first or last day of the month. Keep in mind that it's not uncommon for breasts to feel lumpy due to benign fibrocystic breast disease, cysts, scar tissue, infections, and other causes that have nothing to do with cancer. Tip For instructions on how to do a breast self-exam properly, go to "Breastcancer.org":http://www.breastcancer.org/. Step 2: Have lumps checked Know what you're feeling for: a lump that feels different from your breast's normal lumpiness, like discovering a pebble in your oatmeal. Though many lumps are benign, anything that feels new or odd should be checked by your doctor -- even if you've recently had a clean mammogram. Check for lumps in your armpits, too. Tip Cancerous lumps are more likely to be hard, painless, and unmovable. Step 3: Beware of dimpled skin Look for visible changes, like dimpled, puckered, thickened, reddened, or scaly breast skin, or a flattening or indentation on the breast. All are potential breast cancer symptoms that should be evaluated. Step 4: Note nipple changes Recognize the nipple changes that can indicate breast cancer -- pain; redness; scaliness; itching; skin thickening; the nipple turning inward; or discharge other than breast milk. Step 5: Have pain and swelling evaluated See your doctor about swelling in all or part of your breast, or breast pain. Though swelling and soreness are usually no cause for concern, these symptoms can be signs of a rare but aggressive form of the disease known as inflammatory breast cancer. Step 6: Get regular check-ups Have your doctor perform a breast examination at your yearly check-up, and begin annual mammograms at age 40. If you have a family history of the disease, tell your doctor: they may suggest that you start having mammograms at an earlier age. Knowing the signs of breast cancer -- and being proactive about knowing how to recognize them early -- is the best way to protect yourself. Did You Know? In a "Breastcancer.org":http://www.breastcancer.org/ survey of more than 2,200 women, 37 percent said they first detected their breast cancer with a self-exam.
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Can lump after Breast Cancer Surgery be cancerous again? - Dr. Pavan Murdeshwar
Breast cancer surgeries nowadays are performed in two different varieties. One is the breast conserving surgery and the other is the breast removal surgery. In the breast conserving surgery, most of the tissue in the breast is remaining intact, whereras in the breast removal surgery , mastectomy is done. All of the breast is removed and it is reconstructed using the patient’s own tissue or an implant after the breast cancer surgery, as a lump can be seen in the reconstructed part of the breast, in the chest or in the armpit these lumps in 70% of the times a scar tissue or a benign scar tissue, whereas in 30% of the times it can be a recurrence. But however when the lump is felt by the patient on self-examination, always consider showing it to a doctor. Doctor will examine the lump by clinical examination, as well as the various tests such as the mammogram, MRI a well as the biopsy of the lump will help us come to a diagnosis.so it is always to be remembered that self-examination is of prime importance and early detection is always a remedy for the recurrence of the breast cancer.
Post Reconstructive Breast Cancer and Radiation Adhesion Treatment Shortened
Unique treatment for scar tissue associated with reconstruction after cancer. We also treated the radiation adhesions from chemotherapy.
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How to treat ongoing pain after mastectomy breast operations and other chest surgery
Ongoing pain after mastectomy or other chest surgery is appallingly common - possibly up to 50% of operations. It's particularly distressing to the patient, as every time they get a stab or twinge, they think the original problem is coming back. Surgery is often presented as a very straightforward procedure, like putting a new battery in a torch, say. Very often it’s not that simple, and ongoing pain after surgery is very common. Almost always the operation itself is fine. But surgeons are surgeons and do surgery, and what often gets missed is some simple follow-up so you get the full benefit of that expensive, skilled operation. If you still have pain persisting more than three months after these operations, it’s probably not just a matter of more healing time. Here’s what helps after that three months (not before as repair is still taking place). Usually it works fine and fully fixes the problem, though this can vary, especially with the extent of the surgery. Note that of course if there is any suspicion that the original problem IS in fact coming back, that must always be checked out first. But usually that's not the case. So, after the operation things will repair, with skin and muscle scarring plus some stronger scarring after the scalpel cuts. This is all normal and desirable. BUT scarring also binds down the nerves running through the area, and these often become hypersensitive. Scarring is also relatively non-elastic, so you can get a glued, scarred, tightened patch of muscle and skin with the nerves running through it tethered and hypersensitive. This can mean ongoing pain, every time the area gets strained or tugged on. Medications can dull the pain, but a purely medicinal approach (including pain specialists) misses the point. After a few months it's no longer a healing problem but a tethering one. The obvious way to actually fix it is to sort out the problem at its source. Massage is ideal for quietly making scarring mobile and flexible - not weaker - so that the nerves running through it simply aren't being tethered and bound down as they have been. A good sports massage (a.k.a. deep tissue massage) is fine - maybe take in a friend so they can learn what to do also, and can save you money. You can also work on yourself, as shown in the video. In the video I've talked mostly about POST-MASTECTOMY PAIN, but the same principles apply to persisting pain after any chest surgery. This is especially the case for THORACOTOMY chest operations and especially after STERNAL SPLIT surgery, usually for heart conditions. See the Pain after Surgery section on the OTHER CONDITIONS page of the Backpod's website - link is https://www.bodystance.co.nz/en/other-conditions/ Very frequently with these operations, and often with mastectomies, the rib cage movement around the back also stiffens and freezes after the surgery (because of the strain on the rib joints during the operation). This usually results in ongoing pain around the back where your ribs join onto your spine, and often also at the other ends of the ribs where they hinge onto your breastbone. This is then called costochondritis (or Tietze's Syndrome if there is also observable swelling) - it is NOT a mysterious inflammation. How we free up the tight rib cage is explained in a YouTube video 'How to fix (most) costochondritis and Tietze's Syndrome chest pain, Part (2) - link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7ve6nNVdWc The core of it is simply lying back on a spinal fulcrum called a Backpod which uses your upper body weight to quietly stretch free tight or immobile rib joints. If you've been through a mastectomy with all that involves, then you don't need ongoing scary pain afterwards. This is what you do about it. It's essentially a physiotherapy problem requiring a physiotherapy solution, not a medicinal answer. Your doctor may have only the medicinal options to offer. Think for yourself and good luck with the work. Steve August; New Zealand physiotherapist with 35 years' experience.
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What is BREAST HEMATOMA? What does BREAST HEMATOMA mean? BREAST HEMATOMA meaning & explanation
What is BREAST HEMATOMA? What does BREAST HEMATOMA mean? BREAST HEMATOMA meaning - BREAST HEMATOMA definition - BREAST HEMATOMA explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. SUBSCRIBE to our Google Earth flights channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UuCPh7GrXznZi0Hz2YQnQ Breast hematoma is a collection of blood within the breast. It arises from internal bleeding (hemorrhage) and may arise due to trauma (breast injury or surgery) or due to a non-traumatic cause. Symptoms may include visible discoloring (ecchymosis), breast pain, and swelling. The symptoms may be similar to those of fibrocystic breast changes. A breast hematoma may appear due to direct trauma to the breast, for example from a sports injury or a road accident, for example a vehicle collision in which a seat belt injury occurs. Hematoma can also be a consequence of breast surgery, usually due to post-operative bleeding. Bleeding may occur shortly after the intervention or a number of days later and can occur for cosmetic surgery (for example breast reduction or breast enhancement) and for non-cosmetic surgery (for example lymph node removal, lumpectomy, or mastectomy). More rarely, hematoma can result from breast biopsy. Rarely, a breast hematoma can also occur spontaneously due to a rupture of blood vessels in the breast, especially in persons with coagulopathy or after long-term use of blood-thinning drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen. When there is post-operative swelling after breast surgery or core needle biopsy, a breast ultrasound examination may be indicated in order to differentiate between a hematoma and other possible post-surgical complications such as abscess or seroma, A recent hematoma is usually visible in a mammogram. and it also shows typical signal intensities on MR imaging. If a differentiation from breast cancer is necessary, a hematoma biopsy may be indicated. A careful consideration of the case history is important for the diagnosis of a breast hematoma. Small breast hematomas often resolve on their own within several days or weeks by means of reabsorption of the blood. Larger hematomas are more likely to lead to inflammation or fibrosis. Breast hematomas can sometimes lead to skin discoloration, inflammation, or fever. When a hematoma resolves, it may become fibrotic, leaving behind scar tissue. A resolving hematoma may liquify to form a seroma. Post-surgical breast hematomas can also impede wound healing and therefore impact the cosmetic outcome. Hematomas are furthermore one of the risk factors for breast surgical site infections. There is preliminary evidence that, after breast implant surgery, the presence of hematoma increases the risk of developing capsular contracture. In mammography screening, scar tissue resulting from a breast hematoma can easily be confused with tumor tissue, especially in the first years following surgery. Ultimately, fat necrosis may occur in the concerned region of the breast. Small breast hematomas that cause no discomfort often require merely clinical observation, with ultrasound being used to monitor the resolution of the hematoma. Large breast hematomas, or those that are not becoming smaller or that are causing discomfort, usually require drainage. Also hematomas that occur after surgery for excision of a malignant tumor are drained, because a hematoma to which irradiation is applied is unlikely to ever resolve. A recent hematoma can be drained by means of needle aspiration or (rarely) open surgical drainage.
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Power Heal Breast Lumps and Pain - Dissolved almost instantly! Natural!
This woman is now an 8 year breast cancer survivor who suffered from pain after surgery for 7 years! Doctors said it was just scar tissue and that she'd have to live with the pain for the rest of her life (ignorance). On 10-09-10, (during breast cancer awareness month) she was invited to a live event where she dissipated the lumps and pain within about 5 minutes her first time using the Power Heal self healing techniques, without products or mechanical devices. She even has the before and after mammograms (abnormal to normal) for her proof. Unlock blood proteins (the water magnet) to remove inflammation and swelling. Stimulate lymph flow. Dissolving breast tumors / lumps for 40 years! These powerful energy techniques are very fast and easy to apply, and the results speak louder than words! Disclaimer: See PowerHeal.com for legal disclaimer!
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Scar Tissue Can Impair Core Stability- Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
Connect with Denise Stewart here (scroll to contact section): https://www.breastandshoulder-rehab.com Core stability is a well used term now.... But it often has to be re-learnt. So we rely on good instruction and the body responding to this instruction. Chest or breast scars, such as those from breast cancer surgery, radiotherapy and even fractured ribs, can change how the body reacts and make it hard to get the best core stability. Core stability is a great aim, as it gives great protection of the lower back and will allow best strength at the shoulder. Core stability "flies out the door" after many events ie childbirth. However there is little discussion about the impact of old scars on the breast/ chest or ribs.
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Hidden Scars after Breast Surgery
It can be a scary experience. Many breast cancer patients undergo surgery to remove part or all of the breast tissue. Doctors say new techniques in the operating room are sending women home with hidden scars after surgery. “I think when you hear the diagnosis “cancer” your mind immediately goes to the worst place. And you think of these pictures you’ve seen of these horribly disfigured women and again at that time we didn’t have the medicine we have now, we didn’t have the best radiation therapy, everything relied on surgery. So the surgeries were radical and drastic and very disfiguring,” said Dr. David Rock, a breast surgeon on the medical staff of Lee Health. Dr. Rock says if women have to undergo breast cancer surgery, his goal is to make sure they leave cancer free and confident of how they look. “These women look in the mirror, they have normal lives hopefully after their cancer diagnosis and treatments, and so we want to minimize the impact on them.” He does this by performing a hidden scar surgery. It’s a way of doing the same cancer operation, whether it’s a lumpectomy or a mastectomy, but hiding the scar so it can’t be seen from the outside. “If it’s a lumpectomy, we use the natural camouflage areas of the breast to hide that scar, whether that’s around the nipple or underneath the breast, or out above the underarm. For a mastectomy we make an incision that’s about two inches long, along where the underwire would be just to the side of the breast and come in and take out all the breast tissue and we try to leave all the skin and even the nipple in most cases and replace that with an implant or the patient’s own tissue,” said Dr. Rock. Not every patient qualifies for hidden scar surgery, but Dr. Rock says most of his procedures are successful in hiding the scar. “Now because the medicine has gotten so good we can really scale back the surgery. We’re still taking out the tumor. The absolute first goal of the surgery is to take out the tumor and cure the cancer,” said Dr. Rock. With breast cancer patients living longer, he says it’s important for patients to be able to look in the mirror and not only see a breast cancer survivor, but also a woman. View More Health Matters video segments at LeeHealth.org/Healthmatters/ Lee Health in Fort Myers, FL is the largest network of health care facilities in Southwest Florida and is highly respected for its expertise, innovation and quality of care. For more than 100 years, we’ve been providing our community with personalized preventative health services and primary care to highly specialized care services and robotic assisted surgeries. Lee Health - Caring People. Inspiring Care. Visit LeeHealth.org
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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation: Challenges after mastectomy reconstruction
Breast cancer: Scar awareness project 2018. Be inpsired to take action if you are feeling these challenges after mastectomy. Challenge 3 occurs when healing after breast surgery is not smooth sailing. Delays to healing cause increase scar tissue that can be problematic; restricting arm movement and pain secondary to extra stiffness. Challenge 4 occurs when you need to decide who to ask for help when you have left the chem and radiotherapy teams. Connect with the team via: deniseot@bigpond.net.au
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Super Miracle Enzyme for Scar Tissue, Arterial Plaque, Breast Cyst, Painful Joints - Dr Mandell, D.C
Serrapeptase is a protein digestive enzyme isolated from the friendly bacterium Serratia E-15 discovered in the Japanese silkworm. Serrapeptase has been used in many countries for decades helping hundreds of thousands of people to heal naturally and safely. Make sure you like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motivationaldoc/
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Mastectomy Scar.
Testing the scar, skin and fascia
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Q&A - 444 - Stage 2b Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Lucid Dreaming, Internal Scar Tissue
***Please do not utilize the YouTube comments section on this channel or the YouTube email for product orders and other inquiries that should be directed to the office. Thank you!*** Have a question for YouTube? Click the link below and select "Ask a YouTube question " for your subject. https://www.drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com/pages/contact Visit the club at :http://www.drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com 01:55 – Case review - Luke and Erik – a 9-year-old, and a 5-year-old… 24:57 – Justice News – Essential Oils Company Sentenced for Lacey Act and Endangered Species Act Violations. 26:01 – Phyllis – Registered nurse of 30 years who left mainstream medicine after awakening and realizing I’m not helping anyone get healthy. I am new to raw eating, although I am very excited to learn about it and reverse my own acidosis! Is the 14 week protocol the way to begin? 46:13 – Denise - n March, 2014 I was diagnosed with Stage 2b triple negative breast cancer. At the time I was living in California and had heard about Cannabis oil in treating cancer. So in addition to poisoning my body with chemo and radiation I took a daily dose of Cannabis oil while undergoing the traditional treatment. After finishing treatment I decided that I was done with traditional doctors and that I needed to find someone to work with that could help me build my immune system back up and try to repair the damage I had done. I now live in a small town in Idaho, but was able to find a Naturopathic Doctor here in my town. She did a blood test and told me that I need to cut out all fruit, salt, white flour, citric acid and sugar. I am not a big meat eater, so I have been eating a plant based diet with some grains, like brown rice and oatmeal thrown in the mix. I have been eating this new way for about a year now, and I just have a nagging feeling that I am hurting myself by not including fruits in my diet. 53:05 – Scott - My question is about lucid dreaming. Could you please explain what the dark forces are that many people (including myself) experience when they lucid dream? I used to be very active in trying to go lucid until one traumatic experience with a dark figure who I'm certain wasn't a traditional dream figure said some freaky stuff to me. How do we avoid these negative spiritual forces? Also - what's a good goal to expand myself spiritually using lucid dreams? 59:54 – Henrey - You talked about in quite a few YouTube videos that you had OBEs or Astro projections & that someone taught you how to Astro project in your early twenties. Also how masters can come to take you out of your body! Is there any advice that you can give me where I can Astro project! I know you recommended eckankar which I do have & read years ago with other books on this subject But I didnt have any success with it. I would love to know how to safely Astro project & meet masters and/or higher Beings to maybe receive knowledge and enlightenment to help me advanced my own spiritual growth and bring back information to help all Beings! 01:07:50 – Matthew - My names Matthew, I visited your Health Club on August 1st and I wanted to take the time to personally thank all of you at the Herbal Health Club for your time, you are all incredibly friendly, accommodating and the customer service was exceptional. It is a blessing to have stopped in and I will recommend the Club to everyone I know and meet that is in need of healing. Furthermore, in regards to my question, I was curious if you have ever treated a client for internal scar tissue, specifically a urethral stricture. I have had a urethral stricture since I was a child, I'm 24 years old now. Any guidance regarding how to reduce or help on how to detoxify my body from urethral scar tissue would be greatly appreciated as at times it affects my flow of urine considerably.
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Correcting Range of Motion Following Breast Cancer Surgery/Radiation
Following a mastectomy, lymph node dissection, and/or reconstruction (and possibly radiation), there is bound to be scar tissue and adhesions across the chest wall and ion the axillary area that cause restricted shoulder range of motion.Creating a safe and effective exercise program with intelligent and individualized progression can help clients return to pre-cancer fitness levels and improve list range of Motion. .
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How do breast implants feel vs. Post Mastectomy Tissue Expanders - Breast Cancer
Today I describe the type of implants I got and how they feel different than the expanders I had post mastectomy. I talk about the look of them, the different options I was given and my personal thoughts on how they feel.
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What to expect for your 2nd Phase of Reconstruction [Breast Cancer]
Tissue expander OUT, Implants IN! Here's what to expect for your 2nd phase of reconstruction. For more info visit http://www.nalie.ca
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Massage for mastectomy scar: Elisabeth Josenhans
Elisabeth Josenhans has been the leading therapist in breast cancer rehabilitation; recognizing problematic mastectomy scar tissue and developing treatments to suit this type of scar. In the full video presentation, available for purchase at the Summit website, Elisabeth demonstrates her scar tissue treatments in real time. This video presentation will suit health professionals who want to be able to help women ( and men) recover better after breast cancer. or connect with Elisabeth at her website: www.praxisjosenhans.de Elisabeth is a private practice physiotherapist in Hamburg, Germany.
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LiveLaughLearn: How to Reduce Scars Post Breast Cancer Surgery
Carys Cao share the one thing that really made a difference in healing her scars post breast cancer surgery in this video by Rethink Breast Cancer, part of the LiveLaughLearn series. The product that Carys recommends is the Elastoplast Scar Reducing Strips. See more of the LiveLaughLearn series and read Carys' blog post here: www.rethinkbreastcancer.com/LiveLaughLearn
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Massage Tutorial: Mature scar tissue (myofascial release)
Working with a client who has substantial scar tissue that has fully healed? Here are some strategies for working with that scar, and with that whole human, to reduce pain and dysfunction. Want to support my massage instruction channel? Check out https://www.patreon.com/MassageSloth While I demonstrate on a friend who has scarring of her low leg, this can apply to any long-standing scar tissue: An old shoulder reconstruction, scarring from broken bones, or even a hip or knee replacement. See this as an opportunity to remind the body of its own capabilities, assisting your client in using the area to its fullest. As I discuss in the video, there isn't any "scar release" that we can do. Collagen, especially in mature scar tissue, isn't just glue that we can break down with our hands. It's one of the strongest substances that our body produces, and it infiltrates and joins with all the surrounding structures. If two sliding surfaces are adhesed, they are, for all intents and purposes, now one single structure. So what can we do? We can communicate with the local nervous system to reduce pain and spasm. We can use movement to prove to the body that it is capable of contracting nearby muscles, and of achieving a useful range of motion. Over time, the client should see an improvement in symptoms, even though we've created very limited change on a histological level. Is that to say that we make no changes in the tissue? Not necessarily. It's likely that we create some local inflammation and cause an increase in fibroblast and fibroclast activity. It is plausible that, over time, there may be some subtle changes to the scar. This is especially likely if we introduce the client to a gentle self-massage protocol that they can do between sessions. Do you have any tips for working with scar tissue? I'd love to hear about them in the comments! Support me on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/MassageSloth My Facebook blog: https://www.facebook.com/massagesloth Twitter: https://twitter.com/MassageSloth More stuff: http://massagesloth.com
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Scar massage and cupping
This video shows the therapy of a very tight mastectomy scar. Therapy includes manual massage and cupping.
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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation- Shoulder Pain After Mastectomy
Breast Cancer treatments can cause changes to the movement and the strength of the arm. A mastectomy results in a very big scar on the chest and may interfere with the balance of the muscles in the shoulder. This video shows how it may look like you have good movement - but the underlying tissue is tight. In the case presented the woman experienced chest cramping at the end of the day and burning down her arm when carrying groceries. See a simple test and listen to the improvements that can be gained with the use of breast cancer rehabilitation techniques. For more information: www.breastandshoulder-rehab.com
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Foods To Fight Breast Cancer - Mana Arogyam Telugu Health Tips
Foods To Fight Breast Cancer - Mana Arogyam Telugu Health Tips ►Subscribe To Mana Arogyam : https://goo.gl/L1FJ7n ► Follow Us On : www.facebook.com/ManaArogyamofficial ►Subscribe For More Health Tips In Tamil : https://goo.gl/n3599J ► Subscribe For More Malayalam Health Tips : https://goo.gl/UQbAsF
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Cancer Reality - Pain to Positivity
Breast Cancer patients find a way to turn their pain into a remarkable and positive force for good in their family, neighborhood and the world.
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Yoga For Breast Cancer To Help Repair Post-Surgical Adhesions & Scar Tissue
This very special http://www.BreastCancerYoga.com pose is a big thigh/hip stretcher that also opens the chest. We want everyone to explore this pose slowly. Go where you can – don’t push. Try it out and let us know how you like it! The Rochelle Rollback and Roll Forward was graced to me through my friend Rochelle. She naturally flowed into this pose and everyone loved that it was so freeing, especially if they stayed in it for a considerable amount of time so that the mind and the muscles released. Support the knee if it does not feel right, and raise your seat too. Ahh.. this will feel good! Benefits of Rochelle Rollback: *Increases cervical and axillary lymphatic drainage *Stretches quadriceps and opens hip flexors *Repairs post-surgical adhesions and scar tissue *Lengthens and expands pectoral muscles *Aids flexibility of rib cage and thoracic spine *Relaxes and broadens the chest, allowing blood to flow freely to the heart and lungs which reduce respiratory and heart rates *Massages the thymus gland which stimulates the immune function *Promotes deep breathing by widening the chest *Facilitates an inner quiet and calmness. Visit our family website for more information on a complementary holistic approach to breast health and breast cancer recovery. Breast Cancer Yoga offers specific restorative yoga poses DVD, therapeutic breathing exercises CD's, supportive yoga props, a blend of aromatherapy oils, healing herbal teas and medicinal massage oils. Visit http://www.breastcanceryoga.com Subscribe to Breast Cancer Yoga YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/BreastCancerYoga Like Breast Cancer Yoga Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/BreastCancerYoga/ Follow Breast Cancer Yoga On Twitter https://twitter.com/BreastYoga Join Breast Cancer Yoga On LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/breast-cancer-yoga
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Q& A - 461- Breast Cancer, Severe Cardiac Issues, Trigeminal Neuralgia
00:22 - Amy - thank you so much for your help on this matter. attached please find the iris photos of one of my clients. it is the marking on the left eye that I need help interpreting - I think it is quite unusual! BTW, these eyes belong to a dentist so I am thinking markings might have something to do with mercury toxicity. 03:35 - I was a patient of Dr. Morse's in 2012 for breast cancer before being officially diagnosed in 2013 with stage 4 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I refused all chemo and radiation and have been doing mostly the diet and nutrition and detox program I learned from Dr. Morse after becoming a certified detox specialist. I have had steady improvement, although it has been a slow process and wanted to share my success with others who are suffering with the same issue. I know it can be frightening and wanted to offer some hope and contribute to the healing movement. The first two pictures attached are what I currently look like and the ones after are when I was at my worst about a year and a half ago. 10:40 - Tera - I submitted a question last April but have not yet received a response. I am hoping someone can address this for me since I'm worried it can grow worse over time. I have been developing odd marks on my face lately and it is very distressing. The left side of my face had developed such marks years ago while my right side had, until recently, remained clear. I do not know the cause as far as my left cheek, as for the right side of my face, last summer I began using olive oil and at times other oils such as coconut oil as a moisturizer on my face. I don't know if it was a coincidence or if these oils caused my face to develop these marks but the timing coincided. At this time I also stopped using cleansers and washed my face with water only as well. I was not wearing any makeup or other ingredients on my face. I have wondered if this could be caused by some sort of germ. 36:56 - Since having kids I have had some pain during intercourse. I have 3 kids now (the last being 18 months) and in the last month the pain has gotten much worse. We can't do any position without pain now and sex is no longer enjoyable. The pain is deep inside near the uterus and it hurts up in my lower abdomen and even high up on the mid sides of my torso. Deep penetration is a no go. Also since my last period (feb. 3rd) I've has sporadic bleeding, bleeding during sex, and flat clear tissue coming out of my vagina. I can attach a picture. I really want to resolve this issue. 41:41 - Today marks one year since our first consultation and I just wanted to send you an email saying thank you for your help along my healing journey. This has definitely been the hardest year of my life, true healing requires so much patience, time and acceptance. This year I feel as though I have found abundance where previously I saw nothing and more than anything it has given me more purpose and strength than I could have ever imagined. I remember this day last year, I was filled to the brim with so much fear and anxiety for what lay ahead… 46:28 - What herbs can be taken with immunosuppressants? Her stroke as a baby. Anything you might recommend for rebuilding her neural pathways ? She spent several years with poor perfusion and low oxygen saturations. Anything you would recommend? The amount of radiation/drugs her body has seen, can you recommend a toxicity protocol for her? Can you foresee her diaphragm issue presenting problems in other areas of her health down the road? Currently it presents no trouble it seems 'healed' Excessive scar tissue adhesions in the abdomen. Is there anything you recommend to break it down? The one bout of C-Diff. Any gut 01:17:48 - Please help - I suffer so much pain - I have been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia (aka the suicide disease) on the right side of my face for almost 2 years. This was triggered when the dermatologist removed a skin tag on the side of my nose. She first injected me in the cheek with lidocaine with epinephrine. It did not hurt initially. The burning and nerve pain started within 2 days. I went from healthy, vibrant, and active (age 55, worked out 3-5 times a week, strong, fit, followed a keto low carb diet lots of dairy and coffee), to having anxiety, panic attacks, and the most horrific nerve pain in the face. I temporarily developed headaches and pressure in the head like my brain was going to burst through my skull, my right inner ear would hurt so badly and the pressure behind the ear was intense. I still have a slight pressure in my head and can hear it. The headaches come and go and are mostly on the right side. My sense of smell had already been failing the last few years and declined further to where I can not smell much or taste my food.(I had my tonsils and adenoids out at age 6 due to repeated ear infections and strep throat - but these continued through childhood. I was on penicillin often. I seemed to outgrow it, but left scars on my ear drums.)
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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation: Cupping for scars
Experienced Therapists across the world have developed cupping methods to manage deep and severe scar tissue that can form after breast cancer surgery . Register for the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness ONLINE Summit to view the full presentation by guest speaker LAURA MUTTI . Outcomes from three cases using modified cupping techniques will be shown. Read more : https://www.breastcancer-rehabandwellness.com/summit-2018-19
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Myofacial Release - Breast Cancer Relief
Curtesy KNTV Reno http://www.ktvn.com/Global/story.asp?S=12432631 Wendy Damonte Channel 2 News For the last 11 years, Jane O'Brien has taken all the classes in myofacial release. She's even taught some of those classes. Because she believes after a woman gets a mastectomy, the care needs to continue. "Not only did they have to have their breasts removed and an implant put in but there needs to be follow up care so that they can fee like a normal person again look like a normal person again." Pain comes from facial restrictions from mastectomy scars and edema that is a common side effect. "Inflammation can lead to these facial restrictions which can pull with 2,000 pounds per square inch and when they do they're crushing pain sensitive structures." Using myofacial release techniques, Jane stretches and elongates those restrictions. She puts pressure on the fascia between 90 and 120 seconds. That's the time frame she says helps turn solid fascia into the desired gelatinous form. She does this all around the chest area. She says myofacial release helps relieve pain, helps with range of motion and to even out the breasts. Jane's office is called North Tahoe Physical Therapy. She also has an office in Reno. For more information, call 775-831-6600. You can also go to her web site which is www.northtahoept.com
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How To Get Rid of Scar Tissue? FIND HACKS HERE!
Find out the best scar tissue release method https://advancedsofttissuerelease.com/ Tedx Talks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO3ZEcULNco Research Studies: https://www.advancedsofttissuerelease.com/medical-providers/research ASTR Tools & Classes: https://shop.advancedsofttissuerelease.com/ocart2/index.php?route=common/home Find A Provider: https://advancedsofttissuerelease.com/astr-providers Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Nu0eIFVWWE6xaHJNFpC1w/featured How To Get Rid of Scar Tissue? Dr. Jacobs uses several instruments to help break down scar tissue and provide pain relief to his patients. In the normal healing cycle, there are three main steps: inflammation, proliferation, and maturation. Everyone has some scar tissue; when a patient has any type of pain or injury, the body has to go through the three stages of healing listed above. Current treatments that are used to treat pain are not effective, stimulate the inflammation stage, and use instruments that are not ergonomically designed and are not comfortable for the patient. To create a better technique for healing scar tissue, Dr. Jacobs invented new instruments that are designed to break scar tissue. To watch these actions and instruments in practice, take a look at the hundreds of videos on Dr. Jacob's channel. instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (iastm) Graston technique scar tissue tools ASTR tools How To Get Rid of Scar Tissue? ASTR website: https://astrinstitute.com ASTR website: https://advancedsofttissuerelease.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr._jacobs/?hl=en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ASTRInstitute/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ASTR_Institute LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josephjacobs/?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile Shop: https://shop.advancedsofttissuerelease.com/ocart2/index.php?route=common/home https://www.reliantphysicaltherapy.com/ Disclaimer: Results may vary with each person and we cannot guarantee that you will experience the same results found in our testimonial and treatment videos. Each individual is different and one person’s success is not a guaranteed result. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatments, opinions, services or advice to any viewers. Through our social media, we introduce you to new ideas for treatment, intended to be researched and expand general knowledge. The content in any videos or social media posts can not be substituted for professional assistance. If you are concerned over a medical issue, please consult your healthcare provider, physician, or other medical professional. Dr. Joseph Jacobs and the ASTR institute are in no way responsible or liable for any actions, services or products acquired through this video or website.
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Chronic Pain Tustin | Scar Tissue Tustin | Chiropractic Therapy Tustin
http://www.tustinbackpain.com http://www.tustinchiropractorpro.com/ Call 714-535-6535 Email chiroactivetherapy@gmail.com You don’t have to endure all the persistent, excruciating pain. Start your treatment TODAY with trusted professional chiropractor Dr. Shouka at ChiroActive Therapy And Massage. chiropractor tustin chiropractor irvine chiropractor costa mesa chiropractor orange tustin chiropractor massage therapy irvine massage therapy costa mesa massage therapy orange massage therapy tustin irvine massage therapy chiropractic massage costa mesa chiropractic massage orange chiropractic massage tustin chiropractic massage irvine costa mesa chiropractic massage sports injury therapy orange sports injury therapy tustin sports injury therapy irvine sports injury therapy costa mesa orange sports injury therapy chiropractic therapy tustin chiropractic therapy irvine chiropractic therapy costa mesa chiropractic therapy orange tustin chiropractic therapy back pain relief tustin back pain relief irvine back pain relief orange back pain relief costa mesa neck pain relief tustin neck pain relief irvine neck pain relief orange neck pain relief costa mesa headache treatment tustin headache treatment irvine headache treatment orange headache treatment costa mesa vertigo treatment tustin vertigo treatment irvine vertigo treatment orange vertigo treatment costa mesa TMJ treatment tustin TMJ treatment irvine TMJ treatment orange TMJ treatment costa mesa deep tissue massage tustin deep tissue massage irvine deep tissue massage orange deep tissue massage costa mesa sports massage tustin sports massage in irvine sports massage orange sports massage costa mesa relaxation massage tustin relaxation massage irvine relaxation massage orange relaxation massage costa mesa swedish massage tustin swedish massage irvine swedish massage orange swedish massage costa mesa stress massage tustin stress massage irvine stress massage orange stress massage costa mesa pregnancy massage tustin pregnancy massage irvine pregnancy massage orange pregnancy massage costa mesa
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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit: Denise Stewart
The severity of scar tissue response after surgeries is rarely evaluated and this is especially the case after breast cancer surgery. To evaluate the scar response may assist in treating certain pain and arm movement side effect experiences.
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Q&A - 414 - Congenital Aortic Stenosis, Herpes, Scar Tissue, Changing Diet.
Have a question for YouTube? Click the link below and select "Ask a YouTube question " for your subject. https://www.drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com/pages/contact Visit the club at :http://www.drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com ARDINTL: http://forum.ardintl.com 12:09 – Gabriel - I am from Portugal from the mountains called Serra da Estela, 29 old male. I had congenital aortic stenosis and had to open heart surgeries in which they replaced two valves in the last surgery 10 years ago. It’s fixed the problem but of course I began having a lot of other problems which I know are 100% related to live in kidneys… 45:24 – Jason – HSV1/2 Herpes - “As I understand it from watching your YouTube clips detoxifying the body seems he only way to rid the body of this disease but which specific diet and herbs in particular would best but which specific diet and herbs in particular would best with this issue?”… 54:07 – Florence - “I have a query regarding scar tissue and stretch marks. I have them on my hips breast etc. If I started detoxing, could I expect them to get eaten up and if so how long May that take monster years?” 1:09:08 – Salim - “my family and I eat meat, protein, dairy and processed foods I would like to get on that houseboat and turn my life around as well as my family’s. please tell me where to start.” 1:38:33 – Fire Red – “ I have dried tongue and dry throat so bad it’s difficult to breed even. What is possible cause the more importantly what can I do to get my tongue moist and working properly?” 1:41:58 – Rodd - I would like you to know that I was diagnosed with Diabetes approximately 25 years ago. I was at my worst health 7 years ago and due to the worst economic recession at that time for me, I was unable to continue purchasing all of the medication perscribed necessary for me treat several health issues. At that time I was uaware of what a blessing this situation was. This is what forced me to search for other answers. When I started to research on the internet and you tube, I found something that would change my life and allow me to begin to thrive both physically and spiritually. Through many indviduals and especially you I learned to trust myself and that nature was the answer. I immediately stopped taking my medication and became a raw vegan by first starting with a 30 day juice fast. Although this may have been an extreme start to such a change, my health had deteriated to the point of having nothing to lose, I just went for it. Needless to say every ailment I was experiencing improved each day my sugar levels dropped, my Cholesterol, triglycerides, fatigue, aches and pains and many more all gone or in check . I continued this journey for 5 1/2 years until one day I decided to join in with my family for thanksgiving dinner and while I only ate things that would be considered vegatarian this was the begining of my fall from grace. one thing led to another over time until I was eating foods I thought I would never eat again. I am back to very poor health. and was just hospitalized twice within two weeks and in the hospital for a total of 7 days admitted with severe abdominal and back pain and no bowel movement for 6 days prior. I have been diagnosed with Gastroparesis brought on by uncontrolled Diabetes and told there is no cure.
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Exercises After Breast Surgery with Reconstruction Using a Tissue Expander
This video demonstrates exercises that will help you regain your range of motion after breast surgery and reconstruction using a tissue expander. Learn about MSK: https://www.mskcc.org CONNECT WITH MSK Facebook: http://facebook.com/sloankettering Twitter: http://twitter.com/sloan_kettering Instagram: http://instagram.com/sloankettering Request an appointment at MSK by calling 800-525-2225 or online at: https://www.mskcc.org/appointments/request-appointment
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Cancer Patient Undergoes Lumpectomy and IORT
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT In this video depicting an actual surgery, Dr. Maen Farha, medical director of the MedStar Union Memorial Hospital breast center in Baltimore, will remove a cancerous tumor and surrounding tissue from a patient's breast. Intraoperative radiation therapy, or IORT, is then used during the surgery to treat the tissue that surrounded the tumor with a high dose of radiation. IORT may reduce the risk of cancer returning to where it was removed. Learn more about Dr. Maen Farha at http://www.medstarhealth.org/doctor/dr-maen-jamel-farha-md-facs. For media interviews with Dr Farha, call Debra Schindler, regional director of media & public relations for MedStar Health: 410-274-1260.
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In recent years, unfortunately, cancer of the cervix is considered one of the leading causes of death among women. Besides breast cancer, this disease is the second in line when it comes to how dangerous it is. Cancer of the cervix does not always show symptoms in the early stage of the disease, but regular testing (Papanicolaou test) can help you discover abnormal cells in the cervix that causes cancer. Also, doctors warned early signs and symptoms of this fatal disease in women should never be ignored. As we mentioned already, the early stages of the disease often do not show any kind of symptoms. But the first symptoms that indicate that the cancer has spread are the following: Pain in the legs During the early stage of the cancer development, a number of women suffer from swelling and leg pain. After the first stage, the cervix is swollen and can obstruct normal blood flow, leading to swelling and pain in the legs. Urinary problems Urine test can help you find if you have cancer of the cervix. If the cancer is diagnosed in this way, it means that the tumor is already at stage 4 and also that the abnormal tissue has spread to the bladder and affects its function. A very common symptom in women suffering from cervical cancer is tingling when urinating. It is important to know that urinary problems are not always a sign of urinary infection, so it is best to visit a specialist. Bleeding Bleeding that occurs between regular menstrual cycles should be examined in time in order to take appropriate measures. At the beginning in the first stage, cancer cells can be on the surface of the crvix, or deeper into the tissue. During the tumor development, menstrual cycles become more difficult, irregular and often followed by pain in the pelvis, waist or legs. Swelling of the lower extremities sometimes occurs in some patients. This is a sign that the tumor has evolved in the last stage. Then normal blood flow is interrupted because blood vessels are under pressure. Also cancer cells can spread to the bladder causing tingling or blood in the urine. Once the tumor expands you may often notice various symptoms, including anal pain and blood in the stool. Also, if the tumor extends onto the urethra or upper urinary tract, it can lead to hydronephrosis – swelling of the kidneys. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL AND SHARE VIDEOS WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS Visit us: http://www.greatlifeandmore.com/ Follow us on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Great-Life-and-more-491202454380757 More info: http://greatlifeandmore.com/index.php/2015/11/02/3-signs-of-cervical-cancer-of-the-uterus-that-can-not-be-ignored/
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Side Effects of Radiation Therapy After Breast Cancer
Dr. Jay K. Harness explains the different side effects that come with radiation therapy after breast cancer. Click Here & Get The 15 Breast Cancer Questions To Ask Your Doctor http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/what-breast-cancer-questions-to-ask/#
Breast Cancer Answers is a social media show where viewers submit a question and get the answer from an expert. Submit your question now at, http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/ask.
This information should not be relied upon as a substitute for personal medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Use the information provided on this site solely at your own risk. If you have any concerns about your health, please consult with a physician.
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