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The Pier - Old Orchard Beach
Road Trippin 2014
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'Goat Yoga' a hit on New Hampshire farm
As many of us try to find new ways to exercise and stay in shape, a farm in New Hampshire is offering a different experience: yoga with goats. STORY: http://bit.ly/2osoqUR
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Kittens rescued after being tossed like trash
ROCKLAND (WGME) -- Six kittens tossed out like a piece of garbage and left for dead were found alone just feet away from a trash compactor in Rockland.
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Shirley Temple, iconic child star, dies at 85
Calif. (AP) -- Shirley Temple, the dimpled, curly-haired child star who sang, danced, sobbed and grinned her way into the hearts of Depression-era moviegoers, has died, according to publicist Cheryl Kagan. She was 85.
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Westbrook high custodian is making a difference in student's lives
WESTBROOK (WGME) -- She's not an educator or an administrator, but in her own way, she is a teacher at Westbrook High School. Wendy Carleton is the head custodian at Westbrook high. She was honored recently by students at one of our school spirit rallies.
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How to stop annoying robocalls
The CBS 13 I-Team reveals how you can stop robocalls, and the mistake that could lead to more: http://bit.ly/2oTjCem
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Town Hall: Vaccinations Part 2
CBS 13 and the Bangor Daily News Town Hall hosted a special Town Hall on the topic of vaccinations with panelists on both sides of the debate.
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Portland man dyes hair pink and makes a difference for children
PORTLAND (WGME) -- It started as a football wager, and ended by making a difference for kids in the hospital in Maine. Steve Betters is kind of hard to miss right now, which is ironic because he does not really like attention.
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Water Country - Portsmouth Seacoast
Road Trippin 2014
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Town Hall: Vaccinations Part 3
CBS 13 and the Bangor Daily News Town Hall hosted a special Town Hall on the topic of vaccinations with panelists on both sides of the debate.
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CBS 13's Kim Block celebrates 35th anniversary
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Kidney patient taken off transplant list for using medical marijuana
A kidney patient in Maine has been taken off a transplant wait list for using medical marijuana. STORY: http://bit.ly/2ny81zj
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Under the Dome premieres Monday night on CBS 13, set in fictional Maine town
BRIDGTON and WILMINGTON, NC (WGME) -- The CBS mini-series Under the Dome premieres Monday night on CBS. It is set in the fictional Maine town of Chester's Mill, a town that is cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious dome.Under the Dome is based on a book by author and Maine native Stephen King. Chester's Mill is based on the real-life town of Bridgton. The mini-series was shot in Wilmington, NC. Watch the premiere of the 13-week mini-series event Under the Dome, Monday night at 10 on CBS 13.
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Maine convicts featured in Biddeford photo exhibit
BIDDEFORD (WGME) -- His photographs are seen in national publications like Conde Nast Traveler and the New York Times, and they are usually of architecture, but his latest exhibit is one of portraits of an unlikely community in Maine.
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Under the Dome: Interview with Stephen King
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Fat Boy Drive In - Brunswick
Road Trippin 2014
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Lewiston:  Students show off their spirit!
LEWISTON (WGME) -- Lewiston High School shows their school spirit. Things getting a little loud in an early morning pep rally!CBS 13 Daybreak is live at a different high school every Friday morning this fall as part of our School Spirit Challenge. High Schools across the state are helping us collect donations for the Good Shepherd Food Bank.
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Portland musician shares personal story (Cidny Bullens)
It was about three years ago that the woman her family and friends and fans knew as Cindy Bullens had an epiphany. Cindy, now Cidny, decided to begin her transition from female to male. This is his story.
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Students help design wheelchair for blind kitten
A cat in New Hampshire has a new way to get around, after a group of students designed him a set of wheels for his unique set of challenges.
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No kill animal sanctuary in Penobscot
Peace Ridge Sanctuary takes care of abused and neglected farm animals.
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Town Hall: Vaccinations Part 1
CBS 13 and the Bangor Daily News Town Hall hosted a special Town Hall on the topic of vaccinations with panelists on both sides of the debate.
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Wells:  Meet the football team (6:30am)
WELLS (WGME) -- Wells High School is collecting donations for our School Spirit Challenge.
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Beating the heat on "hot flashes"
YARMOUTH (WGME) -- For many women, hot flashes are the most debilitating symptom of menopause.The FDA has approved a new non-hormonal drug for hot flashes. Dr. Christiane Northrup talked to CBS 13's Kim Block about that option, and many others for women going through menopause.
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Maggots found in bucket of chicken purchased at Oxford WalMart
A South Paris woman bought a bucket of chicken at Walmart Tuesday for lunch but she never expected to find maggots. Denna Tracy took this video that shows maggots in her chicken from the Oxford Walmart.
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Play makes a difference for those in detention center
SOUTH PORTLAND (WGME) -- A program at the Long Creek Youth Development Center is getting people to think outside the box when it comes to detention centers. It is also making a difference for some of Maine's troubled teens.
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Biddeford (6:30am)
BIDDEFORD (WGME) -- The Biddeford Tigers are taking on the School Spirit Challenge. Check out the Tigers' flash mob!CBS 13 Daybreak is live at a different high school every Friday morning this fall as part of our School Spirit Challenge. High Schools across the state are helping us collect donations for the Good Shepherd Food Bank.
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Raw News: Interview with Lewiston arson suspect
LEWISTON (WGME) -- Lewiston's third major fire is ruled arson and two men are in custody. Police held a press conference Friday night in Lewiston. They announced the arrests of 23-year-old Bryan Wood, of 131 Barlett St., and 29-year-old Brian Morin, 29, a transient.
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Ogunquit Lobster Pound - The Yorks/Ogunquit
Road Trippin 2014
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Prison inmates are making a difference for hospice program
WARREN (WGME) -- It will be the first ever concert at the Maine State Prison by inmates who are making a difference for the prison hospice program.
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Fighting human trafficking in Maine
Slavery and human trafficking are the terms being used to describe what many people think of as prostitution. Women, even young girls, are getting trapped into a life of sex trafficking, and it's happening right here in Maine.
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Baby Heart Transplant
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Making a Difference: "Peace, Love and Zoo" - new film about colorful artist giving back
His art can often be seen on the streets of Portland, as he drives around town in his colorfully painted truck, but the road has taken a lot of troubled turns for Zoo Cain. STORY: http://bit.ly/2nhdXKv
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Cumberland County Sheriff Dashcam Video
Cumberland County Sheriff Dashcam Video approaching the Gorham tornado 5 years ago today. 7/21/10
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Tiger cubs born at Maine animal sanctuary
MOUNT VERNON (WGME) -- A very special delivery at a Maine animal sanctuary is helping the endangered tiger population.
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Raw News: Jailhouse interview with Leroy Smith III
24-year-old Leroy Smith III appeared in court Thursday morning, saying he understood the murder charge against him and also claiming he's a political prisoner. Smith is facing a mental health evaluation, but before that, he spoke only to CBS 13's Jon Chrisos who did a jailhouse interview with the accused killer.
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STRIVE: Stage fright overcome with help from a friend
HEARTWARMING: Susie Cloutier's temporary case of stage fright overcome with help from a friend
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The Porthole - Downtown Portland
Road Trippin 2014
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School Spirit Challenge: Mountain Valley High
RUMFORD (WGME) -- The School Spirit Challenge is back for another season. We are spending the next nine weeks travelling around central and southern Maine to different high schools as they show off their pride and collect food for the Good Shepherd Food Bank. Opening week took us to Mountain Valley High School in Rumford where the Falcons showed us what they got.
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11-year-old cancer patient making a difference for children battling cancer
11-year-old Nolan Cyr knows a thing or two about fighting cancer. He's been doing it for the past nine months, since being diagnosed with osteosarcoma.
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Beth Jones Spalsh Down!
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Wife of Corporal Eugene Cole responds to thousands who have reached out to her family
Sheryl Cole says she has had some time to reflect on the sights and sounds of the touching tribute to a fallen hero, her husband, Corporal Eugene Cole.
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Portland Discovery Land & Sea Tours - Downtown Portland
Road Trippin 2014
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Grand Victorian - Old Orchard Beach
Road Trippin 2014
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Massabesic:  Plenty of spirit at an early hour (5am)
Massabesic High School students show us their rallying skills as they help us collect donations for the School Spirit Challenge.
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2014 U.S. Senate Debate (part one)
Our 2014 U.S. Senate Debate with Senator Susan Collins and her democratic challenger Shenna Bellows.
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Old Orchard Beach (6am)
OLD ORCHARD BEACH (WGME) -- CBS 13 Daybreak is live at a different high school every Friday morning this fall as part of our School Spirit Challenge. High Schools across the state are helping us collect donations for the Good Shepherd Food Bank.
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Strive: Helping young adults with disabilities
SOUTH PORTLAND (WGME) -- Parents of special needs young adults are sometimes forced to quit work to take care of their son or daughter who's no longer in high school, and have no place to go during the day.
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DIRIGO STORIES: Maine man with Cystic Fibrosis to compete on 'American Ninja Warrior'
A 22-year-old from Livermore Falls is out to prove his physical limitations are no match for his mental strength when he competes on "American Ninja Warrior" this weekend in Cleveland. STORY: http://bit.ly/2q4JR1D
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Restaurant Report: health inspection reports
STANDISH (WGME) €“ When you spend your money taking your family out to eat, the last thing you probably want to think about is, €œis it safe?€ Your health and your safety is why health inspectors make surprise visits to restaurants every day. For a full list of the inspection report, click here. Customers come to Karry Out in Standish hoping to carry out a good meal. But the latest health inspection leaves a bad taste for some customers. CBS 13 went to the Chinese spot on Ossipee Trail after their last inspection revealed 12 violations, three of them critical. Violations included incomplete methods of sanitizing, food stored on the floor, employees eating, drinking or using tobacco around exposed food or other items that need protection. Overall, the inspector found the facility was dirty. CBS 13 tried to speak with the owner, but they didn€™t return our call. Owner Brad Monarch says you won€™t find any health problems at the Sebago Brewing Company in Scarborough. But in March, an inspector found ten violations, three of them critical. Violations included a moldy ice machine and an ice scoop that was left in the ice, a slicer that needed cleaning, cold food that wasn€™t maintained at proper temperatures, unacceptable hot water sanitation temperature and a dirty prep sink. Monarch took CBS 13 behind the kitchen doors to show us the improvement. €œWe have an ice machine, someone who inadvertently left the scoop in the ice machine, just something that we have to keep on everybody about,€ said Monarch. €œThe slicer was mentioned; we had a new slicer on order. We were borrowing a slicer from our knife cleaning company when he came in.€ During the follow up inspection April, the Health Department says all the violations at Sebago were corrected. €œWe have very, very clean restaurants. We are very proud of that,€ said Monarch. Our final stop was at Fuji in Portland. An inspector found seven violations, three of them critical. Among the issues, an inadequate hand washing facility, neither hot nor cold foods at the right temperature and the inspector notes that food wasn€™t protected from contamination during storage. The employee said no one was available to answer our questions. CBS 13 left our information, but never heard back.
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