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Instilling eye drops for glaucoma
Advice on how to instill eye drops for the treatment of glaucoma. For more information about glaucoma or to purchase Frio eye drop wallets visit our web site http://www.glaucoma.org.au or phone Glaucoma Australia on 1800 500 880
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Top 10 Reasons for Not Taking Your Glaucoma Eye Drops
Dr. Amy Hennessy of The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in Baltimore stated "Getting eyedrops into the eye is not the same as asking a patient to swallow a pill, or use a skin cream. It's easier said than done." Consider 64% of glaucoma patients state they follow physcian's instructions "Extremely closely" yet 75% admit to some form of non-compliant behavior, 31% don't fill prescriptions given, and nearly 50% discontinue drops within 6 months. Glaucoma eye drop compliance, persistence and adherence is serious. Non-compliance can have serious consequences on one's vision. Join us: http://www.lumenis.com/Ophthalmology
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