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Gingivitis and periodontitis - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology
What are gingivitis and periodontitis? Gingivitis and periodontitis are inflammation of the gums and teeth respectively. Find more videos at http://osms.it/more. Hundreds of thousands of current & future clinicians learn by Osmosis. We have unparalleled tools and materials to prepare you to succeed in school, on board exams, and as a future clinician. Sign up for a free trial at http://osms.it/more. Subscribe to our Youtube channel at http://osms.it/subscribe. Get early access to our upcoming video releases, practice questions, giveaways, and more when you follow us on social media: Facebook: http://osms.it/facebook Twitter: http://osms.it/twitter Instagram: http://osms.it/instagram Our Vision: Everyone who cares for someone will learn by Osmosis. Our Mission: To empower the world’s clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible. Learn more here: http://osms.it/mission Medical disclaimer: Knowledge Diffusion Inc (DBA Osmosis) does not provide medical advice. Osmosis and the content available on Osmosis's properties (Osmosis.org, YouTube, and other channels) do not provide a diagnosis or other recommendation for treatment and are not a substitute for the professional judgment of a healthcare professional in diagnosis and treatment of any person or animal. The determination of the need for medical services and the types of healthcare to be provided to a patient are decisions that should be made only by a physician or other licensed health care provider. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition.
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Periodontal Disease
https://www.toothiq.com - Nearly three fourths of adults have some degree of periodontal disease. Aside from the traditionally discussed dental complications of gum recession, tooth root decay, tooth loss, bite collapse and bad breath, there are now well documented medical complications of periodontal disease, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and peripheral vascular disease.
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Rheumatic heart disease | Rheumatic fever |
**************** This video was submitted by Dr.Parag to Dr.Teeth Academy. All the information in this video is solely for educational purposes. **************** Submit your videos at drteeth.academy@gmail.com Find me here : Website : www.drteethacademy.in Facebook: www.facebook.com/drteethacademy Instagram : @doc_teeth Email: drteeth.academy@gmail.com You can join our WhatsApp, Telegram & Facebook groups too :) #drteeth #NEETMDS #dentistry
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Treatment of Advanced Periodontal (Gum) Disease with Non surgical and Surgical Periodontal Therapy.
In this video, Dr kuljeet Mehta-Periodontist, demonstrates periodontal regenerative therapy (Guided tissue regeneration) in a patient due to advanced gum disease (Generalised Severe Chronic Periodontitis). Dr Kuljeet MEHTA-Specialist in Periodontics, FDS RCS (Eng), M. Clin. Dent Periodontics (University of London), MRD (Perio) RCS (Ed). www:kmperio.co.uk
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Dental abscess - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology
What is a dental abscess? Dental abscesses are a mix of immune cells, pathogens such as bacteria like viridans group Streptococcus, and dead tissue. Because there’s no blood supply to the middle of an abscess to deliver antibiotics, it usually needs to be cut open so that the pus can drain out. For periapical abscess, a root canal treatment or extraction has to be performed on the offending tooth. Find our complete video library only on Osmosis Prime: http://osms.it/more. Hundreds of thousands of current & future clinicians learn by Osmosis. We have unparalleled tools and materials to prepare you to succeed in school, on board exams, and as a future clinician. Sign up for a free trial at http://osms.it/more. Subscribe to our Youtube channel at http://osms.it/subscribe. Get early access to our upcoming video releases, practice questions, giveaways, and more when you follow us on social media: Facebook: http://osms.it/facebook Twitter: http://osms.it/twitter Instagram: http://osms.it/instagram Our Vision: Everyone who cares for someone will learn by Osmosis. Our Mission: To empower the world’s clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible. Learn more here: http://osms.it/mission Medical disclaimer: Knowledge Diffusion Inc (DBA Osmosis) does not provide medical advice. Osmosis and the content available on Osmosis's properties (Osmosis.org, YouTube, and other channels) do not provide a diagnosis or other recommendation for treatment and are not a substitute for the professional judgment of a healthcare professional in diagnosis and treatment of any person or animal. The determination of the need for medical services and the types of healthcare to be provided to a patient are decisions that should be made only by a physician or other licensed health care provider. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition.
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severe progressive periodontal disease
patient brushes often and removes what she can but is not able to keep tartar off and gum disease has occurred. There is flabby gum tissue and tartar and slight bone loss around her teeth because she is young (late twenties). Notice the deep red color of the gingiva and the bleeding cause by the air from the air syringe. This is the next stage after severe gingivitis (see other video by that name where there is no bone loss). See severe periodontitis for next step in disease process. Craig S Kohler DDS MBA MAGD practices in Wilmette, IL. Visit him at his website at http://www.kohlerdentistry.com
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Severe Gum Disease is a Public Health Problem, Advanced Gum Disease Treatment Needed
TEL: 0121 270 6465 - SEVERE PERIODONTITIS IS THE 6TH MOST PREVALENT DISEASE OF HUMANS Dr Amit Patel - Dental Implants Periodontist   9 Waterfront Walk, Birmingham B1 1TX Phone: 0121 270 6465 http://www.specialistinperiodontics.com http://plus.google.com/114533237907978700121/about severe gum disease advanced gum disease treatment severe gingivitis severe gingivitis treatment severe gum disease treatment advanced gingivitis treatment Iain Chapple - Birmingham University (UK) We are unequivocal about this. Severe periodontitis is a significant public health problem. And the latest data tells us that over 11 percent of the world population suffer from Severe Periodontitis. So it's the sixth most prevalent disease of humans! Periodontitis itself is probably the most prevalent but Severe Periodontitis is the sixth most prevalent disease in humans. So it's not only important from the point of view of tooth retention, quality of life, self-esteem etc., but also it's that form of disease that is significantly and independently associated with the other systemic diseases of aging, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc. So, Severe Periodontitis, we are fairly unequivocal about, is a public health problem from the point of view of tooth retention and oral health. But it is also a public health concern in terms of general health and longevity. And the profession have to convince the public health sector that Severe Periodontitis is a significant public health problem. We shouldn't need to do it as the World Health Organization have identified this and flagged it up. But there seems to be some resistance or some negativity in some public health circles to Severe Periodontitis being a public health problem. We have to be absolutely clear it is a public health problem. Not just from an oral health standpoint, that's what we are most interested in, but also from a general health standpoint. To what extent should we be investing resource, time and energy in trying to manage Periodontitis? And so we have some fairly clear agreement that the majority of patients will have some degree of mild localised gingival inflammation in their mouths that does not necessarily represent a public health concern. In fact, it probably doesn't. What represents a public health concern is where there is more widespread and significant gingivitis because that is, if you like, part of the same pathway that leads to Periodontitis. Now with Periodontitis, there are mild forms of the disease. Again, one could argue that perhaps isn't a major public health concern. But the severe disease is. Because the severe disease leads to tooth loss. It's what leads to impact on quality of life, on the ability to eat, so on nutrition, on bad breath and on speech and a whole host of other issues on patients' self-esteem. [Credit: The main video segment was provided by EFP, the European Federation of Periodontology] http://youtu.be/QLgFHPlAq_k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLgFHPlAq_k http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=QLgFHPlAq_k http://youtube.com/embed/QLgFHPlAq_k http://youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QLgFHPlAq_k http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QLgFHPlAq_k
Aggressive Periodentitis
Aggressive Periodontitis By : Mr.Mohammad Al Timani
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Periodontal Disease 3D animation
See more videos on - 4Dent Tube - http://4dent.net/video
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Periodontal diseases - chronic periodontitis
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Periodontal Disease & Treatment
This video describes Periodontal Disease (also known as periodontitis or gum disease) and the treatments used by dental professionals.
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Periodontal infection
Log on http://drmuna.com/periodontal-infection/ for more information on Periodontal infection.
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Aggressive periodontitis
http:--www.dentinaltubules.com-browse-video for more videos and full video of this lecture
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Chronic Periodontitis (gum disease)
That's what happens when you don't visit the dentist regularly and leave gum disease untreated. Your teeth will eventually fall out. For more information on gum disease visit http://www.perio.org
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periodontal disease Periodontitis 3d medical animation company studio 3d visualization health care s
www.Medical3DAnimationCompany.com Email us: solutions@Medical3DAnimationCompany.com Periodontitis means "inflammation around the tooth" - it is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and bone that supports the tooth. All periodontal diseases, including periodontitis, are infections which affect the periodontium. Part of a patient education series showing the various dental conditions and treatments. For more work examples, visit our website - www.Medical3DAnimationCompany.com Email us: solutions@Medical3DAnimationCompany.com
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★ Gingivitis Disease | Learn How I Cured My Gingivitus Permanently Without Surgery!
Tags gingivitis disease gingivitis disease pictures gingivitis disease treatment gingivitis gum disease gingivitis heart disease gingivitis heart disease related gingivitis systemic disease gingivitis autoimmune diseases gingivitis alzheimer's disease gingivitis periodontal disease photos gingivitis disease symptoms gingivitis disease icd 9 gingivitis gum disease treatment gums disease and heart periodontal disease and gingivitis gums autoimmune disease is gingivitis a disease gingivitis and autoimmune disease the disease gingivitis affects to which part of the human body gingivitis coronary artery disease periodontal disease acute ulcerative gingivitis disease after gingivitis gingivitis bone disease gums bleeding disease gingivitis cardiovascular disease gingivitis celiac disease gingivitis crohn's disease gums disease cure gums disease causes gingivitis gum disease contagious gum disease gingivitis cure gingivitis most common disease the gum disease gingivitis commercial gingivitis dental disease gums disease during pregnancy gingivitis gum disease pictures preventing gingivitis gum disease mouthwash for gingivitis gum disease images of gingivitis gum disease natural remedies gingivitis gum disease home remedies gingivitis gum disease gums disease home remedy gums heart disease gums heart disease symptoms gingivitis and heart disease in cats gingivitis sign of heart disease gums disease in dogs gums disease in cats gums disease images gum disease gingivitis is it contagious gingivitis and periodontal disease in pregnancy gingivitis and periodontal disease in dogs gingivitis kidney disease gingivitis lyme disease gingivitis liver disease gums liver disease gingivitis and lung disease gingivitis mouth disease gums disease mouthwash gums disease names periodontal disease or gingivitis gingivitis and oral disease disease of gingivitis gums disease pictures gums disease photos periodontal disease gingivitis gums disease symptoms gums disease treatment at home gums disease treatment gums disease types periodontal disease vs gingivitis gums disease wiki periodontal disease without gingivitis gingivitis and heart disease 2010
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Controlling Inflammation May Control Gum Disease Michigan
Chronic inflammation can negatively affect all organs and tissues of the body and has been linked to gum disease and consequently linked to several other systemic diseases. This link has caused a change in the way we look at gum disease. Because of this new focus on inflammation, there has been a shift in the way periodontists view gum disease and its relationship to other disease states. When chronic inflammation is uncontrolled, it can lead to many systemic diseases, often starting with gum disease and leading to cardiovascular disease, stroke, many cancers and others; but when inflammation is constrained, the associated chronic inflammatory diseases may be repressed as well. Distributed by Tubemogul. www.drnemeth.com Twitter: drjosephnemeth Youtube: josephrnemeth Instagram: drnemethdds Facebook: Joseph R Nemeth
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Heart Disease Risk Associated With Gum disease
At Woodbury Dental Practice and Tenterden Aesthetic & Laser Clinic Dr Vadgama and his team pride themselves on providing the very best dental care and treatment in harmony with the latest non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. We are committed to excellence and providing a bespoke individual service tailored to your concerns in a welcoming atmosphere. Our clinic offers the latest state of the art dental technology which can be combined with non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures to restore smiles, confidence and health. Our dental services include comprehensive general dental care, cosmetic dentistry and implants. We offer a full range of non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures ranging from Botox and facial fillers to skin resurfacing, tightening and pain-free laser hair removal.
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Periodontal Disease Gingivitis - Roseville Dentist
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The Dentist and Your Health - Your #1 Source for Periodontal Disease Information
Your #1 Source for Periodontal Disease Information - Expert Periodontal Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Dentistry is a lot more than just beautiful smiles. Dentistry is important to your health. Researchers have discovered an important connection between periodontal disease and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pre-term low birth weight babies, cancers, Alzheimer's, respiratory disease, kidney disease plus others. The link between periodontal and health remains very strong. Expert Periodontal Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Oral Related Health Diabetes Cardiovascular Disease Endocarditis Heart Disease Joint Replacement Pregnancy Reproductive Health Smoking Cessation Stroke & More If you do require periodontal treatment it can now be done painlessly with lasers, avoiding surgery in most cases. The treatment has no side effects and will in fact enhance your immune system and overall health. Now Dental of Suffolk 496 Smithtown Bypass Suite 300 Smithtown, NY 11787 Just West Of Route 111 631-360-8000 http://www.nowdentalofsuffolk.com http://www.dentalimplant.net D.D.S., DICOI ( Dentistry - Dentist - Dental ) Now Dental of Suffolk
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Periapical abscess: Pathogenesis, Clinical Features & Paths of spread (Teaser)
Watch the video on our website: https://hackdentistry.com/courses/oral-pathology-medicine-video/lessons/periapical-pathology/ Periapical abscess or a dento-alveolar abscess is a pyogenic infection of the periapical region. This suppurative process may develop from an acute apical periodontitis or an already existing chronic lesion like a periapical granuloma. Script/Illustration/Narration: Sanketh MDS Sound Effects: https://www.freesound.org https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/soundeffects You could also get access to: i)"Premium" videos(not on YouTube), ii) Illustrated scripts of all our videos(Transcripts), and iii) thousands of Multiple Choice Questions on our website hackdentistry.com! Check them out! Check out our free trial: https://hackdentistry.com/hackdentistry-subscription-plan/ Website: https://hackdentistry.com Watch more videos: https://hackdentistry.com/course-videos/ Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/HackDentistry?sub_confirmation=1 HackDentistry is an edtech company that aims make learning dentistry fun,engaging and light hearted. 1) It focuses on helping students understand and retain core concepts in dentistry through highly visual sketch/whiteboard style video animations. 2) The platform helps improve exam performance by providing numerous revision notes and allowing students to test themselves using thousands of practice questions (multiple choice format). 3) It also provides for a crowd-sourcing platform, in which students can create their own notes and multiple choice questions and share it with their peers and other users in the platform, encouraging active learning. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hackdentistry Twitter: https://twitter.com/hckdentistry
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Periodontal Abscess.
Dr Kuljeet Mehta is the Specialist Periodontist, practices a full scope of periodontics with expertise ranging from dental implants to cosmetic periodontal surgery, gum grafting. Dr Kuljeet MEHTA-Specialist in Periodontics, FDS RCS (Eng), M. Clin. Dent Periodontics (University of London), MRD (Perio) RCS (Ed). www:kmperio.co.uk
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Dental Patient Education: Gum Disease and its Effects
Dental Patient education, gum disease can worsen diabetes and cause heart diseases, stroke and other immune system problems. People with gum diseases get tired easily and have a poor digestive function in their body. Pregnant mothers need to get a dental clearance from their dentists as gum disease can cause premature or still-born babies. Animation by Xtranormal
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Chronic Periodontitis
TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! 14-Day Risk Free Trial. Secret Gum Disease
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7 Effective Home Remedies For Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease) That You Should know
A recent study found that close to 75% of the population suffer from gum disease at some point or the other. Several factors like improper oral hygiene, unhealthy eating habits, etc., can cause infection in the gums. Gum disease is also referred to as periodontal disease. The symptoms of this disease heavily depend on the severity of the infection. People suffering from this disease often complain of swollen gums, bleeding, pain, etc. But, fortunately, in most cases the disease is treatable. Infact, there are several home remedies that are known to kill the infection-causing bacteria and promote oral health. So, today at Boldsky, we've compiled a list of 7 of the most effective home remedies to get relief from the symptoms of gum disease. These remedies are used worldwide, as they not only treat gum disease but also prevent your mouth from becoming an ideal environment for bacteria to breed. Also, in case the symptoms turn from acute to chronic, you must consult your dentist to get the right treatment on time. Keeping that in mind, watch on to know more about the potent home remedies that can help you fight off the infection. 1. Oil Pulling This ancient method of swishing oil in the mouth is known to be highly effective in eradicating gum disease. You can either use sunflower or sesame oil for this oral therapy. Other than curing gum disease, this remedy can also help you to get rid of bad breath and other micro-organisms that cause gum disease, in the first place. 2. Turmeric Turmeric is an enriched source of anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents. Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder with water to make a thick paste. Use this paste to brush your mouth, especially the gum area. Do this on a regular basis to be able to have an infection-free mouth. 3. Hydrogen Peroxide This is, hands down, one of the most effective remedies that can help you fight the bacteria that causes gum disease. Rinsing your mouth with diluted hydrogen peroxide will not only treat periodontal disease but also prevent tooth decay, cavities and discolouring of your teeth. Include this in your oral routine to reap the benefits of this potent remedy. 4. Garlic We know that the very idea of chewing raw garlic can make anyone cringe. Mainly because garlic has a very distinctive pungent taste that makes it highly unpleasant to be eaten raw. But several studies have found that the anti-bacterial properties of garlic make it one of the most effective remedies that prevent an oral infection from spreading or getting worst. 5. Salt Water Rinsing your mouth with salt water is great for getting relief from the swelling and discomfort in the gums. Do this at least 3-4 times in a day to reduce the annoying symptoms of gum infection. The anti-bacterial agents present in salt can effectively destroy the bacteria that cause infection and other oral issues. 6. Sage Leaves Freshly brewed tea of sage leaves might taste a little bitter, but its healing effects will do your gums a great deal of good. Alternatively, you can rub sage leaves onto your gums to get relief from the irritating symptoms. Not only is this remarkable herb effective in treating gum disease but it is also known to prevent it from recurring in the future. 7. Neem Since centuries, people have used dried neem leaves in various forms to heal gum disease. Infact, you can just chew neem leaves to treat gum disease, prevent tooth decay and maintain overall oral health. Or, you can also mix it with baking soda and water to make a mouthwash and use it regularly to fight off the painful symptoms of gum disease. Video URL : https://youtu.be/_dh6u4y20-E
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Periodontal Disease Worsens Diabetes
http://www.berkeleyperiodontist.com Keith Chertok, D.D.S. Berkeley CA Periodontist 510-423-0748 Dr. Keith Chertok graduated in the top five percent of his class from the New York University College of Dentistry and was elected to the honor society Omicron Kappa Upsilon. He received the Quintessence Award for excellence in Periodontics and went on to complete a Hospital Residency program at the New York VA hospital. Dr. Chertok then came to California to study at UCSF where he received his specialty training in Periodontics and Implantology. He taught at the Dugoni School of Dentistry (UoP) and UCSF dental school, and continues his love of teaching by offering continuing education courses to dentists and dental hygienists. Dr. Chertok is the attending Periodontist in charge of periodontal education for the dental residents at the Veterans Hospital Healthcare System of Northern California at Mare Island. To learn more about tooth replacement and dental implants, visit http://www.berkeleyperiodontist.com/Treatments/IntroductiontoDentalImplants.aspx To discover more about gum disease treatment options and LANAP laser gum surgery, please visit http://www.berkeleyperiodontist.com/Treatments/LANAPLaserTreatment.aspx To request an appointment, please visit http://www.berkeleyperiodontist.com/Contact/Appointments.aspx
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Periodontal disease, how to find parasites in dental plaque biofilm with Dr Mark Bonner
http://www.periocureiip.com Periodontal disease is often considered as a bacterial disorder; however, other factors could be responsible for the progression from gingivitis to periodontitis. Though bloodsucking parasites are detected in gingival pockets, they are rarely treated. We propose an original, innovative approach to treat periodontitis based on the scientific, microscopic description of the content of infected sulci. Use phase contrast microscope at 100x magnification to find amiba nests in fresh smear from deepest pockets biofilm, than confirm your search visualizing parasites at 1000x. Make sure to use saliva in preparing the biofilm as a mounting media, otherwise other liquids will deform them to the point they are not reconnaisable. Our findings confirm that amoebae are constantly present during active periodontal disease and that a treatment that targets them and backward step to commensal bacterial biofilm free of white cells leads to definitive cure. This method provides the healthcare practitioners with new strategies to heal periodontitis, with a medicinal approach integrating microscopic monitoring, chemical therapy, behavioural modification and patient information. Your general health might also get better after healing. For more information read "To Kiss or Not to Kiss"or "Tantas bocas por curar... de los parasitos que las vampirizan. Vencer la periodontitis" Amyris Editions or contact http://www.parodontite.com Be carefull « PERIODONTITIS » You probably are INFECTED WITH PARASITES nobody tells you!
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Cardiovascular Aspects in RA and SLE - Ep. 8
The Rheumatology Highlights Report Series is designed for the busy clinician and provides highlights from key scientific presentations and/or abstracts presented at the most recent national and international rheumatology meetings. The Cardiovascular Aspects in RA and SLE webcast highlights comorbidities and management of cardiovascular (CV) disease in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients. To learn more about the Rheumatology Highlights Report series or to claim CME credit, visit http://www.ccfcme.org/15minutes The video was produced by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Center for Continuing Education and the RJ Fasenmyer Center for Clinical Immunology.
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Periodontitis gum disease amiba vampirising leucocytes: exonucleophagy
http://www.periocureiip.com Gum disease is characterised by complete correlation presence of the animal parasite Entamoeba gingivalis. This bloodsucking amiba feeds on nucleus of leukocyte defense cell and leave defense cell whithout nucleus completely out of control carrying proteolytic enzyme on delicate gingival tissues and promote bone destruction holding the teeth. It is an aggressive predator. To cure from the periodontal disease, remove amibea, leukocytes and pathogen bacteria. To do this, dentist can use the micoscope and by diagnostic analysis of the biofilm will provide necessary medication and treatment to get rid of the infection. Be carefull « PERIODONTITIS » You probably are INFECTED WITH PARASITES nobody tells you! For periodontitis cure see http://youtu.be/ZEQo2ZKphC0 Mark Bonner dmd 819 260 1086 For more information read : "To Kiss or not to Kiss. A Cure for Gum Disease" Amyris Editions 2013, Mark Bonner. Watch for periodontitis is associated with higher risk of cardiac disease, renal disease, pulmonary disease, premature baby, Alzheimer disease, osteoporosis, oral and colorectal cancer, rhumatoid arthritis, obesity and cognitive difficulty.
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Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention in a Dental Practice
The facts are these: If your patients have periodontal disease, they are twice as likely to die of a heart attack and three times as likely to have a stroke. This is a big deal, and you can easily implement systems in your practice to help your patients reduce their risk for life-threatening disease. Have you seen a reduction in overall health complications in your patients after helping them with their periodontal problems? Comment on my blog at http://www.drdansindelar.com/the-best-way-to-give-your-patients-more/
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Inflammation and the Oral Systemic Connection
Once a 4910...always a 4910 Treatable! Inflammation and the Oral Systemic Connection A Special Crown Council Webinar Featuring: Brad Bale, MD Amy Doneen, MSN, ARNP Founders of the Bale-Doneen Method. The only medical providers in America that guarantee NO heart attacks for their patients under treatment. And Dr. Thomas W. Nabors, DDS. One of Dentistry's foremost authorities on periodontal disease and oral bacterial testing. Discover: * What periodontal disease REALLY has to do with heart disease...from the perspective of a medical provider. * Essentials of becoming an "Oral Medicine" expert in your market. * STOP! When you should never perform a procedure on a patient. * How assessing heart attack risk is undergoing a radical change and what you need to know TODAY to help your perio patients. * Developing new referral sources in the medical community. * Never look at a medical history the same!
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Aggressive Periodontitis. Epilog.mpg
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Gingivitis Treatment | How To Treat Gingivitis At Home
Click here: http://howardtips.com/treat-gingivitis Gingivitis Treatment | How To Treat Gingivitis At Home Discovery Health "5 Home Remedies for Gingivitis" › ... › Oral Care › Oral Care Products? 5 home remedies for gingivitis are explained in this article by Discovery Fit & Health. Learn more about the 5 home remedies for gingivitis here in this article. Gum Disease (Gingivitis and Periodontitis) Symptoms, Treatments ... /oral-health/guide/gingivitis-periodontal-disease? WebMD's guide to gum disease, also called gingivitis and periodontal disease. How to Cure Gingivitis: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow ... › Teeth and Mouth › Oral Diseases? How to Cure Gingivitis. Gingivitis is a common form of periodontal disease that causes the gums to become inflamed, irritated and red. If it isn't treated promptly, ... Gingivitis Causes, Diagnosis & Treatments - Clinical Key /topics/infectious-disease/gingivitis.html? Usually no treatment is necessary; In adults: The incidence of gingivitis increases with age, peaking at around age 34; In the elderly: High incidence of ... Signs & Symptoms of Gingivitis | Colgate® Oral Care Information ...Health.../What-is-Gingivitis-Signs-and-Symptoms.cv...? What is gingivitis? Simply put, gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums -- it's the initial stage of gum disease and believe it or not, gingivitis treatment is pretty ... Gingivitis: Treatments and drugs - MayoClinic.com ... › Diseases and Conditions › Gingivitis › Basics? Prompt treatment can usually reverse symptoms of gingivitis and prevent its progression to more serious gum disease and tooth loss. Effective treatment requires ... Gingivitis - MayoClinic.com /health/gingivitis/DS00363? Gingivitis — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention of ... But it's important to take gingivitis seriously and treat it promptly. Gingivitis - Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment of Gingivitis - NY Times ... Times Health Guide › g Feb 22, 2012 - Gingivitis is a form of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is inflammation and infection that destroys the tissues that support the teeth, ... Gingivitis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia wiki/Gingivitis? Jump to Treatment - Treatment[edit]. Analgesic and antiseptic gum paint with applicator buds used in treatment of gingivitis. The focus of treatment for ... Periodontal (Gum) Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments › Oral Health › Topics › Gum (Periodontal) Diseases? Jump to Gingivitis - Gingivitis. The longer plaque and tartar are on teeth, the more harmful they become. The bacteria cause inflammation of the gums that ... How can I treat gingivitis at home? - Yahoo! Answers All Categories › Health › Dental? Mar 10, 2008 - Well, I have slight gingivitis, so I would like to know some easy at-home remedies for gums. Today, I've tried a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, ... Gum Disease (Gingivitis) Treatment, Symptoms, Stages, Cure ... .. › gum disease index? by Steven B. Horne Sep 13, 2013 - Read about gum disease (gingivitis) treatment, symptoms, stages, cures, home remedies, and more. How to Treat Gingivitis | Tips for Curing Gingivitis - FreySmiles /blog/.../how-to-stop-gingivitis-in-its-tracks? by Scott Frey - in 51 Google+ circles Four great tricks you can use to quickly stop and cure gingivitis. How to Treat Gingivitis Using Home Remedies? - Ask.com Q&A › Health › Dentistry? Use a little salt and add it to a cup of warm water to make a saline solution. Wash your mouth with this solution twice a day that is in the morning and in the. Gingivitis - Home Remedies For You /remedy/Gingivitis.html? Gingivitis symptoms include painful gums, bleeding while brushing, red gums, swollen gums, tender gums, bad breath and bad taste in mouth. Lean on natural ... Gum disease - Treatment - NHS Choices Conditions/Gum-disease/Pages/Treatment.aspx? by NHS Choices - ?2012 Acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG) should always be treated by a dentist. However, if you see your GP before visiting a dentist, they may provide you ... Gingivitis - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Diagnosis - Condition ... Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums (known to doctors as the gingiva) caused by bacteria. Eventually the bacteria can get into the bones at the root of the ... 3209 Eden Drive San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 related to how to treat gingivitis [how to treat gingivitis at home] "how to treat gingivitis at home" how to treat gingivitis at home how to treat gingivitis naturally how to treat gingivitis without a dentist how to treat gingivitis in adults how to treat gingivitis in babies how to treat gingivitis with brace How To Treat Gingivitis http://www.youtube.com/user/treatgingivitis
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The best gum disease information
http://www.oramd.com/ Gum disease is an immense problem among adults. Common gum diseases include gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is the inflammation of gum tissue, and is marked by bleeding, swollen gums. Gum disease information: Periodontitis involves damage to the periodontal ligament, which connects each tooth to the bone. It also involves damage to the alveolar bone to which teeth are attached. Periodontitis and gingivitis are caused primarily by bacterial dental plaque.
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Gum Disease, Gingivitis - Initial Stage Clinical Picture
www.myteethandgums.com Disease of gums is known as gingivitis. Signs include bleeding, swelling, foul odour(bad breath) halitosis. This stage disease is reversible & negative radiographic finding.
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Oral Health Basics - Dental Disease
Welcome to the "Brushing Up on Mouth Care" education series. In this series, we are focusing on personal daily mouth care for older adults. Many older adults experience a decline in physical and mental health as they age. This often leaves them dependant on others to assist them with their personal care needs There are five learning modules in this series that relate to various aspects of providing daily mouth care. http://www.ahprc.dal.ca/projects/oral-care/educational-videos.asp This is module number one, Oral Health Basics. In this session we will review: a) the Importance of oral health b) Dental Disease c) Prevention - How can you help prevent dental disease? d) Daily oral health assessments e) Personal oral care a. Tool kits b. Care cards f) The role of the care provider (in delivering daily oral care) Please note that these educational videos were developed for use in Long Term Care and therefore the term 'resident' is used throughout to describe the recipient of care. However, this information is also valuable to those providing care in other settings such as home care and acute care. In these instances, please take the term 'resident' to mean client, patient, loved one, or whatever term best describes the person you are caring for. Please review Terms of Use Agreement for the 'Brushing Up on Mouth Care' educational video series. http://www.ahprc.dal.ca/projects/oral-care/termsofuse.asp
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Inflammation and Periodontal Disease from the American Academy of Periodontology
Dr. Pamela McClain, past-president of the American Academy of Periodontology and practicing periodontist, discusses the relationship between inflammation and periodontal disease.
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Heart Diseases: Sub-acute inflammation of the heart.  © Pankaj Oudhia
This film is a part of report titled "Pankaj Oudhia's Healing Herbs for Unique Symptoms." by Pankaj Oudhia. For details please visit http://www.pankajoudhia.com/index.html This Film is a part of plus 7000 parts series. It is better to watch this film after reading the research documents in order to understand it in real sense.
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Periodontitis gum disease parasite specific infection. Dr Mark Bonner
http://www.periocureiip.com To cure gum disease, find a dentist with a microscope and ask to remove amibae bloodsucking parasites, leukocytes white cells (pus) and pathogen mobile bacteria. Avoid surgery first. Treat medically. Most important remove hematophagous parasites which form nests and affect your immune defense cells.Amibae nourrishes from PMN nucleus and impair normal immune response (exonucleophagy process). Need a microscope to evaluate the microbiota and assure result of your therapy. For cure see http://youtu.be/ZEQo2ZKphC0 Mark Bonner dmd 819 260 1086 For more information read : "To Kiss or not to Kiss. A Cure for Gum Disease" Amyris Editions 2013, Mark Bonner.
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Periodontitis Typical Active dental plaque biofilm: Oral Amebiasis
http://www.periocureiip.com Mark Bonner. Active Periodontal Disease biofilm. 100x biofilm appearance with motile bacteria, leucocytes and larger spots which are ameba. At 1000x you can see the enormous parasites nesting in the biofilm in active periodontitis (100% correlation). One long ameba with uroid and capping phenomenon, suggesting strong defense against host and a long one also phagocything the nucleous of a leucocyte, suggesting a vampirism phenomenon against host leaving a ghost leucocyte uncontroled cell in the tissus. To heal from periodontal disease, have a dentist check your biofilm for amebiasis and get rid of those parasites. Find the ideal commensal biofilm on a subsequent film "cure gum disease". Be carefull « PERIODONTITIS » You probably are INFECTED WITH PARASITES nobody tells you! For more information read : "To Kiss or not to Kiss. A Cure for Gum Disease" Amyris Editions 2013, Mark Bonner.
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Gum Disease Stanton, 57-85% Dentist Discount Gingivitis, Periodontics,Heart Disease, Kidney Failure
http://Healthcare4Pennies.com Gum Disease Stanton CA, 57-85% Dentist Discount Gingivitis, Periodontics, Heart Disease Garden Grove, Anaheim Kidney Failure Huge dental discount at any dentist in the world. It is better than any dental insurance. Gum Disease Stanton CA Dentist Stanton CA gives us an insight on periodontal disease and some of the consequences that come along with this dental problem. Gum disease is a periodontal problem that targets the gums. After attacking the gums this problem doesn't stop. It continues, and then it attacks the bone. Some of the symptoms of periodontal disease are inflammation of the gums. Researchers have linked gum disease to heart attacks, premature birth, diabetes, respiratory diseases, kidney, and liver disease. It can cause also heart diseases. Pregnant mothers should get a dental clearance at the early stage of their pregnancy. Periodontal disease needs serious attention. Above video is created using Xtranormal. Visit Implant Dentist Stanton CA or Click on the following link for more dentistry videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/DentistCalifornia Gum Disease Stanton CA treatmentsalso serves the following cities & zip codes : Garden Grove, Anaheim, Cypress, Westminster, Buena Park, 90680, 92841, 92804, 92845, 90630.
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nasty bugs in your mouth—spirochetes
Clustering spirochetes in a child. Spirochetes cause disease in man. Oral spirochetes have been found in the brains of alzheimers patients, in the plaques of heart disease patients, and are perhaps the link between gum disease and heart attack. The spores of spirochetes have been found in virtually all coronary artery plaques.These spirochetes are microscopically indistinguishable from syphilis or lyme disease spirochetes. Oral spirochetes have been found in the brains of alzheimer's patients. We believe that oral spirochetes are the primary injurious agent in two other chronic diseases that plague man, heart disease and diabetes. These things breed by the trillions in the gingival sulcus and invade into the body by millions moving via the de-epitheliazed gingival sulcus into the blood stream then into cells found along the blood stream. Primarily the endothelial cells lining blood vessels, and the Islets of langerhans cells in the pancreas, as well as the brain. We have not seen anyone with heart disease or diabetes who are not infected with oral spirochetes. Recent papers have proven the alzeheimers plaques are created by these spirochetes which breed in the crevice between the tooth and the gum and under plaque bacteria. The use of tooth cleaning agents will not remove these spirochetes. The only effective methods we have found is Dakins solution. Vigorous rinses for at least two minutes with Dakins or Dakins in a WaterPic®. The use of the Dakins which is a 20:1 dilution of clorox bleach is by far the most effective technique for killing spirochetes in between the teeth as well as the more accessible areas. Tooth pastes are good for cleaning teeth! But this is a different problem entirely. Spirochetes form spores which require daily disinfection of the crevice between the tooth and gum. The only thing which will dissolve plaque(the vegetative bacteria which cause tooth decay) off a tooth surface without friction is clorox diluted in water at a 20:1 water/clorox ratio. This material is cheap effective and absolutely works but no one can sell it to you for a high price, so not one cent of marketing money will be spent to educate the public! This is tragic in the extreme. We have research grade microscopes to show the spirochetes. The only effective techniques involve using bactericidal materials such as clorox and high concentrations of baking soda... Other things such as hydrogen peroxide, povidone iodine, chlorhexidiene, and table salt have drawbacks in daily use. Tooth pastes are valuable in stopping and treating tooth decay, but flossing and brushing with tooth paste or oral rinses with items such as scope, listerine will not guarantee a kill, and in comparison to clorox are very expensive over a lifetime. Patients wonder if clorox is toxic. While it tastes terrible, it is harmless when diluted to 0.3 percent, that is a 20:1 dilution of 6% clorox. Clorox turns into table salt in the stomach if swallowed. There will be some initial stinging of the skin in the mouth when first used! That goes away when the skin heals after a few uses. Use at night before going to bed and do not rinse the mouth after. If irritation develops move to mornings. Use at night when saliva flow shuts down will keep the material killing for a longer time when not rinsed out.. Finally, we have tried them all and brushing with copious amounts of baking soda forcing it into the gums and in between the teeth one time daily and then using a WaterPic® with the dilute clorox solution will give the best results. What are those results? Absolutely no leakage of the seal where the tooth come out of the skin. The Gum is a specialized tissue designed to seal the skeleton where it come out thru the skin. The teeth are the only part of the skeleton which is out side the skin... So it cannot heal itself. Use of a good fluoride tooth paste at night will do much to stop tooth decay. Never eating sugar or carbohydrates between meals will assure no tooth decay in those with normal saliva. Yours in better dental health, http://www.martinimplants.com Dr. Douglas M. Martin DDS, FAAID, FAIT, FICOI/ID ABOI/ID.
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Dentist North Hollywood CA, Periodontal Disease, Dr. Kamran Sahabi
http://dentistnorthhollywoodca.com Dentist North Hollywood CA, Dr. Kamran Sahabi, discusses periodontal disease. A periodontal disease attacks the gums and can vary from simple gum inflammation to serious diseases that can result in major damage to the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth. In the worst cases, teeth are lost. Our mouths are full of bacteria. These bacteria constantly form a sticky, colorless plaque on teeth. Brushing and flossing can help get rid of plaque. Periodontal disease is divided is two stages. Gingivitis is bacteria caused by inflammation of the gums. Periodontitis occurs when gingivitis is not treated. Gums pull away from the teeth and form spaces called "pockets" that become infected. The body's immune system fights the bacteria as the plaque spreads and grows below the gum line. Natural response to infection starts to break down the bone and connective tissue that hold teeth in place. If not treated, the bones, gums and tissue that support the teeth are destroyed. For further information about periodontal disease and treatments, contact dentist North Hollywood CA, Dr. Kamran Sahabi's practice today for an appointment. Follow the link for more related videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/drkamransahabi?feature=mhum Dr. Kamran Sahabi also serves the following cities: Glendale CA, Montrose CA, Verdugo City CA, La Canada Flintdridge CA, La Cresenta CA, and Burbank CA.
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Periodontitis Disease And Its Types
Periodontitis is the advanced form of Untreated gingivitis. It affects every age people's and the most common cause of damaged and crocked teethes and gums. Visit us: http://www.drkezian.com/los-angeles-dentist.php
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Periodontal disease symptoms, Necrotizing Periodontal Diseas
Periodontal disease Symptoms, Necrotizing Periodontal Disease,The Causes of Sick Gums, Pyorrhea by Dr. George Meinig,DDS.
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Healthy Gums vs Gum Disease
This is a video showing the difference between healthy gum bacteria and aggressive gum disease using a digital dental microscope. http://www.alifarahanidds.ca
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कान का पर्दा फटना । Homeopathic Medicine For Perforated Eardrum ? explain ! My formula
Namaskar Dosto is video me maine perforated ear drum ke baare me jaankari dee hai or uski Homeopathic Medicine batayi hai . topic of video how to treat perforated eardrum causes of perforated eardrum chronic otitis media sign and symptoms of perforated eardrum homeopathic medicine for perforated eardrum Homeopathic treatment for perforated eardrum kaan ke Parde ko kaise Sahi kare कान के परदे को कैसे सही करें कान में मवाद आना Homeopathic medicine ledum pal 30 2 drops 3 times a day perforated eardrum formula pulsatilla 6ch silicia6ch Kali Muriaticum 6ch mixed in equal proportion 3 drops three times a day hepar sulph 200 two drops in morning Thank you for watching my videos Always connected Please subscribe to my channel My contact number is 79 87 18 00 33 WhatsApp messenger only thanku My videos ASK UR DR: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIfBy-TMcuAcWddZT1XbDXZuS_SbdVZcL Homeopathic Medicine: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIfBy-TMcuAdPlKpjV79gyEUgRouZqsf1 Disease: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIfBy-TMcuAcvtPlZEovZRhE5Kp7m7MXS prevention: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIfBy-TMcuAeM9BCbqFSxzkgbzcRGRLpN face: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIfBy-TMcuAfIL6oKqeMZ3YaTWAF__3Lq live: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIfBy-TMcuAepptcMf9QM0wuMZKBSAvQU Skin: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIfBy-TMcuAf35mwjkgkSs2aPkqoOxMqC hair: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIfBy-TMcuAfxnQM7Mqo8xSPyOk5K8URS heart disease: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIfBy-TMcuAcbDXoSLijLsKItg0j_prE3 youtube https://www.youtube.com/drkirtivikramsingh facebook https://www.facebook.com/saihomeopathicclinic/?ref=bookmarks Introduction website http://homeopathyart.com BOOKS 1 Solved Multiple Choice Questions UPSC & M.D. Entrance Examination: 1 http://amzn.to/2rEwi6D 2 Rapid Prescribing Using Peculiar Symptoms: 1 http://amzn.to/2qKdO4E 3Boericke's New Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica with Repertory:Third Revised & Augmented Edition Based on Ninth Edition http://amzn.to/2qK0RaW 4Boenninghausen's Therapeutics Pocket Book: 1 http://amzn.to/2qJZHMM 5Homeopathy for Today’s World: Discovering Your Animal, Mineral, or Plant Nature http://amzn.to/2qKfMC4 6Textbook of Homoeopathic Therapeutics: With Clinical Approach http://amzn.to/2q8I72W 7Organon of Medicine: 1 http://amzn.to/2qJX4e3 8Allens' Keynotes - Rearranged and Classified with Leading Remedies of the Materia Medica and Bowel Nosodes http://amzn.to/2rEdYdS 9COMBINATIONS OF HOMEO DILUTIONS (HINDI)http://amzn.to/2q8y3XX 10 Life Saving Drugs in Homoeopathy http://amzn.to/2rFjoEE 11 Allens' Keynotes - Rearranged and Classified with Leading Remedies of the Materia Medica and Bowel Nosodes http://amzn.to/2tnhbTv 12 Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica http://amzn.to/2sl1nva 13 Boericke's New Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica with Repertory:Third Revised & Augmented Edition Based on Ninth Edition http://amzn.to/2tjkYjR #Drkirtivikram
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Heart Disease Kills
A video I made for a Biological Science project on Heart Disease as it relates to smoking. Info-mercial like. Biology class.
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