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Cells Acting Badly 4:  Complement by Cholene Espinoza
Alternative and Classical Complement Activation and Regulation
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Cells Acting Badly 1:  Introduction to Immuno by Cholene Espinoza
Distinguishing self from non self and elimination of non-self, cells of the immune system and innate immunity
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Immuno Applications Part I by Cholene Espinoza
Immuno Applications Parts I-V integrate the components of the immune system, (to include cytokines), in order to relate the content to clinical medicine.
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Cells Acting Badly 2:  More Innate Immunity Plus Link to Adaptive Immunity by Cholene Espinoza
This includes PAMPs, PRRs, DAMPs, Opsonization, Inflammasome, Haptens, Antigen Presentation
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Cells Acting Badly 3 part 2
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Cells Acting Badly 7: Inflammation by Cholene Espinoza
The link between Intrinsic Coagulation Pathway; inflammatory mediators and adhesion molecules.
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Hypersensitivity by Cholene Espinoza
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Cells Acting Badly 5: B and T Cell Development by Cholene Espinoza
This section is fundamental to understanding clinical correlates
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Cells Acting Badly 6: Antigen Presentation Plus T Cell Subtypes by Cholene Espinoza
Th 1, Th2, and Th17 differentiation and associated Cytokines as well as T Cell regulation. This section content provides the foundation for understanding clinical correlates.
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