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ISP Wonder Ointment - Equine Injury
Unsolicited Case study of Thoroughbred horse injured in pasture on October 3, 2010. Owner, Kim Cahill, Equine Specialist for Jeffers Pet, Equine, & Livestock Supply of Dothan, Alabama documented use of ISP Wonder Ointment on injury with unsolicited photos & testimonial. Process from start to finish using ISP Wonder Ointment took 33 days. More photos at www.ispwonder.com * Testimonial from owner, Kim Cahill, Equine Specialist for Jeffers.Equine.com: "I have always known that ISP (Wonder Ointment) was a cure-all product. It was not until recently that I had to put the powers of this product to the real test. My 17.3 hand Thoroughbred gelding, Gus, had suffered a very deep and long laceration to his chest. It ran from the bottom of his neck to in between his front legs. After several failed attempts to reach a vet, I called my coworker J.R. Miles from Jeffers. He helped me come up with a daily treatment for Gus' wound including a daily mist of hydrogen peroxide and then the application of ISP™. Needless to say, I was very stressed to not have my vet to rely on... but, I didn't really have a choice. In a matter of a few days, Gus' wound was dramatically better. Within a few weeks, his wound was totally healed. The very first picture that I sent Steve (creator of ISP™) of Gus' wound was right after I found him in the pasture. A balled up fist could fit in the largest part of the laceration on his chest. The very last picture that I sent Steve was of me and Gus back on the trails just a few weeks later. ISP is a product that should be in everyone's first aid kit. Being that I am one of the equine specialists for JeffersEquine.com...I have access to a lot of different products and have had the ability to try out and test many of them on my own horses. ISP™ is, hands down, the best product that I have ever used on my horses. Take a look at Gus's pictures and judge for yourself." --Kimberly Cahill Please visit our site www.ispwonder.com for more information, online store and contact info! Thank you for watching!
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