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Latisse Causes Hair To Grow Anywhere
Houston area patient tells a reporter that Latisse, the new eyelash growing wonder drug, could regrow hair on her head... and another patient says it accidentally caused hair to grow on her cheek.
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Juvederm and Botox For Feet
Dermal fillers are crossing over into other specialties, including podiatry, where the injectables are used for a variety of ailments.
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Minneapolis woman disfigures face and lips by self-injecting personal lubricant
In an attempt to save money, a Twin Cities woman ordered a $10 bottle of personal lubricant online and injected it into her face and lips, possible disfiguring herself permanently.
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Pearl Laser
Cutera's Pearl laser is becoming popular with the Hollywood crowd.
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Latisse Eyelash Enhancement
Dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu says that Latisse treatment will make lashes grow 25 percent longer and 100 percent thicker. Latisse is a brand-new, FDA-approved prescription product that promises to deliver thick, lustrous lashes within four months.
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Dr. Patrick Carney on Showcase MN - Surgery Under Local
Dr. Patrick Carney talks about the benefits of cosmetic surgery under local anesthesia, including face lift, tummy tuck, arm lift, and breast implants.
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Breast Implants Have a Shelf Life of 10 years
Oklahoma City plastic surgeon discusses the ways breast implants can be damaged and how often they need to be replaced.
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Plastic Surgeon Warns Against Botox for Breast Lift
Cincinnati cosmetic surgeon Mark Mandell-Brown debunks the myth that Botox can be used to deliver results for non-surgical breast lift.
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Fraxel Repair for surgical scar revision
Dr. Steven Weiner of Santa Rosa Beach is featured on the news as the first to use the procedure in the area. Dr. Weiner treats a patient with Fraxel Repair who was self-conscious about a noticeable scar on her neck, a constant reminder of a previous thyroid surgery.
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Dr. 90210 Launches Product Line
Featuring delightful skin care products inspired by his Brazilian upbringing, Dr. Rey talked with Los Angeles television about his new line, including the Botox replacement Inhibitox.
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Fake Orlando MedSpa Doctor Arrested
A man impersonating a cosmetic surgeon has been arrested at an Altamonte Springs medical spa.
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Boston Plastic Surgeon Falls Off High Horse
Boston plastic surgeon loses his license after falling asleep during liposuction.
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Good Samaritan returns stolen viola to owner
Eva Sheie's viola that was stolen will be returned to her just in time for Christmas, thanks to a Good Samaritan in Houston. Lloyd Ernstes owns World Music, a shop in Missouri City. "In my opinion it was extraordinary instrument," Ernstes said. He bought it for $107. But something didn't sit well with Ernstes.
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Fractional CO2 Laser
News reports about an unnamed fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing device appeared on Kentucky ABC station ABC 36.
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Botox is now a necessity, like hair color
New York City dermatologist Dr. Lisa Airan says her Botox business is booming. Is that because New Yorkers don't have to buy gasoline?
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Cramer Recommends Allergan on Mad Money
Jim Cramer says Allergan is a buy thanks to the strong sales of Botox, even in a slumping economy.
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Cellulite Products - Which Ones Work?
Don't spend all your cash on plastic surgery - alternatives include Amatokin eye cream, Poker Face by Beauty Society and Frownies for wrinkle relaxation, Bring It Up breast lift shapers, the bra leaf, Skineez cellulite reduction clothing, and Therapy Systems glycolic peel.
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Thermage for Cellulite in Seattle
Seattle news station follows a patient who had Thermage for cellulite 4 months ago to see if she god good results.
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Westlake JV 2014 Slide Show
Westlake JV 2014 Movie
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Silly kitty Cheryl sticks her head in a cup
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Sculptra now FDA approved for cosmetic use
Now FDA approved for cosmetic use, Sculptra is the latest injectable filler to receive widespread media attention.
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Osmo Vanska Farewell Remarks on October 5, 2013 - Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra
Osmo Vänskä quietly delivered what he believed to be his final goodbye to Minnesota. The entire speech is clear enough to hear in this recording. Recorded from the back row of the audience at the University of Minnesota Ted Mann concert hall.
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