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WLNS 6 News Friends For Life: Dr. Strahle – Dense Breast Imaging
Dr. David Strahle of Flint, MI View the article at: http://wlns.com/2015/04/22/friends-for-life-dr-strahle-dense-breast-imaging/
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Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Facts
RMI offers genetic testing for those who might have the Hereditary Breast Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) Genes: BRCA1/BRCA2. Through our UltimateMamm®, RMI finds the hidden factors that relate to breast cancer and gives you the head's up you need to take charge of your healthcare.
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Male Cancer Awareness - One For The Boys (Samuel L. Jackson)
The Silent Interview - Samuel L. Jackson speaks out about men's health awareness and encourage that men stop struggling in silence.
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ABC12 Breast MRI - Screening for ALL Women
In 2009, Dr. David A Strahle conducted a study to screen women who had negative mammogram results with 4D Breast MRI! The study found that a Breast MRI can find cancer as small as 1mm in size and up to 6 years earlier than mammograms in women with dense breast tissue.
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ABC 12 News story on Screening Breast MRI by Dr. David Strahle (7-6-2017)
RMI's Dr. David Strahle and one of his patients talk about his procedure called "Rapid Breast MRI Screening" which was the result of seven years of research. The research paper was published at the beginning of 2017. It is and ideal exam for women with dense breast tissues who are at high risk.
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crim video 2017
Thanks everyone for making the 2017 Crim great and congratulations to all the runners! (music credit: "Fetch that bone" by Captain Audio)
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ABC12 Newsmaker Breast MRI
Hear from a breast cancer survivor, learn about the debate about Mammograms vs. Breast MRI, found a program near you, and get involved. Dr. David Strahle, M.D., Regional Medical Imaging, ABC12 Newsmaker, September 27, 2014.
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WNEM TV5 Saginaw FREE Movie Night - Moms' Night Out
RMI's Saginaw location hosted a FREE Movie Night for local women in celebration of Women's Health Awareness Month (May).
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ABC12 Cryoablation
Trials using cryoablation for breast cancer are taking place in Flint, Michigan ABC 12 covered Regional Medical Imaging's Cryoablation trials to remove breast cancer, featuring an interview with Dr. Randy Hicks, CEO of Regional Medical Imaging and Dr. Linsey Gold, Director of Michigan Center for Breast Health. (http://mcfbh.com/) RMI is also using Cryoablation to remove benign fibroadenoma breast lumps without surgery or scaring. Find out more at: http://rmipc.net/cryo-ablation View the ABC12 article: http://bit.ly/1vYdJub
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CT Lung Cancer Screenings at RMI
Medicare now covers CT lung cancer screening to battle leading cancer killer
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Free CT Lung Screening Testimonial 2014
Testimonial by Regional Medical Imaging Patient, Terry Hosea. November 14, 2014 We are offering FREE Lung Screenings now - December 31, 2014 Visit http://rmipc.net/lung-screenings for more details
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RMI Free UltimateMamm® on ABC 12
RMI offers Free Mammograms for uninsured women on a quarterly basis (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) in Genesee County and the first Wednesday of each month in Saginaw.
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NBC25  Free Mammograms in honor of Mother's Day 2015
REGIONAL MEDICAL IMAGING offering free mammograms four times a year to help those who are age 40 and over and uninsured. Free Mamm days every first wednesday of the month at RMI's Saginaw Location.
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News that can save your life
A quick look into an investigative news report, which aired on Wood TV 8.
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What you didn't know about breast cancer
Clip from Eight West, where investigative reporter Leon Hendrix talks about he importance of Screening Breast MRI and the ground breaking Strahle Protocol that could save lives of up to 40,000 women a year.
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Crim Expo 2016
August 25 & 26 at the Riverfront Banquet Center in Downtown Flint
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Dense Breast Awareness - Bill 4260
Explanation of dense breast tissue, how it affects you, and the House Bill 4260 that will require doctors to provide breast density information to all patients with their mammogram results. WOOD TV's Leon Hendrix details the process that Bill 4260 will have to go through before it is past in the state of Michigan.
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NBC 25 Today - RMI Saginaw Office Services
NBC 25 talks to Dr. Hicks about the RMI Saginaw office opening and importance of Mammography.
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Are Mammograms Enough?
Almost half of women have dense breast tissue, which makes it difficult to see cancer growing. If women with 50% or higher breast density get an annual Screening Breast MRI in addition to their mammogram, cancers can be caught 6 years earlier.
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