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"I know you have a YouTube Channel This is Lenny"
Angry CardServices call center employee claims to be a Lenny subscriber
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Bank of Africa calls Lenny 1 of 2
The Bank of Africa calls Lenny to arrange the release of 19.7 million dollars ... Lenny just needs to send $300 with documentation.
Просмотров: 164 CallCenter Troubles
Windows Refund Department calls Lenny
This is a new spin on the scam, trying to refund $299 but they need to connect to the computer!
Просмотров: 787 CallCenter Troubles
Cardmember Services calls Lenny
Yup, card member services is alive and well after all these years.
Просмотров: 110 CallCenter Troubles
"Lenny, are you being a jabroni on purpose?"
Las Vegas loves to call Lenny
Просмотров: 716 CallCenter Troubles
Lenny considers making money from home
This caller has a lovely voice.
Просмотров: 333 CallCenter Troubles
Nutro Health Offers Lenny 2 Week Weight Loss Trial
2 weeks of weight loss patches! How could Lenny resist?
Просмотров: 255 CallCenter Troubles
Mark from Action Sports Las Vegas won't get this 15 minutes back
I think Mark's co-workers set him up as part of his 'training'. He called the same number these swindlers have dialed in the past.
Просмотров: 198 CallCenter Troubles
A Wonderful Wrong Number Call
Lenny gets a wrong number call from a wonderfully sweet woman who ultimately prays for Lenny. Perhaps my favorite wrong number call ever! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
Просмотров: 296 CallCenter Troubles
Potty mouth Mike Hunt from Vegas wants Lenny's duck
Have to believe this caller is onto Lenny but why go so far?
Просмотров: 116 CallCenter Troubles
Global Pharmacy selling Lenny any pill he needs
The wheels eventually come off in the last 3 minutes or so.
Просмотров: 68 CallCenter Troubles
Does Lenny have a drug or alcohol (or accent) problem?
Must be a stressful place
Просмотров: 126 CallCenter Troubles
Lenny is offered a new health service
Seem like a new scam from offshore call centers.
Просмотров: 125 CallCenter Troubles
Bank of Africa calls Lenny 2 of 2
The Bank of Africa calls Lenny to arrange the release of 19.7 million dollars ... Lenny just needs to send $300 with documentation.
Просмотров: 66 CallCenter Troubles
Vegas might be onto Lenny
Another call from Vegas ... they might be onto Lenny
Просмотров: 104 CallCenter Troubles
Constellation Energy calls Lenny
The patience of this woman is remarkable.
Просмотров: 91 CallCenter Troubles
A different Dillon from Medical Alert talks to Lenny
I guess all Medical Alert salesmen are named Dillon
Просмотров: 89 CallCenter Troubles
More health care calls to Lenny
Would a legit health care provider use a call center like this? Uh...
Просмотров: 43 CallCenter Troubles
Does Lenny need some commercial space?
A very sweet lady asks Lenny if he needs some commercial/industrial space to rent.
Просмотров: 44 CallCenter Troubles
Lenny gets more Solar options
Another Solar offer ... Lenny's accent reminds him of James Bond
Просмотров: 88 CallCenter Troubles
Sweet Bonnie from Grand Imperial Cruises has 30 minutes of patience
A very sweet person for sure.
Просмотров: 419 CallCenter Troubles
Just a friendly wrong number chatting with Lenny
A really friendly wrong number chats up Lenny on a Sunday
Просмотров: 595 CallCenter Troubles
BT rep gets a Do Not Call request - Audio NSFW
A sales call from BT gets a Do Not Call request
Просмотров: 34 CallCenter Troubles