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Learn How to Buy 10k & 14k Gold Scrap Jewelry Pawn Shop Style
Learn How to buy 10k & 14k Gold. All jewelry scrap or not
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Peanut the Baby Squirrel What to feed how to keep alive
Peanut the baby squirrel. Fell out of the nest and the mother abandended him and his brother. Unfortunatly his brother died but we fed him with a syringe and saved his life
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PEANUT the BABY SQUIRREL 1st Video on YouTube what he eats
This is PEANUT the BABY SQUIRREL'S very first YouTube Video. Here I'll show you what to feed a baby squirrel before they can eat nuts. This actually saved his life. His brother unfortunately died
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How to Break Open Weighted Sterling Silver Candy Dish for Scrap
Watch live to see what is in a weighted silver candy dish
Просмотров: 4486 FreeFunnChicago
How to Break up Dental Caps and Crowns for Gold Silver and Metals
Learn the easiest way to break open dental scrap. Gold, Silver, and all other metals for scrap
Просмотров: 30181 FreeFunnChicago
How to Buy Gold & Silver Supplies You Need
Simple tools needed to buy Gold and Silver.
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How to Determine Real from Fake Sterling Silver
Learn How to test silver 925 Sterling from fake
Просмотров: 121684 FreeFunnChicago
How to Test 14k Gold Bullion Jewelry Scrap
Learn how to test 14k gold jewelry
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Hoarder House Chicago Condemed
Hoarder House in Chicago. Actual house and contents.
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Peteyville Huge Christmas Display Hammond Indiana Pedeyville Awsome !!! Must See
Huge Christmas display in Hammond Indiana. This has been building and building for 25 years and is now stretching to all the neighbors yards too.
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Peteyville Hammond Indiana Drive By Large Christmas Display w/ Music
This has been on display for 25 years and has grown HUGE take a look at the video.
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Chicago Hoarder house #3 Strong Cat Piss
Strong cat piss everywhere
Просмотров: 468 FreeFunnChicago
Hoarder House #2 Chicago
Hoarder House in chicago this is the second video
Просмотров: 179 FreeFunnChicago
Wheel Chair Lift Trailer Hitch
Only used a few times... Worth over $2000.00 New
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BLACK FRIDAY waiting for Holiday Bargains @ Best Buy Lansing Il
People waiting for holiday bargains at Best Buy in Lansing Il.
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Baby LION Saltwater Aquarium Tank Fish Eating a Brine Shrimp
feeding time eating a brine shrimp... Look at his face
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Insect from Outer Space Mars what is it Crazy Bug
what is this thing?
Просмотров: 1076 FreeFunnChicago
Super Rare Fuji Puffer Saltwater Tank Fish
Look at the beautiful colors
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Target in Lansing Illinois Chicago Black Friday Crowd Crazy Drive By
People waiting in line to get into Target Store for the Black Friday Deals
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Semi Truck tires smoking almost on FIRE
semi truck driving on 80/94 with tires smoking. Driver would not stop
Просмотров: 1993 FreeFunnChicago
Semi Truck Drive almost EXPLODES Save load
Semi tuck would not shut off and almost explodes. Cought live before any police showed up.
Просмотров: 387 FreeFunnChicago
PEANUT the BABY SQUIRREL having Dinner Yum Yum
look how cute this little guy is. He is only 3 weeks old and can't even eat any nuts yet
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Looks and Operates Like New Nice and Smooth Wheel Chair Lift
Comes with Wheelchair Cover
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Semi Truck almost EXPLODES on Expressway
truck almost explodes wouldn't shut off
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