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What is the Contraceptive Patch?
It's a sticky patch measuring 5cm x 5cm (rather like a nicotine patch), which delivers oestrogen and progestogen into your body through your skin. Each patch lasts for one week. You wear them for three weeks, and then have a week off. For more information please visit http://www.lancashirecare.nhs.uk/Services/Children-Families/CaSH/Contraception/Hormonal/Patch.php
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Birth Control - Documentary
Birth control, also known as contraception and fertility control, is a method or device used to prevent pregnancy. Birth control has been used since ancient times, but effective and safe methods of birth control only became available in the 20th century. Planning, making available, and using birth control is called family planning. Some cultures limit or discourage access to birth control because they consider it to be morally, religiously, or politically undesirable. The most effective methods of birth control are sterilization by means of vasectomy in males and tubal ligation in females, intrauterine devices (IUDs), and implantable birth control. This is followed by a number of hormone based methods including oral pills, patches, vaginal rings, and injections. Less effective methods include physical barriers such as condoms, diaphragms and birth control sponges and fertility awareness methods. The least effective methods are spermicides and withdrawal by the male before ejaculation. Sterilization, while highly effective, is not usually reversible; all other methods are reversible, most immediately upon stopping them. Safe sex practices, such as with the use of male or female condoms, can also help prevent sexually transmitted infections. Other methods of birth control do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Emergency birth control can prevent pregnancy if taken within the 72 to 120 hours after unprotected sex. Some argue not having sex as a form of birth control, but abstinence-only sex education may increase teenage pregnancies if offered without birth control education, due to non-compliance. In teenagers, pregnancies are at greater risk of poor outcomes. Comprehensive sex education and access to birth control decreases the rate of unwanted pregnancies in this age group. While all forms of birth control can generally be used by young people, long-acting reversible birth control such as implants, IUDs, or vaginal rings are more successful in reducing rates of teenage pregnancy. After the delivery of a child, a woman who is not exclusively breastfeeding may become pregnant again after as few as four to six weeks. Some methods of birth control can be started immediately following the birth, while others require a delay of up to six months. In women who are breastfeeding, progestin-only methods are preferred over combined oral birth control pills. In women who have reached menopause, it is recommended that birth control be continued for one year after the last period.
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Intramuscular (IM) Injection: Sites
This training helps providers identify intramuscular (IM) injection sites. A needle is used to inject the vaccine into the muscle. The appropriate site for an intramuscular injection for those under 2 years of age is the vastus lateralis muscle. The deltoid muscle over the triceps area of the upper arm is preferred for persons 3 years of age and older. Safe injection practices minimize risk of injuries, infections, and non-infectious adverse events for both patients and providers. Health care providers are always advised to observe patients for 15 minutes after vaccination. Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: http://www.cdc.gov/SocialMedia/Tools/CommentPolicy.html This video can also be viewed at https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/videos/low-res/Intramuscular/IM_Sites_All_Ages_LowRes.mp4
History of England  - Documentary
PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgvN5XErjdw&t=408s Analyzing a complete history of England
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Alan Watt on Scotland’s GIRFEC Program
Hook and sinker for the public (notice the fluid geometry shapes. Persuasion by presentation flooded with vagaries of a thousand different interpretations) - http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Resource/0040/00408987-500.jpg Easing navigation into collective submergence for children - http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/People/Young-People/gettingitright/well-being State of Children’s Rights in Scotland – Together http://www.togetherscotland.org.uk/pdfs/SOCRRTogetherReport2014.pdf - Pg 30 denies that man and woman have innate behavioral dispositions and special naturally endowed role fulfillments within society and that deviation from these is universally ok, no neuroticism and narcissism attached since exceptions falsify generalizations after all. Alan’s website http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com/radio/Alan_Watt_CTTM_Blurbs.html Hello young lad, oops that is not gender neutral, hello young citizen my name is Alfred Montgomery I will be your personal assistant, your defender of your child rights in combat against unaccepted parental behavior which is abuse, and your outlet for concerns. Serendipity that’s what I am, out I go but woosh the heart warming Gulf Stream whisks me back into your home, always marching a blaze with fountains of love and with the scales of tolerance to protect you from them… Who are them? THEM, that one with the long hair who once fed you at breast and that towering Indra war demon with the mean hands who dare me say I am quite disdained of how we could not have microscopic pressure receptors on your forearm to register those kilograms of torturous grip. The what? Tell me oh young citizen with perfectly reasoning brain, cleared from Kohlberg’s pre-conventions and conventions, and shed from the pleasure principle to which I will give you candy incentives for answering questions because of your angelic reasoning…how many guns do your parents keep? What is the preferred means and location of stowing firearms? They are upstairs in glass casing and locked. Posh! Guns in a house with child! Guns = evil, evil = guns. How despotic. Now Sonny do you know why I really came here, 2:30 P.M with babysitter in other room, and both parents out and working to make their wages? It is their… yes…their…do not fear that word in my presence….it is their individualism. Precisely. My records indicate that your parents did not give you your infant vaccine doses for some outlandish reasons such as “the infant has no viable immune system for vaccines to create a response towards” and they cited some quack studies that “indicate a positive correlation of 0.7 between vaccine dose amounts and infant mortality in developed countries.” My records indicate that your parents resort to medical marijuana as a form of treatment and purchase almost no health board approved pharmacological agents. My records indicate that your parents are actively considered homeschooling you as opposed to the education board approved glorious K-12 system. My records indicate that your parents are extremely protective of you, forbidding you to watch TV, and who ask very personal questions and inculcate upon you dissent laden philosophies that you find “weird” even though you’re a rational citizen. My records indicate that your parents frequent farmers markets often with particular fancy for raw milk. My records indicate that your parents purchase fluoride free toothpaste for you to use as opposed to dental board approved fluoride rich toothpaste. My records indicate that you indicated in a questionnaire under additional comments that your father often takes naked baths with you and laughs away in pleasure as he washes soap all over your body while laughing away in joy which is opposed to the recommendations of our psychologist boards which designates such behavior as symptoms of pedophilia. My records indicate that your parents told you specifically to not say anything to me because they feared that I could use such evidence to incriminate them which goes against the recommendations of our politicians who say that we are virtuous consultants servicing the youth for a happier and appreciative tommorow. And finally my records indicate that your parents are Christian traditionalists and anti-globalization types that are against sexual education for the young because “it heightens their curiosity, leads to more sexual cravings, and encourages the proliferation of sexually transmitted diseases under the guise of stopping them with condoms and birth control.” which goes against the recommendations of our U.N comrades. Sonny with all this information at hand, I have no other choice but to kidn.. but to place you under State care because your parents are dangerous terrorists who are subverting your higher altruistic potentials and your seeds of admiration for our interdependent organization of society which ebbs beauty. Mush! Loose screws do not belong to the machine.
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Internal Uterine Device IUD The Facts You Must Know
Internal Uterine Device (IUD) The Facts You Must Know If you are considering to protect from be pregnant for a time, Here we show you a great option. The Internal Uterine Devices IUDs are highly effective contraception, without which is preferred doctors contraceptive (for prescribing and use themselves). While other contraceptives like the pill and condoms, are more famous, IUDs are shrouded in mystery and taboo. The gynecologist and obstetrician at the University of Missouri-Kansas, Julie Strickland explains why it is a highly recommended method. 1. Are reliable. As IUDs are internal, there is some stigma on their effectiveness. Before, they were blamed for fertility problems and pelvic infections. However, these IUDs are already out of the market and new devices were introduced. "Today patients concerned are analyzed in detail to avoid pelvic infections. And we know for sure that these do not affect fertility once they are removed, "Strickland said. 2. There is more than one option. ParaGard, also known as the copper Internal Uterine Device is free of hormones. Protects pregnant women up to 10 years. Mirena ejects a small dose of hormones called progesterone. It protects against pregnancy for up to 5 years. Skyla, the newest on the market IUD. Ejects a lower dosage of hormones and Mirena lasts for 3 years. It is smaller, which is a plus for women who are uncomfortable with a larger IUD. 3. Yes, if it hurts when you put it, but it's a super bearable pain. Insertion is fast, and technically a minor surgical procedure. The doctor dilates your cervix and enter the IUD, placing it in the womb. Most women experience cramping pain, like a normal menstrual period. Doctors advise taking ibuprofen before placement to feel less pain. Is important to get all the details about the Internal Uterine Device now
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Many children were harmed in the making of this video.
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What Is The Importance Of Birth Control?
Importance of birth control health guidance is something that should not be taken lightly under any circumstances. Importance of birth control health guidance. The importance of birth control essay we have all heard sad stories unwanted teenage pregnancies. Cdc study shows importance of birth control for women. Other benefits include making your periods regular & easing menstrual cramps 11 may 2015 the importance of family planning and birth control this article explains what is, why it's important some 14 aug 2017 term is often used as a synonym for. Family planning is important for the health of a mother and her i'm going to answer this question about pills specifically, since that's what most people i know mean when they just say birth control. Reasons to say 'thanks!' for birth control bedsider. Key events in the availability of modern contraceptive united states are summarized table 1. 16 nov 2016 but birth control is far from a nitty gritty detail it's important preventive health care, a fact the federal government has acknowledged since birth control, also known as contraception and fertility control, is a method or device used to the ideas of thomas malthus, was established in 1877 in the united kingdom to educate the public about the importance of family planning and to 16 nov 2016 birth control is an essential aspect of many women's health care and with the threat of losing affordable access to it under the trump and 28 jul 2015 in both states, women will be able to get birth control directly from their (now) about the importance of birth control being more accessible why is emergency contraception important? Half the time, it is because birth control failed, meaning that the contraceptive itself didn't work or that a woman the importance of birth control essayintroduction many women complain about birth control because they don't want to get fat. Importance of birth control essay contraceptives, why should be free the cut19 women on is so damn important 6 reasons more accessible in emergency contraceptives are. The importance of family planning and birth control. Works cited length 1029 words (2. That to birth control the voluntary limiting of human reproduction, using such and societies have had make important decisions about use historian elaine tyler may has addressed importance family planning united states during cold war. One child policy contraception centers problem major events in birth control the united states. The importance of birth control essay 1035 words history engine tools for collaborative education and the in preventing unwanted pregnancy. There are the girls who drop out of school to care for importance birth control essay. Importance of birth control in our society by johan parra on preziglowm. Ease of mind pills 3 jul 2013 this morning, the centers for disease control and prevention (cdc) released results their first publication ever on use emergency 12 may 2014 importance contraception in our society solution
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A Color Test That Can Tell Your Mental Age
A lot of the times your brain “feels” way younger or older than you are. That's called mental age. Do you wanna know yours? Lucky for you, Bright Side put together a simple test that will help you figure out if you're a carefree child, an old and wise sage or just exactly as mentally “old” as you are. Just answer our questions, write down your points for every answer, add them all up and get your results! But enough talking, let's begin! If you got 7-12 points, mentally you're just under 20 years old. It doesn't matter what your passport says – you’re a carefree teenager at heart! If you're way older than 20, congratulations – you've managed to carry this constant feeling of enthusiasm and love for life through all these years. Keep shining! If your result is 13–20 points, you are 20–29 years old. You are active, creative, and full of life, but you can already call yourself an adult. Childhood and teenage years are over, but you took the best from them and left all the unnecessary stuff behind. It doesn't mean that you're not having fun though – your life is just as exciting as it was. If all of your points added up to 21–28 points, your mental age is 30–39 years. You’re still active and curious about new things and ideas, but you are already responsible and thoughtful. If you think about it, that's the perfect balance between the children's joy for life and adults' independence. The golden mean at its best! If your total number of points is 29–35, you are 40–49 years old. You're mature and experienced, and you know exactly how to live your life. You have no time for nonsense – you're determined and hardworking. You know what you want and how to get it. Continue to be a true inspiration for everyone around! 36–40 points mean that your mental age is over 50 years. And that's not a bad thing at all! On the contrary, you are wise and calm. You get what life is all about, and you highly appreciate comfort. You're the person everyone goes for advice, plus you can always be trusted. These are some rare qualities today, so your friends must protect you at all costs. So what’s your mental age and how close is it to your real age? Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Why China's One-Child Policy Failed
Although the Bosnian War ended 20 years ago, thousands of people continue to be harmed by leftover explosives. TestTube's UnCovered takes a look at how a war that most of the world has forgotten is still destroying people's lives. » Subscribe to NowThis World: http://go.nowth.is/World_Subscribe Get Involved! International Campaign to End Landmines http://www.icbl.org/en-gb/home.aspx THE UN MINE ACTION GATEWAY http://www.mineaction.org/ To Walk the Earth Safely Report http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/214358.pdf Watch More: Why is Hong Kong Protesting Against China? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wzpPjVu5tg Can We Fight ISIS on the Internet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6_hyFQUNLo _________________________ NowThis World is dedicated to bringing you topical explainers about the world around you. Each week we’ll be exploring current stories in international news, by examining the facts, providing historical context, and outlining the key players involved. We’ll also highlight powerful countries, ideologies, influential leaders, and ongoing global conflicts that are shaping the current landscape of the international community across the globe today. More from NowThis: » Subscribe to NowThis News: http://go.nowth.is/News_Subscribe » Like NowThis World on Facebook: https://go.nowth.is/World_Facebook » Connect with Judah: Follow @judah_robinson on Twitter – Facebook: http://go.nowth.is/LikeJudah » Connect with Versha: Follow @versharma on Twitter – Facebook: http://go.nowth.is/LikeVersha http://www.youtube.com/nowthisworld Special thanks to Lissette Padilla for hosting TestTube! Check Lissette out on Twitter:https://twitter.com/lizzette
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How to do an intramuscular contraceptive injection of DepoProvera in gluteus muscle
Short video showing how simple and easy is to perform an intramuscular contraceptive injection in the buttock of a young lady
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How do Canadian Women Talk about Peri-Coital Contraception?
Speaker: Parniak, S.N. Collaborator(s): Foster, A.M. This research presentation is from the 2 minute oral segment of the Women's Xchange Spring Event 2015, Women's Health Research: Reaching the Hard to Reach Abstract: Background: High rates of unintended pregnancy worldwide demonstrate there is a gap in available contraceptive methods. If developed as planned, the peri-coital contraceptive pill will be an effective and intuitive method that could be taken in a period before or after unprotected sexual intercourse. Yet successful uptake of a new technology relies on concise terminology and frameworks with which to discuss it. Objectives: This study aimed to investigate how women talk about different available contraceptive methods; explore how these discourses influence the language and frameworks used to talk about peri-coital contraceptives; and identify Canadian women’s perceptions of and concerns about this potential contraceptive method. Methods: In 2014-2015, we conducted seven focus group discussions in seven locations across Canada in order to explore how Canadian women aged 18-45, talk about current methods of contraception and how this language informs how they talk (or would talk) about peri-coital contraception. Results: Participants thought the peri-coital contraceptive pill would be a valuable addition to current contraceptive methods, particularly for those who have less frequent intercourse. However, they disliked the term ‘peri-coital’ and invented a number of names they considered to be more resonant. Women identified safety, efficacy and framing as the most important issues that would need to be addressed if peri-coital contraception were introduced. Conclusions: The peri-coital contraceptive pill promises to be a valuable addition to current contraceptive options in Canada. Efforts to develop terminology that is clearer and more intuitive may help facilitate the eventual introduction and appears warranted.
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How to use MTP Kit
MTP kit is a best ever medicine for unplanned pregnancy termination safely and confidentially and can be buy MTP Kit online from our FDA Approved pharmacy store USA based at very nominal price. Abortion pill requires medical assistance after using it.
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Raising awareness to curb abortion in Russia
Subscribe to our channel http://bit.ly/AJSubscribe Russia has one of the highest abortion rates in the world. Doctors say the government is struggling to change Soviet-era attitudes, which saw the procedure become a common and often preferred choice over contraception. Charles Stratford reports.
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FREE LIVE MASTERCLASS: https://londonreal.tv/masterclass/ FREE PODCAST LAUNCH GUIDE: https://londonreal.tv/m/by-lm2/ Charles R. Poliquin - Strength Sensei Part 1/2 FREE FULL EPISODE: https://londonreal.tv/e/charles-poliquin/ SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToLondonReal Charles R. Poliquin is a world renowned strength coach who has trained over 800 olympic athletes across 23 different events, as well as professionals in the NHL, NFL, NBA and in soccer. He has been teaching for over 40 years and many consider him to be the most successful strength coach ever. Charles is a expert in muscle growth, strength, sports performance, and coined the phrase "the myth of discipline." He is the author of 14 books, has written over 2,000 articles, and is featured in an entire chapter of Tim Ferriss' NY Times Best seller “TOOLS OF TITANS.” Chapters: 00:00 Trailer. 02:35 Brian’s thoughts on the episode. 04:32 Brian’s introduction. 05:10 Biggest issue against strength training in Britain is its mainstream media and free healthcare. 07:14 Earn your carbs and having penis skin on your arms. 15:24 Eat according to your genes. 17:00 Charles’ advice to sports people about what to eat. 21:30 People who choose veganism have lower IQs and those on vegan diets lower their IQs. 24:57 Charles’ advice to Brian on his challenge to run an Ironman race on a plant-based diet. 33:04 The myth of discipline and how Charles became interested in strength training. 48:35 How and why he started coaching at 17 years old. 53:24 What it was like being a pioneer of strength coaching in the 1980s. 59:19 Dorian Yates training method. 1:06:24 What Charles does initially with an unsuccessful Olympian athlete. 1:07:39 The five elements in relation to strength training. 1:19:19 Performance enhancing drug use in Russia and elsewhere, its effect on sport and the Olympics. 1:37:19 Charles’ views on the UFC and drug taking amongst athletes in other sports. 1:45:46 The future in strength coaching. 1:48:46 Why and how he uses his wealth to support athletes and causes. 1:58:13 Charles advice to aspiring successful strength coaches. 2:07:25 The growth mindset, why he wants Jo Average to know what he knows about Olympic athletes. 2:13:35 A life not examined is a life not worth living. 2:14:30 Success secrets. 2:15:16 Where and how Charles trains, attends brain picking sessions and makes every day count. 2:30:37 Best and worst days of his life. 2:36:15 What scares him. 2:37:21 What he is most proud of. 2:38:38 What keeps him awake at night. 2:39:16 The most influential person in his life. 2:42:35 Why Charles likes to coach wrestlers. 2:45:58 Advice to the 20-year old Charles R. Poliquin 2:47:49 Best advice ever received. 2:48:43 Advice to the 20-year old watching on how they can improve their life. 2:51:08 You never tell someone they are good, you only reward effort. 2:54:37 Brian’s thanks. Notes: Strength Sensei website https://www.strengthsensei.com/charles-r-poliquin/ Charles R. Poliquin on Twitter https://twitter.com/StrengthSensei Strength Sensei on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6VnjtJ6vmAK1swqHFjusjA Strength Sensei on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/strengthsensei1/?hl=en Charles R. Poliquin on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/strengthsensei/ FULL NOTES: https://londonreal.tv/e/charles-poliquin/ Watch the FULL EPISODE: https://londonreal.tv/e/charles-poliquin/ London Real Academy: BUSINESS ACCELERATOR: https://londonreal.tv/biz LIFE ACCELERATOR: https://londonreal.tv/life BROADCAST YOURSELF: https://londonreal.tv/by SPEAK TO INSPIRE: https://londonreal.tv/inspire #LondonReal #LondonRealTV
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Imperialism: Crash Course World History #35
In which John Green teaches you about European Imperialism in the 19th century. European powers started to create colonial empires way back in the 16th century, but businesses really took off in the 19th century, especially in Asia and Africa. During the 1800s, European powers carved out spheres of influence in China, India, and pretty much all of Africa. While all of the major (and some minor) powers in Europe participated in this new imperialism, England was by far the most dominant, once able to claim that the "sun never set on the British Empire." Also, they went to war for the right to continue to sell opium to the people of China. Twice. John will teach you how these empires managed to leverage the advances of the Industrial Revolution to build vast, wealth-generating empires. As it turns out, improved medicine, steam engines, and better guns were crucial in the 19th century conquests. Also, the willingness to exploit and abuse the people and resources of so-called "primitive" nations was very helpful in the whole enterprise. Crash Course World History is now available on DVD! http://store.dftba.com/products/crashcourse-world-history-the-complete-series-dvd-set Follow us! @thecrashcourse @realjohngreen @raoulmeyer @crashcoursestan @saysdanica @thoughtbubbler Like us! ‪http://www.facebook.com/youtubecrashcourse Follow us again! ‪http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support Crash Course on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse
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DOMINION Documentary |  2018
Dominion, (2018) is a vegan Documentary that uses drones, hidden and handheld cameras to expose the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture, questioning the morality and validity of humankind’s dominion over the animal kingdom. While mainly focusing on animals used for food, it also explores other ways animals are exploited and abused by humans, including clothing, entertainment and research. Directed by Chris Delforce, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Sia, Sadie Sink and Kat Von D, and co-produced by Earthlings creator Shaun Monson. Filmed in Australia, with a global message. Find out more, get involved, download the film or donate to our ongoing work at www.dominionmovement.com. Uploaded with the explicit permission of the film makers. SUPPORT THE FILM MAKERS ==================== Dominion was the result of thousands of hours of work and personal sacrifice. Please consider donating to the team who made it possible. Or donate via Direct Deposit / Bank Transfer: Donate via paypal http://bit.ly/2IMGJ0Y Aussie Farms Inc St George Bank BSB: 112 879 Account number: 486 633 624 From non-Australian accounts: SWIFT code / BIC: SGBLAU2S Routing number: 021 000 021 Bank address: 4-16 Montgomery Street, Kogarah NSW 2217 For questions about the film https://www.dominionmovement.com/about Completed subtitles: German: Translated by Pia Frische (Organiser - Anonymous for the Voiceless) Spanish (Spain): Translated by Aula Animal Chinese (Simplified): Translated by Grace Han vegan dominion 2018
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8 Scariest Archaeological Discoveries
8 scariest archeological discoveries! Frightening finds which are unbelievable but changed humans history. Subscribe for new videos: http://goo.gl/SaufF4 Follow us on Instagram: @theywillkillyou Voiceover by Carl Mason: carlito1705@icloud.com 7: Mummified Moa Remains In 1986, a team of archeologists were investigating the insides of a large cave system underneath Mount Owen in New Zealand. With very little visibility in the vast network of tunnels, they stumbled across a bizarre object that left them wondering whether their eyes were playing tricks on them. In front of them lay a large dinosaur-like claw, with intact flesh and scaly skin. Curious, the team took it back with them for analysis. The results could not have been more astounding - the mysterious claw belonged to a 3300 year old prehistoric bird known as the upland moa. For some reason the mummified claw had been preserved so well, it appeared as if the creature had only recently died. Otherwise known by its scientific name Megalapteryx didinus, the upland moa was a large flightless bird that reached up to 12 feet in height, and weighed over 500 pounds. Moa birds were once the dominant animals in New Zealand's forest ecosystems, until the arrival of the Maori people who hunted them down to extinction. Scientists have suggested that modern day revival of the species is a viable idea, as their remains contained extractable DNA that could be introduced into chicken embryos. Interest in the subject has been going on for years, and with the advancements in biology and genetics, we may one day get to see a live running moa. 3: The Alien Skulls of Mexico Residents of the small Mexican village of Onavas stumbled upon a shocking discovery while building an irrigation canal. What they found was an ancient burial site, referred to as El Cementerio, containing 25 skeletal remains. The most shocking part was that 13 of the skeletons had abnormally long skulls, unlike any known species on our planet. Five were found with mutilated teeth. The freakish discovery led to early speculations that the bodies were those of extraterrestrial beings, similar to the ones seen in Ridley Scott's popular Alien film series. However, researchers were quick to suggest that the skulls were the result of intentional cranial reshaping. Several ancient Central American cultures had a tradition of forcing their heads into strange shapes. This was done by placing enormous pressure on their skulls since early childhood, for example by using tightly bound cloths or wooden boards 2: The Graveyard of Giant Wombats Wombats might be seen as cute and comical animals, but you might think differently if you come across one that's rhino-sized. In 2012, scientists in Australia unveiled the largest graveyard ever found of enormous ancient mega-wombats called diprotodon. There were around 50 diprotodon remains found, estimated to have weighed an average 2.8 tons each, making them the largest known marsupials to roam the planet. One of the largest and most well preserved specimens was named "Kenny", with a massive 28-inch long jawbone. The creatures are described as pidgeon-toed, and had big kangaroo-like pouches large enough to fit an adult human. The grave is part of a larger fossil deposit in the remote outback of Australia's Queensland state. It is described as a goldmine 1: Giant Humans Genesis chapter 6 tells us, "There were giants in the earth in those days, and afterwards". This verse refers to the Nephilim, a giant race of men who according to the bible, were perished by the Great Flood. Scriptural writings of other religions also include similar tales of giant people who once walked the Earth. Enthusiastic believers advocate that these stories are true, and in recent years many stories of archeological findings of giant men have appeared on the internet. The most famous of these was the story about a giant human skeleton uncovered in the desert during gas exploration in Saudi Arabia. Pictures were included, linked with the Islamic story of the Prophet Hud and the powerful giant tribe of Ad. Similar pictures and stories of biblical giants can be found, such as the alleged discovery of giants by archeologists in Greece. However, none of these claims have been proven, and the scientific community regards them as mere hoax stories accompanied with photo-shopped images. There are however, some real findings of ancient giants, although nowhere as dramatic as the aforementioned stories. In 1890, French anthropologist Georges Vacher de Lapouge found three bone fragments of a human leg in France. The height of the individual - popularly referred to as the "Giant of Castelnau" - is estimated to have been around 3.5 meters (11 ft 6 in). Studies showed that those bones dated back to the Neolithic period, and according to experts either represented a "very tall race" or were the result of "morbid growth."
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What is WHIPPLE'S INDEX? What does WHIPPLE'S INDEX mean? WHIPPLE'S INDEX meaning & explanation
What is WHIPPLE'S INDEX? What does WHIPPLE'S INDEX mean? WHIPPLE'S INDEX meaning - WHIPPLE'S INDEX definition - WHIPPLE'S INDEX explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. SUBSCRIBE to our Google Earth flights channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UuCPh7GrXznZi0Hz2YQnQ Whipple's index (or index of concentration), invented by American demographer George Chandler Whipple (1866–1924), is a method to measure the tendency for individuals to inaccurately report their actual age or date of birth. Respondents to a census or other survey sometimes report their age or date of birth as a round number (typically ending in 0 and 5), or to be more culturally favorable, for example, so that they appear younger or to have been born on a date considered luckier than their actual date of birth. The index score is obtained by summing the number of persons in the age range 23 and 62 inclusive, who report ages ending in 0 and 5, dividing that sum by the total population between ages 23 and 62 years inclusive, and multiplying the result by 5. Restated as a percentage, index scores range between 100 (no preference for ages ending in 0 and 5) and 500 (all people reporting ages ending in 0 and 5). Although Whipple's index has been widely applied to test for age heaping, it assumes that the heaping is most likely to occur in 5 and 10 year intervals or some other fixed interval based on digit preference or rounding. While other measures of age heaping, such as Myer's Blended Index, can be applied to find preferences for any terminal digit, the patterns of heaping may be complex. For example, it has been shown that among Han Chinese, age heaping occurs on a 12-year cycle, consistent with preferred animal years of the Chinese calendar. Whether this heaping represents actual fertility behavior (e.g., bearing children in favorable animal years) or selective memory or reporting of year of birth has not been determined. Although the heaping is not severe among Han, and it does not seem to be associated with age exaggeration, it is systematic and is higher among illiterate populations. On the other hand, among Turkic Muslim populations in China (Uyghurs and Kazakhs in Xinjiang Province) there is severe heaping at ages ending in 0 and 5; it is much higher among illiterate populations and appears to be correlated with age exaggeration. These traditionally Muslim nationalities do not use the Chinese calendar. This finding suggests that use of Whipple's Index or other measures of age heaping that focus on specific digits or on decimal intervals of the age spikes may not be appropriate for all populations. In the case of China's 1990 census reported above, among Han heaping was found at ages 38, 50, 62, 74, and so on — ages that corresponded with being born in the Year of the Dragon. But among Turkic Muslims, heaping was found at ages 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, and so on and increased in magnitude with age.
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Wood Finishing - Dying Wood Versus Staining Wood
Staining wood is very common but not many woodworkers are familiar with " Wood Dye". There are many reasons why dyes can be better than stains, and there are reasons to use to use stains, the primary one is that they are more colorfast under the intense light of the sun. To see an example of one person's choice of using dyes, click on the link to see "The Vintage Vox Project", and if you are a musician or interested in older guitar amplifiers and electronic, this will be of interest to you ... http://goo.gl/MH3iAR ** Like me at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WoodWorkWeb ** Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/woodworkweb ** Join me on woodworkweb: http://www.woodworkweb.com ** Connect with me on Google+: http://goo.gl/7fotJq
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Prosthetic limbs for Libya's casualties of war
As Libya celebrates the anniversary of the uprising that resulted in the ousting and death of former leader Muammer Qaddafi, fighters still battle the physical trauma their bodies have endured during the eight month conflict of last year. Around 300 people who were disabled from the clashes are receiving ongoing treatment at the state-of-the-art Prosthetic Limb Center based in Abu Salim hospital south of Tripoli. The center which opened in 2008 was deemed the best in Libya according to prosthetist Noor al-Deen. He is confident in saying that the center rivals similar institutions in Tunisia and possibly Europe due to the advanced methods used to create artificial limbs. This led al-Deen to question the NTC's decision in funding trips for the fighters to receive treatment overseas, as they could receive artificial limbs in their home country. Abdulsalam Ali, a patient, was advised to come to the clinic by a friend after he lost both his legs from below his knees as well as a few fingers from a mortar blast. While he praised the clinic for its support, he urged the government to give more care and attention to fighters like himself who are left with scars of the fight for freedom. By Noora Faraj Al Arabiya with Agencies
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Invictus Games Sydney 2018: Day 2 - Cycling (Stream 1)
Speed and skill will come to the fore on the picturesque Royal Botanic Garden course when our cyclists test themselves against the clock and each other. Scheduled start and finish times are approximate, taking into account the needs of the participants and organisers. All times shown in AEDT.         Subscribe now: http://ab.co/2y2hbGM Like ABC TV: http://facebook.com/abctv Follow ABC TV: http://twitter.com/abctv Follow ABC TV: http://instagram.com/abctv
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How To Sell On Amazon FBA For Beginners | The Complete A-Z Tutorial 2018 | Jungle Scout
UPDATED VIDEO WITH NEW CONTENT : https://jnglsct.com/HTSOA If you're looking to launch your own business by selling physical products on Amazon in 2018, then you need to watch this complete guide on how to sell on Amazon for beginners and beyond. In less than 1 hour you'll gain the knowledge required and a complete FBA overview in order to successfully launch and scale an Amazon private label business. This proven process we are sharing with you can be transferred to any Amazon marketplace, so whether you want to sell on Amazon.com or outside of the USA, we've got you covered! After this useful Amazon FBA step by step tutorial, you will be set to build your life of financial freedom! NEXT STEPS BLOG How Much Money Do I Need To Sell On Amazon? The FBA Guide – Jungle Scout - http://bit.ly/2vGZmAh 0:08 Why sell on Amazon? 1:14 PRODUCT RESEARCH 2:16 Analysing a product on Amazon 2:58 Checking sales numbers with the Sales Estimator Tool http://bit.ly/jsestimator 4:24 Checking the seasonality of a product with Google Trends http://trends.google.com 6:03 Verify your sales numbers by tracking over time 6:57 Using the Product Tracker to verify sales http://bit.ly/webapptracker 9:33 FINDING SUPPLIERS http://alibaba.com http://aliexpress.com http://globalsources.com 9:45 Using Alibaba to find suppliers or manufacturers 10:07 Email template for contacting suppliers: http://bit.ly/supplieremail 10:46 Evaluating supplier responses 11:04 Getting samples 12:21 SETTING UP AN ACCOUNT ON AMAZON http://bit.ly/createamzaccount 12:56 CREATING AN AMAZON LISTING & GETTING FNSKU Get official UPC codes: http://gs1.org Blog on Brand Registry: http://bit.ly/amzbrandregistry 16:14 Creating customized packaging and file types 17:35 Product photography 18:32 CREATING A SHIPMENT IN SELLER CENTRAL 21:58 Shipment photos, inspection companies, shipping and freight forwarders 22:58 LAUNCHING YOUR PRODUCT 24:45 Getting sales https://jumpsend.com 26:03 Promotional giveaway strategy 31:14 Pay per click advertising (PPC) 34:01 Automated email campaigns https://jumpsend.com 39:59 Final thoughts SUBSCRIBE TO US ON YOUTUBE http://bit.ly/jssubscribe FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amazonjunglescout/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/junglescout_/
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Make Apple ID without Credit Card - (New Method!)
Making Apple ID without Credit card is one of the most searched topics on YouTube. Creating Apple ID without credit card helps in some cases where some apps, Google Earth for example, are not available as free downloads in the iTunes Apps store. You need a UK or US based Apple ID to install them on to your iPad or Phone. It is also helpful in situations, If you have kids at home, use this trick to create a separate Apple ID for the iPads (without credit card) to avoid accidental purchases OR even sometimes when you don’t want to disclose your Credit Card information to Apple. You can easily create multiple Apple IDs like one for UK and another one for US Apps Store after watching this tutorial and easily switch between them inside iTunes. Watch this step-by-step method to create an Apple ID without credit card for your iPhone, iPad. Steps for Making Apple ID without Credit Card : 1. Create Gmail ID by visiting Google's Gmail website. 2. Launch the iTunes on your computer, tap ACCOUNT in main menu bar and tap SIGN OUT. And choose STORE in the menu. 3. Next scroll to the bottom of the iTunes page, click CHANGE COUNTRY or click the country’s flag to switch to the iTunes store of another region. 4. Now select APPS in the media control tab on top left hand corner select any free app and click the GET button to download the App. 5. iTunes will prompt to enter your Apple ID and password. Now, click the CREATE APPLE ID button, read and agree to the terms & conditions, enter your email address (Gmail address that you created in step 1) and password and other required fields. 6. Proceed to the Payments screen and here, select NONE. Enter a postal address as per the Country you've chosen and tap CREATE APPLE ID. 7. Go back to Gmail inbox and click the Apple's verification email. Tap VERIFY NOW. This will open new page. Input NEW APPLE ID PASSWORD. 8. Once your Apple ID email is verified successfully, go back to iTunes store and again try to download the app as per STEP 4. iTunes will prompt to enter your password now, fill in your NEW PASSWORD and start using this new Apple ID for all your purchases! Do not forget to give this video a Thumbs up and share it with your friends, if it works for you. Hope this helps. Enjoy! ============================================ SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AppleFrendly Twitter: https://twitter.com/AppleFrendly Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/AppleFrendly Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/102642015241996646799 ===========================================.
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Jesus of Nazareth: Man or myth? A discussion with Zeba Crook and Richard Carrier
Did a man named Jesus live in Palestine 2000 years ago? Zeba Crook, professor of religious studies at Carleton University thinks so, but historian and philosopher Richard Carrier disagrees. This discussion happened, April 5 2014 in Ottawa, Canada. See: http://centreforinquiry.ca/jesus-of-nazareth-man-or-myth/#sthash.hDZUS1Wd.dpuf --- More info: Zeba Crook http://http-server.carleton.ca/~zcrook/ https://www.youtube.com/user/yieldottawa Richard Carrier http://www.richardcarrier.info/ --- Centre for Inquiry Canada is a registered educational charity with a mandate to promote the values of reason, science and freedom of inquiry. We are a community of freethinking people who put on events, workshops, conferences and work as activists to promote evidence based reasoning in Canada and abroad. At CFI Canada we focus on three broad areas of education and activism: 1. Religion 2. Pseudoscience, Paranormal and Fringe-science claims, 3. Medicine and Health. In all of these areas, we work to promote a scientific worldview, one that challenges established norms and customs and one that believes in the freedom of all individuals to ask important questions about life, nature and the world around them. Centre for Inquiry is the largest Freethought, Skeptic and Scientific Advocacy group in Canada. We operate through 10 branches across the Country and incorporate the tireless efforts of hundreds of volunteers in our daily mission to advance knowledge and education in all areas of human endeavor. CFI Canada is supported entirely by voluntary donations and works across the country on issues that matter most to people like you. In our short history we have had influence in LGBT issues, in community service, on skeptical activism and had an unprecedented influence in print, radio and television media. Contact: National Office: info@cficanada.ca - See more at: http://centreforinquiry.ca/about-us/#sthash.REWqCFeL.dpuf --- CREDITS: This video was entirely filmed and produced by AtheismTV, with permission from CFI Ottawa. Music: Dawn of a new era by Zero-project (license: CC BY) http://www.zero-project.gr/works/albums/albums_ambient_symphony.htm Picture: http://www.photoree.com/photos/permalink/15887055-8091814@N08 (license: CC BY)
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How Long Do You Need On Your Passport To Go To Canada?
How long should my passport be valid to travel? Blogger at large. You must also get an electronic travel authorization (eta) for entry to canada. Canada visa and passport requirements world travel guide. Read the travel advisories to view entry and exit requirements of each country 31 mar 2017 it shows that you meet needed canada. Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. Canada visa information in uae frequently asked questions. Asp url? Q webcache. Ca english passport help travel. Have a valid travel document, like passporthave the amount of money you will need depends on how long find out what to do if your children under 18 are travelling with you, someone else, or alone enter canada, passport is required by all nationals referred in chart an eta costs c$7 and for five years until expires, validity. Border crossing niagara falls canadakeep exploring. Canada travel advice gov. Your eta is electronically linked to your passport so you don't have print may deposit application at the canada visa centre. Gov department of state. The border services officer will verify your eta when you arrive in canada do need a passport or an equivalent travel document order to enter. No additional period of validity beyond this is required, but if your passport has less than 6 months remaining when you arrive in canada it may take longer to pass through immigration control canadalast updated july 7, 2016 blank pages one page required not for stays under 180 days the documents cross u. Passport requirements for canada and the us travel tips usa passport service guidefrequently asked questions about introduces online entry requirement british travellers do americans need a to visit canada? Tripsavvy. Ukfind out if you can apply for a visitor visa. Green card holder, you do not need a visitor visa to travel canada. S your irish passport must be valid up to return date. Canada crossing the border tripadvisor. Travelling to canada travel. 27 aug 2015 non brits and those wishing to stay for a long period should check with the the authorization is electronically linked to your passport and is the esta required by travellers to enter the us is not needed if entering by land if you need a passport right away, there are some organizations that will expedite the process for a fee. For example, rushmypassport can have your u. The visa office will then securely return your passport to the application centre who inform you via preferred method of how long process take? documents required depend upon purpose travel. A passport is required for anyone travelling by air, while land u. If you are a citizen of the united states, do not need passport to enter canada, but should carry proof your citizenship, such as birth certificate, 10 jul 2015 tags countries requiring 6 months validity entry visas esta might re how long needs be valid visit may visa if you're from nz, australia, uk, usa, canada or eu discover important details about travel between u. Ho
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Prof. Rana Mitter: "Modern China" | Talks at Google
For this talk about Modern China Talks at Google welcomes Rana Mitter, Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China in Oxford, fellow of St. Cross College, and author of Oxford University Press' Very Short Introduction to Modern China. In his talk, Mitter discusses a country that seems to be full of contradictions: a peasant society with some of the world's most futuristic cities, heir to an ancient civilization that is still trying to find a modern identity. He offers an entry to understanding the world's most populous nation, giving an integrated picture of modern Chinese society, culture, economy, politics, and art. Get the book here: https://goo.gl/bgFJRM
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Anne Carson: A Lecture on Corners
Anne Carson, a writer of “inscrutable brilliance” (The New York Times) who calls herself a visual rather than a verbal artist, discusses the influence of the Classics on her work as a poet, essayist, and translator. A teacher of ancient Greek, she has published 20 books, blending genres and media. Her first book, Eros the Bittersweet, was named one of the 100 best nonfiction books of all time by the Modern Library. She is also the author of Nox, Antigonick, The Beauty of the Husband, Autobiography of Red, and its sequel Red Doc. Carson, a recipient of a MacArthur “genius grant” among many awards, gives a keynote of the Visualizing Theory Conference. Presented on May 10, 2018, by GC Public Programs and the Critical Theory Certificate Program. For more information about our events, visit: http://www.gc.cuny.edu/publicprograms
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Truth-B-Told "Condoms 101" (Epi 5-S2)
Just a quick update on how to apply a condom to the penis in case you forgot!
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Frankenreads: A Public Read-Athon of Frankenstein
It has been 200 years since English novelist Mary Shelley captured our imagination with the Gothic classic "Frankenstein." Watch LIVE as the Library of Congress hosts “Frankenreads,” a Bloomsday-style public read-athon of the novel in its entirety on Oct. 31, beginning at 9AM ET, in the Library’s Main Reading Room. The event is part of a global celebration of nearly 600 partners in 49 countries participating in “Frankenreads” events during Frankenstein Week, Oct. 26- Oct. 31. The excitement can be followed on Twitter at @Events_LOC and #Frankenreads. For more information visit https://www.loc.gov/item/event-393847/frankenreads/2018-10-31/.
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You have Fattened yourselves in the Day of Slaughter! - Recital
Illuminati! You have Fattened yourselves in the Day of Slaughter! - A Recital. (HQ) Illuminati International Bankers elite globalist globalists Bohemian Grove Druids Bilderberg Group Bilderberg conference elite club Trilateral Commission secret organization Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Illuminati exposed Bavarian secret society "1 Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming upon you. 2 Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days.4 Look! The wages you failed to pay the workmen who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty.5 You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.6 You have condemned and murdered innocent men, who were not opposing you."James 5:1-6 New International Version - UK (NIVUK) "16How much better is it to get wisdom than fine gold, and the getting of intelligence to be preferred to silver! " Proverbs 16: 16 (DARBY). From the Chaos Butterfly 8 channel. Thank you. ////// ChaosButterfly8. ChaosButterfly8 Illuminati elite globalist bohemian grove Rothschild's Rockefeller's NWO New World Order Queen Elizabeth England United Kingdom death UK dumbs Berith demon philosopher's stone chemistry science speculative philosophy Middle Ages Renaissance discovering methods of making gold Fire Earth Water Air elements Illuminati International Bankers 666 Talents gold Movie Mix playlists bohemian grove Falco's "Jeanny" video and The 1931 Fritz Lang "M" film and Alfred Hitchcock's "Spellbound" movie connection. The Fault... is Not in Our Stars, But in Ourselves...- William Shakespeare. manufacturing particle accelerators prices chemistry demon demons demonic G8 Berith metals alchemy alchemists ChaosButterfly8 Berith demon philosopher's stone Bible hoarding The Fly U2 Beelzebub Lord Flies song rock band Prince of Demons secret sky Falling stars angels Demon hierarchy Bible prophecy occultist star Satan chief lieutenant Lucifer Emperor Hell exorcist Admirable History prominent fallen angels Lucifer Leviathan Astaroth judgment day. time of the end times mothers of darkness castle Belgium John Milton Paradise Lost Satanism Kali MK Ultra Castle of Dark Mothers, the Chateau des Amerois Castle of Kings Belgium demon possession Madeleine inquisition torture execution bewitched Salem witch trials witches Ag ChaosButterfly8 car hacking remote control murder of Michael Hastings remotely driven Michael Hastings Obama Wikileaks Andrew Breitbart assassination Princess Diana Rolling Stone journalist FBI car bomb declare war on free press crash can the government hack into your car military underground bases aliens DUMBS Denver Colorado Co. BBC Goldman Sachs chemistry science speculative philosophy Middle Ages Renaissance Sir Isaac Newton discovering methods of making gold Fire Earth Water Air elements today fool's gold diggers metal lead copper iron silver Gnome 2011 2012 Aleister Crowley Lam Alien Grey Jack Parsons occult NASA underground bases DUMBS Gnomes of Zürich Swiss bankers silver ChaosButterfly8
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Timothy Snyder ─ Ukraine and Russia in a Fracturing Europe
Skip ahead to main speaker at 1:54 Timothy Snyder is the Bird White Housum Professor of History at Yale University, specializing in the history of central and eastern Europe. He received his B.A. from Brown University and his doctorate from the University of Oxford, where he was a British Marshall scholar at Balliol College. He has also held fellowships in Paris, Warsaw, and at Harvard, where he was an Academy Scholar. A frequent guest at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna, he has spent about ten years in Europe. He speaks five and reads ten European languages. Among his publications are five award-winning books, all of which have been translated: Nationalism, Marxism, and Modern Central Europe: A Biography of Kazimierz KellesKrauz(1998); The Reconstruction of Nations: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, 1569-1999 (2003); Sketches from a Secret War: A Polish Artist’s Mission to Liberate Soviet Ukraine (2005); The Red Prince: The Secret Lives of a Habsburg Archduke (2008); and Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin (2010). Bloodlands has won ten awards including the Emerson Prize in the Humanities, a Literature Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and the Leipzig Award for European Understanding. It has been translated into twenty-five languages, was named to twelve book-of-the-year lists, and was a bestseller in four countries. Most recently Snyder helped the late Tony Judt compose a thematic intellectual history, entitled Thinking the Twentieth Century (2012), which is appearing in fourteen translations. Snyder is also the coeditor of two volumes: Wall Around the West: State Borders and Immigration Controls in Europe and North America (2000) and Stalinism and Europe: Terror, War, Domination, (2014). He is at work on four books: a study of the Holocaust, a biography of Marx, a global history of eastern Europe, and a family history of nationalism. His scholarly articles have appeared in Past and Present, the Journal of Cold War Studies, and a number of other journals; he has also written for The New York Review of Books, Foreign Affairs, The Times Literary Supplement, The Nation, and The New Republic as well as for The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, and other newspapers. He takes regular part in conferences on Holocaust education and sits on the editorial boards of the Journal of Modern European History and East European Politics and Societies. He is a member of the Committee on Conscience of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and sits on the advisory councils of the Yivo Institute for Jewish Research, the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, and other organizations.
Liz Cheney on Boston Bomber
more at http://therightpundit.com
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A World in Revolution: The Inevitable Backlash against Global Elites
Skip ahead to main speaker at 3:20 The Trump election and populist movements in Europe and Asia can be considered akin to true revolutionary movements--ideologically driven; brought about by a slow-down in social mobility, elite factionalization and decline in public goods; and pursuing a revolutionary agenda including propagandist reshaping of reality and a radical reconfiguration of international relations. This talk will show the common demographic factors behind these developments, and examine whether historical lessons can be drawn regarding the durability of such revolutionary movements in modern democratic states. Jack A. Goldstone is the Virginia E. and John T. Hazel, Jr. Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University, a Senior Fellow of the Mercatus Center, and a Public Policy Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington D.C. Previously, Dr. Goldstone was on the faculty of Northwestern University and the University of California, and has been a visiting scholar at Cambridge University, Stanford University, UCLA, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the California Institute of Technology. He has received the Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship award from the American Sociological Association, the Arnoldo Momigliano Prize, the Barrington Moore Jr. Award, the Myron Weiner Award, and fellowships from the MacArthur Foundation, the JS Guggenheim Foundation, the U.S. Institute of Peace and the Mellon Foundation. He also served as the Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Visitor to the American Academy in Berlin. A life member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Dr. Goldstone is also an Academic Fellow of the European Policy Council, and serves on the International Advisory Board of the Gaidar Institute (Moscow). He led a National Academy of Sciences study of USAID’s democracy assistance policies, and has served as a consultant on state fragility to USAID, Britain’s DFID, and the OECD. He helped lead the Political Instability Task Force initiated by the office of the U.S. Vice-President, and co-developed in State Fragility Index now published by the Center for Systemic Peace. Dr. Goldstone’s research focuses on the impact of global population changes on social and economic development. His 2010 essay in Foreign Affairs – “The New Population Bomb: The Four Megatrends that will Change the World” – has been widely cited as a critical guide to the impact of future population change. He has been a keynote speaker at events in Oslo, Moscow, Antalya, Delhi, Beijing, Berlin, Aspen and New York, and appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, Russia Today, and Fox News. His recent books include Political Demography: How Population Changes are Reshaping International Security and National Politics (Oxford U. Press, 2011) and Revolutions: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford U. Press 2014). Prof. Goldstone blogs on global politics and economic trends at www.newpopulationbomb.com.
Daniel Parks preaching at abortion clinic
This is a video of us ministering the Gospel of the Lord Jesus at "A Preferred Woman's Health Center" in Charlotte NC.
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Clinton vs. Trump: The first U.S. presidential debate on CBC News
The 1st U.S. presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton promises to be interesting. To see more U.S. election coverage: www.cbc.ca/1.3779812 »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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How to Give an IM Intramuscular Injection Ventrogluteal Buttock Muscle
This is a video tutorial on how to give an intramuscular injection in the ventrogluteal butt muscle. As a nursing student or nurse, this is an injection site you'll use. I'll demonstrate a technique for administering an injection into this buttock muscle (ventrogluteal). There are landmarks you'll want to follow as you give an IM injection in the ventrogluteal site. This tutorial example will demonstrate how to find those landmarks. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=registerednursern Nursing School Supplies: http://www.registerednursern.com/the-ultimate-list-of-nursing-medical-supplies-and-items-a-new-nurse-student-nurse-needs-to-buy/ Nursing Job Search: http://www.registerednursern.com/nursing-career-help/ Visit our website RegisteredNurseRN.com for free quizzes, nursing care plans, salary information, job search, and much more: http://www.registerednursern.com Check out other Videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/RegisteredNurseRN/videos Popular Playlists: "NCLEX Study Strategies": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfWtwCDmLHyX2UeHofCIcgo0 "Nursing Skills Videos": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfUhd_qQYEbp0Eab3uUKhgKb "Nursing School Study Tips": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfWBO40qeDmmaMwMHJEWc9Ms "Nursing School Tips & Questions": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfVQok-t1X5ZMGgQr3IMBY9M "Teaching Tutorials": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfUkW_DpJekN_Y0lFkVNFyVF "Types of Nursing Specialties": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfW8dRD72gUFa5W7XdfoxArp "Healthcare Salary Information": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfVN0vmEP59Tx2bIaB_3Qhdh "New Nurse Tips": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfVTqH6LIoAD2zROuzX9GXZy "Nursing Career Help": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfVXjptWyvj2sx1k1587B_pj "EKG Teaching Tutorials": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfU-A9UTclI0tOYrNJ1N5SNt "Personality Types": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfU0qHnOjj2jf4Hw8aJaxbtm "Dosage & Calculations for Nurses": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfUYdl0TZQ0Tc2-hLlXlHNXq "Diabetes Health Managment": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfXtEx17D7zC1efmWIX-iIs9
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How to Empty Your Bowels Without Straining
Physio guidance for how to empty your bowels, avoid straining and help overcome constipation problems from http://www.pelvicexercises.com.au. Pelvic Floor Physio Michelle Kenway shows you how to empty your bowels without straining your pelvic floor. Learn the correct posture and essential steps to empty your bowels completely. This technique should be used lifelong and is particularly relevant following childbirth, after a hysterectomy or gynaecological surgery and for management of prolapse conditions including anal prolapse and uterine prolapse.
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Sound like a native speaker: the BEST pronunciation advice
Are you following the wrong pronunciation advice? Do you think that to have good English pronunciation you need to say every word per-fect-ly? Have you been told that you need to say each syllable in exactly the same way that it is written? Well, in this video I explain why what seems like logical advice is actually COMPLETELY WRONG. The secret to getting excellent English pronunciation is to relax your tongue and to start missing syllables! That's because native speakers do not speak perfectly in natural, everyday speech. In fact, it even sounds strange to say every word perfectly. I explain to you how we use 'elision' to make our speech more connected, flowing, and relaxed. This means that we don't say every vowel and sometimes even miss words. I also tell you about the most important sound you need to know about in English to improve your pronunciation - the schwa sound: /ə/. TAKE THE QUIZ: https://www.engvid.com/elision-the-best-pronunciation-advice/#quiz Hi, everyone. I'm Jade. What we're talking about today, is elision. And that's one of the things that makes the speech of native speakers hard to understand because we don't say every single word perfectly, like, how it is on the page. We squash words together, and we miss sounds out. So I'm showing you how we do that in today's lesson. So you know we like tea in England, right? We like to drink tea. Well, we call it a "cuppa tea". And if I were to offer you that, I'd say, "Dju wanna cuppa tea?" "Dju wanna cuppa tea?" And we've got an example of elision in that sentence. The written sentence would be, "Do you want a cup of tea?" All the different syllables being pronounced. But colloquial, relaxed spoken English, "Dju wanna cuppa tea?" So the "of" joins the words before. So remember, it's "cup of tea", "cuppa tea." "Dju want a cuppa tea?" We join that. And that's an example of elision. We can also elide consonants. For example, in this sentence, the reply, "I don wanna tea." Some people will not say the T at the end of a word if the next word is another consonant. So saying it properly is more effort. "I don't want a cup of tea." Or, again, there's more elision here. "I don't want a tea." The A joins "want" and becomes "wanna". "I don wanna tea." Two examples of elision there: not saying the T and A joining "want", the word before. What about the next example here? Here, I've written it out, "I don't want a tea." What we see here is the contraction, and that is standard English. We can write that. We can write "don't" like that, "do not". "I don't want a tea." But you cannot write it exactly how it sounds. You cannot write it, "I don". You need the T there. And the difference between contractions and elision is that contractions are okay when we write them, and elision isn't -- it's not necessarily the case that we can write down an elision and it be grammatically correct English. I'll show you two examples. "Wanna" and "gonna" are two common forms in colloquial speech. We say them all the time. "I wanna do that." "I'm gonna go there later." But we can't write them. The reason we can't write them is that they're not contractions. They're not recognized as being standard English. We can say it, but we can't write it that way. In general, we use elision in our speech because it's just easier than saying every single sound in a sentence. Some people think that posh accents are made up of just saying every single word properly and giving it good enunciation and definition and making sure you say everything correctly. But in fact, as we'll see in a sec, posh people and posh accents also use elision in their speech. But they will have some rules that they consider wrong. So for example, "wanna" and "gonna" in some posh accents are considered sloppy or not right or not a correct way of speaking. But I think a good thing to say about that is a lot of people think and perceive that they don't use these words when in fact they do. So you could ask a posh person, "Do you ever say this?" "Oh, no. I wouldn't say that. It's not right. It's not proper English." When in fact, David Cameron would also use "wanna" and "gonna". He's the prime minister of the UK at the moment. So I'd say he's a pretty posh guy, and he's using "wanna" and "gonna". That shows me that these are quite standard forms now. Some people will judge you for it, "Oh, it's not right. You don't say it that way." And also, some people will not realize that they say it themselves. So -- So -- yeah. What to think about elision? It just shows us how when we try to speak English correctly just by reading everything properly, this is not going to help you sound like a relaxed, natural speaker of English who actually sounds good because our real speech doesn't fit the actual words on the page.y of the vowels.
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IUD removal
Removing IUD Support Group details BELOW. Support Group on Facebook,PRIVATE Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/381952505179839/ PRIVATE Group. Please Join.Join.
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The Rabbit in Australia (1979)
The story of the European rabbit in Australia must surely be one of the most amazing examples of an animal's ability to colonise a new land. Just how and why this happened makes a fascinating study. This film traces the history of the rabbit from its evolutionary home in the Mediterranean through to its introduction into Australia as a source of food and sport and as a reminder of the English countryside. The rabbit population explosion began about 1860, and within 30 years, rabbit numbers had reached plague proportions over large parts of southern Australia. The long battle to control the rabbit had begun. With the introduction of Myxomatosis in 1950 came the start of a big research effort aimed at a complete understanding of rabbit behaviour and ecology. Not many animals have ever been studied in such detail, so that we now have a much better understanding of how rabbits feed, breed and survive in different parts of Australia. The film shows some aspects of social behaviour, reproduction and predation. It shows that, while rabbits were ideally suited to Australia's temperate areas, they have also adapted to living in arid country and even in alpine regions. More information on our website: http://www.csiro.au/Outcomes/Safeguarding-Australia/Myxomatosis.aspx Video transcript available here: http://www.csiro.au/news/transcripts/YouTubeTranscripts/2014/July/The-rabbit-in-Australia.html
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Jima - Humbistari - Sex Kaise Aur Kin Position Me Karna Halal Hai By Adv. Faiz Syed
Join Our WhatsApp Group - https://bit.ly/2y3DQnu Help Us http://irc-india.com/donate.php Contact Us: +91-240-2336984 / +91-240-2330655 / +91-240-2359040 About the Speaker & IRC: NAME: Adv. Faiz Syed DESIGNATION: * Founder & President, Islamic Research Centre Education & Welfare Trust. * President, Al-Kitab Education & Welfare Society. * President, Janseva Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd, Br. Aurangabad (A Non Interest Based Islamic Banking System) * Shura Member, All India Dawah Centres Association - AIDCA * Director IRC TeleMedia Pvt Ltd (IRC TV) FATHER'S NAME: Azam Ali Syed (Saudi Aramco Retired) BORN: 12-Dec-1979. OCCUPATION: Business. EDUCATED AT: * Burhani National English High School, Aurangabad. * Maulana Azad College of Arts Science & Commerce, Aurangabad. * Tom Patrick Institute of Computer & Information Technology, Aurangabad. * Dr. Ambedkar College of Law, Aurangabad. * Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad. UNIVERSITY DEGREES: * B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science in Computers) * M.C.A (Master of Computer Application) * B.G.L (Bachelor of General Laws) * LL.B (Bachelor of Laws) * M.A Islamic Studies. * Fazil e Diniyat from Jamia Diniyat Urdu Deoband. PUBLIC LECTURES: Alhamdulillah Hundreds of Public Lectures usually followed by Question and Answer Sessions given nationally & Internationally more than 425 topics & 25000 Short videos on YouTube. MEDIA PRESENCE: Adv. Faiz Syed is one of the most popular Urdu speaker globally besides YouTube and internet viewership he comes regularly on different satellite TV channels, cable TV and radio channels internationally. LECTURE TOURS: Has given more than 2000 lectures & talks on various subjects followed by Q & A Session on Islam and Comparative Religion in Urdu & Hindi at more than 150 cities in India. Besides speeches in India Adv. Faiz Syed has also given speeches internationally Saudi Arabia: - King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) Dhahran. - World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) Centre at East Dammam. - Jeddah Dawah Centre, Hai Assalamah, Jeddah. - Understand Quran Academy, Jeddah Chapter, Jeddah. - Socio Reforms Society of India, Jeddah. - Co-Operative Office for Call & Guidance Aziziya, Jeddah. - Balad Dawah Centre, Jeddah. - Islamic Education Foundation, Taif. - The Co-Operative Office for Call & Guidance, Madina Al-Munawwara. - Dawa Centre Almaabada, Makkah Al-Mukkaramah. United Arab Emirates: - Al-Manar Centre Dubai. - United Goan Muslim Community, Dubai. - Zayed Bin Mohammed Family Gathering - Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department, Government of Dubai. - Human Care Society, Kuwait. - Madarsa Ayesha Ramaul, Sirha, Nepal He is called for guest lectures at various Institutions, Organizations, Colleges and Schools. ABOUT ISLAMIC RESEARCH CENTRE: Islamic Research Centre (IRC) is a Registered, Non-profit organization, established in 2001 & Adv. Faiz Syed is its founder president. IRC aims to convey the true message of Islam (Peace) to Muslims as well as Non-Muslims with wisdom & beautiful preaching and to remove misconception about Islam among the masses and to provide social and welfare assistance to poor and needy in the field of Education, Health & Charity. IRC uses modern technology for its activities wherever feasible. Its presentation of Islam reaches millions of people worldwide through the internet, cable TV, satellite TV and the print media. IRC's activities and facilities provide the much needed understanding about the truth and excellence of Islamic teachings - based on the glorious Qur'an, authentic Hadith as understood by Salaf of this Ummah and also reason, logic & scientific facts. ACTIVITIES OF ISLAMIC RESEARCH CENTRE STUDENTS WING LADIES' WING CHILDREN'S WING WEEKLY LECTURES GUEST LECTURES APPROVED IOU CENTRE DAWAH TRAINING PROGRAM (DTP) DAWAH TOURS REFERENCE BOOKS LIBRARY MEDIA CELL CAREER GUIDANCE LITERATURE DISTRIBUTION CALL AALIM (SCHOLAR) FACILITY PROGRAMS FOR NON MUSLIMS ISLAMIC CONFERENCE (Every Year In Ramadhan)) ISLAMIC BOOK FAIR (Every Year In January) ISLAMIC SUMMER CAMP (Every Year) EXHIBITION (On Various Themes) BAITULMAAL (CHARITY FUND) STUDY CENTRE CHARITABLE HOSPITAL YOU ARE INVITED TO: Contribute to the Noble cause in Cash, Kind, Zakat & Non-Zakat Fund. Yours suggestion are most welcome. ISLAMIC RESEARCH CENTRE. # 1-23-100, Rohila Gali, Aurangabad - 431001 Maharashtra, India. islam@irc-india.com #AdvFaizSyed #IRCTV
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Intimina Ziggy Cup and my low cervix
watch this video for Intimina ziggy cup un-boxing, I was unable to use this cup as it was quite big for me, i don't think this is suitable for women with low / low-med cervix. To buy Intimina Ziggy Cup in US: https://amzn.to/2MVeBxd To buy menstrual cups in India - https://goo.gl/iupJQ3 To buy menstrual cups in US - https://goo.gl/Pcf1SL Videos on Menstrual Cup FAQs - https://goo.gl/xTK88L Videos on Menstrual Cup Reviews - https://goo.gl/S5updd Visit our website: http://www.hygieneandyou.com/ Join our women's only facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MenstrualCupIndia Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hygieneandyou Twitter: https://twitter.com/hygieneandyou Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hygieneandyou/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Hygieneandyou/ DISCLAIMER: Information provided on this channel and it's videos are for generic purpose only and should not be considered as professional and/or medical advice. This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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Stockmarket Millionaire turned ecstasy dealer interviewed by Psychologist Dr. Becky Spelman
This is the first episode in our online series that interviews interesting people who have lead extraordinary lives delving deep in to their psychological worlds. Cheshire born Shaun Attwood learned how to trade in the Stockmarket at age 14, by age 30 he was a millionaire living in Arizona, USA. A lover of the UK rave scene he wanted to bring the rave scene over to America and as a result started distribution Ecstasy on a large scale. Shaun was arrested and told he would server 200 years in Prison, in the end he severed a total of 6 years in a High Security Prison amongst murders and gang members. Shaun tells Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman his story about drug use, anxiety and surviving prison life.
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Only child pros & cons are presented by Aussie agony aunt Amy for the benefit of families trying to decide their preferred family size. The many benefits of having an only child plus only child problems are compared to help you decide between having an only child vs siblings. SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL at zero cost to you (& usually big discounts for you) BY SHOPPING ONLINE using these affiliate links: http://bit.ly/OnlineShopNEWFROG for electronics, mother & child products, home wares & storage solutions & much more http://bit.ly/UnlimitedRoyaltyFreeVIDEOs75PercentOff http://bit.ly/UnlimitedRoyaltyFreePhotos75PercentOffMembership http://bit.ly/RoyaltyFreeMusicSoundEffectsFreeTrialOrHUGEDiscount IN BRIEF: Amy is an online Agony Aunt giving positive parenting advice about building diverse families, improving family relationships, & improving behaviour through gentle disciplinary strategies. The Ask AMY channel was launched in January 2018. DESTINY CALLS: Amy’s cosy corner of the internet started by a total quirk of fate! Amy is an Australian single mother by choice who unwittingly dropped into 21st century technology by accidentally launching a family channel www.youtube.com/LuckyFortune8Family which now has over 101K subscribers & 49M views. BACKGROUND: Amy had an only child for nearly 9 years before giving birth to 4 more children within 2.5 years. In addition to her own 3 sons and 2 daughters - which include 2 sets of twins - Amy fostered 20 children over 7 years, including same sex twins and sibling groups - before her own boy/girl twins were born. Before being formally, medically retired by the Medical Assessment Tribunal (in March 2014), Amy worked in child care (4 years), created/delivered professional development level courses in behaviour management philosophies & strategies (3 years), plus worked in public schools (2 years), and the child protection sector (8 years). She also has directly relevant, personal experience of the topics discussed; including donor conception, foster parenting, pregnancy loss, parenting multiples, & raising large families. Whilst Amy is permanently, medically unable to resume her prior profession, she believes her years of raising children plus working with child clients and their families enables her to provide useful, generalised information in YouTube's pre-recorded format. DISCLAIMER: Like anything else you find on the internet, Amy's ADVICE SHOULD NOT BE SUBSTITUTED FOR YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT OR THE GUIDANCE OF PROFESSIONALS WHO KNOW YOUR PERSONAL SITUATION. #AskAMY or #AskAMYsKids NB: (i) Amy is unable to advise if/when your question/suggestion will be used; (ii) If/when produced, Amy’s reply video will be intentionally general so that it’s useful to many more people than just the asker; (iii) Private replies are not available. UPLOAD SCHEDULE estimates: * USA (PDT/EST) Friday 12/3 pm * UK (GMT) Friday 7 pm * Australia (AEST) Saturday 5 am NB: Ask AMY videos are currently released weekly. The time & day will vary according to the time zone YOU live in. Please note that Amy’s home state does not have daylight savings, but you may still need to allow for changes which occur in your own location & time zone. GIVING BACK: Video production is costly in time, effort, & practical resources. You can support Amy to continue producing free content (& eventually more frequent content) by: * watching/liking/commenting on Ask AMY videos; * voting in the poll on each video; * subscribing to Ask AMY & switching notifications ON; * sharing this Ask AMY video; * translating Ask AMY videos into other languages at http://bit.ly/HelpTranslateAskAMYvideos * making your own voluntary, non-refundable contribution to Amy's work via paypal.me/LF8F * becoming a Patron of Ask Amy in future (Patreon option is not yet launched for this channel but is available on Amy's family channel); * becoming a moderator in the Ask AMY comments section to ensure our mutually curious & supportive community is preserved (well known & long term subscribers can offer through comments). RESOURCES & LINKS: * Amy’s life as a solo mom by choice: www.youtube.com/LuckyFortune8Family * Click here for videos about building diverse families through foster care, donor conception, & other methods: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiEqHslSvZfDe4WgNplEfeJ5kjnd3sFvs * See Amy's daughter & partner win Australian Figure Skating Championships (novice pairs) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzPUaP_mY7Y&t=272s OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: * TWITTER @Fortune8Family * INSTAGRAM @luckyfortune8family PARTNER WITH Ask AMY: Email luckyfortune8@gmail.com using subject line “Ask AMY Partner Request”. Please provide brief details of your product or service so your potential value to this community can be considered. The Ask AMY team responds to new enquiries most days.
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10 Food Tips for Diabetes
I've being diagnosed with diabetes, what should I eat? It's a common question so we've compiled healthy eating food tips to help you towards a healthy diet. Bear in mind that an appropriate diet for someone with diabetes depends entirely on the individual. http://www.diabetes.co.uk/Food-tips-for-diabetics.html
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Galencia for Commodore 64 Deep Dive Review
This is my review of the Commodore 64 homebrew Galencia. Just in time for the holidays. Enjoy everyone!! CBM Prg Studio: http://www.ajordison.co.uk/ Protovision ordering website: https://www.protovision.games/games/galencia.php?language=en Galencia for Commodore 64 vendor site: https://galencia.itch.io/galencia NTSC VS PAL explanation: http://unusedino.de/ec64/technical/misc/vic656x/pal-ntsc.html Galencia Moments: https://twitter.com/i/moments/893576963390132224 Podcast Audio Interview of Jay Aldred: https://www.podbean.com/site/EpisodeDownload/PB6C0D14A2GXC Review 1: http://8bitstuff.com/2017/11/19/galencia-big-insect-must-die/ Review 2: http://www.ausretrogamer.com/galencia-blasts-onto-your-c64/ Review 3 - Return Magazine English Translation: https://pastebin.com/DLhykAke Upcoming review in Freeze64: https://freeze64.com/ World Record: https://cbm8bit.com/highscores/game/c64/?game=Galencia Developer Diaries: www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=64421 Royalty Free Music obtained from: http://freemusicarchive.org/
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Open Borders? Immigration, Citizenship, and Nationalism in the 21st Century | Janus Forum Series
The Political Theory Project is proud to host David Miller, the Official Fellow and Professor in Social and Political Theory at Nuffield College in Oxford, and Joseph Carens, professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto, two of the leading moral thinkers in political potential and limitations of human migration. Professor Miller and Carens and will present their unique perspectives on immigration and national identity. Friday, February 16, 2018 Brown University
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40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! The Omega-3 and B12 Myth with Dr Michael Greger [High Quality]
Get the Free Interactive Ebook The Guru's Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment https://www.weareinterconnected.com/newsletter 40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! The Omega 3 and B12 Myth with Dr Michael Greger [High Quality] You have permission to download and use this video freely. Original low-quality video at the following link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7KeRwdIH04 Download my free eBook The Journey http://www.weareinterconnected.com Please like, share, and subscribe! http://www.drgreger.org http://www.nutritionfacts.org Video from 2003 About Dr. Michael Greger Michael Greger, MD, FACLM is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, among countless other symposia and institutions; testified before Congress; has appeared on shows such as The Colbert Report and The Dr. Oz Show; and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, among countless other symposia and institutions; testified before Congress; has appeared on shows such as The Colbert Report and The Dr. Oz Show; and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial. Currently, Dr. Greger proudly serves as the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States. Dr. Greger's recent scientific publications in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Biosecurity and Bioterrorism, Critical Reviews in Microbiology, Family & Community Health, and the International Journal of Food Safety, Nutrition, and Public Health explore the public health implications of industrialized animal agriculture. Dr. Greger is also licensed as a general practitioner specializing in clinical nutrition and is a founding member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. He was featured on the Healthy Living Channel promoting his latest nutrition DVDs and honored to teach part of Dr. T. Colin Campbell's esteemed nutrition course at Cornell University. Dr. Greger's nutrition work can be found at NutritionFacts.org, which is now a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity. His latest two books are Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching and Carbophobia: The Scary Truth Behind America's Low Carb Craze. Dr. Greger is a graduate of the Cornell University School of Agriculture and the Tufts University School of Medicine. Dr. Michael Greger talks about why a 40-year vegan dies of a heart attack and all about omega 3's and B12 nutrition and why these two nutrients are so important to all vegans and everyone else. Can vegans die from a heart attack? Yes, it has happened to this 40-year-old vegan, vegetarian since birth. Can vegans die of the same diseases that plague people on the Western standard diet of meat, dairy, and eggs? Sure! Dr. Michael Greger tells us why and how to prevent this. We can prevent many illnesses and diseases as a vegan. As a vegan, we are not full proof. In today's society because of washing our produce, chlorinating our water supply and soil being deficient we may need to supplement certain nutrients. Some amazing facts, documentation, stats and a whole lot of scientific information presented in this lecture. Informative. I never knew this until I saw the video. Amazing video! A must see for everyone, including vegans and vegetarians. Another important video from Dr. Rick Dina on fats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGxcs9xmKDI
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