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Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan
http://www.cambridge-credit.org -- Transcription: Hello, and welcome to Your Money 2.0. I’m Christopher Viale, president and CEO of Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. Recently, the Obama Administration introduced its Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan. Details have been a bit scarce, but more information will be made available before implementation on March 4th. The Plan approaches the housing crisis on two fronts – refinancing, and the modification of loan terms. Both parts try to make circumstances more comfortable for consumers by reducing their monthly mortgage payments. Overall, the administration anticipates the plan will help close to 9 million Americans maintain homeownership. When it comes to refinancing, the Plan would allow a homeowner to secure a reduced interest rate by easing the lending criteria for loans owned or guaranteed through Government Sponsored Enterprises, or GSE’s, like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. This provision could help a portion of the 15 million American homeowners who owe much more on their loan than their house is currently worth. The revised guidelines would allow homeowners to refinance up to 105% of a home’s current value, even if there is little or no equity in the home. This could help 4 to 5 million homeowners roughly a third of those mentioned earlier, save about $200 a month. The modification aspect of the plan is designed to assist homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure. The definition of “at risk” has been expanded to include those who may not have yet missed a loan payment, but who have the potential to do so. Here, the Plan hinges on lender participation and the affordability of the monthly mortgage payment. First, the lender will need to work with the consumer to reduce the mortgage payment to no more than 38% of his or her gross income. From there, the government will match lender concessions dollar-for-dollar to further reduce the monthly payment to 31% of the consumer’s debt-to-income ratio.
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Mortgage Acceleration Program
Silco USA Debts Solution Corp. http://www.silcousasolution.com Phone: 717-542-1785 E-Fax 1-484-335-1817 438 Spruce Street 2nd Fl, Reading, PA 19602 silcousa@live.com
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Making Home Affordable program "HAMP"
The governments Making Home Affordable program or Home Affordable Refinance program was created to help millions of homeowners stay in their homes through refinanced mortgages or loan modifications. To qualify, you must?
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Earning Affiliate Commissions with the Mortgage Magic System
The Mortgage Magic System affiliate program provides rewarding income opportunities along with training, marketing materials, and support.
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Mortgage Buster! Software Demo and Training Part Three
This is part three the Mortgage Buster! Software Training and Demo. Pay-off your home and all of your debts in one-third of the time. Do-it-yourself and $ave thousands of dollars in interest fees
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Obama Unveils Plan
Obama Unveils "Making Home Affordable" plan to help distressed homeowners.
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Mortgage modification program -Mortgage modification program
http://www.mtgmodadvice.com/free Home Loan Modification info & advice. Get everything you need to know about Mortgage Loan Modification an Alternative to Foreclosure from Loan Modification Experts.
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The Dangers of Loan Modification Programs and Short-Selling Your House
Freedmont Mortgage CEO Carl Delmont explains how popular "loan modification" programs are often scams that are too good to be true, and how "short-selling" your home could give your bank the ability to garnish your wages.
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Rick Santelli and the "Rant of the Year"
An instant classic...rick captures the mood of the country
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Obama's making home affordable program will help thousands save their homes from forseclosure
http://www.michiganmortgagemodification.com Foreclosure Help- Find out how to lower your mortgage payment and save your home. Get the FREE Report "The 6 Reasons a Loan Modification will work for you"
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Paxeon Debt,Fastest Mortgage Acceleration, Rapid Debt Elimi
http://www.paxeonllc.com offers the fastest mortage and debt elimination system on the market. Our mortgage and debt acceleration program helps consumers pay off debt without changing their lifestyle.
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NBC6 - "how to avoid mortgage modification fraud"
NBC6 news on mortgage modification fraud Mortgage fraud how to modify your home loan obama home affordability plan avoid fraud
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How does the HAMP Guide Program help avoid Foreclosure?
The HAMP Guide Program completely eliminates the need to hire a loan modification company or attorney.
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Loan Mods Obama Breaking News
http://www.GetLoanModSecrets.org Obama is proposing a bill to pay loan servicers to modify loans, to give more funds to Fannie and Freddie, to pay servicers some of the interest expense each month to reduce the impact of a loan mod, and to allow cramdowns in bankruptcy chapter 13 for primary residence mortgage payments.
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Total Mortgage Eliminator User Video
This video demonstrates all the client side functions of the Total Mortgage Eliminator system of accelerated mortgage payoff. These include "Calculate your Savings", generating the detailed payoff plan, and the monthly update data entry.
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Loan Modification announcement from Pres Obama
http://www.60minuteloanmod.com LOAN MODIFICATION Hardship letter - IS IT RIGHT FOR ME? Free 60 Minute Loan Modification info CD Q: Which mortgage borrowers qualify? The Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan is limited to loans held or securitized by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, which as of January 1, 2009 have been capped at $417,000 for most areas of the United States and $625,500 for what are called "high cost" areas. There are higher limits for Alaska, Guam, Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Mortgages that are linked to Fannie and Freddie are known as "conforming" loans.
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Loan Mods, Principal Reductions, and President Obama
http://www.GetLoanModSecrets.org What is the future of the loan mod business? Will President Obama make changes that will finally give homeowners principal reductions on a wholesale basis? And why do lenders HATE dealing with loan mod specialists, why would the lenders rather deal directly with homeowners? And what does this mean to you, hoping to get a loan mod?
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Loan Modification Expert on 'Irresponsible' Homeowners
http://www.60minuteloanmodification.com Loan Modification expert Mike Rockwood says homeowners shouldn't be targetted as 'irresponsible.' "Pursuing the American Dream is not irresponsible," said Rockwood. The problem is much bigger than folks buying too much house, he says. Even folks who put a lot of money down on their home are now finding themselves owing dramatically more on their homes than they are worth. For a free CD on Author Mike Rockwood's experience modifying 5 of his own home loans - and how you can too - please visit our Website at http://www.60minuteloanmodification.com
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Save Your Home with Free Loan Modification Month
FREE LOAN MODIFICATION April 6-30 Welcome to Realty Right's Free Loan Modification Program. Between now and April 30 we'll be accepting applications from homeowners throughout the United States and helping as many as we can get the help they need. www.RealtyRight.com
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Loan Modification Program Foreclosure Help  Expert Tips Advice ModByLawyers
http://www.DiroStudios.com ModByLawyers helps homeowners in distress to secure a loan modification. ModByLawyers of Anaheim California, experts in Loss Mitigation, "Foreclosure/REO Avoidance, offers a free initial consultation to determine if the homeowner is eligible. For more information visit www.ModByLawyers.com Loan Modification We specialize in working with your lender to restructure your current loan(s) by providing you with a unique, professional plan that you and your lender can accept to lower your interest rate and your monthly payment WITHOUT HAVING TO REFINANCE WHAT IS A LOAN MODIFICATION? Loan modifications are any changes made to an already existing loan on real property. The modification may take the form of a change in the interest rate, the repayment schedule, the principal amount of the loan, or any other terms or combination of terms. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? There is no set time to complete the loan modification process. Most of the time, it is a process that takes several weeks up to several months. WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG? The lending institutions are overwhelmed by the number of demands for loan modification. The banks have experienced financial set backs leading to layoffs and an increased work loan. Patience is the virtue that serves everyone involved in this process. I AM IN DEFAULT. WILL THIS PROCESS SAVE MY HOUSE? No one can guarantee that the loan modification process will stop a foreclosure. However, under these circumstances, we advise you to contact an attorney. IS THIS LIKE REFINANCING? No. First, you do not need to qualify for a loan modification. Loan modifications are requests made of your existing lender. CAN I TAKE MONEY OUT WHEN I MODIFY? No. You are asking the lender to take a loss on your loan. Do not expect that the lender will also give you money as well. THE PROCESS SOUNDS INTIMIDATING. IS IT? Yes, it can be quite intimidating. Most clients have never had to deal with a lender on this level. But, you can count on our professional team to be there for you every step of the way. WILL THE FIRM KEEP ME UP-TO-DATE ON THE PROGRESS? Absolutely. You will be provided with constant updates on the status of your loan modification. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? All that we ask is that you provide us with all of the information we ask you for and that you do so in a timely manner. To start, we will need a financial statement, two months of bank statements, your three most recent paystubs and a hardship letter. The ModbyLawyers is a fee-only foreclosure mitigation company that prides itself on unparalleled service and performance. For more information visit www.ModByLawyers.com
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Paxeon Mortgage and Debt Elimination Video TG
Paxeon, LLC offers the FASTEST program to eliminate your mortgage and ALL other debt. Our average client saves over $200,000 and is out of debt in only 3 to 8 years (or less) by using ONLY their existing income. Visit us today for your FREE and IMMEDIATE Debt Analysis at www.PaxeonLLC.com and see what everyone is talking about!
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No Equity Debt Consolidation Program - Is It Right For You?
http://www.debtconsolidationupdates.com/2129/no-equity-debt-consolidation-program-is-it-right-for-you/ One popular way for people to manage their debt is by using the no equity debt consolidation program.
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Loan Modification Affiliate Program
http://www.MortgageRepresentation.com The best loan modification affiliate program in the industry. Best compliance, forensic audit on every file, best wholesale platform.
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loan mod 3 points
http://www.GetLoanModSecrets.org This video answers three frequent questions. One, are loan mods for profit legal in your state, and how can you find out? What are common state laws regulating loan mods for profit? And what can you do to do your own loan mod, or what can you do if you give a loan mod to a firm to do for you, to make SURE they are doing the job?
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Lenders Profit While Homeowners Lose Homes
http://www.2ModMyLoan.com Lenders profit while homeowners lose their homes. While searching I came across a list of articles and 4 out 6 were headlines of profit for lenders and Freddie MAC. It just is so disappointing that only 5 months after Obama's Making Home Affordable plan homeowners are still not getting the home mortgage loan modifications they deserve. Call me and let one of the countries largest Non profit organizations fight for you. It's easy to get your loan modification started, and costs a third less than industry standards. We have the best of all loan modification programs you will not be sorry! Tish Washignton 626-945-5987
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Save Your Home Today! Emergency Foreclosure Relief Kit
The Emergency Foreclosure Relief Kit provides homeowners, who are struggling with their mortgage or in financial hardship (job-layoff, divorce, medical issues), an easy to follow, step-by-step affordable solution which helps them avoid paying thousands of dollars to loan modification firms, lawyers, and, unfortunately, scam artists and saves their home.
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Loan Mods: Use the Scams To Be Different
If you do loan mods for profit, or hope to break into the business, this video will help you sell loan mods by turning the scam artists and conmen that are in the business into your best selling tool. Even if you aren't a good salesperson.
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Loan Forensics:  Loan Audit & Modification
If you are having financial hardship, Loan Forensics is a Mortgage Rescue Plan and can help you get Lower Monthly Payments on your Mortgage! Loan Forensics is the Mortgage Restructuring firm everyones talking about! Were Attorney-based, Nationwide and best of all were 98% successful! We perform Loan Analyses and negotiate modifications to your Existing Mortgage resulting in a lower Interest Rate and Monthly Payment. This is called a Loan Modification and were one of few firms doing it legally, correctly and successfully!
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California Homeowners Save Your Home with Loan Modification
http://www.2ModMyLoan.com California Homeowners save your home with Loan Modification. I have seen what Home Solutions can do and can't urge you enough to contact me and see what terms our attorneys can negotiate for your loan modification. If you have reviewed the "Obama Plan" and find that you can't qualify for their loan modfication plan, your next phone call should be to me. The loan modifications we get are not limited to the guidelines of the "Obama plan." Not to mention, the government is not giving you a Forensic Loan Audit as part of their Mortgage Modification but at www.2ModMyLoan.com we do.
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uFirst - United First Financial - San Antonio
Eliminate Your Mortgage The Money Merge Account program pays off mortgages faster using an interest-cancellation strategy. While many homeowners realize that they can save money by reducing the interest rate they pay on their loans, few think about the length of time they will be paying. The Money Merge Account program combines innovative software with traditional banking systems and personal coaching to drastically reduce your mortgage term and minimize your interest. Brian Woodrome Independent Agent #862702 United First Financial, its agents and subsidiaries provide Internet web based software and support services. United First Financial does not provide accounting, tax, legal, real-estate, mortgage or investment advice. Interested parties should seek and consult with persons or entities licensed and qualified in those areas for advice relating to those matters. United First Financial is not liable or responsible for claims or representations made by any party which are not included in the Money Merge Account Limited Guarantee.
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Mortgage Loan Modification & Lender Loan Workouts
The Loan Modification Outlet interviews Jeff Morris, former Ditech executive about the market for loan modification agreements. Morris discusses the simple economics that mortgage lenders do not want to take homes anymore in foreclosure because the home values have declined so much. It makes financial sense for them to extedn loan workouts with low rate loan modifications rather than seizing properties from home loan defaults. Mortgage lenders continue to report that foreclosures rates are too fast for their mortgage relief teams to keep up with demand. Take advantageous of record low rates and modify your mortgage to save money every month. For Loan Relief Advice, Call Jeff Morris at 866-945-6263 or check us out online at http://www.LoanModificationOutlet.com
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Breaking News...Making Home Affordable Update
Breaking News from the Treasury...Short Sales are a preferred alternative to foreclosure...Finally the US Government and President Obama are backing our efforts to make Short Sales Mainstream...Listen and Learn about your alternatives. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Loan Modification Conference Call
Listen as experienced loan negotiators from The Loan Modification Outlet, US Loan Outreach and F.A.S.T get together to discuss mortgage relief, refinancing, foreclosure prevention and loan modification programs available in 2009. Borrowers don't have to lose their homes! Lenders don't want to take your home. Seek loss mitigation services from an attorney backed loan modification company. Check out http://www.usLoanOutreach.com/ or http://www.loanmodificationoutlet.com/ for more loan workout and foreclosure prevention insight.
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Loan Modification The Right Way
http://www.1strealestatedirectory.com/ a good place to find loan modification comapny. also check http://www.badcreditmortgage-loan.com/ befor you sign any contract.
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Forensic Audit
Analyze Mortgage Loan for Errors, Fraud and Predatory Lending
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Loan Modification Tips - Las Vegas
Loan Modifications can save up to 50% of your home mortgage.
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Loan Modification System You Must See (Do it Yourself)
http://www.97DIYLoanModKit.com Do it yourself loan modification kit You Must See. Visit the site and read the info there. It may not be for everyone but at least take a look. Stop Foreclosure and Make Your Home More Affordable Why Spend Thousands Hiring A Loan Modification Company When You Can Do Your Own Loan Modification For Less Than $100? We have assembled the most complete and comprehensive loan modification kit available anywhere. It is updated to incorporate the latest government loan modification programs implemented by the Obama Administration. We have been receiving thousands of e mails from people asking for help in saving their homes. Now, after months of research and investigation, I am excited to make this Loan Modification System available. All The Necessary Forms and Documents You Need To Apply For A Loan Modification A Complete Step-By-Step Overview Of The Loan Modification Process Scripts Outlining Exactly What To Say When You Call Your Lender To Apply For A Loan Modification Special Bonus - 1 Hour Loan Modification Training Video One hour training video will take you through the loan modification process and show you exactly how to get started today! This takes all the guesswork out of getting a loan modification.
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Arizona Loan Modification Company
NO UPFRONT FEE LOAN MODIFICATIONS Arizona Loan Modification Company http://www.AdjustMyLoan.com Explains Why They Are The Best Choice For Your Arizona Loan Modification Needs. CALL 1-800-557-7573 FOR A FREE ARIZONA LOAN MODIFICATION CONSULTATION
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Loan Modification Book
Loan Modification Club is a complete do-it-yourself kit including a Loan Modification Book, Software, Forms, & More. FREE INFO at LoanModificationClub.com. Learn from 2 former bankers as they spill secrets formerly reserved for insiders on how to lower house payments, stop foreclosure, cancel late fees, & more. Anyone seeking mortgage loan modifications should check this out.
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How To Complete The Free Mortgage Audit Online Form
To learn How To Complete The Free Mortgage Audit Online Form, checkout http://www.solutionssoftwarematrix.com/test/77903/
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Easy Loan modification Business Opportunity - NO UP FRONT PROCESSING FEES- testimonial
Loan modification business opportunity information with NO UP FRONT PROCESSING FEES. For More info or to get started visit www.ganamax.com/processing/youtube.aspx NO BLANK SPACES IN THE URL - THANK YOU.
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This Loan Modification Kit Can Save Your Home and You Can Do It Yourself for under $50
http://www.doityourselfkit.weebly.com If You Are Looking At Paying $1,500 - $5,000 To A Loan Modification Company Don't You Can Do It Your Self Quick And Easy For Just $49.95!
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Home Loan Modification
http://www.Modification.org For Free Expert Loan Modification Advice Call 1-888-826-3193 or visit Modifications.com. 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee offered on our Attorney Backed Home Loan Modification Program available in all 50 states.
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Loan Modification process
http://www.60minuteloanmod.com Free CD to find out if a LOAN MODIFICATION is right for you! Hardship letter, qualifications, timeline and all answers to all your questions on loan modification. If the servicer is unable to create an affordable payment with this streamlined program, it will further evaluate the borrowers situation through a customized process. The key to success is the borrowers ongoing cooperation and communication with the servicer. Borrowers shouldnt fear working with servicers. They have dedicated personnel who are experienced in working with borrowers who are struggling with finances, but who are eager to keep their homes.
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How To Get Free Forensic Mortgage Audits By Trained Attorneys
Your Loan May Have Errors, Infractions or Violations!! Get Trained Attorneys To Check It Out For Free!
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Loan Modification Commercial TV Leads - NHMC3
http://www.lrgperformance.com - (888)580-8868 LRG has a full creative team and full time experiance media buyers, ready to get your company or product on television. We also run pay per call campaigns, so you only pay for what you get. Call us today or find more information here: http://www.leadresearchgroup.com.
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Loan Modification Tips for Lender Negotiations
The Loan Modification Outlet's Bryan Dornan interviews Jeff Morris, a former California mortgage broker about the home financing industry for loan modifications. Morris talks about what real mortgage solutions are available today and reflects on how the loan modification market arose after the subprime mortgage crisis and foreclosure crisis drove mortgage lenders to consider payment reductions to keep borrowers in their homes. After property values dropped significantly each year, lending companies woke up and started providing mortgage modifications and home loan relief options. The Loan Modification Outlet provides low rate mortgage loan modifications to all types of borrowers regardless of the credit or equity. Lenders report that loan defaults are rising too fast for their loss mitigation teams to keep up with demand. Benefit from record low rates and modify your mortgage to save money every month. Check out the attorney backed loan relief team at http://www.LoanModificationOutlet.com
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Loan Modification Making Home Affordable Steps 1-4
http://www.operationrest.org/ How to stop foreclosure through loan modification using Making Home Affordable (HAMP) Guidelines. This video contains Proven Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 of a 15 step Lesson. This follows the instructions found on www.operationrest.org. How To Stop Foreclosure Free national non-profit will help you to avoid foreclosure, providing information for preventing foreclosure. Stop house foreclosure today with easy to follow instructions. Operation Restoration http://learntostopforeclosure.com 863 Ormewood Ave SE Atlanta, GA 30316 (404) 963-1082
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Repayment Plan
http://financial.mykit.info - Help Fix My Finances is not just an e-book and budgeting program. It's a comprehensive debt repayment plan. When you finish with Help Fix My Finances, you will know more about your debt, your credit situation, and even your investments than your personal banker could ever imagine knowing!
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loan modification affiliate partners
http://www.ALMAHELPUSA.com/ We are looking for people who are seeking to partner up with a reputable loan modification company as an affiliate partner. We will process your clients or leads and payout an affiliate commission. You will not need to process or follow up with the lenders. We will do it all for you. This is great for attorneys, loan officers, debt Settlement Company, Certified public accountant, credit repair companies, banks and more.
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