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The Perfect Gift! Simple Wooden Rose.
I posted this video as I felt this wooden rose would make the perfect gift for someone that has really left things to the last minute. It is quick, simple, easy and cheap but looks and seems really heartfelt and sincere. This unique gift idea requires minimal tools and would be perfect for him, her or whomever in your life. Perfect as a Valentine, anniversary, birthday or simple wedding present.
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Copper and Wood - Irish  Map Wire Inlay
Copper wire inlayed into solid mahogany. This was a first attempt and is very far from perfect, but the final piece turned out reasonably well (at least from a distance)!
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The Carved Jewellery Box
This was a big one! This white oak and mahogany jewellery box was a real last minute Christmas present that I'm only just getting around to doing the video for! I had three weeks from start to finish to get through it and as I had never even attempted anything of this sort before it was a real struggle. The main box joints are all inlayed dovetails and the tray is done with mitered splines. P.S. I managed to set my table saw on fire during this video so that is the reason for most of the unorthodox procedures throughout the video. P.P.S. If you liked this video please like, subscribe and maybe share with someone that might be interested. It would really mean a lot. Cheers!
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Wooden Weights Bench.
When asked to make this weights bench I was only told that it needed to be STRONG, everything else was left to my designs. So naturally I added completely unnecessary features inspired by Japanese design. All joints were mortise and tenon and were further strengthened with screws where possible. The bench has been used frequently for several months already and shows no major wear.
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Handmade  Personalised Chopping Board!
This was my very first chopping board and was made as a wedding present. It is made mostly of hard maple, with walnut being used for the dowels and inlay. The top is constructed with "breadboard style" joints to allow for expansion and contraction of the wood. The inlay design was provided for me, printed out and glued to the dark wood before being cut out. Each piece was then individually fitted with varying small router bits before being finished with a food safe oil.
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How to Cut Inlaid Dovetails-By Hand.
This was a video of firsts! First time doing these joints, first short video and first time voicing over a video to top it all! The dovetails were all part of the jewellery box I made some time ago, I decided to make a few short explanation videos to give a bit more detail on some of the processes involved. The wood was all white oak with mahogany for the inlays. Majority of the joinery cut with my Japanese hand-saws and Japanese chisels.
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The Family Crest Coffee Table
This video has been a year in the making, there was just so much to try cram into one video. But finally, the family crest coffee table is done! The top and turned legs are made from mahogany and the single leg is made from Irish beech from an estate in Tipperary. This table was a wedding present so the crests belong to the two families coming together. The inlay is made from walnut, mahogany, white oak, beech, copper and aluminium. If you like this video and want to see more like it please consider subscribing to my channel for more bespoke joinery projects.
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A Simple Gift To Say "I Love You"!
This simple, romantic, and free, DIY gift for her, is perfect for the wife, girlfriend or partner in your life. It turned out to be simple to make and practically all the materials were free. All it required was some salvaged branches from a recent storm and a few nails. I had left things to the last minute and this heart shaped wall hanging was just the kind of quick and easy gift I needed.
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Game of Thrones Longclaw Gear Lever
You could really say "I Know Nothing", as this is my first carving, as well as my first video project; so please excuse any failing in the quality of either as I do not actually know what I am doing. The wood used is Walnut and the eyes are an up-cycled plastic button. I own non of the rights to any non original content in this video and these remain property of HBO networks.
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Simple Gift Idea. Irish Drink Coasters.
Made from native Irish beech, walnut and soft tanned leather, these coasters were cut out individually by hand on the scroll saw. Experimenting with hand made dowels and cutting leather on the scroll saw still managed to make a project that I was very pleased with. This was quite a simple project which really only required some patience.
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The "Impossible" Joint! 8 sided hand cut joint.
Octagonal shape, with a gooseneck (arrow) joint on each side. Made from old firewood and left-over scraps. The materials used are white oak and mahogany. After the initial rough cutting it was almost entirely cut with hand tools.
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That Special Kind Of Stupid
That Special Kind of Stupid - a makers channel! Be it wood or steel, copper or glass, this is the channel for the modern renaissance person with an interest in them all! My experience is almost exclusively in woodwork but I am constantly learning more about all aspects of creating and making. So please watch another video, and maybe even like and subscribe? It really does mean a lot!
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Tree of Life! Solar Powered Night Light
This solar powered night light is made from walnut, perspex and the brutalized remains of a set of garden fairy lights. All the wood used were scraps and off-cuts from previous projects and the pattern is one I found online with the title "Tree of Life". This design is one I have used in the past and it seemed like a good opportunity to test out my new table saw. The different woods at the start of the video were prepared as I plan on making five more versions of this style of light but with different designs and shapes (videos to follow). The finish used was boiled linseed oil as it was quick, easy to apply and i had it to hand. All sections are joined with wood, super or spray adhesive. If you liked this please leave a comment and a like down below, or even better click subscribe as it really helps me out. Cheers!
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How NOT to Use a Cross-Cut Saw
In this final video on making a carved jewellery box I finish off the tray and lid and share a few potentially questionable uses for the cross-cut saw along the way. I absolutely cannot recommend the use of anything I tried in this video but sometimes in a pinch you got to make do with what you have! Overall Build Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2KmkNr4IgA&t=9s Cutting Inlaid Dovetails: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAFyxFeUv_k&t=6s
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"BAT-BRAND"  For A Bat Box
Experimenting with wood branding. The box is designed to allow bats to cling to the inside walls. the brand was cut from scrap aluminum and the wood is cedar which requires all stainless steel fixings. A quick and simple, but informative project.
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