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Tamar’s Hot Seat Confession
It’s Tamar’s turn in the hot seat, and she’s spilling tea, hunty! Find out how she really feels about her co-hosts, and what she’s keeping her lips sealed about, during her live, in-studio lie detector test. Lies! Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Adrienne’s I Woke Up Like This
Check out Adrienne’s morning routine, in this edition of I Woke Up Like This.
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Who Am I? ‘The Real’ DNA Results
The ladies of “The Real” took DNA tests to find out their ethnic identities, and the results are in. Take this journey with them on the road to discovery.
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Watch Out, Road! Adrienne Learns to Drive
Watch out Los Angeles, because Adrienne is behind the wheel! That’s right — our native New Yorker is learning how to drive… and let’s just say it’s one bumpy road.
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Jeannie’s Mom Is in the House!
Mama Mai stops by “The Real,” and she’s holding nothing back! Watch as Jeannie’s mom shares her side of the story during Girl Chat, in this hilarious clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Loni Was There For Tamera That Night
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Shady or Nah? ‘The Real’ Hosts Keep It 100
The hosts are calling out all shady behavior in a game of “Shade… No Shade,” and no celebrity is off limits. Watch what they have to say about Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s rumored romance, in this clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Our Hilariously Horrifying Childhood Hairstyles
Have you ever looked at your hair in an old childhood pic and thought, “What in the world was my mama thinking?!” Let’s be REAL, we’ve all been victimized by terrible 'dos. From bowl cuts to beads with foil at the end, check out these hairstyles we’re all trying to forget.
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Nicole Scherzinger Nails These Celebrity Impressions!
The "Dirty Dancing" star shows off her best celebrity impersonations!
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What Should Tamera Name Her Baby?
Tamera is in search of the perfect baby name, and her co-hosts are here to help! Watch the mommy read over potential names submitted by her REAL family, in this clip.
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What Do You Wish You'd Known Sooner in Life? – Part 1
We open up about with what we know now, if there is anything we wish we had learned sooner. Real fam, is there any decision you would have made differently knowing what you know now?
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Traci Braxton’s ‘Heyyy, Michelle’ Moment
Get all the tea behind Traci Braxton’s “Heyyy, Michelle” moment at the White House.
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‘The Real’ Thanksgiving Potluck
It’s Thanksgiving week, and “The Real” ladies are proving they know how to get down in the kitchen. During this Girl Chat, the hosts show off their go-to holiday dishes. From Tamera’s ham to Loni’s green bean bacon casserole, there’s something for everyone in this REAL-style potluck. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Why Cory Hardrict Teases Tamera! - Part 1
What do you tease a family member about?
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It’s a Cheetahlicious Dance Off!
Break out your best flirty robot and most sophisticated twerk, because it’s a Cheetahlicious dance off! Watch former Cheetah Girls Raven-Symoné and Adrienne battle it off for the win, in this laugh-out-loud clip.
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Secret Santa Gift Exchange
During this Girl Chat, “The Real” hosts reveal their Secret Santas and exchange holiday gifts. The waterworks start to flow as they share sentimental stories. Watch! Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Adrienne and Nick Cannon's Long Ago Date!
Nick Cannon shares a HILARIOUS story about when he went on a date with Adrienne!
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Our Most Embarrassing Fashion Moments
Everyone has fallen victim to embarrassing fashion moments, and the ladies of “The Real” are no exception. Watch as they show their “Oh no, girl, what was I thinking?” looks from the past!
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Honk If You Have Road Rage
Watch as Jeannie shares the one of her biggest road rage moments, with Mama Mai by her side.
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Girl Chat: How Long Should a Couple Wait Before Cohabiting?
How long should couple waiting before moving in together? This is the topic at the Girl Chat table. Watch, then share your answer in the comments.
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How to Win Over Your Boo’s Family
Check out these REAL tips on how to get along with your boyfriend’s family.
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Disciplining Your Kids
Is spanking effective? Does it work to send a kid to their room? The hosts get REAL about how they were disciplined while growing up. Plus, moms Tamera and Tamar open up about how they share the disciplinary responsibilities with their hubbies.
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Jeannie’s Thong Story
When Jeannie planned a sexy night in stringy lingerie for her man, she had no idea that Mama Mai would stop by! Can you say OMG?!
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Do You Trust Him or Check Him?
On “For Better or Worse,” Tasha Smith’s character reserves the right to check her man whenever anything seems fishy. During a fun game of “Trust Him or Check Him,” “The Real” hosts present her with a few relationship problems and ask how she’d handle it in real life. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Who Am I? ‘The Real’ DNA Results, Part 2
The ladies of “The Real” took DNA tests to find out their ethnic identities, and the results are in. Take this journey with them on the road to discovery.
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How Lenny Popped the Big Question
When Adrienne’s fiancé Lenny got down on one knee, she had no idea that her carrots would turn in to CARATS! Check out their adorable engagement story, in this clip.
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Jennifer Hudson Plays a Game of ‘Would J.Hud Do?’
How does J.Hud get out of a sticky situation? The songstress reveals how she handles embarrassing public moments, overbooking, and paparazzi… all in this fun game. Watch! Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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The Great Pie Debate: Pumpkin vs. Sweet Potato
Which team are you on? Find out where "The Real" ladies, special co-host Monica and bro host Gary Owen stand.
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Adrienne’s Hot Seat Moment
Adrienne is keeping it realer than REAL during her turn in the hot seat. Find out if she’s ever stolen anything, and if she’s ever showed up to work drunk... in her live, in-studio lie detector test.
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Learn How to Talk with Nelly’s Midwest Twang
Nelly takes “The Real” ladies to school during an hilarious game of Louie Lingo. Watch as he sets them straight, St. Louis-style!
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Things We Notice at a Guy’s Apartment
When you first start dating a guy, you can tell a lot about him by how he keeps his place. "The Real” ladies share the first things they noticed at their man’s house, during this clip.
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Tamar Gets a Kiss from Her #MCM, Nelly!
After playing a game of Spin the Heel, Nelly kisses two audience members before placing a peck on Tamar’s cheek. Check it out!
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T.I. Plays a Game of Hip-Hop-tion-ary
During his first visit to “The Real,” T.I. schools the hosts in a game of Hip-Hop-tion-ary. Find out how well they know old-school rappers and classic rap songs, in this clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Crazy Things You've Done for Love
Love makes you do some wild things. The hosts of "The Real" swapped stories of all the outrageous acts they've done in the name of love. Adrienne almost set a building on fire, Jeannie fled to Hawaii, Tamar stalked her crush's girlfriend, and Tamera... well, Tamera's idea of crazy isn't all that crazy. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/RealWIO http://www.thereal.com
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Our Most Hated Words
What’s the most cringeworthy word out there? “The Real” ladies squirm over the words they hate most, in this Girl Chat. Watch!
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Side Chicks vs. Main Chicks: Who Is Winning?
In the battle of the side chick versus the main chick, who wins? “The Real” hosts describe the difference between the two relationships, and hash out the pros and cons, in this clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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‘The Real’ Bed-iquette
Good manners aren’t just for the dinner table or church. Bedtime is supposed to be the most relaxing part of the day, but if your better half has bad bed-iquette, it can totally ruin it! The hosts talk snoring, hogging the sheets and eating in bed, during this Girl Chat. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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The Art of Multi-Dating
Is it ever okay to date more than one person at a time? According to “The Real” ladies, one of the best ways to get over a man is to start dating a new one. Watch the hosts discuss the pros and cons of multi-dating, in this clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Our Emmys Recap! - Part 1
We won, we partied and we showed up to work….
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“The Real” Ladies Talk Pre-Nups & Post-Nups
Is a prenuptial agreement right for you? As unromantic as it sounds, many couples take the prenup route before saying “I do” to protect their personal assets. This is a hot topic for our hosts and they surely had a lot of say in this clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Adam & Tamera Visit Loni's Love Court
The honorable Judge Loni Love hears a case between Tamera and her hubby Adam. What do they need Loni's help to settle? Check out this adorable clip to find out!
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“That time of the month” is different for every woman, but most ladies can relate to bloating, cravings and mood swings. The ladies are keeping it REAL during this Girl Chat and sharing their time-of-the-month symptoms. Grab some chocolate then ch-ch-check it out.
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Kayliyah Weems Performs Kicking With Her Dad
Kayliyah Weems, a 10–year-old YouTube sensation, performs her viral hit “Kickin’ It With My Dad” live on “The Real” stage with her pops by her side. Get ready for for cuteness overload! Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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REAL Question: How Often Do You Wash Your Bras?
Do you wash your bras after one wear? Two? Five? The hosts keep it REAL about how often they reuse their bras, in this Girl Chat. Join the convo below with your answer.
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Should his Wife or Mom Sit in the Front Seat?
Real fam, who do you think should be sitting in the front seat... the man’s mom or his wife?
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PART ONE - We discuss the Thousand Oaks Shooting and impact it’s had on our Real Family
Another mass shooting has happened, and this time it has impacted a member of our family. We open up about the night, share a special message from Tamera, and where we go from here.
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Should You Take Your Husband’s Last Name?
Getting married is a big deal, and for some women, changing your name is an even bigger deal. Find out why Tamar and Tamera decided to hyphenate their last names, and why Jeannie choose to keep hers the same, in this clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Possessive & Proud
Check out what one girlfriend did to let the world know that her man is taken. Check out this clip, because Tamar has a surprise up her sleeve!
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Faking It Through the Holidays
What happens when you bring your boo home for Christmas, but you two are on bad terms? Adrienne shares her story of faking it through the holidays just to save face, in this clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Heartbreak Is REAL
“The Real” ladies open up about how they handle heartbreak and breakups.
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