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Enlarged Prostate Gland   Treatment With Daily Low Dose Cialis
Nearly 14 million men suffer from the enlarged prostate gland. The symptoms can impact a man's quality of life. Medical management is first line treatment. Daily low dose Cialis is one treatment option.
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retrograde ejaculation
Retrograde ejaculation or dry ejaculation is not a very common urologic condition. It can be caused by medication, surgery on the prostate gland, or medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus. This video will discuss the treatment of retrograde ejaculation for men who trying to achieve a pregnancy.
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Xiaflex for Peyroine's Disease
Peyroine's Disease or angulation of the penis affects millions of American men. Treatment options include watchful waiting, oral medication, surgery, and injections into the plaque. A Xiaflex injection is a new treatment option that has been approved by the FDA. The video discusses the procedure, risks, and complications of this common medical problem.
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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)-The Role of Estrogen Excess In Men
erectable dysfunction (ED) affects millions of American men. Some men suffer from ED because of low testosterone. Even with testosterone replacement, there are men who don't improve their libido (sex drive) or their erections. I suggest obtaining an estradiol level and if it is elevated, then treatment should be given to lower the estradiol level. Treatment options will be covered in this 5 minute video.
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Androgel For The Treatment of Low Testosterone
Low testosterone is a common condition affecting millions of American men. Treatment is available with injections, pellets, and topical gels. This video discusses the treatment using Androgel.
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Hot flashes in men
Hot flashes also occur in men just as they do in women. The causes is due to decreased testosterone levels in the blood stream. There are both medical and non-medical solutions.
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Testosterone and Heart Disease What You Need to Know
Testosterone replacement therapy has been implicated as a cause of heat disease. This video will discuss several studies and demonstrate that testosterone is safe for men who have low testosterone levels and have symptoms of low testerone.
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Penis Extenders by Dr. Neil Baum, New Orleans, Louisiana
Peyroine's disease is a common disorder in men and results in angulation of the penis or pain in the penis with erection or with sexual intimacy. Treatment options include watchful waiting, medication, injections, surgery, and penile extenders. This video will discuss the use of penis extenders and how they can decrease the curvature and increase the length of the penis.
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Mybetriq for Treating Overactive Bladder
Overactive bladder or urinary frequency, urgency of urination, and urinary incontinence, affects millions of American men and women. Now a new drug, Mybetriq, is helpful controlling the symptoms of overactive bladder. The video discusses how the medication works, the side effects, and how to take the medication.
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SSRI Medications and Low Testosterone
This video is about SSRI Medications and their impact on the testosterone level in men.
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PSA Elevation After Treatment For Prostate Cancer
Men treated for prostate cancer with radiation or surgery need to have a regular PSA examination. If the PSA rises after treatment, it may indicate recurrence of the cancer. This video describes the evaluation for men who have an elevated PSA after treatment and what are the next options if there is a recurrence of prostate cancer.
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Stendra-New FDA Approved Drug For Erectile Dysfunction\Impotence
ED affects millions of American men. First line treatment consists of oral treatment with Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. Now there is a new oral medication, Stendra, for this common problem that impacts the ability to engage in sexual intimacy. This video describes how the medication, how it works, and the side effects of this new medication.
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Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia (PIN)
Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia (PIN) is a premalignant lesion of the prostate gland. The diagnosis is made by biopsy. No treatment is required but the man should be followed closely with a regular PSA test and a digital rectal exam.
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New non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction/impotence
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Low testosterone is a common condition affecting millions of American men. Treatment is available using injections, patches, pellets, and topical gels. This video will discuss the treatment using a get, Aveed.
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Kidney stones recurrence prevention
Kidney stones affect 10% of the American population. Nearly 70% of patients with a kidney stone will develop additional stones. This video will describe steps you can take to prevent kidney stone recurrences that don't require medication.
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Treating the Enlarged Prostate Gland With Rapaflo
Over 15 million men have symptoms as a result of the enlarged prostate gland. First line treatment is medical management. The alpha blocker, Rapaflo, is one treatment option.
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Axiron 1
Low testosterone or low T affects millions of American men. The diagnosis of low T is easily made by a history and a blood test check the testosterone level. There are treatment options and one successful treatment is topical gels, Axiron. This video discusses the treatment and complications of topical gels.
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Botox for Overactive Bladder 3 14
Overactive bladder affects nearly 15 million Americans. the treatment is usually medications, exercises, or injections. Now a new injection of Botox may help control the problem of urinary incontinence, frequency of urination, and urinary urgency
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National Expert, Dr. Ryan Alloy, Provides Advice on UroLift To Men With Enlarged Prostate Glands
Benign prostate gland enlargement affects millions of American men. Now there is a minimally invasive treatment, UroLift, that can be done in a doctor's office that can provide relief for men who have symptoms related to their prostate gland
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Outpatient Urologic Procedures Using Nitrous Oxide
Many men are interested in outpatient urologic procedures. These procedures are often associated with pain and discomfort. Using nitrous oxide the pain is significantly reduced. Hear first hand from a patient who had an outpatient urologic procedure
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Urologic emergencies 1
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Uro Lift 1
Benign enlargement of the prostate gland or BPH affects millions of American men. Now a new FDA approved treatment, the Uro-Lift is now available as a minimally invasive treatment which can be done in the doctor's office under a local anesthetic. This video describes the procedure, the side effects and the risks of the procedure
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Lofric Intermittent Catherization for Men
Many older men suffer from urinary retention or inability to empty the bladder of its liquid contents. The options for managing this problem are the insertion of an indwelling urinary catheter or the use of intermittent cauterization using a LoFric self-lubricating catheter which causes little or no trauma to insert or remove.
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Semi rigid rod for the treatment of erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction affects over 30 million American men. Many men are helped with oral medication, injections, and vacuum erection devices. When these options do not work, a penile prosthesis is certainly a consideration. A semi-rigid rod is a penile prosthesis that can help men engage in sexual intimacy whenever they want without the use of any medication
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Testosterone Controversies and Facts
Testosterone has been extensively studies and has been demonstrated that it does not casuse prostate cancer nor does testosterone replacement therapy in men who have symptoms of low T and have a blood test that confirms low T does not increase the risk of heart disease.
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Acute Urinary Retention
Urinary retention is a urologic emergency and requires immediate relief.
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Prolaris 1
Prostate cancer affects one out of every six American men. Unfortunately, until now, we were unable to discover which men were most likely to have aggressive disease and which men had less aggressive disease and could be managed with watchful waiting. Now a new test, Prolaris, can help patients and doctors make a better decision.
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Magic Show Neotract
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MRI For Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer affects 250,000 American men each year. The MRI test is useful for diagnosing prostate cancer and following men who have a rising PSA after treatment for prostate cancer. This video describes the indications for prostate MRI and what are the risks and complications of the procedure.
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Testosterone injections
Millions of American men suffer from low T or decrease in their testosterone level. This problem is associated with decreased energy, decrease in sex drive or libido, and decrease in erections making sexual intimacy difficult or impossible. One of the best treatment options is the use of injections of testosterone. This video will describe the procedure, the risks and complications of self injection of testosterone.
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Urologic Emergencies-Acute Urinary Retention, Torsion of Testicle, Priapism, Paraphimosis
There are very few urologic emergencies but acute urinary retention (inabilty to urinate), torsion of the testicle (loss of blood supply to the testicle), priapism (prolonged erection) and pharaphimosis (foreskin trapped behind the head of the penis) and four conditions that require immediate attention. The video descirbes the symptoms and treatment of all four conditions.
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Penile Prosthesis Surgery Managing The Drain
Many patients will have a drain inserted at the time of surgery after a penile prosthesis. This video discusses the purpose of the drain and how to manage the drain until it is removed by the doctor.
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Seniors and Sex
There are many myths and misinformation surrounding sexual intimacy and seniors. This video discusses the myths and the facts that senior can be sexually active. I have reviewed the changes that take place with aging and what can be done to restore intimacy in those who are having problems.
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UroLift One Man's Experience
UrolIft is a minimally invasive procedure for the treatment in the doctor's office. The procedure is nearly painless using nitrous oxide. Mr. Vance gives his experience with the UroLift procedure.
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Circumcision New Born Jewish Boys
New born Jewish boys are circumcised as part of the ritual of becoming a Jew. In this video I relate why Jews circumcise their baby boys and how the procedure is performed. I also discuss the risk and complications of the procedure.
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ED 2nd Line Treatment
Erectile dysfunction affects millions of American men. first line treat with oral medications such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis work most of the time. In the event that these medications are ineffective, second line treatment options are a consideration. This video will review self injection therapy, vacuum erection devices, and medicated pellets inserted into the urethra.
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Whiz's Jewish New Years Magic Show, 5776
the Whiz did a magic show for Temple Sinai on September 23, 2015 or 5776.
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Ryan's Birthday
One year birthday birthday
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What You Can Expect From Our Medical Practice
What New Patients Can Expect From Our Medical Practice with Leading Urologist, Dr. Neil Baum
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Nitrous oxide 1
Many urologic procedures are none being done in the office instead of in the hospital. Using nitrous oxide is a safe way of decreasing the pain and discomfort of these procedures. Now you can have prostate biopsies, vasectomies, and prostate gland procedures in the office setting without pain using nitrous oxide.
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Penile Prosthesis Surgery
A penile prosthesis is a treatment option for erectile dysfunction or impotence. This video will describe what preparation is necessary prior to surgery. The better prepared the man is; the less anxiety and the outcomes are likely to be improved.
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Testimonial Weight loss
This is a testimonial from one of my patients who lost 70 pounds in 6 months. He no longer needs blood pressure medication, and he has decreased his diabetes medication. This was a result of a discussion about his obesity and his testosterone levels which has also improved.
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MVI 1059
Putting Balance Into Your Personal and Professional Lives-Lecture For Tulane Medical School Residents and Fellows
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Urinary Incontinence 2
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Urinary incontinence   Part 2
Urinary incontinence affects millions of American men and women. This second video discusses the evaluation and treatment of this common medical problem.
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Management of Localized Prostate Cancer by Dr. Neil Baum
Prostate cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer in men. There are several options for treating the cancer when it is localized to the prostate gland and has not spread to other areas of the body. This video will review those options with the risks and benefits of each option.
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Wiz Performs At Charter School in San Francisco
The Wiz, AKA Dr. Neil Baum, performs magic for the charter school in San Francisco
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ADT and bone health
Men who are being treated with hormones for prostate cancer often referred to as androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) are at risk for fractures of the hip and spine or osteoporosis. This video will discuss the risk of ADT and what action steps can be taken to control or manage the risk osteoporosis.
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