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Lucas Bartochowski
Lucas was born with a disability in his ankles that did not allow him to keep up with his peers. Dr. Mark Jones, Podiatric Surgeon came up with a plan to correct a pediatric dysfunctional flat foot that aligned his foot and ankle. This procedure gave Lucas the active childhood he deserved.
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Methodist Hospitals NWI Orthopedic and Spine Center
The Methodist Physician Group Orthopedic and Spine Center in Merrillville, Indiana offers patients seeking multiple care options a centralized network of specialists. The doctors in this facility are experts in the whole range of orthopedics, spine care, and podiatry. It's the one place patients can go to find: - Orthopedics - Total Hip Replacement - Total Knee Replacement - Orthopedic Trauma Surgery - Joint Reconstruction - Limb Reconstruction - Arthroscopic surgery - Foot and Ankle Surgery - Cervical Spine Surgery - Spinal Stenosis - Scoliosis -d Sports Medicine The highly trained and skilled staff at the Methodist Physician Group Orthopedic and Spine Center work to give focused care to the residents of Northwest Indiana while partnering with board-certified specialists from around the globe. They accept a broad network of insurance providers, as well. The Methodist Physician Group Orthopedic and Spine Center is where healthcare consumers can expect quality services, skilled medical experts and convenience treatment options combined with a relaxed and professional atmosphere.
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Mike Scamihorn
Mike Scamihorn had both hips and knees replaced by Dr. Vineet Shah, Orthopedic Surgeon. Mike and his wife, Debbie, are now living life on their terms and enjoying every minute.
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Methodist - Biplane Angio Unit
Compassion, skill, and the highest level of medical care are hallmarks of Methodist Hospitals' Neuroscience Institute. With a highly qualified team of specialists and the most advanced technology and equipment, including the only Gamma Knife and Biplane Cath Lab in Northwest Indiana, patients with a variety of neurologic diseases receive unsurpassed care.
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Everyone Matters
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Methodist Hospitals GERD Center Patient Testimonial
The Methodist Hospitals GERD Center employs the latest, most reliable technologies and techniques to accurately diagnose Gastroesophageal reflux disease. 219.769.GERD
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Methodist Heart & Vascular Institute
Dr. Andre Artis explains the benefits of preventive cardiology. The team at the Heart & Vascular Institute treats the whole individual.
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Steven Gee
Steven Gee suffered an ACL injury while playing for the Illinois Knights, a semi-pro football team. Dr. Omar Perez, Orthopedic Surgeon performed reconstructive surgery and Steven was released to perform football activities just 6 months and 5 days after surgery. This is a testament to Steven’s hard work and Dr. Perez’s dedication to getting athletes back on the field.
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Methodist Hospitals- Mitral Valve Repair
Having one or more diseased heart valves can cause problems that are correctable by valve replacement or repair surgery. Stenotic or stiff valves make the heart muscle work harder. A leaky or insufficient valve causes blood to leak backwards, meaning less blood is pumped in the right direction.
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Methodist Hospitals 2014
Everyone Matters
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Sue Sergent
Sue had suffered from back problems for over 20 years. One day she picked up our Healthwise magazine and found an article about treating Adult Spinal Deformity featuring Dr. Shepherd. Drs. Elian Shepherd and Ashish Patel performed her surgery and the results speak for themselves.
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Methodist Hospitals - Ablation Procedure
Patients find a full realm of expert diagnostics and superior care at Methodist Hospitals, where our Electrophysicology Lab is devoted solely to the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias.
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Nursing Grand Rounds 9.18.18
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Methodist Hospitals - Sudden Cardiac Arrest
When injuries, sudden severe illness, or other situations call for emergency services, it's comforting to know that the Emergency Departments at Methodist Hospitals are ready to expertly handle them. Our Emergency Departments are staffed by board certified physician specialists in emergency medicine, trauma teams, and specially trained nurses who are skilled in providing emergency care.
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Joanna Robinson
Joanna Robinson has worked in the Gary Public School System for 30 years. She was born with hip dysplasia, this caused severe arthritis in her hip joints. Dr. Judson Wood, Orthopedic Surgeon performed two hip replacements and Joanna is living a happy healthy life.
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Methodist Hospitals Holds Celebration of Life Event
Impella is the world’s smallest heart pump, and is smaller than the width of a pencil. It can be inserted percutaneously (without surgery) through a small hole in the leg, up through the aorta into the left ventricle, which is the main pumping chamber of the heart. The Impella offers Protected PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) support when performing complex angioplasty and stent procedures in advanced heart failure and heart disease patients. Impella 2.5 is the only FDA-approved percutaneous hemodynamic support device determined to be safe and effective for the treatment of elective and urgent high risk patients. The highly qualified heart and vascular specialist at Methodist Hospitals work together to provide the highest level of patient care. With the goal of providing the best cardiovascular care in NWI, the most advanced medical procedures are used to expertly diagnose and treat even the most complex cardiovascular conditions. Methodist Hospitals offers the very latest technologies, including five Cardiac Catherization labs at two campuses and a state-of –heart Electrophysiology Lab. The highly qualified heart and vascular specialist at Methodist Hospitals work together to provide the highest level of patient care.
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Methodist Unveils State-of-the-Art Navigation Surgery System
NWI's ONLY Computer Assisted Surgery System utilizes navigation software to promote better outcomes in Orthopedic, Neuro and Spine surgeries.
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Methodist Hospitals - Heart Attack - Vijay Dave
Methodist Hospitals looks at the whole picture when treating cardiovascular diseases and conditions, with rehabilitation programs designed to help patients achieve their highest level of functioning. Through the genuine caring and knowledgeable guidance of our rehab staff, hundreds of patients have learned how to control their disease. Programs include prescribed exercise, lifestyle counseling and group support.
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Maternal & Infant Care Center
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Methodist Hospitals - Scoliosis
Methodist Hospitals has long been known for its expertise in the comprehensive treatment of spinal disorders. The Spine Care Center brings this multidisciplinary expertise together through a collaboration of physicians and other clinicians specializing in neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and physical therapy.The goal of the Center is to provide the highest quality care to give patients the mobility and freedom from pain that lets them return to healthier and active lives.
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Methodist Hospitals - Stroke Treatment
Methodist Hospitals' Stroke Center is a multidisciplinary operation that demonstrates our nationally recognized commitment to providing unsurpassed stroke care. Our neurologists and neurosurgeons have extensive experience in treating all types of strokes. To assist patients and their families during this difficult time, we provide a stroke coordinator who facilitates patient care from admission to discharge.
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Gary Literacy Coalition Donates Books
The Gary Literacy Coalition donates books to residents of Northwest Indiana.
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Methodist Hospitals - Cancer Case Review
As patient at Methodist, you'll have access to innovative and advanced modalities in cancer care. Your cancer treatment will be determined by a team of experts from multiple disciplines working together to review your diagnosis and customize the best treatment plan for you including recommendations regarding participation in clinical research trials.
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Methodist Hospitals - Ovarian Cancer Part One
At this first step, you'll meet with a board certified radiation oncologist and oncology nurse. Your radiation oncologist will review your information, discuss your diagnosis with you, make recommendations for your care, and talk about any side effects you may experience. You'll also learn about any additional treatment options that may be available. Having the support from family members is important and we encourage you to bring them along to this meeting.
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Methodist Hospitals - Ovarian Cancer Part Two
Ensuring you have the best experience possible, our experienced, caring team is here to help with every aspect of your treatment.
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Methodist Hospitals - Cancer Research & Outcomes
To remain at the forefront in cancer treatment, Methodist Hospitals' Focus Teams evaluate existing programs for effectiveness and outcomes, and provide direction for the development of future services. Our teams continuously strive to improve upon cancer treatment and prevention.
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Strategic Partnership Discussion
Ray Grady, President and CEO of Methodist Hospitals presents details of the potential partnership with the Fransiscan Alliance at the Gary Chamber of Commerce.
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Methodist Hospitals - Cariovascular
Our team of skilled cardiologists, heart surgeons, nurses and other healthcare professionals provide children through adults with the latest treatments for heart disease in all its forms, from common to rare to life-endangering.
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Methodist Hospitals receives American Heart Association Award
Methodist Hospitals receives the AHA's Get with the Guidelines Silver Performance Achievement Award for Congestive Heart Failure
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Methodist Hospitals - Heart Attack
Our highly skilled, compassionate doctors use the latest techniques and technologies with a goal of returning each patient to an active, full life. Methodist Hospitals' experienced cardiac team works together to develop an individualized treatment plan that meet patients' specific needs.
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Methodist Hospitals - Gamma Knife
Having the only Gamma Knife in Northwest Indiana exemplifies Methodist Hospitals' commitment to providing world class care. Gamma Knife radiosurgery is a non-invasive, outpatient procedure used to eliminate tumors and other malformations deep within the brain. Located in the Center for Advanced Clinical Studies (CACS) at the Southlake campus, this non-surgical instrument delivers high dose, intensive radiation with pinpoint accuracy, sparing surrounding tissue.
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Methodist Hospitals - PAD
Many factors come into play in diagnosing diseases and conditions of the heart. Using top-of-the-line technologies, patients receive comprehensive examinations in order to confirm diagnoses and evaluate the progression of the disease.
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