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Bison reintroduced to Banff National Park
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Calgary Flames react to news of Humboldt Broncos bus crash
The Calgary Flames were practicing for their final game of the season but their minds were all focused on the families of the Humboldt Broncos, the junior hockey team involved in a bus crash while on their way to a playoff game in Nipawin, Sask.
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Video shows police dog chasing a thief after being stabbed
The Calgary teen who stabbed a police dog while fleeing a school break in will spend the next year under probationary supervision. The teen and his accomplice broke into a northeast Calgary school and stole computer equipment. HAWCS helicopter night-time video shows a teen flee on a bicycle after he and an accomplice broke into a northeast Calgary school and stole computer equipment. Const. Jason Welz unleashed his canine unit dog Jester on him, and the chase ensued. Read the full story: http://calgaryherald.com/news/crime/teen-sentenced-for-stabbing-police-dog-jester-during-2017-arrest
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Donald Trump 'Make America Great Again' hat causes stir at MRU
Concern over "safe spaces" at a Mount Royal University in Calgary boiled over into a confrontation this week between two students, one of whom was wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat.
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Disney's Dog with a Blog visits Calgary
Mick, who plays Stan on Dog with a Blog, was in Calgary to help launch the Disney Channel in Canada.
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RCMP recruits get pepper sprayed
RCMP Auxiliary Constables get pepper sprayed as part of their training at RCMP K-Division on July 12, 2014. (Video by Ryan Jackson, edmontonjournal.com)
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World's biggest plane lands in Calgary
It took more than 30 years for a return flight, but the biggest cargo aircraft in the world is back at YYC for a brief visit. The Antonov AN225 was built in the 1980's in the then Soviet Union. Today the air freighter and its massive cargo hold is back to ship a locally made gas plant to Nigeria.
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Craig Conroy on Jarome Iginla
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"A great day for Albertans", UCP leader Jason Kenney talks about Doug Ford's majority win
UCP leader speaks out on Doug Ford becoming the new premier of Ontario and having another ally to fight against the federal carbon tax.
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Quiet Eye helps train Police
In life-or-death situations, police officers usually only have a fraction of a second before determining whether their target is brandishing a weapon and whether to pull the trigger to subdue the assailant. That split-second decision-making could be aided by Quiet Eye training, according to a study published Tuesday by University of Calgary kinesiology professor Joan Vickers and Minnesota police psychology expert Bill Lewinski. "Quiet Eye is the last thing you see before you have to make a critical movement," says Vickers, who pioneered Quiet Eye training and introduced it in sports, medicine and now law enforcement.
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Former Broncos player remembers his teammates
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Tech Visionary George Gilder: 'Bitcoin is the Libertarian Solution to the Money Enigma.'
Tech Visionary George Gilder: 'Bitcoin is the Libertarian Solution to the Money Enigma.'
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Shopify's Toronto office makes space for introverts and extroverts
April Fong takes a look at some of the innovative ways Shopify makes its employees feel at home in their Toronto space.
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Proposed CalgaryNEXT project
Supplied promotional video for the proposed CalgaryNEXT arena, stadium and fieldhouse project
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Bret 'The Hitman' Hart now has his own beer
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WestJet's new 767
The first of four WestJet Boeing 767-300 ER wide body aircraft were unveiled to WestJet employees Thursday. The long haul planes which can carry up to 287 passengers will open new international routes for the airline.
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Jarome Iginla retires as a Calgary Flame
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Security footage of attempted liquor store robbery
Security footage of a failed robbery attept at a Temple Liquor store.
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Reflecting on life on the Hutterite colony
Eleven years after leaving the Green Acres Hutterite colony in Manitoba, Denise Hofer has a crafted a new life, including a business based on what was once virtually forbidden.
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Driving the route the Broncos took
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In his own words: Maj. Mark Campbell on Injured veterans needing more support
"I'd have been better off dead, maybe. My kids don't think so, but I don't know." Major Mark Campbell is a frustrated soldier. He came back from Afghanistan without any legs and suffering several other effects of an ambush attack. Now Campbell is fighting a new battle, for better care for soldiers with long-term disabilities. Here is Major Campbell, in his own words...
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Goo Goo Dolls give fans intimate performance
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Martin Gelinas on Jarome Iginla
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WestJet announces first 787 Dreamliner routes
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Cat reunited with owner over a decade later
Black-and-white Phoenix sneaked out of his owner's backyard in Mayland Heights more than a decade ago, and this week ended up at a southwest veterinarian's office, looking clean, plump and apparently living a life of feline leisure.
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How Calgary police officers are trained in the use of force
Faced with a decision to the pull the trigger or go another route, each cop makes a judgement call — the only things in their world that are black and white are the cars they rolled up in.
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Remy: The ISIS Crisis
Remy: The ISIS Crisis
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How a small city in Manitoba picks its own immigrants
The city of Morden, Manitoba handpicks its immigrants and those interested must visit for an exploratory visit. Postmedia’s Alia Dharssi takes a look at the process and meets one of Morden’s hopefuls.
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Vanishing Voices, Native languages
By official count, there are more than 50 First Nations languages across Canada. Some are thriving. Dozens others, though, are in danger of disappearing. In this video by Leah Hennel, we take the pulse of Southern Alberta First Nations languages.
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Calgarians selling world's largest cut emerald
The world's largest cut emerald has a name that means Gift of God. But with an appraised value of $1.15 million, the future owner of Teodora will have to pay through the nose to acquire the green 57,500-carat gem that is to go on auction in Kelowna, B.C., later this month. Calgary rare gem hunter Regan Reaney calls this a once-in-a-lifetime find that he doesn't believe will be matched any time soon.
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Family and Friends plead for return of Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette
Family and friends plead for return of Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette in Blairmore, Alberta. The Amber Alert for the missing two-year-old is still underway.
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Evacuating Fort McMurray
This is time-lapse video footage from Fort McMurray Today reporter Rob Murray's fiery escape from Fort McMurray.
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Women of the West: Sidesaddle Racing comes to the Calgary Stampede
The Calgary Stampede is debuting a new showcase event this year — the traditional equestrian art of sidesaddle racing. Read the story here: http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/women-of-the-west-sidesaddle-racing-to-debut-at-stampede?video_autoplay=true
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Body Worlds
Body Worlds Vital travelling exhibition opens Saturday at Telus Spark in Calgary.
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Kienan Hebert's parents talk about his return home
In an outcome as unlikely and mysterious as the abduction of Kienan Hebert, the little boy re-appeared in his family home, unharmed, in the early hours of Sunday morning. His parents, Paul and Tammy Hebert held an emotional press conference with reporters Sunday afternoon. Three year old Kienan Hebert was returned to his home early Sunday morning after being abducted Wednesday.
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Irish Dancer
Irish dancer MaKenzie Mahler, 18, with Blakey Irish Dance school, will be heading to the World Championships in Montreal later this month.
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Bikers Against Child Abuse open ISPCAN conference
The Calgary chapter of the Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A) open up the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) conference in Calgary on Aug. 28, 2016.
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Move-in day at the University of Calgary
Move-in day at the University of Calgary where thousands of new and returning students will be moving into dorm rooms in preperation of a new semester.
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