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How this Special Education Teacher Uses Differentiation to Teach Students Work-ready Tech Skills
This video takes you into an inclusive special education classroom where Dawn uses Digitability and differentiation techniques to teach her students the context of technology and its use in the workplace. Learn more about Digitability: http://digitability.com
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See a special ed teacher use pre-employment curriculum to teach students work-ready skills
This video takes you inside an autistic support classroom in the school district of Philadelphia where students are using technology and curriculum to learn work-ready skills for the tech-driven workforce. Learn more at: http://www.digitability.com
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How DeShaun used Digitability's Work-ready Training to Gain his Independence
http://www.digitability.com/deshaun/ What can happen for people who get digital literacy and work-ready training through Digitability? They can gain their independence just like DeShaun. See DeShaun's journey from special education classroom to his career and independence here: http://www.digitability.com/deshaun/
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How to Use Positive Narration to Develop Positive Behaviors -- Digitability Professional Development
Positive narration is the act of drawing attention to a desired positive behavior instead of misbehavior. You can reinforce these healthy behaviors in your students in a constructive, narrative way by using positive narration.
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Digitability Work-ready Skills Program Training at Blue Valley North High
Read the full story here: http://digitability.com/digitability-launch-blue-valley-usd/ This is video of Digitability's recent launch event of our Work-ready Skills Training Program at Blue Valley North High School in Kansas. You can learn more about Digitability by getting a free demo here: digitability.com/demo
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Digitability & PA OVR Launch Event with the School District of Philadelphia
See the Digitability Work-ready Skills Program launch showcase page to learn more: http://www.digitability.com/phillylaunch Digitability is pre-employment and transition work-readiness training program that prepares students with marketable tech skills while building social/emotional capacity needed to gain and sustain employment in our tech-driven and social economy.
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How to Use Peer Encouragement to Improve Learning -- Digitability Professional Development
To create a healthy social culture and positive learning environment, you can develop behavior to increase peer encouragement. When a student completes an activity, the entire class is cheering them on in a classroom that thrives on individual and group merits.
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Digitability Fieldwork Fellow
Learn more: http://digitability.com/sju/ Devina Harnita is currently enrolled at St. Joseph’s University and is working to complete her Master’s Degree in Education. After enrolling in Digitability’s unique professional development opportunity, Devina was able to develop a new set of skills and a new sense of confidence for pursuing her career as a teacher. Below is Devina’s reflection about her time as a Digitability Fieldwork Candidate.
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How to Use Visual Prompting to Target the Right Behavior -- Digitability Professional Development
Visual prompting is a powerful technique you can use to target the right behavior in your students, especially if they have limited verbal ability. Visual promoting includes using pictures, video and objects that provide information to your students about using the target behavior.
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How to Use Verbal Prompting to Elicit Correct Answers -- Digitability Professional Development
A verbal prompt can be a word, set of instructions or questions that direct a learner to engage in a target response. For students who have difficulty with a question, you can use verbal prompting, stressing certain words and clarifying the question so your student is able to answer correctly.
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About the Summer Digital Literacy Work-skills Training Program from Digitability
Program and subscription details here: http://www.digitability.com/digitalliteracy/ Digitability's online summer Digital Literacy Work-skills program. Your child (age 8-26) with neurodiverse needs can get required digital literacy work-skills training from home. Learn more or get started with a 14-day free trial: http://www.digitability.com/digitalliteracy/
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How to Use Gestural Prompting for Class Participation -- Digitability Professional Development
Gestural prompts allow you to help your entire class follow along and participate in an inclusive environment. Using gestural prompts enables you to connect symbols and clues to knowledge of a task by pointing to, looking at, motioning or nodding to indicate a correct response.
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How to Use Probing Questions to Access Prior Knowledge -- Digitability Professional Development
Probing questions are often open questions used to elicit anecdotal experiences from your students. Probing questions are designed to assess prior knowledge by adding context to the new concepts you're introducing in the classroom.
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How to Use Positive Reinforcement for Positive Behaviors -- Digitability Professional Development
Using positive reinforcement can include presenting a motivating item or reward to your student after the desired behavior is exhibited, making the positive behavior more likely to happen in the future. Positive reinforcement can give students immediate gratification upon answering a question correctly or exhibiting a positive behavior, helping them make a connection between the tactile component and the future desired behavior.
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Demonstrating Knowledge of Students for Goal Achievement -- Digitability Professional Development
Teachers don’t teach content in the abstract; they teach it to students. Using the 'knowledge of students' technique allows you to succeed in connecting concepts for your students by knowing what they like or how they contribute. With this level of student familiarity, you can help your students achieve their academic and socialization goals.
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How to Use Physical Prompting to Help Task Completion -- Digitability Professional Development
Physical prompting is a type of prompting involving physically touching a student in order to move them towards properly completing a task or correctly answering questions. Physical prompting can include moving a student’s hand towards a certain task, and is done by using hand-over-hand techniques.
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Digitability Attends Senator Casey's 2018 Disability Employment Summit
See the summit showcase here: http://www.digitability.com/senatorcasey Recently, Senator Bob Casey (PA) held his annual Disability Employment Summit and Digitability’s founder and CEO, Michele McKeone, was an attendee. Here's a clip from the summit. You can see more content from the Disability Employment Summit here: http://www.digitability.com/senatorcasey
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How to Increase Attending to Task & Student Independence  -- Digitability Professional Development
Attending to task is consciously focusing on completing a task, and becoming physically and mentally engaged in the current function. By increasing a student's attendance to task you elicit student motivation in a way that promotes their ability to become an independent learner.
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On-demand: How to Use Evidence-based Practices like Differentiation to Create Inclusive Classrooms
Learn more about Digitability or see a free demo: http://digitability.com/request-demo-digitability-program/ During this Digitability Professional Development Webinar, you'll step inside an autistic support classroom to learn how to use evidence-based practices like differentiation and prompting to create an inclusive special education classroom.
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On-Demand: 3 Ways to Use Facebook to Teach Workplace Socialization & Online Safety
During this on-demand webinar, Michele McKeone, M. Ed., shows you 3 surprising ways schools are using Facebook to teach both appropriate online behavior and in-demand social skills. Whether posting, commenting or sharing photos on sites like Facebook, students with cognitive disabilities need explicit instruction on appropriate online behavior. These socialization examples can be used to generalize the behavior into other settings, such as the workplace and help students become self-advocates for their independence. You can learn more about Digitability or request a free demo here: http://digitability.com/ http://digitability.com/webinars/on-demand/3-ways-use-facebook-teach-workplace-socialization-online-safety/
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Step inside a live Digitability Work-ready Skills Program Launch with Special Educators
See the Digitability Work-ready Skills Program launch showcase page to learn more: http://digitability.com/phillylaunch/ Digitability is pre-employment and transition work-readiness training program that prepares students with marketable tech skills while building social/emotional capacity needed to gain and sustain employment in our tech-driven and social economy.
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Dr. David Mandell on the critical need for people with autism to learn digital skills
http://www.digitability.com/ Dr. David Mandell, Sc.D., Director, Center for Mental Health Policy and Services, University of Pennsylvania says: "The labor market for all people, including people with autism is changing dramatically. Digital savvy and digital literacy are going to be increasingly important. Digitability gives schools an opportunity to provide support to high school students with autism in a way they wouldn't be able to otherwise. If our expectation is that people with autism will have opportunities available to them to fully participate in their community, to be gainfully employed, to have meaningful life experiences then digital literacy is a critical component to that."
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Evidence-Based Practice Training Example from Digitability
This a training example of an evidence-based practice from the Digitability program.
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Free Webinar: Using Evidence-based Practices to Teach the Classroom Economy
Learn more or register for free: http://digitability.com/webinars/how-use-evidence-based-practices-classroom-economy/ During this free live webinar, step inside an inclusive autistic support classroom to see how a special ed teacher uses evidence-based practices to teacher her students the value of money and money management.
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Webinar Trailer: 3 Proven Strategies to Teach Executive Function from a Harvard Fellow
Free webinar registration: http://digitability.com/webinars/3-strategies-teach-executive-function-be-work-ready/ On this webinar, Catherine Chase, M.A. & Psycho-Educational Diagnostician will show you 3 specific strategies she uses in the classroom to successfully teach executive function to students with learning and behavioral disabilities, and how these executive functions are crucial to transitioning students into a tech-driven economy.
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Live Webinar: How to Use Evidence-based Practices like Differentiation to Teach Financial Literacy
Learn more or register for free: http://digitability.com/webinars/how-use-evidence-based-practices-classroom-economy/ During this free live webinar, step inside an inclusive autistic support classroom learn how to use evidence-based practices like differentiation & prompting to teach work-ready skills such as financial literacy.
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Free IEP & Work-ready Skills Info Session with Digitability
Learn more or register now: http://digitability.com/iep-work-ready-skills-workshop-north-penn/ This free info session [11/8/17] will show you how students with cognitive abilities can transition to their independence with the proper IEP, work-ready and social skills for the tech-driven workforce. Parents, educators, transition coordinators, OVR personnel and administrators of students ages 14-21 receiving special education services are all invited to attend.
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Special Education Supervisor: "I recommend Digitability to any school district"
Learn more: digitability.com Tracy Sterling, Supervisor of Special Education at Perkiomen Valley School District, says: "I definitely recommend Digitability to any school district looking to expand their transition programming or having their students work-ready for whatever serves them after high school." Tracy goes on to say how everyone at Perkiomen gets something from Digitability as the curriculum and lesson plans are differentiated and tailored to all student needs. Plus, with Digitability's evidence-based practices for behavior and prompting, students can learn the tech and social/emotional skills needed to get a job in our tech-driven workplace.
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How to Access Prior Knowledge to Increase Comprehension -- Digitability Professional Development
Accessing prior knowledge is when you connect your student's personal experience or background knowledge to the new content you are teaching. Accessing prior knowledge to teach new concepts and skills leads to an increase in comprehension.
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On-Demand -- The Internet is not YouTube: How to Transition Students into a Tech-Driven Economy
http://digitability.com/webinars/on-demand/internet-not-youtube-how-transition-students-tech-driven-economy/ During this on-demand webinar, Michele McKeone, M. Ed., founder of Digitability leads an interactive session on how educators and administrators are using scalable curriculum to teach students how to use technology in the workplace so they can get jobs and gain life independence. You can learn more about Digitability or request a free demo here: http://digitability.com/
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How Digitability's Work Simulations Build Skills that Transfer to the Workplace
http://www.digitability.com/education/ During this presentation to the PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Michele McKeone explains how the IV stages of Digitability is differentiated to students at all levels to incrementally build skills through Digitability's work simulations starting in Phase I -- skills that transfer like using the cloud, the Google Suite, critical thinking, self-advocacy, a portfolio, and a work-ready resume. You can see how Digitability works here: http://www.digitability.com/education/
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